Kansas City Royals v Toronto Blue Jays

Hey, look! It’s a picture of Opening Day 2007, which was the first Toronto Blue Jays season “covered”– and when referring to back then I use the term rather loosely– over in this here corner of the internet. That, for those of you with no fingers to count on, makes the 2013 season the seventh we’ll have been around for. Which is rather fucked, thank you very much. But who the fuck could stop now? Especially with the Jays in by far the best position to play meaningful September– or, dare I say, October?– baseball than they’ve been during our entire existence.

The reason: they’ve got a pretty damn fine looking roster, which the club officially set for Opening Day in a press release sent out this morning.

There’s only one thing that I’d call a mild surprise here, which is that Michael Schwimer has made the club… on the DL. He is “sidelined” (read: being DL’d so the Jays can figure out what to do with him) with a lat strain. His stint is retroactive to March 22nd, which is the same as Brett Lawrie’s, meaning that both players will be eligible to join the roster on the weekend– if healthy, or not (in Schwimer’s case) sent down. Dustin McGowan also starts the year on the DL at the big league level, though his stint started five days later than his two teammates.

Via the release, here is the 25-man roster in its entirety…

PITCHERS – (13 + 5 DL)

56 BUEHRLE, Mark
27 CECIL, Brett
50 DELABAR, Steve
4 DRABEK, Kyle (DL*)
48 HAPP, J.A.
36 HUTCHISON, Drew (DL*)
44 JANSSEN, Casey
33 JEFFRESS, Jeremy
55 JOHNSON, Josh
62 LOUP, Aaron
29 McGOWAN, Dustin (DL)
23 MORROW, Brandon
38 OLIVER, Darren
47 PEREZ, Luis (DL*)
32 ROGERS, Esmil
21 SANTOS, Sergio
31 SCHWIMER, Michael (DL)


22 BLANCO, Henry


16 DeROSA, Mark
3 IZTURIS, Maicer
13 LAWRIE, Brett (DL)
26 LIND, Adam
7 REYES, Jose


53 CABRERA, Melky
11 DAVIS Rajai
28 RASMUS, Colby

DL – 15-day disabled list
DL* – 60-day disabled list

Now let’s get to the damn games already, yes?

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  1. Ugh, still hurts my brain to look at that many pitchers on the roster.

  2. Imagine you had a time machine, and you printed out this page, went into that time machine, travelled back to October 2012, and showed this page to your October-2012-self.
    That past person would be pretty happy.

    • Your Oct 2012 self wouldn’t believe you because the line-up is obviously too good to be true and you’re coming from April 1st. 2013.

  3. Aaron Sanchez plus Romero in the same rotation which is very interesting

  4. Schwimer has to be ecstatic! I am sure he now gets payed as a major leaguer .. I assume he couldn’t be hurt “long enough” for his taste.

  5. That’s David Schwimmer from Friends right? You messed up the first name, right?

  6. As bad as he was, I’m stunned Brett Cecil is still around. I’ll bet that doesn’t last long. He might want to use off days to look for an aprtment in Buffalo.

  7. DJF,

    Looks like I’m going to take the plunge on MLB tv for the season… can anyone hook me up / explain what I need to do with the Proxy account so I can easily watch live Jays games?

  8. in 30hrs we will be watching those 25 guys line up along the 3rd base line, and i dare you all to not cry a little bit as the Dominican National anthem…..

    Quisqueyanos valientes, alcemos
    Nuestro canto con viva emoción,
    Y del mundo a la faz ostentemos
    Nuestro invicto glorioso pendón.
    ¡Salve! el pueblo que, intrépido y fuerte,
    A la guerra a morir se lanzó,
    Cuando en bélico reto de muerte
    Sus cadenas de esclavo rompió.
    Ningún pueblo ser libre merece
    Si es esclavo indolente y servil;
    Si en su pecho la llama no crece
    Que templó el heroísmo viril,
    Mas Quisqueya la indómita y brava
    Siempre altiva la frente alzará;
    Que si fuere mil veces esclava
    Otras tantas ser libre sabrá.
    Que si dolo y ardid la expusieron
    De un intruso señor al desdén,
    ¡Las Carreras! ¡Beller!, campos fueron
    Que cubiertos de gloria se ven.
    Que en la cima de heroíco baluarte
    De los libres el verbo encarnó,
    Donde el genio de Sánchez y
    Duarte A ser libre o morir enseñó.
    Y si pudo inconsulto caudillo
    De esas glorias el brillo empañar,
    De la guerra se vio en Capotillo
    La bandera de fuego ondear.
    Y el incendio que atónito deja
    De Castilla al soberbio león,
    De las playas gloriosas le aleja
    Donde flota el cruzado pendón.
    Compatriotas, mostremos erguida
    Nuestra frente, orgullosos de hoy más;
    Que Quisqueya será destruida
    Pero sierva de nuevo, ¡jamás!
    Que es santuario de amor cada pecho
    Do la patria se siente vivir;
    Y es su escudo invencible: el derecho;
    Y es su lema: ser libre o morir.
    ¡Libertad! que aún se yergue serena
    La Victoria en su carro triunfal,
    Y el clarín de la guerra aún resuena
    Pregonando su gloria inmortal.
    ¡Libertad! Que los ecos se agiten
    Mientras llenos de noble ansiedad
    Nuestros campos de gloria repiten
    ¡Libertad! ¡Libertad! ¡Libertad!

    Can’t wait for it…….vaya! bluejays! van!

  9. The most exciting thing in my view, separate the pitchers and position players and list the names in order of most talented/highest ceiling/your favourite, whatever…

    To see fairly established names like Davis and Izturis towards the bottom of that list is quite something. When you replace DeRosa and Blanco with their Gose/Sierra and Thole counterparts the team might be even better.

  10. Bases loaded…

    Sabathia is one fat man who’s NOT jolly.

  11. This season is going to rule. The top of the second just ended for the Yankees and their best pitcher has thrown 49 pitches, walked 2 and is trailing 4 to 0.

    That’s not the best part though.. Due up to mount the comeback in the Bottom of the 2nd?

    Vernon Wells, Ben Francisco and Ichiro.

    Since Ichiro will probably get a hit, don’t worry… Jason Nix is due up fourth.

    AHA! Awesome.

  12. Now if only Farrell’s best boy Lester can suck even more, this could be fun.

  13. I suspect that Coach LB temporarily broke the interwebs with his stirring rendition of the Dominican nation anthem.

    He’s no Lyle Lovett.

  14. Guess what homies, I’d love to lounge around all day and watch my mlb.tv

    But it’s 16-20 degrees out today so we’re going to have a ball game. At 24 years old they say I’m too old pretend that I’m Eddie E, but fuck them, i’ve been working on my creepy gaze all winter.

  15. If Sabathia doesn’t have his best this season the Yankees are surely not even in a playoff race.

  16. Can’t Wait For Blue Jays Playing Meaningful Baseball in October!!

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    Your mom.
    That is all…

  20. we’ll shut up when you stop getting DUI’s

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