Jays Indians April 2

SS – Reyes 1.29 -0.085
LF – Cabrera 0.96 -0.04
RF – Bautista 0.66 0.034
1B – Encarnacion 1.29 0.055
DH – Lind 1.4 -0.183
C – Arencibia 0.79 -0.068 Dickey 0.93 -0.156
CF – Rasmus 0.89 -0.05 Loup 0.36 0.022
3B – Izturis 0.96 -0.072 Cecil 0.11 0.009
2B – Bonifacio 0.6 0.015 Santos 0.49 0.017
Total 0.99 -0.392 Total 0.76 -0.108

Bests / Worsts and the gif of the game after the jump!

Shamsky: Edwin Encarnacion, 5.5%
Griffin: Adam Lind, -18.3%
Impact At-Bat: Lind run-scoring GIDP, Bot 3, -10.8%
Impact Pitch: Asdrubal Cabrera 2-run HR, Top 2, -16.%
Highest Leverage AB: Lind GIDP, Bot 3, 2.74
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Mark Reynolds advances on passed ball, Top 2, 2.02
Lineup Contribution: -39.2%
Pitching Contribution: -10.8%
Average Leverage Index: 0.86
Chart explanation

It’s pretty inevitable that there’s going to be a bit of a dump taken on Aaron Cibia today, but before that gets out of control, a few quick points on the game:

- The passed balls are a lot less costly when they don’t immediately follow a walk. A free base is one thing, but a guy getting all the way to 2nd without swinging the bat is something that can’t happen three times a game like it did last night.

- When the highest WPA comes from a guy that goes 0-for-2 with a walk and a hit-by-pitch it is pretty clear that the bats just didn’t show up.

- The Jays only run actually dropped their WE% more than any other play in the game besides the Asdrubal HR.

- Bonifacio and Arencibia recorded the only Jays extra base hits.

- The 5-6-7-8 hitters combined to go 1-for-14 with one walk and one 2-out hit in the 9th.

- Melky Cabrera hit the ball well. A hard-luck line-drive DP and a frozen rope single in his first two at-bats.

- There’s another game today! Ubaldo Jimenez vs Brandon Morrow.


(All data via Fangraphs)

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  1. There should be some kind of sombrero award for the double-triple of 3 k’s and 3 pb’s

  2. Wilner is a tool.

  3. I missed the “Morning After Zube” over the winter. It’s back!!

  4. Here’s hoping the bats do a bit more damage today.

  5. Jon Heyman ‏@JonHeymanCBS:
    arencibia had 3 passed balls in 2 innings in Dickey debut. @DannyKnoblerCBS says Mets catchers had 3 PBs once in 34 RA starts

    They brought in three – count ‘em three – catchers who have experience catching Dickey. Dickey has said that Blanco is the best catcher he’s ever had. Please Jays, don’t let JPA’s ego be a deciding factor in who is catching Dickey.

    • They’re going to play 161 – count ‘em 161 – more games this season. Don’t get too worried just yet. ;)

      I doubt that JPA will catch all of Dickey’s starts. As you say, there’s a reason why the club brought in Blanco. But Opening Day is a bit of a special day, and it makes sense to have your starting catcher on the field for Opening Day, doesn’t it?

      • No. I believe he told you why he believes it doesn’t make sense. None of this 161 more games bullshit.

        • Yes, they must win every game. 161-1 or jump off the bandwagon! It’s all over people!

          • Know what’s more annoying than bandwagon fans? People reflexively accusing die-hard baseball fans of being bandwagon fans because they dare criticize a nonsensical move that affected the outcome of the game.

            Eat shit fucktard

        • I dont mind JPA practicing in ST or Tenessee (or wherever) but he’s pretty much proven he cant catch Dickey. If Blanco’s the best (according to Dickey) play him and stop putting games at risk with JPA. They didnt give Romero any more chances, and he was showing improvement.

          • “but he’s pretty much proven he cant catch Dickey”

            Currently. He currently can’t catch Dickey.

      • @ thisheregiraffe – Are you fucking serious? What is so nice about seeing JPA blow the game by allowing ball after ball to go to the backstop. Oh right, he is our ‘starting’ catcher. What a crock of shit that is.

