Toronto Maple Leafs v New Jersey Devils

I almost mentioned a certain slogan from last year, but I won’t do it!

Spring Training is over. It’s time for the regular season to begin!

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  1. badass.

  2. Gangsta.

  3. lame

  4. How do you say hustle and heart 3.0 in Spanish?

  5. Needs a donkey.

  6. Its sunny on the plane?

  7. Bring it on muthafukas!

  8. Who’s the cat bottom right.?

  9. It’s gonna be a good year.

  10. Is it wrong to be a little worried that the Dominican players are becoming a little too cliquey?

    • Yeah. Its not the eighties.

    • I was wondering the same thing

    • Its only natural man. If you and 5 other Canadians went to play cricket in India, wouldn’t you 5 guys chill out more on the team bus than with your new hosts?

      • None of these players are fresh off the boat. They’ve been in the league for years. All I’m saying is that if you’ve got 1/4 of the clubhouse as their own clique it could blow up in the team’s face, especially if the clubhouse leader in Bautista ignores his duties to players like Lawrie. However, a few instagram pictures doesn’t prove that is what is actually going on.

        • Let’s not presume cliques and cancers in a locker room that has yet to be entered.
          (After all, they seem to be comfortable riding in the back of the bus.)
          I hope they rattle the fuck out of many of their opponent’s locker rooms.
          I mean, what would Chipper Jones think?

        • You’re finding things to worry about in year where there isnt much to fret over. That’s pretty natural, but I don’t think theres any clique issues. Its a younger squad.

          • Seriously… As I’ve mentioned before, we finally get a playoff contender and Jays fans are so conditioned to the worst case scenario that we’re now nitpicking and lookin for something to bitch about. Sheesh… Relax and enjoy the ride; the games are about to mean something.

          • Keep your damn shovel…

        • Even with your caveats, this is kinda fucking ridiculous. Who cares?

          • Stoeten, actually it did look fuckin monstrously narcissistic. I talked to a guy the other day about it, we commented on how it cemented the attitude of the modern day pro athlete.

            Now that it’s been explained to me, I can forgive it. Otherwise if I saw my own player do something like that I have words with him. That’s not what team is all about.

        • You really think there is a single team in the league that doesn’t have cliques? That’s just how the world works.

    • It’s always been that way in baseball or in life for that matter. Everyone has groups, as long as it’s a team when the game is going on.

      • Exactly on

      • Also I have a much higher opinion of Reyes insofar as he is fast becoming an inspirational leader of the entire clubhouse. The guy leads by example, is always up and has a permanent, infectious smile.

    • Yeah, the rest of the American players should totally reform the Jets and they should dance fight.

      • Yeah, the Sharks were Puerto Ricans. I just think dance fighting is an appropriate response to this thread.

        /Getting Served.

    • Don’t worry, Lind knows what’s up too.

      • Man, Reyes is one well-dressed MF.

        I’m pretty sure I called dips on him already. Who’s maintaing a list here?

        • I do believe I seconded your dibs, DJS, just to prevent night_manimal from sneaking in before you.
          He’s got enough of ‘his boys’ to brag about already.

    • Also, I remember seeing a clip on Sportsnet of Lawrie playing catch in Dunedin a few days ago…and he was wearing a Lo Viste t-shirt.

      If you read Dickey’s book, he spends practically pages at a time – practically an entire chapter – talking about how great of a guy and teammate Reyes is and how disappointed Dickey was when Reyes signed in Miami and how unfortunate the batting title fiasco in New York was.

      I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

      • I think it is great the the Dominican jays are happy together. This team has a good chance of being the Dominican Republic’s favourite team.

        It could help the Jays sign more Dominican prospects over the next few years.

        • Someone who just came back from the DR just posted that exact observation a week or so ago: The Jays are the defacto favourite team of the Dominican Republic.

      • Tell us more about the batting fiasco.

        I have to honest, it did seem selfish that Reyes took himself out of the game to win it.

        What the other stuff that we didn’t know?

