Hey what’s going on everybody, Scott Johnson here, and it’s an honor to join the DJF family for some Jays GIF action tonight. I’ll be posting GIFs throughout the game, whether it be an on the field play, or dumb shit fans are doing. If I missed a moment that you want GIF’d, be sure to send me a tweet over at @ScottJohnson48, and I’ll try my best to get it on here. Other than that, have a great time, and enjoy the game. Should be starting around 7pm ET.

All GIFs will be below the jump.

‘Merica? Nah.

Geddy Lee struttin out to that mound.



So close Maicer, so close.

Over the fence.



Sassy Bats

“Honestly bro, start catching my balls.”

Gorilla unit cuz, they say we bugged out

Gregg Zaun’s Hemingways girls! #Zauntourage

“Jays losing AND I have to give out a new car? FML”

Buck Martinez referred to these fans as “enthusiastic”

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  2. Dick bombs about to drop in canada.

    #bluejays on efnet via mIRC

    • Just got into my seats. Great buzz. Had my beer before the game. $11.00 Keith.

      Saw the ice cold beer guy who got fired a few years ago.

      Windowless looks great!

      Enjoy the game!

    • Is that a GIF request?

  3. O Stoete! To feel your scrote,
    A-slappin’ ‘gainst my cheeks!
    I’m super-keen to feel your peen,
    Up my pooper, where Parkes peeks!


  5. Dial dat shit up S-Jay.

    And be sure to get the odd shot of some chick with a big set of sweater meat.

  6. Bahaha wish you could gif the announcer saying RA reached the 200 win plateau for the first time in his career.

    • I knew he had a good season but I didn’t realize it was that good! That’s crazy, I thought they only played 162 though…

  7. I am trying to stream the radio broadcast. But can’t seem to get it. Anyone know how to get it?

    • can’t…you only can hear it on the radio, they sub over their internet stream with pre-recorded programming. kinda a dick move, but kinda makes sense too. I tried one day while at work during a day game and was sorely disappointed.

  8. Haha anyone spot the guy with the Bautista painting from the Show 13 add?

  9. Thats a big fuckin flag

  10. that old man with the bat!!!!!!!!!

  11. First gif has gotta go to the fashionista who just threatened to beat Kipnis with his on bat.

  12. Praise Dickey!

  13. holy fuck Sportsnet – the pitch tracker, the pitch count, and the pitch speed in a highlighted colour – awesome way to step up your game.

    Now, with Windows out of the way, maybe we can get the direct camera angle for pitches

  14. Hahahahahahahahahhah. Get that raging fashionista on speed dial, cause he’s now a lifelong Drunk Jays Fan alumni. Whatta fuckin beauty.

  15. Listening on the radio sounded like melky smoked that. Was it a steal?

  16. Of the 5 first batters, Reyes walked, Melky hit it hard, Jose singled, Edwin’s hit the the new ShitShow shows the shit.

  17. Fuck I hate Aaron Cebia

  18. Arencibia is fuckin brutal to watch

  19. I think we need a GIF of all four Arencibia passed balls so far.

  20. The catcher bitch better hit his usually 2 homeruns or some shit in his season debut…he fucking licks balls

  21. I hope Blanco catches Dickey next game….blah.

  22. So, as bad as it looks, I think it was good coaching by Gibby to start Arincibia.


    Because coaching is about working with people / egos and contracts. Gibby just gave himself Amo early not to have JP start for Dickey on the future.

  23. With the Adam Lind ShitShow on deck, EE gets shot to hit.

  24. Make that shit

  25. You know guys, I don’t think we are ever going to be out of a game this year with this offense.

    As George Bells once said, Ohhhhhhhhhh Dominicano!

  26. ShitShow time!!!

  27. SHITSHOW!!!!!

  28. Fan jumping out of his seat was priceless.

  29. These are awesome, good work!

  30. SHITSHOW!!!!

  31. Did you see the look at the stands and the dude was pantomiming jerking his bro off? Followed up by girls using the rally pom pom things to shake their tits. Good times in the bottom of the 7th apparently.

  32. Anyone catch the fake handjob in the crowd shots? Happened before the girls with the pom poms.

  33. That relief pitching sure is costing us this one. Drats!

  34. Need some JPA passed ball GIFs!!

  35. I knew you’ll put the last GIF. LOL.

  36. Complete shit show. Shit camera angles. Quiet fans. half ass pitch tracker and cheesy promo.
    p.s. I think showing that fuckin’ Blue Jays ad on jumbo tron that says they’re going to the WS was unprofessional.

  37. Anyone got a .gif of the hot blonde in the black shirt? I’ve received a couple msgs about her already. It was I believe after the 7th inning.

  38. omg, was that Omar Enrique Vizquel González sitting behind home plate?

  39. why the fuck r toronto fans so quiet…ridiculous

  40. Jose: sit down, shut up.

  41. Oh piss, the season goes up in flames the very first game. That does it, I’m off the bandwagon.

  42. [...] Then there’s this jewel, taken when the SportsNet cameras panned the seats in the 7th inning, and came across a group of fans in the “enthusiastic Opening Night crowd,” as described by Jays announcer Buck Martinez, with none more enthusiastic than these two dudes pantomiming a handjob. Yeah, you read that right (GIF via Drunk Jays Fan)… [...]

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