Philadelphia Phillies v Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays will play their final spring game this afternoon against the Philadelphia Phillies, as Josh Johnson will take the mound against Phillies right-hander Kyle Kendrick. Johnson, who is scheduled to make his official Blue Jays debut Friday vs. the Red Sox, is expected to pitch five innings today, followed by Sergio Santos, Jeremy Jeffress, Esmil Rogers and Marcus Strolman, who is pretty excited about the opportunity to pitch in a major league park today.

Spring Training is almost over!


In Shi Davidi’s latest notebook, he talks to John Gibbons about the eighth inning role and includes some interesting quotes from Mark Buehrle, who wishes he saved his good outing last night for a regular season game.

Davidi also tweets the probables for next week against the Indians, Dickey / Masterson, Morrow /Jimenez, and Buehrle / Myers.

Barry Davis tweets the news that closer Casey Janssen is throwing in Florida today, but will be ready for the home opener Tuesday. Davis also tweets that manager John Gibbons will give Colby Rasmus days off vs. certain lefties, and until Lawrie returns, Bonifacio will be the everyday second baseman.

Bruce Arthur of the National Post writes about the Blue Jays off-season and the art of taking risks.

TV: Today’s game can be watched on Sportsnet, and, you can also listen to the game online at

And now, the lineups…

Toronto Blue Jays

J. Reyes SS
M. Cabrera LF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
A. Lind 1B
C. Rasmus CF
M. Izturis 3B
H. Blanco C
E. Bonifacio 2B

J. Johnson RHP

Philadelphia Phillies

B. Revere CF
J. Rollins SS
C. Utley 2B
R. Howard DH
M. Young 3B
D. Brown LF
L. Nix RF
J. Mayberry Jr. 1B
E. Kratz C

K. Kendrick RHP

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  1. Rasmus sitting vs lefties for Davis = Gibby the best

  2. god DAMMIT I can’t wait for Tuesday

  3. Emilio must still be sleeping.

  4. As per, today’s game is part of a free preview.

  5. Bonifacio at 2B makes sense. I wonder if Izturis will play 2B when DeRosa plays 3B. Ideally DeRosa would play as little as possible.

    I also wonder what Gibby will do vs LHP in regards to Lind and Rasmus. Can’t replace both of them with Davis.

  6. Last spring game. Thank fucking god.

  7. I think Jose’s wrist is fine. Just a hunch.

    • Yes sir! I gotta say though, I have never been so paranoid about injuries with this team in my life. Last year messed me up good.

      • I’m probably in the minority, but I’m still worried. Just can’t help but wonder if it will blow up again. It’s still very encouraging to see that his power hasn’t diminished though.

        • Agreed.

          Last year was a disaster for the Jays in terms of injuries, but perhaps we will have a below average year this year.

          In light of yesterdy’s verlander news,

          Does AA sign Josh Johnson to a long term extension???

        • That’s like worrying about Reyes on the turf. It hasn’t happened yet. If he gets hurt again, he gets hurt again. That’s the way it goes.

      • Me too Tom. When Reyes coasted into second and they were questioning injury, I thought “here we go…” I know we’ll get our share of injuries but last years fiasco has made me a bit skittish.

  8. Check out this awesome Jays shirt I made that pays homage to 1993. I’d love to get the word out!!

  9. Who knew Blanco was a speedster?

  10. J.P. – talk about how much we suck balls at announcing.

  11. So how long until everyone hates Adam Lind for being the rally killer?

  12. WTF? WHIP = runs + hits per inning pitched? Really Buck?

  13. Way to play the wall Jose.

  14. Michael Young still remembers he’s a Jays killer.

  15. Oh Lind.

  16. Obligatory thank fuck spring training is over post.

  17. Loving the doubles…and the fact that Bautistas wrist looks 100% knock on wood

  18. Fun Fact: Alomar participated in the opening face-off at the Toronto Rock game last night.

    Looks like a stallion

  19. In between innings fun: Go over to TSN and watch Sidney Crosby lose his chiclets via puck. Fuckin’ ugly.

  20. Will no one rid me of this troublesome Michael Young?

    • You’re stuck with him.
      It’s part of your penance.

      • Really?

        I’m already wearing my hair shirt after scourging myself.
        Enough already.

        • You have to braid your hair just like my boy Colby did last summer and wear it for a month. Then your penance will be complete.

