Leading off, as always (or usual), it’s today’s edition of the Getting Blanked Podcast– which for the duration of the season will be coming at you daily! We’re not double posting this year, but I’ll be sure to include the link in the first Daily Duce or Game Threat that follows the post going up over at Getting Blanked. Otherwise, you can find the podcast at Getting Blanked on iTunes, get it via the RSS feed we have setup, or like Getting Blanked on Facebook in order to get each day’s podcast straight into your news feed (and while you’re at it, go ahead and like DJF on Facebook, too).

If you missed it earlier, you can check out my appearance with Matt Galloway on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning via their iTunes page. Or… at least, it works on my phone. Not seeing it yet on the web version.

Also for your listening pleasure, Alex Anthopoulos was on Montreal’s The Kaufman Show last night– have a listen, get yourself in the mood.

Must-read stuff for any rational fan on the business of the Jays, from Steve Ladurantaye of the Globe and Mail.

Elsewhere from the Globe and Mail: Tom Maloney talks about the Jays’ Dominican connection, as well as the club’s high powered rotation. Jeff Blair talks to John Gibbons about the club’s closer non-situation which, for lack of any other situations, is being portrayed (and hardly just by Blair) as a situation.

From Sportsnet, a look at the anchors of the club’s lineup and rotation: from Shi David on Jose Bautista, and from Michael Grange on R.A. Dickey.

From the National Post: John Lott looks at R.A. Dickey, who hopes his “history” with a championship little league Blue Jays team repeats itself– and in another piece he talks team chemistry. Elsewhere, the Post smartly goes back through their archives and pulls out some of their key pieces– and best writing of Spring Training.

From the Toronto Star: Mark Zwolinski gives five things to consider as the Jays embark on a new season– though it includes the idea that “J.P. Arencibia appears primed for a huge season,” so get your grains of salt ready. Elsewhere Richard Griffin talks expectations, while Curtis Rush looks at the club’s upcoming schedule, and how hard it is to get tickets– even Tyler Bozak can’t get one!

Plenty from the Toronto Sun: Bob Elliott compares this year’s Jays to last year’s version, and also asks, Who will finish last in the AL East? Ken Fidlin focuses on tonight’s opponents, reviewing Cleveland’s impressive off-season, and something something Steve Simmons.

Today in Schadenfreude, it’s FanGraphs, who suggest that C.C. Sabathia’s velocity is definitely worth watching.

Pretty sure it was said somewhere on the radio, so I don’t have a source, but folks are saying that Mike Wilner will be doing play-by-play in the fifth and sixth innings radio broadcasts this year. A well-earned place on the big roster after an excellent spring.

At the Tao Of Stieb, the Ack offers hope, while the Tao also has another 30-odd things post, this time featuring R.A. Dickey.

Travis Reitsma of Getting Blanked makes his predictions, having the Jays just hosting the Texas Rangers in the AL Wild Card play-in game, and at Grantland, Jonah Keri has them in that game, visiting the Angels.

At Franchise Mode, Scott Johnson looks at how MLB 13: The Show is winning the social media game by being kinda awesome at it.

Once again I wasn’t asked to be a part of the National Post‘s Blue Jays blogger’s panel, and once again I’m linking to it anyway. When will I ever learn?

The Blue Jay Hunter gives ten reasons to be excited about the 2013 season– as if you needed that many.

The Garrison Creek Bat Co. is having a “Season Opener” event tonight at the Steamwhistle brewery. On the Facebook event page they explain: “featuring customized baseball bats and art from 30 different artists, illustrators and craftspeople, and live music from The Beverleys, this year’s Season Opener is set to be a fantastic show. What’s more, GCBC has provided the Jays Care Foundation with a hand-turned GCBC bat to be signed by members of the the 2013 Toronto BlueJays, which will be raffled off for charity at the show!”

Speaking of events, for those of you who can’t make it to tonight’s game, but want to enjoy it in the company of like minded fans with some $5 pints and free ballpark dogs, our friends at Opera Bob’s at Dundas and Ossington can probably hook you up. *WINK*

At Fanatico, Parkes checks in with this week’s always excellent Sports Culture Happiness Index.

Lastly, and bestly, Getting Blanked has its very own Guide To Opening Day, and it’s a Jays-specific guest-post edition from Meredith Rogers. Read it!

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  1. Maybe the National Post sports assignment editor is a commenter here and thinks that you’re a Rogers employee.

  2. 4 fucking hours!

  3. Dieing to see that game threat pop up some time this afternoon/evening.

    1 more class to go then…..the liquor.