        • Nothing you didn’t know, just Dickey saying that it was an unfortunate situation for all involved. He talked about how it was something that was contrary to Jose’s ethos as a ballplayer, which is balls-to-the-wall, playing hard every second, and the public perception from the incident was contrary to what he was really like. Dickey said it could’ve been handled a bit better, like Jose coming out to field in the top of the 2nd and then being removed while the fans gave him a standing ovation. Dickey’s thing was that it wasn’t fair for the Mets fans to have their last memory of Jose being him singling and making a beeline straight to the bench from first base.

    • Yes.

  11. Hurry up Tuesday

  12. The Dominican Dons.

  13. Maracons

    • Pretty brave, RobA.

      Caballerismo focuses on manly honour and chivalry.
      Respect, responsibility, perseverance and courage.
      It’s the flip side of the Machismo coin.
      It’s the anti-Escobar.

  14. …where’s all the white people at?

    • Apparently, they’re in India playing cricket.

    • What are the odds that Geoff Baker writes an article about the “Brown Jays” controlling the clubhouse.?

      Baker caused chaos when he accused the Jays of being racist for having too many white players.

      • Pretty slim considering he covers the mariners now.

        • True, but he got into fights with Stoeten & Parkes last year when he made fun of the Jays low payroll & bloggers that supported Rogers.

          I think he called Stoeten & Parkes Rogers apologists.

          Baker still keeps an eye on the Jays. I wonder if he has congratulated AA on the Jays new philosophy?

          Full Disclosure: I went to High School with Geoff.

  15. All the cool kids sit in the back.

  16. This is gonna be a fun year.

    Despite all the semi racist comments on this post.

  17. Just watched the ’93 World Series. I still remember jumping around the room like an idiot when Carter launched that homer. Me and my mullet. How the years have passed – I can’t jump like that any more…and a mullet would just look stupid, provided I had enough hair left.

    • Nice way for them to set the table for opening day.

    • Grow that majestic mullet back. And if you’re balding, who cares, grow a culdemullet.

      You’re fuckin money if you packed a mullet back in the day. I had a nasty Micheal Bolton style frollet. It was sinister.

      • I didn’t think you had the genes for a frollet, Grooobah, and truthfully, everything about Bolton was nasty, but your pride shines through. I’ve no doubt whatsoever that you knocked it out of the park.

        • I had a phase where I wanted to rock the mean Shawn Michaels mullet. Instead of being the Heartbreak Kid I just looked like Joe Dirt.

    • I saw the game last night. It looked like the Jays would blow the game.

  18. Still not as cool as my hair. Or Jack Morris’.

  19. Do you know what gets me pumped every year on Opening Day?

    Well, when I wake up in the morning and drink a smoothy filled with excellence, fortitude, and brilliance, I play the same song every year. The old school Okay Blue Jays song, what a beauty.

    Do yourselves a favour if your are too young too remember or have never heard it, and crank that shit to damaging decibel levels.

    “You gotta diamond, ya got nine men, you gotta hat, a bat, and that’s not all…….. Whaddaya want? LETS-PLAY-BALL!.. ….. OKAY-OKAY, BLUEJAYS- BLUEJAYS- LETS-PLAY-BALL! ”

    Go ahead, make the world a better place and go and do it. Download it on your Ipod and sing it out loud at your local department store. I will.

  20. If this picture doesn’t pump you up you can get the fuck outta here

  21. The Jays have GOT to make a poster with this (or a similar) photo.

    Back when I was a youngin’ in the Chicago area, the Bears were cruising to their first (and still, only) Super Bowl title. They (and the entire Chicago area) just knew that they would win that year. THAT team was BAD ASS, between Jim (Kiss My Ass, Super Bowl Press) McMahon, Steve (future WWF wrestler) McMichael, William (Refrigerator) Perry, and many other personalities.

