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Awesomeness from Ken Fidlin of the Toronto Sun, who tweets from the Jays’ media availability session that “R.A. Dickey tested out the RC mound Sunday. He wouldn’t go into detail but the word is, his knuckler was crazy good under the dome.” Nails much? (Note: you can follow the Sun’s coverage of “media day” here.)

“Even if Ricky says he doesn’t care about what others think of him, he does,” writes Dirk Hayhurst, in one of the best takes the Romero situation out there, at Sportsnet. “It’s a wonderful, beautiful, human trait that will absolutely get him killed on the baseball field.”

Some prospect sleeper stuff, as Marc Hulet of FanGraphs lists his for the American League, tabbing 2012 15th round LHP Ryan Borucki as his Jays sleeper. John Sickels of Minor League Ball, meanwhile, 2011 11th round infielder Andy Burns.

Sticking with prospect stuff, Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus provides his organizational rankings, and actually has the Jays way up in thirteenth! He calls Alberto Tirado and Matt Smoral breakout candidates, and suggests Lansing is the minor league team to see, with Tirado, Dan Norris, D.J. Davis and Roberto Osuna slated to be there.

MLBTR passes along the weekend’s minor roster move, in which Lars Anderson was D’d FA in order for the Jays to claim right-hander Alex Burnett from the Twins (who has been sent to Buffalo), and first baseman Cliff Robertson from the Pirates (who has been sent to New Hampshire).

At gamereax, Chris Toman writes an excellent profile of Jays hitting coach Chad Mottola, who he says is exactly where he belongs, back in the Majors.

From the National Post: Bruce Arthur has a wide-ranging look at Alex Anthopoulos and the rebuilt Jays he has set to take the field tomorrow night against the Clevelands. Meanwhile John Lott talks to Brandon Morrow who (once again?) is looking to pitch more efficiently and rely less on pitch count killing strikeouts, as well as the newly-extended J.A. Happ.

In the Globe and Mail: Tom Maloney looks at R.A. Dickey’s oddball pitch, while Jeff Blair writes that the Jays won’t start trying to teach the knuckleball to absolutely everyone. Maloney also wonders about whether everything will click for the Jays in 2013, he talks to Mark Buehrle about his quest to end this province’s pit bull ban, and looks at all the tremendous speed the Jays team now has. Elsewhere, Globe writers make their predictions for the upcoming season, while Jeff Blair  wonders how John Gibbons will fare in his second go-round, and in an excerpt from his coming book, Blairsy writes about ol’ Uncle Ted and his lack of aversion to risk.

From The Toronto Star: Richard Griffin predicts a Jays-Braves World Series, and in his latest Bullpen piece, he talks Opening Day, reviews the 25-man roster, suggests Ricky Romero’s demotion was poorly handled, and more. Elsewhere, Brendan Kennedy looks at author and pitcher R.A. Dickey, who makes his debut in blue tomorrow, and also looks at the secret of Dickey’s success, after the knuckleballer increased his strikeout total by over 100 from 2011 to 2012.

The Toronto Sun has  a bunch: Mike Rutsey runs down the Jays’ rotation, talks to veteran infielder Mark DeRosa, reviews the ten questions he laid out for the club heading into the spring, and looks at a Jays club that’s ready for action. Ken Fidlin wonders about team chemistry, and breaks down the club’s depth chart position by position. Meanwhile, Bill Lankhof previews the AL East, and at 5 PM ET today (Monday) you can chat with Bob Elliott.

At MLB.com, Lyle Spencer looks at the Jays and Dodgers as clubs who went all-in this off-season, while Gregor Chisholm talks about the excitement around the Jays, and in a notebook post talks to John Gibbons about his approach as manager, and about the club’s altered infield defence with Brett Lawrie on the shelf.

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet writes about Edwin Encarnacion’s chase of an elusive championship ring, especially now that he’s got a taste of WBC glory, and of the Jays’ season of optimism.

Scott Spratt of Baseball Info Solutions writes at ESPN.com (Insider Only) that the Jays may find themselves undone by poor defence.

At Grantland, Jonah Keri looks at Adam Wainwright’s contract, which may be a barometer of what Josh Johnson is looking for.

