Bad karma? Tempting the Baseball gods? Shit, like they– or at the very least Rogers, and perhaps even those swine at Interbrew– don’t owe us something for the last 20 years.

Worse-than-usual Photoshopping? OK, you got me on that one. But who could blame me with the excitement of Opening Day coursing through my veins? There are only 161 games left after this, so damn it, I’m going to savour it!

And with that in mind, do I really even need to write anything else in this preamble? It’s baseball season!


Commenter Matt E provided a rundown of what he claims are “insidery” details regarding tonight’s sold out Opening Day event. Of course, we know from a Jays press release of last week that “performing both the Canadian and American national anthems will be Danielle Wade” who is in some musical or something that I don’t particularly care about. So, that kind of throws this other supposedly insider-y information into some serious question, doesn’t it? So… I don’t know here. That said, Matt tells us:

-The opening day opening ceremonies will feature the Guinness World Record largest Canadian flag ever on the field, covering basically the entire field. It weighs 2400 pounds and they’re getting around 200 U of T varsity athletes to carry the thing. It sounds like whatever marketing director thought this up has a background in US sports, because “gigantic fucking flag” and “salute the local university athletes” are right out of the Murika playbook.
-Tom Cheek tribute with big #4306 flag
-Moment of silence for Sandy Hook observed by all teams
-Someone top-secret singing the anthems, they won’t say who, but they hinted it was a “somebody”
-Mr. Geddy Fucking Lee to have his moment in the Limelight with the first pitch

From said press release we also know that: “fans are encouraged to arrive early,” that fans heading down tonight will be getting a “rally pom” when they enter, that prior to the game the Jays “will recognize the achievement of being selected by Major League Baseball and Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig as the 2012 recipient of the Commissioner’s Award for Philanthropic Excellence,” and that following the game you’ll be able to get your hands on a magnet schedule when you leave.

John Lott tweets a pic of what the fancy new banners outside Rogers Centre look like (Brendan Kennedy of the Star has another), as well as J.P. Arencibia’s two gloves– one for R.A. Dickey and one for everybody else.

Shi Davidi shows us what the Dome looks like, with everything in place.

Lott also tells us that for Opening Day the Jays have issued 75 one day media passes on top of the ones for all the usual beat writers (and the tourists).

Brendan Kennedy lets us know that you can get Rosie DiManno’s Jays eBook for free until April 9th– y’know, if you’re into that kind of thing. And by “that kind of thing” I, of course, mean prose so purple it will make your fucking eyes bleed.

Ben Nicholson-Smith– Benny Fresh!– did some chatting with readers today at his new home, Sportsnet, as did Richard Griffin and Mark Zwolinski over at the Toronto Star.

Mike Wilner tweets that John Gibbons thinks Brett Lawrie is still about two weeks away, though the hope is to get him into a minor league game this weekend. The 13 pitcher thing grows stupider…

Ugh. Shi Davidi reminds us that last year’s Opening Day game between the Jays and the Clevelands went on for five hours and 14 minutes. And do you know what happened? WE WON!!!

Andrew Stoeten sees the first few seconds of Sportsnet’s pre-game, pukes in his mouth a little and then tweets: “Wow. Yammy Yawger Dallas-Boston trade news to kick off the Blue Jays’ Opening Day pre-game? A new low for hockey puck bullshit, everbody!”

I’m about to head out, but don’t go thinking we’re through with content here for the night– and I don’t just mean that if the game is particularly insane or noteworthy I might find myself feeling obligated to stumble back to my desk and write a post about it. What I mean is, we’ve got Scott Johnson of Franchise Mode all set to put together an open thread of GIFs from tonight’s game. We’re going to try to stick to the really good ones, not just every mildly consequential or interesting moment, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow him at @ScottJohnson48 and throw some requests his way if you spot something.

And I’ll leave the final word to ol’ Gibbers, which comes via Chris Toman: “The talk is over. We’ve been talking for how many months now? We have to go out and do something.” Fucking right, eh? Enjoy the game, everyone. Go Jays!!!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

SS J. Reyes (S)
LF M. Cabrera (S)
RF J. Bautista (R)
1B E. Encarnacion (R)
DH A. Lind (L)
C J. Arencibia (R)
CF C. Rasmus (L)
3B M. Izturis (S)
2B E. Bonifacio (S)

R. Dickey RHP


The Clevelands

CF Michael Bourn (L)
SS Asdrubal Cabrera (S)
2B Jason Kipnis (L)
1B Nick Swisher (S)
LF Michael Brantley (L)
C Carlos Santana (S)
DH Mark Reynolds (R)
3B Lonnie Chisenhall (L)
RF Drew Stubbs (R)

J. Masterson RHP


Image crop via Rickey Henderson’s insanely disproportionate forearms.

