This picture screams “mad hops,” doesn’t it?

Jays prospect Dan Norris– who… I like the look of this guy–  will start 2013 at Lansing (per the Jays’ minor league roster list at Batter’s Box) despite turning in an fugly-looking season last year in stops at Bluefield and Vancouver.

That… uh… that might be because Norris, who is listed at 6’2, appears to be a touch more athletic than your average hat-wearing bearded guy– not that I would know anything about that. Or, at least, that’s what it appears like from one of the most recent photos on his Instagram page. So maybe the Jays think he’s going to be able to work through whatever issues he had with command and delivery (reports were that his stuff was still terrific).

Check it out below the jump…


The caption reads “Right handed. In Chuck Taylors.”

Now I’m no Michael Jackson, but that seems like some impressive vertical in a pair of Chucks, no?


Main image via Instagram. Basketball image here.

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  1. Is it Daniel Norris or Cat Stevens circa 1970?

    Get on the peace train to Lansing Daniel

  2. David Wells sure couldn’t dunk, but he was effective…..so….ah…..ok, we will see. Back to Opening Day already. polish a turd and call it opening day reading, and we will read it and be pumped.

  3. Opening fucking Day!!!!!!!!

  4. Robinson Crusoe’s doppelgänger.

  5. Aaargh, who wants to go on a 3 hour tour?

  6. Where’s Tennille?

    (Goddammit, now “Muskrat Love” is gonna be in my head till game time.)

  7. Fan 590 is promoting Wilner as doing play-by-play of the 5th & 6th innings, starting with tommorrows game, with Jerry and Morris. When was this officially announced? Today?

    • Good for him if it’s true. Listening to Wilner and Hayhurst all spring it really felt like they’re starting to groom them to take over in a few years. Jerry’s 67 (!) so maybe he’s planning to retire once he hits 70.

      • I wonder if the Spring was a try out of some sort. It’ll be interesting to see if Morris has patience with him when he mis-calls pitches the way Hayhurst didn’t really have much patience with him.

  8. I don’t know anything about basketball. Shoes make a noticeable difference in jumping?

  9. I’m pretty sure his Instagram shows a picture of he and Jose Fucking Reyes….and surprise, Reyes is pointing at him.

  10. It is an optical illusion. The basket is only 5 feet off the ground

  11. Michael Jackson was a joke right? Right?!

  12. Norris’ peripherals were not bad, his FIP was ~3.8, but his ERA was inflated what looked to be bad defense behind him. Maybe Jays are looking at this as thinking he’s done good enough to move on up.

  13. Sadly, I have no idea what this post is about. Dan Norris can jump really high? Wooosh. Over my head.

  14. if Norris has lost another couple of MPH off his fastball maybe the Jays should review their conversation with Brandon League and his surfing regimen … pls see Instagram page

  15. Anyone no where there is Info on the minor league injuries? Nolin, Jimenez, especially.

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