    Anywhoo, in addition to the Super Bowl Shuffle video and tons of other memorabilia hyping the team in different ways, the Chicago area Chevy dealers issued a promotional poster showing the entire offensive line (starters and back-ups) posing in their uniforms wearing fedoras and shades – a la Dan Akroyd/John Belushi in the Blues Brothers, entitled ‘The Black-N-Blues-Brothers’. It was awesome stuff…at least for someone in grade school who still looked up in awe at athletes. Here’s an image of that poster:

    My basic point is that this Jays team is shaping up into something special. Even if they don’t win the entire fucking thing this year, it sure seems like they’re going to enjoy the hell out of the ride. It is our duty as Jays fans to hop on board and not worry about whether or not the team is too ‘clique-y’ or whatever shit people want to get their boxers in a knot about (the Bears offence could not stand the teams’ defence, and vice versa, for the most part…and for good measure, the head coach and defensive co-ordinator hated each other). Fuck it, it’s all good…let’s have some goddam fun with this.

    Let’s embrace the various personalities and the potential ways to promote them to get new and/or young fans, especially, excited about baseball and this team.

    - Club Lo Viste
    - ‘Fear the Beard’ Bautista
    - Colby and the Gibbers Down Home Chillin’
    - Red Bull Brett and the Camera’s Pit
    - The Man in White Army…(btw, why the hell have the Jays not run with this and named a random fan at each game the ‘person in white’ and given them a Jays home (white) jersey as a prize?
    - Professor Dickey Explains the Science of the Knuckleball
    - The Catchers Three Explain the Science of Catching the Knuckleball
    - Hipsters for Happ
    - The Greek Ninja
    - Got Melk? (continued from SF)
    - Welcome Back ex-Jays Nights…for when former Jays players come back with another team, an autographed retro jersey giveaway of that person’s most recent Jays uniform.
    - Rain poncho giveaway days for each of Dickey’s starts, to explain to others why the Dome is mysteriously closed for a sunny, 30 degree day game in mid-July.
    - Suck It, Farrell Frostees (for the kids!).

    The opportunities for the Jays marketing department are plentiful…

    Let’s enjoy this and let loose with this team!

    • Mongo Mcmicheal never wrestled in the WWF, of the wwe for that matter … However the ‘fridge did … The ‘fridge also fought the criminal organization COBRA … As for the sharks, DEPORT THEM … Oops, thought this the TORONTO SUN comments section, sorry as u were …

      • You’re mostly right about McMichael, he was mainly with WCW, but I was recalling this, from his Wikipedia entry:

        “After the end of his NFL career, he appeared at ringside in the WWF for Lawrence Taylor at WrestleMania XI on April 2, 1995 in Hartford, Connecticut. Taylor was wrestling Bam Bam Bigelow and there were several football players at ringside to keep wrestlers from interfering in the match. During a previous episode Monday Night Raw, McMichael provided guest commentary with Vince McMahon and would later brawl with Kama Mustafa, one of Bigelow’s comrades. The fight was all over the arena floor and almost into the stands, knocking over the broadcast table, soon being broken up by personnel. Taylor ended up winning the later match.”

    • +10 that’s hilarious!

  22. There were some curious decisions made this Spring. Why did the Jays management set the starting rotation up sooo early. JJ looks like the oddest 4th man in a rotation anywhere. JJ has been pitching like an ace a deserves consideration to draw the opening game start. Why did the Jays ‘promise’ RR would make the starting rotation? Now they are made to look like liars. WTF happened with Lawrie – I know he’s hurt but what kinda stupid thing did he do to get injured this time?

    • I’m sure JJ would be really pissed off that he’s 4th in the rotation if it actually mattered, but it doesn’t so don’t throw yourself off a cliff yet.

      • Nice analysis OK…You kinda missed the point though

        • Was a nice way to split up the hard throwers and junkballers. Give the who has been here for years the benefit of the doubt.
          They were trying to give Romero confidence and have him not looking over his shoulder I presume. Or they really figured he’d get it fixed in team. Really, though, who cares?
          As for Lawrie, he hurt himself in the WBC. It happens.

        • Pretty sure the point is you should go back to Bleacher Report for your Blue Jays analysis.

          • Wait ! What? There was a point ?

            • Just for the shits and giggles, the ‘dawg occasionally buries a point in the verbal contortions and spelling mistakes.

              He makes you work for it mind.

