Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays

Last year Ubaldo Jimenez, who starts tonight for Cleveland, was one of only three qualified starters in all of baseball to accumulate less value than the Jays’ (now Marlins’ and Florida State League’s) Henderson Alvarez and Ricky Romero.

Going for the Jays it’s Brandon Morrow.

It’s redemption time, and I’ve got a good feeling that tonight’s crowd– the same sort of folks who are happy to leave St. Patrick’s Day and the grotesqueness that goes with it to those who don’t know any better, understanding that there are plenty of other days in which to happily imbibe like a grown-up– are in for a treat.


Surprise, surprise: Brendan Kennedy tweets that John Gibbons says that Henry Blanco will catch Dickey’s next start. He adds that Gibbons says it’s not necessarily because of last night.

Kennedy also relays an update on Brett Lawrie, who Gibbons can’t see returning in less than two weeks.

John Lott tweets that Gibbons says he spoke to Jose Bautista about showing up umpires back in Florida. “That’s fine, I get that,” he says of the antics that are wildly overblown by people for looking for something negative to talk about.

Lott also updates us on Ricky Romero, who is just throwing on the side at this point, and will open the season taking the fourth turn in the rotation for Dunedin, which puts his first start on Sunday.

Barry Davis tweets that last night’s opener brought in 1.4-million viewers– the most-watched Jays game in Sportsnet’s history.

No changes to the lineups for either club tonight.

Scuttlebutt Update: Gold from Jose Bautista on the body language non-issue via a series of tweets from John Lott:

“I don’t see anything wrong with playing with emotion … I’m not a robot. Umpires are always going to make mistakes. That’s the nature of the game … For me, it’s harder to deal with. … I don’t want to get calls. I want the right call to be made. … I am starting to feel annoyed a little bit about the fact that everybody is trying to point the finger at me, saying I’m reacting & that’s something negative. Everybody … makes mistakes, & I do it sometimes & a lot of times they do it, too. … Sometimes I have trouble more than other players dealing with my production being affected by somebody else’s mediocrity.”

Amazing. Lott adds:

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)

Brandon Morrow RHP

The Clevelands

CF Michael Bourn (L)
SS Asdrubal Cabrera (S)
2B Jason Kipnis (L)
1B Nick Swisher (S)
LF Michael Brantley (L)
C Carlos Santana (S)
DH Mark Reynolds (R)
3B Lonnie Chisenhall (L)
RF Drew Stubbs (R)

Ubaldo Jimenez RHP

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  1. Oh and for the record, the 1998 Yankees started 1-4 and were outscored 36-15 over those 5 games. We all know what the Yankees did the rest of that season. I’m not saying these Jays are the 1998 Yankees, but teams start slow sometimes. It happens.

    • How dare you say that this might work out.

    • Not only that but look how the Jays started out last year. Not going to even bother looking it up but I know they split the Cleveland series …in Cleveland.
      Despite Santos giving up the winning HR – to Reynolds of all people -
      I like the Jays BP. Casey looked pretty good and Delabar and Rogers did too.
      They’ll come around.

  2. Needless to say i have been disappointed by this shit ass start. To tell you the truth I think these 2 games have been 2 of the most boring I have seen and reminds me of the triple A shit we had to endure last August.
    2 Runs in 2 games ( getting 1 ona dp dosen’t fukin count). 9 Hits??-3 against a guy who was bottom 2 in the league last year with RR??
    They show some disturbing signs which I hope are justa mirage.
    Lind stinkin so far, Rasmus whom I declared a Fukstik last year stinkin ( but I kinda expect it) and JPA giving lessons on stinkin and they all bat in a row!!
    Fuk, I almost long for the Escobar/Johnson/Vizquel Troika we had out there last year-OK maybe not that far—yet!
    These were 2 games we could have won and we got neither and already 2 games behind Fukface so he will be ahead of us come Friday no matter what.. Yes we have a good team but if we are behind by 6 or 7 at the end of April, we may be active at the trade deadline allright but not as buyers.
    I’m turning negative so i’ll stop now, but rememeber I posted 4 days ago that the Jays BS you with injuries and I am adding 2 weeks to Lawries now 5 week abscence which was supposed to be 10 days and now the Jays admit he won’t be back to mid April. Because of that admission I think it’ll be the e.o.m and we have to put up with that terrible defence of Izturis who really did cost us tonite’s game witha poor defensive effort.
    I rthink you will see Derosa tomorrow at 3B and I think Rajai will be playing for Lind. We need to get a spark going as they seem like deadwood out there.
    Rant over-Spuds bring me the merlot as i am going “out in the fields”…

  3. Everything is going to be all right as I am sure the offense is being saved to humiliate the Red Sox sonofabitches.

  4. the star and jeff sammut on 590 making an issue of attendance; quite frankly that would have been 15K last year in a same scenario so an extra 9K or a 60% increase is a good start.