At Getting Blanked, Darren looks at the how the lineups of the AL East have changed since last year, while Scott tells us about MLB’s move closer to getting protective headgear for pitchers. Meanwhile, Drew points out the ghastly Yankees lineup for Opening Day, and writes many words previewing the 2013 season.

The Jays, Rays, Yankees and Red Sox declined to provide information on the price of stadium food to CNN, who looks at what are otherwise the best and worst concession prices in the Majors.

At The Daily Beast, Jayson Stark and Peter Abraham talk about baseball writing.

The Blue Jay Hunter flails around about the notion of the J.A. Happ contract meaning something– particularly for Josh Johnson. Thing is, it doesn’t.

For any francophones who happen to be among us, friend of the blog Pat Malthais has started writing about the Jays en français at Double Jeu. Check it out!

Blue Jays Way does some interesting thinking on faith and sports.

Bluebird Banter has the Buffalo Bisons roster up for your perusal.

Melissa Couto writes a piece for Sportsnet about Colby Rasmus, who is not getting caught up in this year’s hype about all the Jays except Colby Rasmus.

For those of you who can’t make it to tomorrow night’s game, but want to enjoy it in the company of like minded fans with some $5 pints and free ballpark dogs, our friends at Opera Bob’s at Dundas and Ossington can probably hook you up. *WINK*

And, if you want to get Opening Day started really early, I’m scheduled to be on CBC’s Metro Morning at… gulp… 5:45 AM– which is a time that, apparently, exists.

Lastly, even though I feel I look a bit too much like a shifty weirdo, here’s more from Getting Blanked, as Drew and I get you set for our new season of coverage– including a daily Getting Blanked Podcast, and twice-weekly podcasts for DJF– with this short video…

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  1. Why is your hat blurred out?

  2. Kate Upton and baseball just make sense.
    Whats the over/under on tomorrows game threat?

    • By over/under I was referring to number of comments.

    • Opening day.
      Night game.
      My guess is 475-500 based on absolutely nothing.
      I’m expecting you to contribute at least 75 to 100 Tom.
      I’m counting on ya.

      • I will do my absolute best! The wife has been warned the season starts Tuesday so I advised her to fuck off until at least sometime in very late October…. no response as of yet

        The alcohol is stocked and I am just doing some safety checks on it today,

        I feel I am due for a good season and expect to give 110%.

        It’s just a matter of going out there and making those comments now, but if I can stay healthy, I am sure we are in for something special.

  3. Will you be doing video podcasts this year, or audio only?

  4. Is it just me, or does Drew remind anyone else a little bit of Jai Courtney (who seems destined to die before the final reel of the next Expendables movie)?

  5. Nice, I picked a Jays/Braves 20 year anniversary World Series too.

    Stoeten, you look nervous as hell in that video.

    Evidently Bob Seger wrote a song about Rickey Romero.


  6. ugh why do these analysts keep saying the jays are all in? outside of johnson, they have the team locked up for 14. and drabek,hutch, perez will be back.

    They are not ‘all in’ they are just improved.

    • Because they used up all their available payroll and all their available prospects (almost any way)? Hence, they’ve put ALL their chips IN to this version of the team.

      • Darnell our payroll is like the US debt ceiling. It is just an arbitrary number to focus on. As soon as reason or need requires it be raised, it will be.

        3M fans and even a one game WC appearance could easily generate the revenue and interest to make it worth re-signing Johnson and adding one more big bat.

        • Keep dreaming. And keep dreaming that this core doesn’t look worse a year from now. Not fall-off-a-cliff mind you, but few of the stars on this team are getting better at this point. Beyond Lawrie and Morrow, who?

          I know there are guys who can come in to fill the gaps, but for what flexibility you gain in Johnson’s salary coming off the books (potentially) and Lind’s (and maybe Colby’s) you lose in Buehrle, Reyes and Dickey all going way up. Maybe more money will be there, but acting as though it’s a forgone conclusion is a great way to set yourself up for horrible disappointment.