              • That would be “for ‘shiggles’”.

                • I can’t keep up, Pudge72.

                  I’m old. There, I said it. Behind the curve.
                  I’m not cutting edge. Not leading edge; certainly not bleeding edge.
                  It’s embarrassing how often I need to google shit just trying to understand posts.
                  I’d have to leave The Urban Dictionary constantly open. Fuck that.

    • Perhaps Gibby wanted him to start the first game of the Boston series? A game in which I’ve got tickets for…Suck it Farrell!!

    • The “Stupid” thing Lawrie did was bend over for a ground ball.

  23. I had a dream about opening day last night. Dickey couldn’t get an out in the first inning and Gibbons had to pull him when it was 4-0 :(

    In fairness, it was a lot of “seeing eye” hits. He was really BABIPed to death.

    • Don’t worry BJW had you completed the first inning in your dream, you would find the Jays leading after 1. Seen this before – many times

      • I remember the first inning of opening day in 2011. Jays were running wild on the bases & scored 4 runs.

        I think they ended up scoring 11 runs.

        Last year , Colby’s triple was a highlight.

        Santos blew the game, so fans went home mad.

  24. I’m going to love watching this team win, but the hype has become a pied piper for a disproportionate influx of morons and douchebags. I hope we haven’t entered Yankeeland.

    • The comments on opening day might prove that

      • Last year’s opening day game thread had 266 comments which seems low. I could have sworn there was about 1,000.

        Jays tickets in the section where I am sitting on Tuesday ( 118) are selling for over $300 each.

        I think Tuesday will be a wild night downtown.

        What are fans expecting from the Indians this year? 80 wins?

        • Indians Spring Training: Yan Gomes hit .407 ops’d 1.17 in 27 AB
          Ben Francisco hit .400 ops’d 1.12 in 20 AB
          Mike McDade hit .400 ops’d .973 in 30 AB
          and Nick Swisher did ok too
          .389 ops’d 1.05 in 54 AB
          Of course, the ST caveat , as always, applies. (ST numbers mean nothing)

    • I have no issue with casual fans, this is how the next wave of hardcore baseball fans are born. Casual fans buy into the hype, show up because it’s cool, and then fall in love with the game. Remember, our hardcore base that still shudders at a mention of Joey McLaughlin or Larry Herndon and knows the words to every verse of Okay Blue Jays, we’ll always be here. The hype and marketing is directed to the casual fans, and yeah, they’re going to buy in. It just comes with the territory. But you have to separate the casual fans, because some caught the hype and now they’re serious about growing as fans of the Jays and the game itself, but others are just in it for status.

      My problem is that second group, those casual “fans” who only show up because they want to be seen at the ballpark and get drunk off $10 beers. Those are the people who throw shit on the field and ruin the game experience, then suddenly become the biggest fans in the world when there’s a parade, but if you ask them they say “baseball sucks” or “baseball fans are gay.” I know people like this and I can’t stand them. Point is, if you’re a casual bandwagon fan just show me you’re making an effort to become a better fan and learn about baseball, that you’re not just showing up because it’s the new hip trend in town, and there’s no problem.

  25. The best part of this photo? EE pointing to his junk.

  26. Which Jay gets hurt first? I am thinking ahead to any excuses we might have for missing the playoffs this fall. Injuries is the only real threat to a 95 win season I can think of…

    My money is on Brett Lawrie. He plays like a nut. Possibly Reyes…. turf might be hard on him….

  27. Verbal translation of sign language in the above picture: Jays in 6.

  28. Suck it Farrell.

    Suck it Jose Jose.

  29. you drunk bastards…

  30. Jays have the whitest starting rotation in baseball and those negros throwin down gang signs are over confident.

    Jays will be lucky to win 84 games.

    Dickey will get pounded all year and will be pulled by the 5 inning against the Indians.

    Mark will also get hammered all year long.

    Morrow will get smoked startin in the 4 or 5 inninngs and be on the DL by July.

    Santos and Casey will also be on the DL at some point.

    Jays finish in 3rd spot and don’t even win the wild card.