        Get your head out of your ass.

        • Start of the personal catcher for RA.JPA should relish the fact he doesnt have to catch those dancilng balls. Gets a fifth of the games off which is good for the a)his knees b)power bat off the bench if necessary. Just saying every game should be important this year. no time for experimenting. Hank White knows how to catch him . DONE DEAL!

        • 3 PB notwithstanding, I don’t see how JPA blew the game – the offence scored 1 run.

          • But you have a brain. Therefore, you can imagine different outcomes. And to say it didn’t matter would have him catch the next Dickey game when it might matter. It was clearly a failed experiment. Don’t be a twat.

    • I agree JPA did not look good. The ones that dive off to a side are hard. But the ones bouncing off him in the dirt and scooting away are not excusable.

      I will say this in his defence though – if the knuckler was actually moving more than usual then it would be that much harder than usual to catch. I was there and watched Dickey warm up in the outfield and it was doing insane things. Just while “playing catch”.

      • That’s kinda the point though. You bring in personal catchers for your new pitcher and don’t use them even though all data and observation tells you that a knuckleball knuckles more in a dome.

        I personally don’t understand whatever reasoning was used to make the decision to start Arencibia. It’s not the end of the world but all off-season the fans and the team has been insisting that we platoon and this and that and make sure we have the best possible team on the field no matter what and then they start Arencibia? Commmmmmmmme on.

        • *have

          • I wouldnt be surprised if Blanco had larger equipment (wider shin pads and chest pads) to just cut down on the PB’s. PB’s are a killer.

        • I agree – your catcher isn’t going to catch 162 games this year. Why not take your most challengining pitcher and pair him up with your best defensive catcher? Whay not? Sure the season is 162 longs but lets try to win all of them!

    • JPA’s ego? He is a pro who has said he want’s to catch as much as possible, thats not ego. If it wasnt opening night, I doubt he would have been in there for Dickey anyway. People dump on the guy, but as of last night he is hitting .250 with one extra base hit. If he averages that over the year, he will be the greatest cather in Jays history…

  6. Terry Francona, baseball cheater last night; I suggest launching protest with league

    “I was a nervous wreck. Hopefully, that goes away, the nervous part, not the caring part. I went through three [tins] of tobacco. My tongue is four sizes too big.”

    Players, coaches and managers aren’t supposed to chew tobacco in the dugout. Francona hides his with bubble gum.

    “I opened so many pieces of gum, my hands are sore,” he said.


  7. its always sad to see the team lose, but there are 161 left, lets just call that one 1 of the 65 of so loses we can have this year.

    For me, the worst part of the game was Buck, with jems like this….

    “Izturis batting from the left side for the first time tonight” that was in the 7th i believe


    “The jays have 3 switch hitters in the line up with Jose, Melky and Bonifactido (or however he said it” and that was with Izturis at the plate.

    FML its going to be a long season if i have to sit threw him. Might have to turn the radio on and put the TV on mute from now on.

    • I thought Tabby was pretty decent last night, he had a few interesting things to say. He does colour commentary just fine. Buck would probably do colour commentary alright too, but it should really just be one of them working with a good play-by-play person.

    • I liked Tim Langdon pointing out before the game that R.A. Dickey “won 200 games for the first time in his career” last season.

      On a related, I switched over to the Texas @ Houston game when I heard Darvish had a perfect game through 7 and it was Ashby doing the colour commentary, which made me feel all sorts of shitty about Buck Martinez after just one game.

      • Twitter went all stupid yesterday saying Ashby was racist because of his c omment about Darvish learning more english after he blew the PG. So eye-roll inducing.

    • The thing that pisses me off the most about Buck calling a game is how often he calls the wrong pitch the pitcher just threw. He does it at least 5 times a game and often more. He calls big breaking curve balls fastballs, and vise versa all the time. It drives me nuts. If you’re not sure, wait for the pitch speed to come up, they’re watching the same screen as we are.

      The last game in Philly that Johnson threw, he screwed up 3 pitches in one inning. “Got heem with the curve ball” no Buck it was a 93 MPH fastball.

