Stay Classy, Level 500

I have no idea what’s happening in this incident from last night’s game beyond what the video shows and what the YouTube description tells me, so… I’m just going to present it with no more comment than that.

To wit:

A very kind gentleman gave away some shirts he got (for chicken apparently …) He threw them in the crowd and a girl caught it. The girl with the black hair ripped it from her hands. The dad got upset (understandably) so he defended the fact that she got away with it and then this happened……500 section’s finest!!!

Hat tip to commenter Ernie Whitt, who also provides some context:

The Video doesn’t show the whole thing. There was a dude doing a mock tshirt toss as a joke and this Man’s daughter caught the tshirt. Then this chick behind her ripped it out of her hands. A bunch of chirping ensued from both parties. Finally the chick grabs the guys eyeglasses off of his face and whips them into the 100 level. I’m actually shocked he didn’t cave her face in at that point, but then she starts to pour beer on him at which point he video picks up. The fact that it was all over one of those tshirts you get when you sign up for a credit card made the whole thing that much more enjoyable/dumbfounding.


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  1. It feels like the Jays haven’t won a game in months.

  2. Ahhh the 500′s… (At least) Two shows for the price of one!

    • The police need to patrol the STANDS themselves in the 500 level. You see them in the concourse, but that’s not where they’re needed. The danger is in the actual seated sections. Law abiding patrons are total sitting ducks in those seats. The ushers can’t do anything.

      A few physically fit police officers, randomly walking up and down the stairs in each section could prevent people from getting overly aggressive. Their visibility would be like a deterrent.

      If you sit in the 500s, my best advice would be to not get directly involved with people, and DO NOT egg them on. If you are WITH the offending party, it is your responsibility to calm the person(s) down, and/or get them out of the situation so that they can calm down.

      It’s not just alcohol. 1 out of 5 people in this generation are on psychotropic drugs. (mood altering drugs)

      • I had seats in the 500s. The kids there come, as one put it to me to get drunk and raise hell. My son and I had to move it got so bad. The staff moved us to level 200 seats for the rest of the game. The police came to this group many times but nothing happened to the drunk kids. Rogers does care about the cheap seats. After all they make a fortune on the beer!! This is where families go because the other seats are so prohibitively expensive.

  3. So awesome.

    Ah…….how I miss the 500s.


  5. I posted this in the other thread, but I will too here as well for context. I was a few rows back and saw the entire thing:

    The Video doesn’t show the whole thing. There was a dude doing a mock tshirt toss as a joke and this Man’s daughter caught the tshirt. Then this chick behind her ripped it out of her hands. A bunch of chirping ensued from both parties. Finally the chick grabs the guys eyeglasses off of his face and whips them into the 100 level. I’m actually shocked he didn’t cave her face in at that point, but then she starts to pour beer on him at which point he video picks up. The fact that it was all over one of those tshirts you get when you sign up for a credit card made the whole thing that much more enjoyable/dumbfounding.

    • I’ll add that it is also a little ironic that one of the things that this guy said that set her off was that she was so classy, and that the dude she was with should be proud to take such a classy woman home to mom.

      Stay classy indeed.

    • Sorry dude – who lost the glasses?

      • I know my explanation was a little weak. The man who poured beer on the woman with black hair was wearing glasses. The girl in the black jacket grabbed them off of his face, chucked them and then poured beer on him (which the video shows).

        • Thanks

          That’s fucking nuts, how is he so calm and how’d she get his glasses- my wife has trouble getting them off and I don’t want to break her nose while she doing it

  6. So if I ever come back to Toronto you are telling me I probably shouldn’t sit in the 500 section?

  7. Eventually we will need wire caging up there like some soccer stadiums

  8. I was in this section and saw the whole thing go down. The black haired girl ripped a pair of glasses off of beer throwing man’s head and tossed them over the railing into the 100 level below. She did this because beer throwing man’s ladyfriend called her a “stupid bitch”, so “what was she supposed to do?” (Her exact words).

    • Because it’s glaringly obvious she’s not a stupid bitch?
      (hope she’s not someone’s friend here)

  9. I love beer. Love it. I drink beer a lot. However, I’d love to see the Dome go dry for a night, just to see how much better the atmosphere would be. When I go to a baseball game, I go because I want to watch baseball, not get drunk and act like a jackass. Novel approach, I know. I definitely understand having one beer or two (at $11 a pop, it’s almost like an idiot tax to get drunk at the stadium), but to look as out of it as a couple of these people do… just ridiculous.

    • Me too. We’re in minority though.

    • I decided to stay dry for the home opener because I’m on antibiotics right now. It’s amazing how annoying opening night becomes when sober. I was in 115, and I spent most of the game trying to see around idiots standing up in front of me (not to watch the action mind you, but to have loud and drunk conversations or argue over top of other people). Add in the slew of dipshits who were trying to start the wave for inning after inning (*GROAN*), even down 4-1 in the 9th………and I may have been to my last home opener.

      Really, honestly, as a paying customer I should have the right to immediately disembowel anyone who tries to start the wave in the 100 level. Right?

