Cleveland Indians v Toronto Blue Jays

The Jays beat the Clevelands 10-8 tonight (YAY!), but Jose Bautista didn’t come out for the bottom half of the ninth, after beating out a double play ball, allowing Jose Reyes to score a key– though ultimately unnecessary– insurance run.

We’re awaiting word on what’s up. In the meantime, here’s what we know:

And now… a sigh of relief. Below the jump, we’ve got the update:

So… there you have it. It would be a shame if he wasn’t good to go for tomorrow’s Farrell Bowl, but obviously even a couple of games off would be fine compared to the visions we all must have just been having.

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  1. fuck

  2. Could really be panic time now.

  3. hopefully not the wrist

  4. hoping for Diarrhea

  5. Jays were winning! Top9 he didn’t show up. Yeah yeah yeah.

  6. hmmmmm.

  7. oh god no

  8. Broke a toenail?

  9. Twisted ankle

    • Oh great. Going to RC tomorrow to see the Jays against the Red Fux and Joey won’t be in the lineup.

      Ah well, at least I can scream “Suck it, Farrell!” all night.

  10. twisted ankle, day to day per chisolm


  11. twisted ankle… good lord

  12. Okay, twisted ankle hitting the bag. Just a precaution. Not too bad.

  13. twisted ankle, day to day

  14. twisted ankle bitches!

  15. Must’ve happened on the stretch to beat the throw to first bottom 8…

  16. This is gonna be one tense season

  17. Hey EVERYONE. It’s apparently a twisted ankle. Just in case no one mentioned that yet.

  18. He’ll be back in August for the stretch run.

  19. Could put Rajai in the outfield tomorrow against the lefty Doubront, DH Bautista if his ankle is not too bad.

    • Hmm, if it was sore enough he wasn’t going to play RF, maybe better to not have him running bases either.

      Would rather sit him a game then risk aggravation.

      He can still yell at umps from the dugout is all I’m saying.

  20. Sounds like a minor tweak…maybe he can DH 2morrow and that waste of fucking skin Lind can sit vs Doubront 2morrow


  22. Maybe he’ll DH tomorrow? Lind likely on the bench with a LHP on the mound.

  23. #suckitfarrell

  24. It can’t have been that bad, right? They didn’t sub him out right away…
    [reaches for another drink...]

  25. Celebrating this win with ice cream

  26. I thought panic time started after 0-2 start. What the hell is wrong with people? I know that most of the posters on here aren’t the typical Toronto blowhard and are actual baseball fans. But Christ… What is this nonsense I’m reading on line and hearing on the Fan 590?

    Smarten up. Stop bitching and go to the Skydome and show some support for your team.

  27. #PrayForDiarrhea

  28. Bobby Baun redux.

    • Suck it Farrell.
      Popsicle sticks & duct tape.
      Smoke & mirrors.
      Whatever it takes.
      Joey Bats will bury you.

  29. OK, panic time can be delayed then.

  30. Minor injury? I’ll believe it when i see it with this team. Hopefully it is but they dont have a good history of reporting injuries accuarately. Lawries injury was minor too and hes been out a month.

    • Also im concerned about reyes. Escobar had the same thing happen last year i think and he was out a little while.

  31. Gibbons seemed like a dick when asked about Bautista

  32. In other news, Reyes does not give a FUCK about a base coach’s opinion.

    • He should have pointed at him as he blew through the stop sign…

    • Maybe Reyes is smarter than the 3rd base coach.Very heads up play.

      • He’s certainly more familiar with his capabilities.
        It’s a process.
        We all learned something pretty cool.

        • @ SP
          I think it’s more than physical abilities.
          In watching the play,Reyes watched the ball being relayed to first and decided to go knowing that if the double play was missed they’d have no shot for a play at the plate.
          Most players woulda played it safe and been happy holding at third or gave up and slowed up passing third.
          He read it and made a judgement call that there was a chance.It wasn’t reckless. It was very smart and calculated..

          • Sure, but that’s a part of those capabilities I referred to.
            Luis Rivera (as well as DJFers) learned something he didn’t know, or didn’t yet trust.
            It WAS smart and calculated. Much like (dare I say) Farrell’s (ptooey) green light for certain players last season. Use your God-given talents, both physical and mental.
            It’s a learning process. It also assured Reyes himself that his instincts are good and proper.

          • Agreed RADAR. Very smart and calculated. Fine play.

  33. Just imagine if Lawrie was playing 3rd tonight..

  34. Thanks everyone for your concerns…just a small tweak in my ankle when i hit the bag…no big deal! Great win tonight! #GoBluejays

  35. DH Bautista. Davis in. Once for Lind on the bench

  36. Stoeten, I have been having problems getting onto the site (only DJF) from my I-phone with safari browser in the last day. Anyone else having a problem?

  37. Anybody, Aaron Sanchez? where did he disappear to???

  38. Not sure if this has been posted…….

  39. How many fights between Red Sox and jays fans tonight for the fff bowl?

  40. Tell all your neighbors, tell all your friends……today is John Farrell day…….. so lets welcome him back in a spectacular way.

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