          • You’ve got entirely too many boys for me to be righteously comfortable, and anyway, Cletus (a favourite of mine, mind) only had to rock the cornrows for one game.

            Let me tell you; wool is bad, but hair shirts are outrageousness squared.
            Do NOT become a penitent monk, night_manimal.
            Easter was much more fun back in the easter egg-hunting days.

  21. I’m not exactly confident in our bullpen this year save for Oliver, Loup and Janssen.

  22. Effin Ismail Rogers.

  23. It’s almost Stroman time.

  24. Stroman: An acamademic all-american.

  25. Can someone please FUCKING EXPLAIN why they advertise on the SN tv feed to watch jays games when they’re blacked out for the season? Are they not blacked out this year?

  26. A couple of philly’s outfielders have had problems judging the ball hit off the wall.
    And it’s their home park.

    • Quick work. Looked good, tempered by the fact that no one from the Phillies really seemed to care in those last two innings

  27. Stroman redux.

  28. Let the season begin.

  29. Let the season begin.

    I’m surely sick of those BP caps.

  30. can someone explain the stroman situation? I thought he wasn’t allowed to play? isn’t there a part of his 50 game suspension left? or have the spring training games counted towards that total?

    • He still needs to serve the rest of the suspension. He wasn’t allowed to participate in ST Games. The games in Philly are exhibition games which he can.
      At least, that’s what i understand and the way he explained it when he was interviewed.

  31. So Lyle made the Yankeees opening day roster!
    Cool :-) Does my heart good.

    • Don’t forget Jayson Nix & Ben Francisco waiting in the wings.

      • Three fukstiks all. The yanks are picking the refuse we had a few years ago but they have had a history of recycling waste into useful product but hopefully they all turn into kleenex tissue, dutifully popping up one at a time.
        I swear the yanks were told by that hookha smoking caterpillar where to go and rather than ask Alice, It think she would know, they asked JP Riciardi who doesn’t know.
        Forward, Soviet ooops I mean Go Jays

        • You sir are seriously bent, albeit in a nice way.

          See Ricky Skaggs
          “I’m not broke, but I’m badly bent.” (full disclosure–this is not The Who.)

        • Seems Gracie has been a topic of late here.
          I did ask Alice, circa 1965. My neighbour wanted to see Jefferson Airplane at City Hall, didnt let babysitting me get in the way. Memories.

          • Yeah , those guys could fly allright-Christ it was in yonder past.
            No wonder under after imbibing my now current mood alterator, a good Mondavi Merlot, I find myself often “out here in the fields, singing for my meals” as opposed to the real word “fought”.
            But that was “my geennnnnneration!”
            Forward Soviet………

          • Did you sport some flowers in your hair?

            Unfortunately, I never got to see The Airplane, but did make the mistake of seeing The Starship at The Gardens once. Pure shit. (If memory serves, Frank Zappa headlined.)

            • Zappa would have softened the blow on that. I’m out in your neck of the woods SP. great weather today.

              • God’s country, GSMC, and he’s a moderate man.
                I’m sure he wears T-shirts & shorts year-round.

                The blue sky is nice, mind. Reminds me of Alberta (sans the windchill factor.)
                Enjoy your weekend.
                See you on Tuesday.

                Suck it, Farrell.

            • Fuk I don’t understand it meself.
              No, never wore flowers in my hair, never believed in any of that shit although free sex,oops free love is an interesting concept. Did go to Haight /Ashbury once though but it was pretty much after most of this had cooled down and the area had turned to pure shit with derelicts and shit. Never liked Starship, in fact I’m not really a big plane fan per se, but thought WHITE Rabbit was one of the best tunes ever although way too short at 1:51. It would have been easy to fall into that lifestyle though-had a few friends who did and basically never heard from them again-ahhh the 60s. Now I am 60 and a baseball fanatic and a wino who often can’t put a sentence together as the above attests. Fuk and I wonder why I am out here in the fields-wife thinks I’m nutz

    • Instead of Bentley’s, and blinged out Escalade’s, there are wheelchairs in the player’s parking spots at Wankee Stadium..

  32. Prediction: Jays finish 1st in AL East 2013. SUCK IT FARRELL

  33. Watched the Jays kick the Phillies’ collective asses twice today!! Great memories from game 6 of the 93 Series :)

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