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At Sportsnet, Mike Wilner talks asset management as the Jays announce their extension with J.A. Happ. Tom Dakers of Bluebird Banter recaps the boring conference call.

The Knobler goes a-knoblin’ at CBS Sports, wondering if Ricky Romero is the next Dontrelle Willis.

At North Of The Border, Gregor Chisholm transcribes the conversation between Alex Anthopoulos and reporters after Ricky Romero was sent down. Meanwhile, at BlueJays.com, he writes about how glad the club is to have John Gibbons back in the saddle.

Elsewhere at MLB.com, Richard Justice previews the American League East, in which he– or at least his headline writer– says he expects the Jays to fly high. Get it?

In the National Post, Bruce Arthur writes about a Yankees empire that may be coming to an end. Similarly, Jon Morosi explains at Fox Sports why he’s picking the Yankees to finish last in the AL East.

Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun talks to Pete Walker about the meeting with Ricky Romero this week, and how difficult a time the pitcher had swallowing the demotion he agreed was in order.

Elsewhere in the Sun, Bob Elliott looks at how ESPN’s analysts are expecting the AL East to shape up.

Back on Monday, via a Ken Rosenthal tweet, MLBTR noted that the Jays were among a number of teams interested in Chris Young, who became a free agent this week. FanGraphs points out that Young might actually be a decent pitcher.

MLBTR also notes, as you’ve probably already heard, that the Cubs have claimed Guillermo Moscoso, so so much for that bit of depth.

And elsewhere still at MLBTR, Mark DeRosa explains how he chose his agency.

A handful of items from Shi Davidi: On Arencibia catching R.A. Dickey. On John Gibbons’ off-season cancer scare. On Ricky Romero’s Cliff Lee-like detour. On R.A. Dickey’s eagerness for Opening Day.

In his latest Bullpen post at the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin has a lengthy talk with Alex Anthopoulos, as well as a piece on Jose Reyes.

Speaking of the Star, if you like prose so purple it makes your fucking eyes bleed, Brendan Kennedy tweets that Rosie DiManno has an eBook coming out about the Jays this week. He vouches for it, explaining that “the stuff Rosie gets from AA on his jam-band days & how Edwin was lonely without Jose Bautista are reason enough to drop a loonie on it.”

The Globe and Mail compares the roster of the 2013 Jays to the 1993 Jays in some sort of slideshow thing. Canada’s newspaper of record!

Elsewhere in the Globe, Jeff Blair waxes on Ricky Romero, Tom Maloney profiles Steve Delabar, and he also talks to Justin Morneau, who warns about hockey’s old school mentality when it comes to concussions– something he understands pretty well. Maloney has a second Morneau piece, in which he talks about the WBC and how the first baseman has yet to speak with non-teammate, and “world citizen,” Russell Martin.

One more from the Globe, as Steve Ladurantaye looks at how Rogers finally figured out that spending money on the Jays’ payroll will not just help the team, but will increase potential ad revenues for Sportsnet as well. And hey, they figured it out just as they were getting cut out of MLB’s revenue sharing pie. Funny, that!

John Lott of the National Post speaks to Pete Walker about the Romero demotion, with the pitching coach admitting that the club was too late in trying to implement the mechanical changes last year’s Opening Day starter will continue working on in Dunedin as the rest of the team heads north.

Zachary Levine of Baseball Prospectus reviews the off-season, with an eye to the future cost of present improvement– and he kicks it off with a look (above the paywall) at the Jays’ moves.

Some 30 things in things things from the Tao: Steve Delabar, Mark DeRosa, and Dustin McGowan.

Bluebird Banter looks at the Jays’ schedule for the month of April.

At Grantland, in the wake of this week’s Yankees trade, Jonah Keri provides us with some Vernon power rankings.

One of the “crazy” predictions for 2013 at Minor League Ball is that the Jays won’t have a rookie who produces more than 1 WAR this season, which… yeah, that’s not so crazy.

At gamereax, Chris Toman talks to Marcus Stroman, who will make the trip to Philadelphia with the Jays for their final two exhibition games of the spring, and is excited to be doing so.

Matt Brown of Blue Jays Way gives some quick thoughts on Ricky Romero’s demotion.

Blue Jays From Away chats about scouting in part one of an interview with BP’s Zach Mortimer, who provided some excellent notes on Jays prospects in the Aaron Sanchez post we had up yesterday.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe looks at the Jays and the hype surrounding them.

