Texas Rangers v Houston Astros

Actual real baseball. No, not involving the Toronto Blue Jays– not yet– but the first Sunday Night Baseball action of the year happens tonight, featuring the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros from Minute Maid Park in Houston, and the stats from this one, the win and the loss, absolutely count. The Astros are now an American League team, giving a leg up to clubs like the Rangers and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, who are scheduled to face the lowly club many, many more times than will other teams also vying for the AL Wild Card. But… is this a time to get petty? Hells to the no– or some other, not ridiculous, phrase.

It’s real baseball! Let’s fucking do this!

Also: Brett Wallace. And maybe even Jason Frasor taking an hour to throw two thirds of an inning later on!


Brian McTaggert of MLB.com tweets that it’s pouring in Houston, so the roof at Minute Maid Park is closed.

He adds that tonight’s national anthem will be performed by Lyle Lovett, because… Houston. Could be a whole lot worse though, actually.

Bob Nightengale of USA Today tweets that Astros manager Bo Porter faces one of his best friends tonight, Texas manager Ron Washington.

TV:  TSN 2

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Texas Rangers

I. Kinsler 2B
E. Andrus SS
L. Berkman DH
A. Beltre 3B
D. Murphy LF
N. Cruz RF
A. Pierzynski C
M. Moreland 1B
L. Martin CF

M. Harrison LHP

Houston Astros

J. Altuve 2B
B. Wallace 1B
C. Carter LF
C. Pena DH
J. Maxwell CF
J. Castro C
M. Dominguez 3B
B. Barnes RF
R. Cedeno SS

B. Norris RHP

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  1. Shit…is truly about to get real.

  2. The astros line up does not look bad at all.

  3. That Houston lineup…hooo boy.

  4. Hey Stote and Dustin …Smokeice here…just refound your blog……did you guys go down to spring training?? saw the jpeg of Lennys in Clearwater…….used to live there…..Hope Yall had breakfast there as it kicks ass…….Ill be reading all season…….if you guys get any opening in hockey or baseball pools keep me in mind………peace


    Wait… the Astros? Ugh. Okay. Yay! Real baseball TOMORROW!

  6. So we’re counting the Astros as a real baseball team?

  7. Have I missed the Dickey piece on 60 Minutes? I thought it might be shown this weekend.

    • Oh shit I forgot they were doing that. I’m sure it will end up online somewhere.

    • Dickey is no Ricky and Dickey better start focusing on baseball not books.

      Dickey is going to get smoked all season long.

      • “Dickey is going to get smoked all season long” Hahahaha! I don’t even think this trolly-troll-troll knows he just made a funny.

  8. What channel is this on? I dont see it listed

  9. How could a team get as bad as the Astros?

  10. ‘Stros win this game hands down.

    ‘Stro are going to surprise many this season, including the Brown Jays.

  11. So in light of the Astros does this remain baseball-ish?

  12. Don’t forget that the Jays game will be themlbtv game of the day on opening night.

  13. Real baseball’s happening! Stats are being generated! WAR is being accumulated!!!

  14. Dallas versus Houston. Don’t mess with Texas, and please refrain from bringing your firearms into family restaurants. Or the death penalty will persecute y’all.

  15. Not that it really matters in the long run, but why isn’t Darvish starting tonight?

    • Agree that it doesn’t matter, but not sure either. Won’t claim to know the Rangers’ staff well but don’t really understand. Seems like a Romero opening over Morrow last year – better results but worse peripherals getting the call.

  16. Funny watching all these guys getting thrown out stealing 2B.. brutal call in the 1st

  17. Three days of opening days is stupid- ratings be damned.

  18. It’s a trap! – Admiral Akbar

  19. Andrus completely robbed of a hit on that catch by Maxwell… hit the ground first but ruled an out

  20. Are the Astros still running out that traffic pilon orange jerseysthis year? I wonder if its for their 2nd job as traffic cops as I do believe I read today that their highest guy on the payroll is like 3mil/yr

  21. As they talk about that PED fiasco out of Miami this winter, have we came to a conclusion on what would happen to Melky if found guilty? Time served?

    • I’ve wondered about that. What did he test positive for, anyway? Was it a particular substance, or just an elevated testosterone count?

      • It was the elevated testosterone that failed the test, but then he admitted to using a banned substance.

      • Not sure what he tested positive for when he got his 50 last yr, he was just one of many named in an article released from the Miami times that states he showed up on a document from a company called Biogenesis. Miami Times claims that they sold PEDs to various sports stars inluding the Melkman, A-roid and a bunch of others.

  22. Ahh, the first RBI…MAXWELL FOR AL MVP!

  23. What the fuck was that description of Michael Young’s leadership all about?

  24. Fuck me thats a deep CF! I’m getting tired just thinking of running up that thing for a ball.

  25. Texas Gong-show!

  26. I guess when the pitcher greased that ball he never thought his own players would have to touch it. That was some sloppy shit-eating fielding

  27. I just watched MLB TV reviews and predictions.

    Eric Byrnes: Jays!

    Harold Reynolds : Jays!

    Mitch Williams : Rays(he’s still bitter)

    Peter Gammons : Rays(Jays very close)

    KellyGrubersBastardSon : Marlins! Shit, I mean Jays!

  28. Dirrrrrty change-up.

  29. The Astros are helping the Jays. remember when Wallace was a prized prospect?

    • Remember when we were all sad that Wallace was traded for some kid named Gose?

      • I will fully admit I was pissed. I guess it’s possible Wallace could still very well end up the better player, but if Gose manages to keep his head above water with his bat at the major league level then there is no doubt who won that trade.