      • they need to stop putting these guys in there because the played for the jays. just stop all this crap and give us someone we want to listen to not someone we HAVE to listen too. Who calls on the fan 590?

        • Tom and Jerry were so good for so long. It defies logic that some idiot would decide Morris was a good idea.

        • Exactly, similar to what the Astros have consciously done this year with their radio crew. They hand picked guys who will openly discuss advanced stats, and don’t trot out the same old “gotta play the game hard, and swing the bat nice and easy” bullshit all game.

          Jerry Howarth and Jack Morris call the games on the Fan. Jerry is great, but Jack Morris is so bad, he makes Buck and Tabby sound like Vin Scully.

  8. I am new to advanced baseball statistics. I understand that pLI is used to determine the average “importance” of a player’s at bats over the course of a game. However, what I am not understanding from research on other websites, is how or who determines that level of LI a certain situation is? For example, Is there some sort of chart out there that explains that an AB with runners on 2nd and 3rd with two outs will ALWAYS be calculated as a certain value of pLI?


  9. Why can’t I remember what Dickey was reacting to in that gif?

  10. I think JP should be given a break here. First regular season game in his career catching a knuckleball and it was arguably the best knuckleballer in history on the mound out there. We’ve all seen the GIF of Dickey’s knuckleball indoors against Tampa. That thing really moves.

    • “arguably the best knuckleballer in history”

      not yet, 3 years at really really good, doesn’t get you first ticketed into cooperstown.

      but he is damn good at what he does.

    • Some guys just can’t catch the knuckleball. It’s not a terrible thing – there aren’t that many knuckleballers in MLB. But JPA is a dick for insisting that he start the first game of the season for his own pride and then completely blowing the game. Beyond the three passed balls there was the ‘wild pitch’ he should’ve had and an undefined number (meaning I was too lazy to count) of pitches that got by him with no one on base.

      He’s lucky we only scored one run so it’s not completely his fault. Though of course the fact that we only scored one run is also partly his fault…

      • Did JPA he insist he start the opening game? I saw an interview with him on sportsnet or something a couple of days ago where he said that he didn’t care if he started just that the team won blah blah blah.

    • He should get no break here.

      He had no business catching him, period. The end of story.

      His lil ego needed to be stroked and it is horseshit.

  11. Yeah. I realize the offense was left behind in Florida, but I’m still gonna go ahead and give JPA the “dunce cap of the night”

    • the glove sucked for him, but what did we expect? he will never ever ever ever ever ever win a gold glove at that spot, or any spot.

      i think what was great though is the both seemed to calm down after the HR. Dickey had 3 Ks right after the HR, and JPA may have dropped 1 after that. So we will just see how the reast of the starts go.

      • All true.
        I’m not writing him off for the season after just one bad game… but… it was frustrating to watch.

  12. Only 33% chance for the playoffs!

  13. All I have to say is although JP sucked the pubic hair off of some hairy balls yesterday, I am not going to go all chicken little after one game.

    Best regards,

  14. by my count, only two balls hit hard off dickey (incl. the homer). could have easily went the other way, but jays couldn’t touch masterson.

    • If only Masterson would have kept walking them! The nerve of him, throwing strikes.

      Lind’s groundout was unfortunate, but at that point I thought for sure the Jays would chase Masterson from the game in the 4th or 5th (hopefully scoring some runs in the process). Sure didn’t work out that way. Oh well.

  15. Very impressed with Santos and Cecil yesterday. Good to see Cecil throwing 94 mph!

    When Lawrie comes back, does it make sense to send Loup down as both Cecil and Jeffries are out of options?

    • Loup is better then both of them.

      I think what you will see is they will each get 2/3 games in before Satruday, and then at that point, whoever pitched better stays, the other gets traded or sneeked threw wavers, if thats possible.

    • I caught that too – Cecil @ 94.

  16. Santos was encouraging indeed. Strikeouts! I’m not sure they’ll keep Loup, Cecil, and Oliver in the bullpen; I guess we’ll just have to see who is pitching best between Loup and Cecil to start the season.

  17. maybe everyone already knew this, but a Jays fan is one of the FanCavepeople (and there is an Indians fan there also – cat fight!!!! (Kramertalk))


  18. I counted at least one strike three called a ball. At the risk of piling on JPA, he didn’t help the ump by awkwardly stabbing at RAD’s pitches. One more reason to start Blanco next time I guess.