          • hard to project guys like reyes, bautista, ee, cabrera won’t be as effective in 14,

            its not like we’re running 36 year olds out there.

            its still a pretty young team, and 14 you will still be competitive.. and with all these extensions the chances that the sox or yanks go crazy in free agency to improve is reduced greatly as well

          • If we assume that the Jays make the playoffs, I think the payroll will be increased in 2014 to allow upgrades.

            The Jays advertising rate card has apparently been increased before the season starts. Meaningful games in September & October would provide extra revenue to Rogers which will allow the team enough money to pay for Buerhle,Reyes & whatever payroll increase are due the other.

            If Johnson gives the Jays 200 innings of sub 3.25 ERA , then would the Jays give him a 100 million plus extension??

      • Beeston has already said , in an interview, that there is more available,if neccessary.

      • by that logic, why are are the dodgers then considered all in when they are not at their max?

        all in means that they are all in FOR THIS YEAR, which they are not.

    • +10000000 dc.

      We are tied for 10th on payroll and have the (or one of the) richest owners and a whole country to market to?

      I mean we are certainly in past the tip – but not “all in”.

      • Sweet, delicious Kool-Aid, eh?

        Seriously, though. This is delusional. More money might be there, but holy fuck, the certainty here.

        • Who’s delusional Stoeten?
          The Jays just increased to 120 million and if they are close, ya don’t think they’ll invest more?
          How much “content” is the hype producing for SN?
          Fuck they replayed the 92 and 93 WS and got good ratings.
          How many reporters are following the Jays ,just at SN?
          Beeston already admitted he get more, depending on the situation.
          What the fuck does “the certainty here” mean?
          Just too dumb to understand the big picture.

          • I have PVR”d the game 6 of the 93 WS, and will be replying the 9th inning right before the opening pitch while risking waking up my kids, but they will be able to stay up friday night, so please, for those of you going to the game, i dont need my kids going to school on Monday chanting…..Suck it Farrel…..or do i……

          • +1 radar.

            According to Cots, the Jays payroll has increased from 83 million to 120 million in 2013 . this is about 50% . Value of the franchise ( Forbes) increased to 568 million. The increase in the value of the franchise is significantly higher than the increase in payroll & obviously doesn’t include added revenues from ticket sales, advertising revenue etc.. I would not be shocked to see 140 million in 2014, if the Jays make the playoffs.


          • “The certainty here” is the certainty that people seem to have that the Jays are going to magically lift payroll again, when, while a possibility, we have no idea, and they’re already committed about as much to next year as they are to this, with Johnson still unsigned. They’d have to deplete their farm system to nothing– despite having said that they’re already looking to rebuild it– in order to pull of major major trades, so for all intents and purposes, saying that they’re “all in” is perfectly reasonable. Insisting they’re not means believing that a whole lot more money is going to be there, with little reason to do so. Again, maybe it is, but no need for the “Fuck Rogers”/”Benevolent Rogers” pendulum to swing so far back the other way to quickly, eh?

            • Stoeten, good point on “certainty”. There is always a chance than the 2013 Jays perform like the 2012 Marlins or 2011 RedSox.If that happened, & fans were upset with an 80-85 win team, then I agree that AA could not get Rogers to increase payroll in 2014 to $140-150 million.

              It depends on what happens. If it is “underperformance” by key players throughout the season, then AA has a problem.
              If it a replay of 2012 with injuries to buehle,morrow,bautista ,reyes & edwin, then AA should get another chance to add payroll for 2014.

        • Its not possible to have a worse season than last year unless everyone gets injured, so I am excited. Also watching this Yankee’s vs Red Sox games, I think we have a high chance of at least WC.

        • Kool aid? Certainty? I’m not promising more money or promising any result. I’m just saying that (a) our budget is pretty arbitrary and (b) we don’t exactly have a bunch of guys leaving next year.

          “All in” to me would mean Loria set the payroll and already looks pained about how high it is and that we have a lot more guys closer to the Yankees age.

  7. i feel like anthopolous needs to give romero the ‘it’s not your fault’ speech from good will hunting.

  8. non jays related….CC out after 5 IP – David Phelps in – isn’t he the 5th starter now?

    • With days off they prob wont need him for another week. Astros did it with Bedard last night.

