Holy shit, it’s finally almost fucking here!

I literally worried, back after The Trade went down in mid-November, that I’d be struck down before getting a chance to see what will transpire tomorrow, as this revamped Jays roster finally take the field, because… well, apart from being fortunate enough to have little of actual consequence to worry about, holyfuckingawesome the Jays, by most measures, are the favourites in the American League East– and perhaps the American League as a whole! All these years of misery and stupendous September boredom– and I’ve only been obsessively covering the previous six of them!– seem on their way to finally being a thing of the past.

But, of course, they have to play the games. And before that, we’ll have all kinds of good stuff coming at you.

To wit:

- I’ll be appearing on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning tomorrow, but not as early as originally thought. I’m now scheduled to be in studio at 7:40 AM ET, and you can catch me live via their website, or on CBC Radio 1, 99.1 FM in Toronto.

- Once that wraps up I’ll head back to palatial Score Towers where I’ll prepare to get a little slice of non-boilerplate regarding tomorrow’s starting pitcher up on the site, which should be there around nine.

- Following that I’ll be working on taking a tool around the Jays’ roster situation now that we actually, y’know, know what it’s going to look like– though I probably won’t post it too quickly because…

- At 10:30 AM we record the Tuesday edition of the now-daily Getting Blanked Podcast, which won’t be cut and posted until the afternoon, but as soon as it does, you’ll be able to find it at Getting Blanked on iTunes, via the RSS feed we have setup, or you can always like Getting Blanked on Facebook in order to get each day’s podcast straight into your news feed.

- Once out of the podcasting studio I’ll finish up the roster look, in order to have it posted before noon, for your lunchtime perusal.

- Next up, sometime in the early afternoon, will be the Daily Duce, which will not include the podcast link– I’m not going to bother double-posting it this year, but don’t worry about missing out, because I’ll be sure to push you in the direction of Getting Blanked, and all the other methods of downloading it as well– but it will bring you all the latest news, notes and articles on the Jays as the witching hour approaches.

- Following that, and perchaps a bit of punch and pie, it’ll be time to sit down and record the 2013 regular season’s first DJF Podcast (aka, as I think I decided right now and will probably later regret, the PoDJFcast). It, of course, has its own set of iTunes pagesRSS feeds, and hot Facebook injections for you to subscribe to and/or like and/or… uh… cover yourself in?

- As the podcast is being cut together, I’ll get a wicked-early start on the evening’s Game Threat– shit, we already know what the lineups are going to be, so I could probably be doing it right now, rather than wasting my time on this– with the aim of having it posted with plenty of time to spare to find a place to imbibe several delicious beverages, before heading to the ‘Dome and watching the everloving shit out of Jose Reyes and R.A. Dickey.

Aaaaaand… that’s pretty much it. It’s possible something will happen during the game that I feel compelled to stumble back to my desk and write about, but like hell I’m going to make that kind of commitment here and now. Frankly, posting some vague semblance of schedule is commitment enough, where I come from. But… whatever. That’s what the plan is looking like right now, so be sure to keep checking back all day tomorrow, as we drop distraction bombs on your shithearts, feeding content to choke back the unceasing geyser of overdue, genuine fucking real-season not-kidding-yourself-this-time anticipation rising within you.

It’s baseball season.


Image via Dignity’s widow.

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  1. I may or may not have been waltzing around my apartment in full Dickey gear with a ball and glove on.


  2. YES

  3. Good thing they didn’t ban greenies for bloggers, sounds like you’ll need some.


  5. I think it’s going to be a fine season

  6. She’s gonna be a dandy!

  7. Over/Under for fights in the 500s tomorrow?

    • I’d put it at a pedestrian 4 assuming there’s a cap on beer sales like there was last year (not a peep about it this year, which is weird, considering the hubbub last year) but if there’s no cap on beers, take the over

  8. Ra dickey predictions anyone???
    I say 6 ip 4h 2r 4bb 6k

  9. How much do you think 100 level tickets will sell for tomorrow?

  10. Sounds like a busy day. I recommend scheduling in a nap.

  11. Stoeten, the hardest working man in the blog-bidness.

    One quibble though, while I love me some double-entendre Rob Ducey hasn’t been with the organization since 2009. May I humbly suggest that “The Daily Duce” be renamed “The Diurnal Dickey Discharge”. You’re welcome.

  12. Thx for the itinerary Stoeten.Helps plan the day.
    Have a great Jay Day.
    You said you had some great tickets for the games provided by the Score.
    You’ve come a long way from when you used to sneak down from the 500′s.

  13. Not being a dick but I think there is a typo “perchaps”.

  14. Spuds, are you in town for the opener?

    • Sorry GSMC. (I take it you mean Vancouver.)

      White Rock dinner extravaganza.

      • I meant Toronto. I thought you might make the trek out for be opener. I just got back a couple of hours ago. My 6 year old is as jacked for the game as I am. Enjoy the opener left coast style!