    Jays will be 5 games behind the ALE Leader and 5 teams behimd the wild card slot by mid May.

    There’s always next year.

  31. An error by Alomar?! THIS IS OUTRAGE


  33. Dickey never pitched a spring game in 3 weeks because he’s not ready for the ALE, hitters parks where pitchers don’t hit.

    Dickey pitchin in minor league games because he needs practice.

    Dickey had 220 Ks last year and probably 80 of em were against pitchers who hit in the NL.

    Dickey isn’t pitchin in the ladies league any longer, boys and girls.

    Dickey is the slowest hurler in MLB and to make him the Ace who will face other teams Aces all year long was beyond dumb.

    The AL is used to knuckleballers.

    Oh, and Boston might even sweep the second series.

  34. JP will lead the Jays in homers for some if not all of the season as Joey and EE struggle.

    Colby was set to hit 40 homers but the silly Jays decided to force him to change his swing.

    He’ll be lucky to hit 20 now.

    Jays have the weakest management and coaching in all of baseball, including the minors.

    Rogers gets a new CEO in 2014 and the Jays will be gettin a new GM.

    KC is the O’s, A’s surprise type team this year, you drunk bastards.

  35. Solid Sporcle quiz right here: Jays opening day lineups since 1991. Some interesting names.

  36. Jays could’ve signed Lohse for less than Dickey and kept the 2 studs on the farm and just given up a draft pick.

    Jays name their starting rotation 2 months in advance and before they even got a look at who was doin what.

    Josh and Happ are the Jays best pitchers and they are 4th and 5th.

    Gibby says Casey is ready while Casey says he’s not.

    Jays say Ricky’s a starter and days before opening day they dump him.

    Morrow was given Ricky pitcher info on Ricky that even the Jays coaches weren’t aware of.

    This is the most messed up management team the Jays have ever had.

  37. Hey Sharkey, when you gonna fix this website?

    The text is off the left of the page and you can’t even read it, or even scroll to the left to read it, you drunk bastard.

  38. Last year at this time the Marlins were as arrogant as the Jays players are now, and we all know how the Marlins season turned out.

    The Jays play the other ALE teams 30 times in the first 35 days, and the Jays season could be over after the first game as they might never lead the division or catch up in the wild card race.

    Since Dickey is pitchin the opener, the Jays season could be over in the first inning of the first game, and quite possibly on the first pitch of the first inning of the first game.

    Even Mexico showed yawl in the WBC that Dickey was a one hit wonder.

  39. Why do you think it was so easy for JP to catch Dickey knunckleball so quickly?

    Because there is no movement on Dickey’s knuckleball.

    It’s just a slow 80 mph fastball now.

    Ask Mexico.

    • Yeah, that’s why he was able to post a low ERA last year and strike out a batter an inning. That no-movement, 80mph fastball will do it every time.

      • Who’s talkin about last year?

        Besides you….

        Dickey is merely batting practice this year.

        Mexico is proof of this.

        Dickey has only pitched in the minors because AA knows he’d get smoked in grapefruit games.

        Watch and learn you drunk bastard.

  40. If God is in His heaven, and all’s right with the world, the next sound we would hear would be Stoeten’s almighty Ban Hammer smiting a certain nobody.

    Now that would be an Easter gift to cherish, and he does seem to enjoy flexing his muscles on occasion.

  41. Yhe home opener is an mlbtv free game everyone.

    That pitcher we traded to the marlins is already on the DL and needing surgery (shoulder). Definite hat tip to the guy that heard from the front office this offseason that Alvarez would need shoulder surgery. I admit I didn’t believe it before but seeing is believing.

    • Yeah, wow. Alvarez to the DL with shoulder issues. Doesn’t say he needs surgery or anything, but that’s a worrisome sign for him.

      If this becomes a serious issue, that certainly adds a new layer to the megatrade.

  42. Can someone please photoshop a donkey into the background here?

    • Reyes looks like a billy goat with his goofy billy goat beard.

      Escobar will have a bett year than Reyes.

      Reyes will hit more triples though, but also make more errors.

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