    • Agreed – the discussion’s been mostly centred on the PBs (and rightly so), but I thought that Cibia’s framing of the balls he caught was quite poor and costed Dickey several called strikes.

      • Bottom line is he won’t catch RAD for a long time. And so be it.

        Even if Gibby said JP would catch him again, it’s hurt post game bullshit.

        As for watching body language last night, RADs mono was definitely broken with JPs fumbling around behind the dish. Then it got in JPs head with shitty at bats. This couple is breaking up, and for the better of everyone involved.

      • JPAs pitch framing on low strikes was awful. He kept switching to a basket style catch in his crotch and it made strikes look like balls in the dirt. I know it cost 1 strike out, maybe 2.

        However, his pitch framing on pitches just up and out of the zone was actually pretty decent. He made a couple of balls turn into strikes.

        I am not defending his performance, because on the whole it was a poor showing.

        • I was noticing that too. There were a non-trivial amount of high balls being called strikes. Whether that’s due to framing or the quirks of how umpires see hi knuckleball, I don’t know.

          The framing issue is one that I was curious about too. I wonder how much (if any) of Dickey’s success could be attributed to having a catcher that frames things well.

  19. Dickey was a little too hyped up last night. He isn’t usually that wild – but he did have some effective moments so I’m not worried at all about him. The GIF of him reacting to the homer is funny, but he’s going to have his share of those this season. The dome is good for a few reasons – the knuckle ball will dance, but by the same token, the ball carries which benefits the hitter. There are a lot of parks where Cabrera’s HR is a lazy fly ball, but in most AL East parks that is the deal.

    JPA had a tough night. I don’t see the logic of bringing in a buttload of catchers who have caught Dickey only to leave them on the bench. Given that the DH option is Lind, we could have easily gone with JPA as the DH if we so desperately needed him in the lineup. Not that I love that idea anyway, but JPA is not valuable enough with the bat to be shitting the bed defensively.

    I also think that the Jays let Masterson off easy. He was WAY high in pitch count through the first innings. They should have continued to grind out at bats, but started swinging early in counts which of course let Masterson get into a groove. It also killed them to be able to have so many baserunners get on only to be wiped out by the strike out kings: Lind, JPA & Rasmus. It was definitely a familiar feeling to have so many big innings washed out with those guys.

    Oh well. I’m going tonight so guaranteed win.

    • It is hard to say whether the Jays let Masterson off the hook or he regained his command. When he’s on, he can dominate.

      • I’d say the umpire let Masterson off the hook. There were a lot of borderline calls that went Masterson’s way. That being said, Dickey got some calls, too. As others have mentioned though, I think Dickey missed getting some calls because of JP flailing at pitches a few times.

    • I think DHing your 2nd catcher is a bad idea. If your catcher goes down with an injury, you have to make a defensive shift and you lose your DH. Then your pitcher has to hit for the remainder of the game.

      At least, I believe that is how it works. Didn’t Farrel do this by accident at some point last season?

  20. Obviously there are going to be many losses, and it’s nice to think that there are 161 games to go, but JPA should not have been in there. Maybe the outcome doesn’t change with Blanco (or Thole) in there, but they couldn’t have had worse ABs off Masterson and if it helps Dickey at all, you have to do it.
    If the division is going to be as tight as people expect, then the marginal value of every win is higher and we shouldn’t be making stupid decisions that don’t give the team the best chance to win every single night.

  21. Anyone Else want to punch Chad Mattola for telling all of his hitters to take the first pitch in every at bat! At the end of the game it was evident that the Indians picked up on that, almost every hitter was down 0-1 after the first pitch.

    • Shit! I totally forgot about that. I was ranting and raving a lot last night – still am, really – and now I’ve more ammunition!

      I do, however, love how many pitches they were seeing. If they can keep that patience up all year long I think I’m comfortable with that trade-off.

