Cleveland Indians v Toronto Blue Jays

OK, let’s try this again.

The brooms are out for the Clevelands as the Jays try to put one in the win column, sending crafty left-hander Mark Buehrle to the hill to make his debut, squaring off against shitty human being Brett Myers.

For the sake of our collective sanity, they probably want to take this one before John fucking Farrell and the Red Sox show up tomorrow.


Wilner tweets that Mark DeRosa is in today because John Gibbons wanted him to play two days in a row (he’ll face lefty Felix Dubrount tomorrow), and because he’s got good career numbers against Brett Myers. Gibbons also says that Arencibia will catch Friday and Saturday, but not Sunday, and Rajai Davis will play in the next couple of days as well.

Brendan Kennedy clarifies, saying that Davis will spell Colby Rasmus tomorrow against Boston’s lefty.

Kennedy also tells us that the club has no plans to go to a 7-man bullpen until Brett Lawrie comes back, which… is fucking dumb. Apparently they’re being cautious with Casey Janssen.

Speaking of, Kennedy reports that Sergio Santos is unavailable tonight after going on back-to-back days, and Casey Janssen is questionable as well.

John Lott tweets that over 15,000 people showed up at Coca-Cola Field in Buffalo today for the Bisons opener, Alex Anthopoulos among them.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Mark DeRosa (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)

Mark Buehrle LHP

The Clevelands

CF Michael Bourn (L)
SS Asdrubal Cabrera (S)
2B Jason Kipnis (L)
1B Nick Swisher (S)
LF Michael Brantley (L)
C Carlos Santana (S)
DH Mark Reynolds (R)
3B Lonnie Chisenhall (L)
RF Drew Stubbs (R)

Brett Myers RHP

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  1. CLETUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Somewhere, night_manimal is smiling.

  3. Gitchy Gitchy Ya Ya Da Da

  4. Oh yes!

  5. Is the MLB experimenting with rubber balls tonight?


  7. colby flow

  8. Wow!

  9. Holy fuck Bonifacio is fast…

  10. hey…….everyone is fixed now.

  11. Colby!!

  12. fuck yeah boney – stretch

  13. Colby! Eat it Bob McCown.

  14. Robbie alomar!

  15. Look at the speed from Boney!

  16. Your 2013 Toronto Blue Jays have shown up

  17. Jeez, now that the offense wakes up, the pitching goes in the tank.

    I can just feel a 10-9 loss.

  18. Now that was cool

  19. Holy fucking wheels

  20. Love it. love it!

  21. Chirst all mighty! What’s goin’ on in T.O

  22. Finally a fielding break our way

  23. I love speed!

  24. Okay so two run lead blown, then get a three run lead, blow that, now another three run lead. Please hold it.

  25. That run was all Bonifacio. His speed at the bottom can change an inning.

  26. Why does the camera search for those fans.

  27. Any bets that Lind creates a stupid out?

  28. loads the bases for Adam Lind…

  29. Pitch to Lind. The oldest trick in the book

  30. End it lind!

  31. Cmon you yoga bastard

  32. Why the hell would the Cleveland manager not put in a lefty

  33. Fuck Lind

  34. Plaaaatooooon

  35. “That will load the bases for Adam Lind” (0 for 10)

    Make that 0 for 11. Sigh.

  36. We don’t even have a replacement for him If he continues this throughout the season

  37. Rather have Polanco at cleanup than Lind 5th

  38. Lind, if he could be moved, that would be awesome…There is no bigger let down than having the bases loaded and popping out to end the inning. or double play..

  39. That is so effing awesome that they had a Monster Truck home run montage. So great.

  40. Good ol’ Nick Swisher…. bringin the word “bro” back into the mainstream…..

  41. To be fair, Lind has hit the ball hard a few times this season. Lets give him another week at least. Davis will DH against lefties, and with Lawrie back soon DeRosa can spell Lind too.

  42. Uh Oh .. Ishmaels in

  43. When is Davis coming in?

  44. Loup is a loogy with a small sample size of decent success against righties. I hope gibbons will realize this. Notging against loup but guys with his delivery are loogys. He should go down when lawrie comes back unless cecil or jeffress really suck.

  45. Just wondering if Gibby goes back into the dugout runway to stick that pickle up his ass before he walks out to make a pitching change. Or maybe he just drops trou right in the dugout. Either way, classic managerial walk.

    • Once , some smart ass broadcast team actually put a time clock on Al Widmar (Jays pitching coach). He used to take forever to get to the mound.

  46. Francona always looks like he has a bad case of jaundice

  47. I’m starting to think that Cleveland is better than advertized

    • They’re a strange team but a pretty decent one. The back end of their rotation could kill them this year though. And Brett Myers.

    • They have a bunch of solid hitters with no superstar. Solid bullpen but back end of rotation sucks. Probably adds up to a .500 team.

      • Overall, sounds exactly like KC – and they will probably finish with the same record, about 15 games back of the Tigers.

  48. Finally!

  49. This game is making me tired

  50. Swagger.

  51. 19,515 at the game. I was expecting a drop off from opening night, and I know it’s April baseball against Cleveland, but still that’s pretty crappy.

  52. I only started watching an inning ago. If it turns out I’m the bad luck charm, I’ll go away again. But I hope not because winning is fun.

    • Welcome Bean.
      Can we at least agree that we both now hate Nick Swisher unequivocally, or do you still carry a torch for him?