  15. Is it tomorrow at 7:07pm yet?



  16. All the INSIDERY SHIT I know:

    -The opening day opening ceremonies will feature the Guinness World Record largest Canadian flag ever on the field, covering basically the entire field. It weighs 2400 pounds and they’re getting around 200 U of T varsity athletes to carry the thing. It sounds like whatever marketing director thought this up has a background in US sports, because “gigantic fucking flag” and “salute the local university athletes” are right out of the Murika playbook.
    -Tom Cheek tribute with big #4306 flag
    -Moment of silence for Sandy Hook observed by all teams
    -Someone top-secret singing the anthems, they won’t say who, but they hinted it was a “somebody”
    -Mr. Geddy Fucking Lee to have his moment in the Limelight with the first pitch

  17. Nice to see you pumped about tomorrow Andrew -hope its a great day! When yer on CBC could you just do one Suck it Farrell…want to know if it can be said on live radio

  18. Thought the anthem inger was announced weeks ago . . . The kid who is in the wizard of oz play . . . Or are you suggesting that they are unveiling someone else ??

  19. That would be Singer. Damn Ipad ‘keyboard’

  20. Sweet lead to what we can expect tomorrow for content…good to hear there will be some meal time articles to read!

    But seriously….what is the over/under on the things on that list that actually hit the interweb?!!? Just kidding of course…just saying what everyone is thinking.

  21. I had never seen these before now – Jose Reyes I learn something new from you everyday:


    at recoverypump dot com


  22. Tomorrow will not be a productive day at the office.

    • +1. Have to leave Oakville at 6:15 am to park downtown. Go to work. Leave work at 5 PM. Dinner downtown, then off to the game around 6:20 pm. Enjoy the pre game activities.

      Game should be over by 10. Janssen should get his first save

      Listen to Jays Talk on the way home. Last year, the first caller trolled Wilner & got him to comment on the body physiques of Brett Lawrie & some other player.

      I wonder what listeners will do for an encore this year.

  23. Thank effing Christ this day has come.

  24. Great work Stoeten. I’m getting PUMPED!

    Totally unrelated, looks like ol’ Lunchbox might not be off to impressing on day one. I’d like to see him pull it together, but there’s this bit from the SB Nation Pirate’s blog:

    -P- Travis Snider had one at-bat, during which it became perfectly clear that he had never, ever seen a 93-MPH fastball before. If he ever has, then I can’t explain it.

  25. I’m hoping Tequila Bookworm becomes my second home this season. They are open tomorrow and are showing all of the 162 games in their upstairs lounge. https://www.facebook.com/events/626273470720687/?ref=2

  26. Thanks Stoeten.

    LET’S DO THIS!!!

  27. Toronto Blue Jays ’93 homage to the greats…WAMCO shirt, limited edition. Cop it and represent the baseball renaissance! http://wamcoshirt.blogspot.com

  28. According to himself, Justin Jackson (the shortstop turned pitcher) will be in extended spring to get more work in.

    Interesting story to watch if he can adjust. Remember, last season he was working on being a utility player but just gave up trying to hit. I hope he makes it- liked him since he was drafted.

  29. Stoetens gonna need a few meth smoothies to get through that day AND stay up drinking all night…Godspeed Bearded One…we’re counting on you…

  30. To all Ottawa Monkey Army Cadets: James Street Pub any time after 5 pm is where all should be drinking/supporting the Jays. Afterward, karaoke featuring we are the champions sung over and over and over.

  31. Its Tuesday morning. Queue the energy music and lets rolls.

  32. 12 more hours..

    • Amazing how hyped up the city/country is.
      Every casual fan excited.Watchin’ BT on another one of Rogers many channels. frankie’s taking about the pitching “plate” on the mound,showing us what first base looks like,holding it up and sayin the only white ( instead of snow) he wants to see is home plate.
      Gotta love it.

  33. In a far-away land
    Need link to watch opener
    Please assist
    Joey Bats Bless You

  34. Any post game graphs? this year

  35. Time to Rock & Roll!!! Don’t worry about expectations, focus on playing hard but smart, take a team-first approach in every situation and have fun knockin’ the snot out of the AL East et al…

  36. 11 HOURS!!!!!

  37. Can’t wait to get home from work, chow down some dinner, pop open a cold one and hopefully see a Blue Jays win.

    Baseball season – life is good once again!!!!

  38. oh my god are we there yet!

    this is going to be a long as day at the office

  39. Gibby the best?

    “In keeping with the mantra that they will try to put their best team out on the field, manager John Gibbons said Saturday that left-handed hitting Adam Lind will be in a platoon situation with right-handed hitting Rajai Davis as their DH.”

  40. Good job on Metro morning Andrew.

  41. 8 hours…..
    I’m in section 221 tonight.
    Who else is going?


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