    • Masterson normally has poor control so it was a good strategy

  22. It was like watching someone using a broken plate to scratch a chalkboard last night. Tonight will be better I hope. :)

  23. God damn I hate Adam Lind.

  24. also someone should spend some time with JPA playing some road hockey.. get shooting some orange plastic balls at him from 60 feet out, he will learn to catch a knuckle ball.. or turn black and blue.

    • Jeez I remember those….deadly.

    • Ugh! Thanks for bringing back those nightmares. I remember playing in a competitive league with a new team and letting one of those knucklers from afar through early in my first game. Lots of looks of disgust sent my way.

  25. that game was awful yesterday, it was dead inside the dome yesterday. it was so lame people didn’t even have energy to fight at the game. I don’t think I saw one fight, last year there was about 10.

    • Should get a real baseball crowd in there tonight. Opening days tend to attract the novelty fans that don’t even know what the fuck they are watching.

      • @tomw were fights going on in the 500′s?

        • Don’t know, I wasn’t there.

        • @will smith
          I was in the 500′s last night – it was a pretty tame night overall. Didn’t see any fights, couple guys got kicked out at various pts. No brawls, no swarms of cops, no flying beer cans – other than the guy in the 200′s last night who came up to start somethin with the guys beside me who were spitting seeds over the edge… pretty tame indeed.
          Although the one guy using the sink as a head rest in the john, after the 2nd inning, keeping his hands running under the cold water… that guy was ready for a party…

      • Unfortunately so does playoff baseball

        • …. Sorry, in reference to Tom W’s comment:

          ”Should get a real baseball crowd in there tonight. Opening days tend to attract the novelty fans that don’t even know what the fuck they are watching.”

    • The lack of fights and game interuptions was the only good thing about last night. Almost as if people actually came to watch fucking baseball for once.

    • Oh no, there was a huge fight in 531. A guy was throwing haymakers on a girl and it got torn up. All I know is someone threw someone else’s sunglasses over the railing and they both started fist fighting. All of us were like “WTF!?!?!?” for a good 30 minutes afterwards.

  26. Rasmus is probably thankful for Arencibia’s performance last night, as J.P. has attracted the wrath of the fans today. But do not worry Colby, you will get similar attention very soon with more plate performances like last night’s over the course of April.

  27. Anyone listening to Baseball Central? They’re currently discussing the NHL trade deadline. Their in-studio guest is the writer of the Puck Daddy blog. What a joke.

  28. Mike Piazza being stage-managed by his daughter, blink three times Mike if you want to get out of this:


  29. Yeah but JPA isn’t exactly blameless when it comes to the walks either. He was so shitty catching the knuckler that he was costing RA strikes all over the place.

  30. The post neglects to acknowledge that a passed ball also removes the chance for a double play

  31. I agree the PBs are bad.
    But the offense was the single biggest cause of last night’s loss.
    And JPA’s bat during Spring Break earned him that opening night spot, no?
    Surely he’s going to generate more offense than Blanco, which is what the team needed last night.

  32. All this talk of JPA is detracting from what we really should be doing – talking about how fucking terrible Adam Lind was!

    I’m no fan of the sacrifice bunt, but with Adam Lind at bat in a force out opportunity didn’t we all know what would happen? And it REALLY pissed me off when Buck said “you can’t hit it any better than that,” because a grounder up the middle, no matter how hard it’s hit, IS LITERALLY THE WORST WAY YOU CAN HIT IT BUCK!

    Positives: DickeyTheBest, Patience (fewer one pitch atbats), Sergio Santos!, Jose’s wrist not exploding on a check swing, Edwin seeing pitches, the commenter last night who seriously asked if it was windy in Toronto after Cabrera’s HR.

    Negatives: JPA’s complete inability to catch, Izturis not being as athletic as Lawrie, Jose mouthing off, douchebags in Windows restaurant getting all the camera time, that Honda asshole, pretty much all the commentary, Adam Lind being on the team, JPA’s defense again.

    As an aside – why did we sign Mark DeRosa instead of Johnny Mac? Seems like they’re both equally ‘gritty,’ both equally incapable of hitting a baseball.

    • I hear you on the check swing by Jose.

    • That’s actually all of the positives I took away from the game as well. I was very encouraged by the bullpen but mostly by EE being the same selective guy we saw last year. SSS and all, but it appears he’s figured it out.