Jack Todd of the Montreal Gazette dreams of the Expos reborn– a thought he didn’t think possible even a year ago– and imagines, even, how fantastic the AL East would look like with the Rays relocated to la métropole.

At Getting Blanked, Scott Lewis has a modest proposal for the reworking of Jonathan Sanchez’s strike zone. Meanwhile, Darren Kritzer looks at the suggestions that A.J. Burnett could retire after this season. Pete Puma, we hardly knew ye.

Bob Nightengale of USA Today writes an interesting one about the decline of booze culture in MLB clubhouses.

The Grid, aka Eye Magazine, talks to R.A. Dickey about… whatever it is the Grid would ask R.A. Dickey. Mostly his book, I think.

Lastly, at Fanatico, Parkes bids adieu to the retiring broadcaster Tim “five letter word” McCarver.

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  1. Romero compared to Dontrelle Willis, yikes.

  2. and don’t forget anyone with dreams of singing the National Anthem can go give it a try with the Bisons – tryouts this Saturday:


    and, June 22nd is Star Wars night in Buffalo (RA Dickey will be jealous).

  3. Question for all you DrunkJaysFans,

    Just ordered my cable back for preparation for this season. Rogers doesn’t show any Jays games exclusively on Sportsnet World do they? I don’t recall this being an issue last season, but to get that channel is an extra 30$, cause I have to upgrade to ‘premium’ cable and get a bunch of mandatory channels (family channel, life, all that SHIT)…..what a crock of ass.

    Any of you know about Sportsnet World….that’s just soccer & shit like that right?

  4. Good article on Stroman.
    Wondering why the Jays took this long into spring to give him some reps though.
    Are they trying to limit his innings for the year as they stretch him out?

  5. From the interview with Dickey from The Grid:

    Q – Talk to me about your nail file.

    A – I have a glass file that I carry with me because it doesn’t leave a frayed edge. It’s nice to have good equipment. To think that a broken nail could keep me out of a baseball game is ridiculous, but that comes with the territory.

    Q – I know ball players name their bats, but do knuckleballers name their nail files?

    A- Actually, my nail file’s name is Excalibur.

    Good stuff. Let’s hope his nails are strong nails and…Nails.!!!!!!!!

  6. Griff’s chat with AA was pretty solid.

    Is Rosie Dimano the baseball version of when Hockey Night tried to do a women’s broadcast?

  7. “There are no superstars here,” said former Red Sox shortstop Luis Rivera, the Jays third base coach. “The superstars are in New York and Boston. These are baseball players.”


    Ugh. Was that comment really necesary Luis? Sick of all the dick sucking the yankees and red sox get around the game when its not warranted.

  8. Jeebus that was a whole lotta Deuc’ing there Stoeten. I got tired just scrolling.

  9. “The O’s rode a wave of close victories to their first postseason berth in 16 years last season, and believe they’re positioned to move forward with manager Buck Showalter coming off perhaps his best season.”


    • A Jays team that plays to its potential finishes ahead of the O’s.
      But what if the Jays falter?

      O’s have the best catcher and CF in the division. Markakis and Reimold are nice ball players if they can stay healthy. Hardy is OK, & you know what you get. If Davis comes close to repeating last year and if Machado develops into a productive regular, that gives them 7 pretty good position players.

      Their rotation is unheralded and unproven, but Hammel was pretty good before he was hurt and Tillman showed signs of realizing his potential. Tillman could well develop into their Morrow. Chen and Gonzalez are more 4-5 guys but they are not terrible.

      Then, waiting in the wings,are two of the top pitching prospects in all of baseball: Bundy and Gausman. They are not far away. We got a glimpse of Bundy in Sept.

      Calling them for 3rd in the Division. But if the Jays falter and things go their way, darn right they could win it all.

  10. Regression calls in

  11. Huge duce today. Feels so good.

  12. I see what you tried to do there with that Eye Magazine reference, but no. It was never called Eye Magazine. Hipster nostalgia doesn’t really work when you get it wrong.

  13. Interview with AA from Griff was very insightful. Great stuff!

  14. Just file once a week. Depending on genes, nails may break easily. Nails often break if they are uneven, and nails naturally grow unevenly. So stash files everywhere, and whenever you see unevenness, file them all to the same length, shape, and size.`-”*

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