Comments (589)

  1. Did Cecil really it 94mph tonight? Perhaps the BJ office asked for an inflated gun just for his inning

    • Hasnt he been doing the same program as Delebar?

      • Yes he has, I just kept hearing he had similar velocity lart yr out of the pen which I believe maxed out at 91-92. Either way its a positive sign. Knows he’s fighting for a roster spot when Lawrie returns

    • I saw that too. Surprised the hell out of that batter.He lost his bat! Most of his other pitches were 93.

      • I noticed that, and it seems funny I’m putting alot into 1 or 2 or even 3 mph, but I imagine it does as long as he can locate


  3. Good for you, Cibia.

  4. JP gives us hope? Is there no end to his assholery?

  5. It makes up for NOTHING, JP.

    Too little, too late.

  6. Wow… did not expect that.

    Don’t lose hope!

  7. Get Gose up here.

  8. What a stinker.

  9. Damn. Looks like it’s time to tank for a high draft pick.

  10. What do you think the topic of conversation is going to be tonight on Jays Talk?

  11. Anyways happy real baseball is back….Go Jays!

  12. Anyone got a stream to the Yu Darvish game?

  13. Give JP credit though.
    He called an excellent game.


  14. Positive take away from game one: the pitching staff. From the beginning to the end, the staff showed good stuff

  15. Just flipped to LA vs SF game and I like the announcers classic reporting style (really good for radio) but I’m not sure I could handle 161 games of him. I know he’s a Legend but forget his name

  16. Our season is done. At this pace, we will go 0-162. Time to fire Gibbons!

  17. what a fucking disaster of a season…we might as well all drink the djf koolaid and say….FUCK IT.

    What can we get for Sanchez and Osuna in the off season?!?!

    • More important, what can we get for bums like Reyes, Dickey, Johnson, Morrow, Bautista, and Encarnacion at the trade deadline? Time to hit the reset button!

  18. so……who’s down to prank call wilner?

  19. Tonight is exactly why people are projecting 82-85 wins from the Jays.

    • I hope you are not reffering to the starting staff giving up 3 earned. And I doubt JPA will make another mess like he did tonight if he gets another chance. Big emphasis on IF

      • Four hits? Get real. Lind/Rasmus/JPA cannot hit, period.

        • JPA looked like himself but I think lind worked the count well and had a decent night

        • I thought that through after I posted and I dont think I’d complain about the 3 earned on avg. But I have belief that the dead weight from last yr will come around

        • Even though the Jays didnt capitalize on all the walks, Masterson is still a beast.

          • ill be a lot happier when JPA is hitting 7th and 8th when Lawrie is back, but ill give the Lind platoon a good month so see what it does

            • I’m much more worried about guys underperforming in the pen, were deep enough we that is rogers or Jeffres under perform we should cut them loose

  20. Is this still the universe where the Jays lost the Yu Darvish bidding? Damn.

    • Hell, what good Canadian boy would want a pitcher who would let the 27th out beat him 5 hole? He’s obviously not from Oshawa.

  21. Seriously, baseball fans.

    Watch this.

    The best pitching performance I have ever seen. Better than Morrow’s great game.

    Perfect through 8 with 13 K.

    I don’t care if it is against a AAAA team. His pitches tonight are soooo nasty.

  22. so we called and did our best Gibby impression. Wilners response,”I’m not even sure that’s English”.

  23. Yu’s perfecto broken up with 2 outs in the ninth,

  24. Wow, really wanted to see Darvish finish that out. Still a masterpiece.

  25. The boys looked tight tonight. Like they were pressing to live up to the hype.
    Cleveland pitched well enough tonight.

    and Stoeten jinxed it with the photoshop.

    I kid.

    • Stoeten didn’t jinx it, Rogers did

      It’s a baseball team, not a cable channel.

      The suits fucked it, large

  26. limited edition 1993 shirt!

  27. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~STOETEN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



  28. Saw a lot of big league shit that I love.

    Melky can rake! Bet the Yankees could use him now. Seriously, that guy is an awesome contact hitter.

    Reyes, Melky, Beard, then Chicken wing and Red Bull??


  29. I’m glad we got that first loss out of the way. There’s still more than enough baseball left to win 90 and make the playoffs.

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