  33. The 3 most frustrating things about last night’s game:

    #1 Watching JP chase the knuckle balls all around Rogers Center.
    #2 Watching the umpire call several strikes (according to that K-zone thing) balls because of the knuckler’s late movement. I’d almost rather not have that on screen so I wouldn’t know how many calls are blown. JP’s inability to catch it cleanly probablity didn’t help get the strike calls.
    #3 The television production in general. I can’t recall the last time I have seen such a horribly produced sporting event. Somebody new running the show?
    - How many shots do we need to see looking down from Centerfield?
    - They made numerous errors with replays and player info. I particularly liked when Buck and Tabby were trying to talk about one of JP’s bobbles and the replay that comes up is the strikeout of another batter. Screwed em’ good there. Tabby, “Uhh.. that’s so and so striking out.” They also showed the name and stats of a completely different player when Swisher first came to bat. When the jays scored the first run, it took some time for the score to change from 2-0 to 2-1, it was almost like they didn’t know if the inning was over or not.
    - Terrible camera angles on replays that were shown. I can’t remember who the hitter was but there was a close play at first where it would have been great to see another angle to see if the hitter was safe or the ump got the out call right. Nope, instead just a slow motion reply from the same angle as the live action.
    - Not replaying interesting game events. The one that jumps out at me is Bautista already raging at his first punch out. We got to see a great camera angle of the back of the umpire’s head. No replay to see how close the pitch was. We got the same treatment as Rasmus struck out to end the game.
    - Hilarious Baseball central troll. Zauny, tell us about the challenges JP is facing catching that knuckleball. Zaun, “My thoughts are blah blah blah”. Ok, now it’s time to previous our ask the expert question: “Does JP Arencibia need a bigger glove?” Zaun’s snicker’s and looks to be thinking “Who’s the goddamn idiot who vetted this question?”. When it comes time to answer the question in the 6th, a completely different question is asked instead.

    There were dozens of other things that annoyed me but this is what I remember today. Really terrible production for opening night when Rogers probably had the biggest audience they will have this year. unless the Jays make the playoffs.

    • Yeah,I agree. Especially the production values.
      Didn’t know whether the ball was caught or not on a couple of plays.
      The graphics were good but lagged the play.
      Was the RC that quiet during the player introductions?Really?
      Camera angles and direction weren’t up to standards.
      Piss poor job done by somebody.

    • Don’t forget all the annoying between pitch advertisements!

    • #4 Adam Lind being Adam Lind

      • Really? Why call out Lind specifically? Sure he hit into the dp, but he hit the ball pretty hard, just happened to be right at Cabrera! A couple feet either way and its a hit. Other than that he hit another well hit ball right down the line at Swisher later in the game. All in all, while he didnt get on, seemed like he was making ok contact….. Not that I am a Lind apologist here, but I hardly think he deserves to take the brunt of the fans scorn because the babip gods werent with him in that ONE at bat! What else can he do but hit the ball hard somewhere???

        • He’s been really bad for 3 years. Its time to stop writing it off to the unkind BABIP Gods.

        • I cant stand the guy but some credit has to go to Masterson. Getting a sinker out of the infield (given that most times the batter will hit the upper half of the ball) has to be damn near impossible.

    • Completely agree-who the hell was producing the game? Loved the new pitch tracker/pitch count-but annoyingly shitty camera choices all night. Pathetic!

    • Agreed.

      Worst production crew ever!

    • Definitely agree with your observations. I wanted to see a better replay of the ‘bang bang’ play at first base when Encarnacion was called out. I expected to see a replay of the pitches that Bautista questioned. Still waiting.

      The one thing that surprised me was how much I have taken Lawrie’s play at third base for granted. There were two plays that Izturis didn’t make that I thought Lawrie would have made easily. One was the ball over his head that seemed to bounce off his glove and the other was one that he missed when he cut over in front of Reyes.

      I was also somewhat concerned with the number of bad throws over to Edwin at first base. He was digging balls out of the dirt and jumping to catch throws that should have been routine. The one thing that always impressed me about Scott Rolen was how all of his throws to first would be right in the middle of first baseman’s chest. I suspect that the longer Bonifacio plays second the more we are going to take notice of the bad throws.