    P.S. Stoets, incorporate Donald Sutherland somehow into today’s game threat pic. Thanks


  5. and enjoying it – those O’s have a solid if deep lineup 1 through 9. If their pitching holds up, I can see them being pretty good:

    Jays – best rotation in the league
    Rays – 2nd best rotation, pretty good bats
    O’s – not as bad as people think
    Red Sox – don’t have enough pitching
    Yankees – too sad to watch


    • I’d say that the Jays’ rotation is roughly on par with Detroit, and that the Nationals have the best rotation in baseball by far.

      On paper, I think the Jays have the 3rd best rotation in baseball, and I’ll take that any day.

    • jays rotation is much improved, but there is no way its the best rotation in the league.

      I’d take the nats rotation, and maybe the braves

      • I meant American League, and Morrow Dickey and even Johnson are interchangeable as 3 of the best, possibly Cy Young winners. That’s intimidating.

        and also Rays 2nd best in the AL East

        confusing, i know

    • I’d take the Rays rotation over the Jays, but the Rays don’t have anywhere near the offense the Jays have, so their rotation advantage shouldn’t matter too much.

  6. Watching the Rays/O’s game, “Sold out game at Tropicana Field”…. Looks like there’s a bunch of empty seats, and that’s not counting the sections tarped off…

    • yeah I noticed that too,

      nothing like some good ole fashioned believe what we say & not what you see

  7. Hope this is the start to October baseball!!!

    Go Jays!

  8. Did anyone else check out Bruce Dowbiggin’s piece on how very little coverage TSN is giving the Blue Jays, and how little coverage Sportsnet is giving to the CFL?

    At which point I realized, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a link to a TSN piece here.

    I’m not saying it hasn’t ever been done, but everyday I can see a link to the Star, National Post, Globe and Mail, Sun and Sportsnet. But TSN? *crickets*

    • that is because tsn is focused on hockey hockey hockey right now. Fuck those guys.

      • well their direct competition OWNS the blue jays, so it kinda makes a little bit of sense doesn’t it?

        Rogers won’t give TSN any jays games, so TSN is trying to give as little exposure to the team as possible

        • Agreed, but Sportsnet will be hockey, hockey, hockey.

          But my point is, unless DJF is influnced in some way by Rogers (and my understanding is that Roger’s does not own the digital property of The Score), why have we never seen any links to any articles by TSN here?

          I do recall links to interviews with AA on TSN, so it’s not like there’s never been a link to the website. I think it just speaks to (a) the complete lack of resources that TSN is committing to the Blue Jays, or lack of quantity, and (b) the lack of quality from TSN in covering the Blue Jays. Is the writing that bad? Probably.

          So in Canada the sports coverage will be the CFL vs. the Blue Jays.

          • @Derrick: In this article Stoeten links to an interview with Anthopolous on Montreal’s “The Kaufman Show”, broadcast on TSN Radio 690 in Montreal.

  9. I know JPA isn’t that good and all.

    but all things considered, he’s the 2nd best catcher in the division.

    • Thats not saying much. All things considered, id probably put him tied for 2nd with salty behind wieters.

  10. EXACTLY 3 hours.
    Stoked. My first opening day game in person.
    PLUS bonus Geddy Lee action to boot!
    As a 1970′s Scarborough boy, I’m gonna have a hard time keeping it together.
    If you see a dude in the 500′s tonight wearing jeans, a red lumberjack jacket and an old school white front cap, clutching a Bud and a bag of peanuts, weeping openly, it’s me.

  11. And as the Blue Jays start a new era (hopefully) of winning, here’s some great historical perspective from The Little Red Umbrella:http://www.littleredumbrella.com/2013/04/the-baseball-posts-torontos-first-great.html

  12. nails quote in he simmons piece on EE and Jose as a new “murderers’ row: “It’s time to play ball and stop talking, isn’t it?”- Gibby

  13. no fights in the 500′s today ok!!!!

  14. They said the Wilner news on Brady and Lang this morning, it was sometime around 8 I believe. Not sure if it was on anywhere else.

  15. I’m flying on the official airline of the Bluejays this evening and can’t even watch the game as they don’t carry SN.. Brilliant!

  16. Do they carry anything in real time? For that matter, does any airline have anything other than prerecorded entertainment?

    • They do for sure. My times on Westjet just involve watching TV the whole way. I don’t recall if they get Sportsnet on Westjet, though…maybe just TSN

  17. “Today in Schadenfreude”

    SO needs to be a regular feature of this or some other site.

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