      • yeah i hear ya, just thought that the yankees only strangth was the Pitching staff….so why use a starter and risk hurting him on opening day instead of the BP?

        • to add to that, im almost positive he pitched Saturday night in a ST game? Is he not the starter now? just not sure whats going on, i know its not a pluejays question, but still, interested to hear the answer.

  9. With an enormous bullpen, I wouldn’t mind Morrow getting K’s in lieu of efficiency.

  10. No one mishandled Romero. After the year he had last year they tried to make him feel at ease and confident and assumed he would come in on fire and all ready to go.

    Instead he comes in and is learning from Morrow that he stopped throwing sinkers and having other guys re-work his mechanics halfway through spring. I’m sorry, if I had to go risk making a fool of myself on tv and had millions of dollars, I would have hired 10 people to work me over in the offseason. I’d have a sabermagician, a massage guy, 3 doctors, 4 pitching coaches, 2 hookers and a voodoo priest.

    Instead he wandered in as clueless about what happened last season as the rest of us.

    • Please stop saying dumb things. Thanks.

      • Oh you called my statement dumb. That settles it then.

        Last I checked Romero is being paid decent millions of dollars to pitch. He fucked up last year and I haven’t read one thing about what he has personally done to turn things around other than “take it easy and heal”.

        I’m not even trying to bash Romero. But I resent pointing fingers at the Jays. They pay him and surely would help him in any way they could. I have seen or heard nothing to dispel this.

        And please if you can’t be assed to make a coherent reply then why annoy your readers? Again, I have been rooting for Romero and like him still and like the Jays and like this blog. I fucking like everything. I’m just fucking talking about “hey let’s not forget who is actually responsible at the end of the day for Romero”.

        • Romero had elbow surgery and knee treatment in the off-season. Why the fuck should anyone have expected him to do more than just heal? The reasonable expectation was that his arm was hurting (and he said so) and that the surgery would set him straight. It didn’t, but in no way should he have come in having had the surgery AND having been fucking around with the way he been successfully thrown the ball to that point in his career. What sense does doing both make when you have no idea how he was going to respond to the surgery? And, I’m sorry, but pretending that he made a mistake and didn’t do enough by not hiring a team of people to fix him, as if that’s anywhere close to how the world works, is beyond absurd. So yes, I called your statement dumb.

          • Ok I can accept that if he felt his problems were directly due to physical problems, handling them would handle the pitching. I can accept it if that’s the case.

            Where I have a hard time (and I admit to knowing nothing medically, knowing little really about pitching, and not knowing Romeo personally) is accepting that he was not too injured to pitch last year but then was too injured to train through the winter. The surgery was downplayed from the beginning. And the knee treatment – isn’t that the knee treatment that he got one injection and then sort of wondered if he should get another but he didn’t but “oh well”.(?)

            I find everything about the Romero situation to be so vague that anyone can form any narrative and defend it. So yeah I could be wrong. And yeah I was going with a (clearly) over the top example of what I would have liked him to do.

            I still maintain that I have no reason to fault the Jays or think they mishandled him.

          • OK, but why was AA so adamant that Ricky had a guaranteed job as 5th starter up until last week despite weak pitching performancs this spring?

            It would have made more sense to say we will see how Ricky recovers from surgery etc???

      • Wouldn’t Romero have done his own analysis along with the pitching coaches as to what needs to be fixed. It sounds silly that Ricky has to listen to Brandon Morrow telling him to throw more or less sinker balls. I know that the media needs a narrative, but with so much time & money invested in Ricky Romero, I find it shocking that he would just show up at camp & have no clue about what went wrong last year.

    • At this point all fingers point to Romero for being where he is at. I hope he gets it together, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

    • go away

  11. Wow this girl singing god bless america at the Yankee’s game is turrrible!

  12. Looks like Parks was premature on who’s playing in Lansing…Tirado and Davis aren’t on the roster. I wonder if Tirado’s exclusion is a warm weather/innings limit issue.

  13. For those who still care, Travis Snider pinch-hit in the 8th inning of the Pirates/Cubs game today. Samardzija struck him out on what looked like 4 pitches and the disgruntled Pirates fans booed the weakness of the at-bat.