      Finally… the crowd shots were truly annoying. Except for the one where the camera man seemed intent on getting a good cleavage shot of a surgically enhanced blonde. I kept waiting for them to cut away but they definitely lingered over that one.

    • The pitch F/x was an addition sorely needed, and Swisher getting named as some double-A guy was priceless, though not as priceless as the raged fan who caught the bat.

      The camera angles were often garbage though.

  34. And that goddamned graphic on the screen all time time – the one with the strike-zone on it??? Honest to god – can you clutter up my screen with MORE shit? I want the score and the count…that’s about all I need to see.
    Now I’ve got all that extra shit, plus all the stats from last year and now the strike zone location and the mph…..and not to mention the shit that scrolls along the bottom every 2 minutes…I swear, I can’t even see the fucking players anymore.

    • lol Laugh of the morning.

      • Thanks….every once in a while I pull one out of my ass.
        Then when THAT’S done, I wash my hands (most of the time) and then turn DJF and see what I can bitch about.

    • what are you watching the game on … a 15 inch BW TV ?

      • Hell no – we had to get rid of the 15 inch B/W. The wife complained about being sick and tired of holding the antenna up in the air to get the good signal.
        During that 17-inning game last season, she was really getting jelly-legged and shaky. Towards the end, I almost had to put down my beer and steady her….couldn’t see a fucking thing with her moving around and all.

  35. did ya’ll know….
    Ryan Langerhans is a Buckman for Buck Commander – the deer div of Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty


  36. I had to watch the Cleveland feed since Direct TV didn’t make the Blue Jay feed available in my area. Guess I missed a bad broadcast and got to see a non-discript one instead.

  37. Hopefully we see more than one crowd like that this season. Baseball is far more entertaining to watch, both at the park and on the tv, when there’s a packed house.

  38. Josh Thole passed balls in 2012: 18
    Josh Thole passed balls in 2011: 16

    Even “experts” at catching knuckle balls let go a fair amount. First game of the season and first time catching it in a closed dome where it moves even more, I think we should give JPA a break. It’s not fun to watch, but the real disaster was putting running position and not doing anything with them (or scoring one on a double play by Lind, which is excruciating).

  39. Anyone else notice Bautista showing his displeasure with the umps calls? That can’t be good.

  40. My Likes from game 1: Santos/Loup/Cecil looked good. Santos’ two strikeouts were particularly encouraging. Love seeing Reyes/Cabrera/Bautista/EE as our top 4.

    My Dislikes: Adam Lind hitting 5th. His last good complete season was 4 YEARS ago.

    Dickey was just OK, but he really didn’t get hit all that hard. No biggie there, I’d say.

    The Cabrera and Lind double play balls were well hit, just unfortunately right at Indians infielders. If those go through, it would have been a totally different game.

    Overall – meh! Just one game. Lets move on to tonight!

  41. Where the fuck is Stoeten? I need new content!

  42. So Dickey apologizes on twitter for his performance. When are we going to get an apology from Adam Lind?

  43. Was it just me or was Sportsnet blowing camera shots all game? They were constantly on the shitty behind the catcher camera where we can’t see the pitch for shit. They kept showing the fans like they were trying to get everyone in the entire ball park on camera at some point. SHow the fucking game!!!

    The count was consistantly wrong, the pitch fx thing they were using was distracting and looked way out of wack with the umpire. And who gives a shit about pitch count from the start of the game or from a reliever?! Show the MPH and thats it.

    It looked like a rookie producer was incharge of this thing from the start.

  44. and remember how on the final out of the game, the last pitch was shown from a shitty behind the plate camera.

    real fuck up of a night from production for sure

    • That last pitch was the straw that fucking pissed me off. Terrible camera angle to end the game… Well done Sportsnet

  45. Honestly, Lind didn’t have a horrible night at the plate. Stung a ball a couple of times – but a good couple of defensive plays at the other end. There were just as many stiffs as Lind holding Jays bats last night…except for that crazy-looking guy who caught the bat that flew into the stands. He looked shithouse rat crazy…he should of batted a couple of times. He looked capable.

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