    Rays had 15K tonight, Atlanta had 24K, Natitudes with 26K, WSux with 14K (hey, Joe Cowley, when are they moving to Caracas), Mets with 22K and only 40K in NYC for Sux, Jays aren’t the only ones with April baseball attendance numbers

    • A lot of people just don’t have the money for this kind of shit.

    • Exactly. April attendance is always down. NBA and NHL are heading towards the playoffs, and it’s cold in a lot of places. It will go like last year, you’ll see 35-40,000 on average for weekend games and you’ll still be able to get a walk-up ticket on weekdays, at least through the all-star break. This isn’t like the last Expos years when it dropped from an opening day sell-out to 3K.

  5. Repeat after me: small sample size.

    And if you believe in that chemistry stuff, then chemistry takes a while to develop, and you weren’t expecting this team to catch fire until maybe mid-May or so.

  6. A lot of new faces, will take some time to gel imo but look out when they hit their stride and start playing for each other

  7. Is there an inside joke someplace that I’ve missed – because I’m wondering about the “s” at the end of Cleveland for the past couple of posts.

    • They need production out of the dh spot and Lawrie to come back and hit a little. JPA is always going to be himself, and Colby will hit like a pitcher save for a 4 or 5 week stretch where he will hit like Willie mays.

      We knew that going into the spring training, not sure why anyone is surprised now.

    • Their team name and logo is kinda racist, so Stoeten just calls them the Clevelands. He’s so progressive like that.

  8. okay, the Jays are 0 and 2, but do not despair – we are getting a Whisky Fountain, yessssss – a Foutain of Whisky:

    Neighbouring the beach and promenade will be Trinity Plaza, a large public square accented by a large amber-coloured fountain ‘Whisky Fountain’, a commemoration of the area’s history as a port for the Gooderham and Worts distillery, and which will act as an accent mark along Lake Ontario.

  9. Six people ejected from my section last night. Fistfight, man poured beer over a woman’s head, another screaming argument about hockey teams. Brutal

    • At the Windows porch a guy tried to start a Go Leafs Go chant and everybody told him to shut up. He then said Kadri’s better than us and we said, yeah he is a better hockey player. So he called security on us, apparently because we were being annoying, and got himself kicked out, but not before telling us to suck his dick and trying to get my buddy to go up to the concourse and fight him (all of this happening while security took him away). It was a fun night. If you want to avoid that shit in the 500 level go to the Windows porch, you won’t regret it.

    • The episode in 531 with the dude pouring beer on a chick can now be seen here:

      The Video doesn’t show the whole thing. There was a dude doing a mock tshirt toss as a joke and this Man’s daughter caught the tshirt. Then this chick behind her ripped it out of her hands. A bunch of chirping ensued from both parties. Finally the chick grabs the guys eyeglasses off of his face and whips them into the 100 level. I’m actually shocked he didn’t cave her face in at that point, but then she starts to pour beer on him at which point he video picks up. The fact that it was all over one of those tshirts you get when you sign up for a credit card made the whole thing that much more enjoyable/dumbfounding.

  10. Reynolds on his HR “I’m just glad I got my first hit. I don’t care if it was a go ahead homer or not.” Well, Mark, that’s not really what you’re supposed to say, but kudos on your honesty.

  11. Nowhere close to panic time yet – but I am tired of Rasmus… 2-0 count against a tough lefty leading off an inning when we need 1 run to win the game – he swings at a pitcher’s pitch and pops out…. I would be taking all the way in that spot… No brains!!!

    • Yeah that was brutal. That 2-0 pitched look like ball 3, too.

      Oh well. The way to look at it is, they’re only two games out of first, and there’s virtually the entire season left. The start hasn’t even begun.


  13. Hay!…doncha all worry one lil ole bit fellers….we got this sumbich under control….we gonna hit that dang ole leather right of that sumbich i tell ya right now….yeseree-bob….ya dang ole negatory-nancys…..jus you wait n see…

    • The only person in the world who understands Boomhauer is Gibby.

      Gibby The Best.

      • …yah that dang ole Gibby hes a helluva a guy & a great coach he’ll fix them Jay up right quick like yeseree you jus watch, i tell ya what…ksshhht!..glub glub glub glub….it’s that easy man.

  14. Zuber is dead, isn’t he?

  15. If you haven’t been down to the Dome to catch the ShitShow yet, tonight is a good night to do it. For the 2013 season, I’ve assembled a dazzling array of strikeouts, pop outs, and double play balls that I’ll be putting on display. The Red Sox look to be starting two left-handers, which will put the ShitShow on the bench, so come on down tonight and catch the ShitShow while you can!

  16. in extra innings melky up in the count 3-0 why doesn’t gibby let him swing?

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