      • Pretty insignificant trade up to this point. Most people arent sold on gose as a hitter as they should be. Wallace has been a bust. Likely one of klaws biggest mistakes from a player evaluation standpoint. Hes still young though and can turn it around.

    • I also remember having to read – many, many times – your insufferably boring and non-sensical comments about how Bautista would never accept having a position player on the team that earned more than he did and how AA would never bring in a starter who earned more than Romero.

      As if these were not big boys who signed on the dotted line with the assistance of professional representation. Not to mention guys who (1) understood the risk/reward trade-off that they had made in signing long-term; and (2) would essentially be saying “fuck it, I wanna keep finishing 4th, don’t pay anyone more than me” according to your belief.

      Great call by you!

  30. Texas is overrated now- Yankees are underrated by predictions. The Jays may have just cracked the top 10 in payrolls if they beat out St. Louis. Well done, Rogers.

  31. Can I just say that I think the new Astros uniforms (or at least their home ones) are actually pretty awesome in action?

    • Although I don’t understand baseball teams’ obsession with neon orange alt jerseys.

    • Certainly.

      We’re a kinder, gentler DJF now that OK Blue Jays has bit the big one.

      • DJF became kinder and gentler when disqus was introduced.
        Became even more kinder and more gentler with the move to the Score.

        That being said,a lot more people now know DJF ( DJF Lite) and that’s a good thing.
        The more the merrier.

        • We be jolly!

        • For fuck sakes, please stop talking as though you know anything about this site. Why do I constantly have to ask this?

          • Ugh, I suffered some collateral damage there.
            Blowback, Backscatter.
            Hanging with RADAR can be a full contact sport.
            Good thing he’s resilient. Or numb.

          • It’s documented history Stoeten.
            It’s part of the evolution.
            It’s there in black and white.
            Why do you think the change is a bad thing that needs to be defended?
            Why do you “constantly have to ask this?”, is a question only you can answer.
            I really don’t need to debate this.
            Let’s move on.

  32. big one as in ball sac

  33. Does anyone remember why the Astros built their park with a hill in CF?

  34. Glad they could honor Ohio in such a magnificent way….

  35. I must say I am thouroughly enjoying these youngsters pistol whipping the Rangers tonight.

    • The Rangers could have a pretty disastrous season this year.

    • Absolutely! This is damn fun.

    • That whole al west is overrated. All the US writers and analysts have major hard ons for the angels but their starting pitching after weaver and wilson is mediocre at best. Cant win without good starters. And the rangers lost some offense and i was never a fan of their starters either. Harrison should not be an ace of a contending team. A’s could end up winning that division again but i fucking hate their offense.

      • When you look at other teams in the AL, the only team on paper that might be better than the jays on paper is the tigers. The jays are sooo fucking balanced. Good starters, good offense, decent bullpen. Rangers, angels, rays etc arent nearly as balanced. I worry thought that they might be relying on players like bonifacio a little too much. This guy has a worse career ops than fucking rajai davis. Fucking gross. Speed is great to have but if u cant get on base its useless as weve seen with rajai. Anyways, im fucking PUMPED. Cant wait till tuesday.

  36. Head, jerk & pulling off.

    What a game.

  37. Did Frasor just get an out in three seconds…what the hell just happened?!

  38. Razor Frasor takes 12 sec for 2 outs…..nice work!

  39. Is it wrong for me to miss Jason Frasor?

  40. Carter looks like the voodoo guy in Major League

  41. Jason frazor was throwing slow. His fast ball was 91-92 mph.

    • That’s pretty much where he was sitting last year.

      • I’m not sure what you are trying to say? Good? Bad? or the reason he was traded from the Jays?

        • I’m not saying it’s good or bad at all, just making an observation. He’s been effectinve with that velocity for the last season or so; nothing wrong with that.

          By the way, Frasor left the Jays as a free agent. Nobody traded him away.

          • Sorry wiffle, was directed at Bigbear. Not drinking tonight so I’m a little outta sync

            • I’m saving my drinking for Tuesday. Jays Opening Day is also my birthday. The baseball gods are shining on me this year!

              • I fortunately am leaving camp (AKA shithole northern Alberta twilightzone) tomorrow and will proceed to drink until I wake from my coma 3 days later…..should be fun

              • Oh yeah, and Happy almost Birthday to you. If you are watching the game you should at least drink everytime R.A.D. makes someone look silly with his junk…..and I mean the knuckleball BTW

            • He could hit 94 last year.

  42. Wow, the Rangers are booting it everywhere.

  43. Ewww webbed fingers

  44. …the webbing of his fingers????

  45. Shulman is kickass. Rogers is spending on the team right? Bring local boy home

  46. I dig the unorthodox bullpen usage by Bo Porter.

  47. Houston Astros: BEST TEAM IN BASEBALL! …for at least the next 15 hours.

  48. The HOUSTON ASTROS are the best team in the majors. Never thought id say that in 2013.

    • +1.

      The Astros will rebuild over the next few years. When I was a kid I always wanted to visit the ASTRODOME after watching the Bad News Bears play there in a movie.

      I wonder how Alan Ashby did in his first broadcast?

  49. Houston won’t be very good this year, but I’ve been very impressed with Bo Porter through spring training, and then in this game. I think he’s going to be a very good manager for a long time.

    • Hard to be good when 20 players, in the MLB, are paid more than the Houston rosters entire payroll.
      Which is 20 Million.

  50. Excited.


  51. Remember this game come wild card time in September. Thank you Houston for not going 0-162!

  52. Whichever contending club loses most to Houston does not make the playoffs. When they played here in 2011 we lost 2 of 3 in May and stunk the rest of the year. It can leave a bad effect on a team

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