      • Unfortunately I still idiotically carry a torch for Swish. Even hearing that he’s re-popularized “bro” has done nothing to dissuade me. I don’t find him hot or anything – but he has so much unbridled enthusiasm that even cynical me can’t hate. He was one of my favourite Yankees. I’m so, so sorry! I’m well-aware that this makes me even more of a terrible person.

        • It’s not an endearing trait in these here parts, ma’am, but I applaud your moxy.

        • Swisher. Ewwww.

          • If I didn’t know better, I’d say that here’s a woman after my own heart.
            But I know better.

        • I would like to know what you mean by ONE of your favorite Yankees….you say that as you have more than one favorite…

          I don’t…don’t think I am ok with that.

          • I dont think there’s any denying Swisher’s skills. They guy is good and a very tough out. But what Bean takes to be unbridled enthusiasm I see someone looking to show up his opponent. I also see an irritating smirk instead of a smile.
            On the other hand, I can detest the Yankees and still like Derek Jeter and Robbie Cano.

  53. Davis pinch run for Jpa, no?

  54. It would please me to never again hear Tabby say ‘the barrel of the bat.’

  55. Anyway, I’ll be damn glad to see these guys ship on out of town, they are frustrating to play against. Travelling to Toronto tomorrow for both weekend games against the Sox, hopefully will be the back end of a sweep.

  56. Hey Asdrubal, my wife has pearls just like you…

  57. Will these clevlanders just go away!

  58. Fucking Brantley’s up

  59. If only Adam Lind was coming up for Cleveland just about now…

  60. God motherfucking damnit.

  61. And Santanas up


  63. The Mighty Duck Man!

  64. Omg

  65. massive play!

  66. so Boney is a defensive liability at 2nd??

  67. This has ruined my night

  68. That was a damned scary camera angle when he hit it, and then Bonifacio was there…sheesh…

  69. Fantastic positioning and a slow runner made that play. Could’ve been ugly.

  70. Welcome? Should be more like “fuck-off leaf fans”

  71. I like my sports separate, unlike my potatoes and peas.

  72. Oh yes!

  73. Really enjoyed seein Gibby bein’ all sexy on the bench

  74. Gibbons giving shit to Reyes

  75. What was there to be gained by putting up the stop sign in that situation? There was no other choice than the DP

  76. It’s amazing how someone who says “that speed caused Jose to get an RBI” can still so densely defend the RBI as a key measurable for the batter…

    Oh wait..he’s a baseball commentator…

  77. Where The F is J Bow

  78. Remember the time Jose fucking Reyes was a Toronto Blue Jay and did things like score from second on a double play?

    Those were good times.

  79. Jansenn can settle your heart rate down

    • In Casey Janssen we TRUST!!!!!

      Jose Reyes smiling.

      Casey mowed down the Indians…

      Love Casey Janssen!!!!

      Watch out AL East, Jays are back.

  80. Jansen looking good

  81. Nothing like Passover to take your mind off baseball. I’ve spent the last 8 days cooking and cleaning but now I get to watch a game! And Bautista is injured? Any reason given yet why he’s not in the game?

    • You had passover while everyone else on here had “passed out and hungover”…

      You picked a good time to catch one though!


    • lists the usual “defensive substitution” but no reason is given. Did Jose strain a bit when he legged out the double play? He wasn’t substituted until the top of the 9th (rather than immediately at first base in bottom 8)…

    • You’re Jewish? And a practising one to boot?

      • Not to be a dick, but is baseball not kosher?

        • Baseball is kosher but Passover is a pain in the neck for the lady of the house who has to cook and clean and cook and clean and then when it’s over, put everything away. And the putting away bit is what kept me from the first couple of games.

    • Cool to know other djfers are jewish. Us jews have always meshed well with baseball.

      • Did either of you two see the PBS special this weekend on Jews in baseball? It was fascinating. Narrated by Dustin Hoffman, it went way back to the old days on Hank Greenberg and another guy (whom I’ve never heard of) named Moe Berg, a catcher who doubled as a WWll spy! The best story of all was about Sandy Koufax. Great Stuff! If you get a chance, watch it or go to the PBS site and buy the disc. Well worth it!

  82. PS Janssen is dealing.

  83. Outcome never in doubt! (Hahaha)

  84. Jose Reyes, of untucked jersey fame.

  85. Good fucking work by all tonight, including you wonderful folk.

  86. My thoughts:

    Game one: JPA should never catch for Dickey again…. ever…. and I mean ever. There’s THREEEEEE fucking catchers in the Jays organization that are ONLY here because of RA Dickey so therefore JPA should NEVER,,,ill repeat NEVERRRR catch for Dickey again. John Gibbons please take note. Otherwise that was a pretty good game.

    Game two: Mark Reynolds proved he is good for one homer for every 20 strikeouts, he hit a good pitch, whatever.

    Game three: Nice to see the bats come alive tonight for the Jays but it would have been nice to not have the Indians score 8 in the process.

    All in all, I am just as excited as I was months ago when all this shit went down, it’s really seeming like this group has good chemistry which is great to see. It’s coming together.

    On a side note: how fucking annoying was the indians barrage of bloop singles in this series. I am really glad to see them get the fuck out of town.

  87. Hay!….i told all y’all fellers we’d hit the dang ole leather off it all night…did i call it or did i call it?.dang ole dingers every which way….dang!…anyone seen ma chew?..heck, even colby got himself a dinger…dang ole huge dinger!..texas sized….yeseree-bob….

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