  14. As much as AAA has nice MLB depth, it is a little shocking to see what is being run out there in AAA and AA as far as prospecting goes after the last few seasons.

  15. Did anyone else get all warm and fuzzy during the podcast when Drew mentioned Parkes and his penchant for fetal-position crying?

    Fuck Off Parkes.

  16. The Yankees are looking as advertised.

  17. Lars we hardly knew ya. Dealt to the Chisox for “cash considerations”, which could be pizza coupons.

    • Interesting that he’s gone does that mean that Lind could be down there if he sucks early?

      • you think they let someone be claimed so they could clear up roster spots on their AAA team so they could finally send someone down off their major league roster? you sir, are a fucking retard

  18. Is Rogers not offering the free Extra Innings preview? I thought they had in the past, and they definitely did for NHL Centre Ice and NBA League Pass last fall.

    • I know Bell is offering the Extra Innings free preview because I’ve been taking complete advantage of it all day long. Dodgers/Giants game has been fantastic.

  19. Hey Stoeten, nice Newfie dinner jacket.

    DJFs, here’s my 3 Jays picks for big years :

    1. Bonafacio
    2. Morrow
    3. Cletus Rasmus

    Who are you big 3 Drunk Jays Fucks?

  20. Can someone explain the need to have 1 interleague matchup today? Angels vs Reds….Really?

    Testing my gameday radio today. I commute and cut the cord. But looking forward to being at the friday game vs boston.

    Toronto Dream Job!!!!!

    I just need to find a way to stream…..

    • Because 15 is an odd number?

      • Some may not be up on the implications of the re-alignment. Welcome back casual / bandwagon fans: you’ve missed a lot since sabr nerds took over the front offices.

        • Actualy dick heads my question was also why have a game like angels and reds why not chicago sox and cubs? Also bot everyone is playing today they could have had some teams early. Like last year where one game was the 31st of march and most opened around the 4-5. Nice to talk out of your ass and call people bandwagon fans. But i bet I have more past jays autographs then both of you. Including Charlie O’brien.

          • I only point out O’brien because that game was the last game my then 82 year grandfather and I went to. And it always comes to my mind how he went out around the dugout before the game aand signed autographs for me and other kids. Class act. I think that is something the Rogers centre needs to go back to the days of letting players sign fan autographs before games. Instead of having to go to autograph sessions.

          • Because a Cubs/Sox game would guaranteed be played in cold weather. Fans would be freezing their cojones off in the upper deck of either stadium. The wind off Lake Michigan is a mutha fucka!!

  21. You can’t keep the White Sox, Jays and A’s from dealing. I’m sure they make deals just to keep busy and be degenerative gamblers (ie the need to trade constantly) to get their fix.

  22. I just heard thyat Lawrie, if he passes some exam tomorrow will play some minor league ball this week-end. So much for him being back against the Sox and FUKFACE.
    However, I am concerned that his injury, originally said to last 2 weeks is now heading into week 5. The cynic in me is now adding about 2-4 weeks everytime the Jays tell me they have an injury especially after the “day to day” shit with SAntos last year.
    Fuk I hope he is back no later than the 10th or so or I fear it will linger on an on and begin to think there is something they are not telling us, again.
    Has anyone heard any different ? I really want to see this guy play and every game I have gone to since he came up he has not played for a variety of reasons and I am going to game against the fukface Sox

    • I konw suds, I shouldn’t be paranoid, but man my merlot is kickin in and I am out here in the fields. Is it any wonder I can’t get my lunch from the ferris wheel?

      • Name’s Spuds, fukstik.
        I note you are now found in the upper case. All according to plan, or what?

        Your spelling’s getting worse than birddawg’s, and that’s saying something.
        You may not be paranoid, but I urge you to seek professional help at your earliest convenience. (Soviet??? Ferris wheel??? It does not compute.)

  23. Where is Balls Deep these days?

  24. Toronto Blue Jays ’93 homage to the greats…WAMCO shirt, limited edition. Cop it and represent the baseball renaissance! http://wamcoshirt.blogspot.com

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