    • Even if Rogers decided upon a “dry” home opener, every idiot that gets ridiculously drunk would still be ridiculously drunk…no one goes to a game sober and gets hammered off $10 beer.

    • no!!! no dry dome! what about all the other people who drink and don’t cause scenes, it’s unfair to them to be punished because 5 out of 45,000 people are assholes.

      • Unfortunately it is a lot more than 5 people.

        • You’re right. So many assholes.

          It’s like my thoughts on drinking on the sidewalk– I’m OK with exchanging more strictness on assholish behaviour for more tolerance on what’s actually in the can I’m holding. If I’m not being a piece of shit, what’s the difference what’s in my beverage? Not that I’m bitter at having had the most cordial open-alcohol-ticket-getting experience in history or anything.

          • After going to a 2012 Euros soccer game where the stadium was dry, I’m sold on not selling alcohol at sporting events. It was a substantially better sports experience, even accounting for all the people who just got extra drunk before coming in.

    • They did go dry a few years ago after they got caught serving to under-agers, as well as the ACDC concert when the place turned into a drug farm. It was 2 dry Jays games and 1 dry Argos game if I remember correctly. I went to one of the dry Jays games, no problems at all.

    • Don’t you remember a couple seasons ago when they had a temporary license suspension for over serve?

    • The Dome, dry? Noooooo!!!!!!

      Come on, we were all thinking it….

  10. i dont understand. if she threw his glasses down to the 100s why was he sitting all chilled when the video started?

    +1 for f-bombs from classy girls though…

  11. I was in this section and saw the whole thing go down. The dude in the glasses was talking loudly about how Adam Lind is the best player on the team – a “once in a generation talent” is what I believe he said to be exact. The black haired girl took offense to this and that’s where the video picks up.

  12. DJF commenters.
    Love it.More information on DJF than any other place.
    Thx for the first hand account of the incident.

  13. Drunk chicks. Fuckin’ hate ‘em.
    I tended bar for several years in a variety of establishments.
    I had FAR fewer episodes with drunk guys than I had with drunk girls.
    Chicks start yapping, stirring up shit and throwing crap around – and eventually the guys get sucked into the dramatic vortex…and then the whole place goes to shit and you gotta break out the fire hose.

    • Agreed, many GTA women are not stable… and expect to get away with it. And do.

      It makes the moralizing about how bad men are (mostly by other men, on this site) all the more nauseating.

      • Hey look, it’s a fucking idiot.

        • Case in point.

          • Enjoy being a piece of shit.

            • This will be my last post to you, Stoeten.

              I worked in customer service in the GTA in a number of roles for years. Saying that a surprisingly large proportion of this generation of women has a serious behaviourial problem, ESPECIALLY when fuelled by alcohol, to the point where they’ve outstripped the boys, may not be your PC bullshit, but is a fact in too many instances, something my female coworkers also noticed.

              Of course I’m not surprised that you’d be this weak-minded, what with your slavish and incomplete understanding of what analysis means to baseball. May you grow beyond what you now are, because this baseball community will one day outgrow you.

              • Well, first off, it probably won’t outgrow him.

                Secondly, I get a little tired of the moralizing too, but there’s no need to get completely bent out of shape about it. Some people find a lot of things offensive, some people find fewer things offensive. Being a dick about it won’t make him find (even possibly harmless) generalizations about women less offensive, but it might make you seem like more of an asshole.

                Thirdly, your comment above DID kind of make you seem like a fucking idiot. Just saying.

              • Hahaha, what a comment. If the DJF monkey army ever “outgrows” Stoeten, it’s a sign of the coming apocalypse.

              • 2 things to Rodent:
                1. this tells me more about you than someone else.
                2. perhaps your female co-workers were just being agreeable with you because they know what you’re really like. They don’t want to be hassled.

              • Last post? Tear.

              • Stoeten should do a post eulogizing the lost presence of the all knowing “Rodent Repair”.
                DJF won’t be the same without his insight. I will one day be proud to say that I was in the (comments) section when the chosen one, Rodent Repair, outgrew our fine baseball comunity and led us on a pilgrimage of analytical insight.

              • “I worked shitty jobs for a while so I feel qualified to make huge generalizations about an entire generation of an entire gender. This isn’t the result of misogynist discourse that I’ve internalized, it’s that anyone who disagrees is spouting PC bullshit and can’t handle my truth.” – a moron

  14. I was a couple rows behind this. The girl did take the shirt from the other person. What happened after that was a war of words until the girl in the black coat took the guy’s glasses and tossed them right out of the 500′s (discussed later on in the video). That’s what started the full on fight.

    Interesting note was that both girls in the row behind had those “first game” buttons on. Hopefully it’s also their last game.

    On another note, it was a great game!

  15. You know what? There is really no place for this type of behaviour anywhere. Period. I was at the game too. Had a chance to hang out for a while in what use to be windows restaurant. Was great, and much like the 500 level we had some live entertainment break out. Obviously it was a little more classy. See below.

  16. This is why I don’t sit in the 500 level…too many ignorant punks.

  17. so, now that we all know what she looks like, if we see her at a game, just grab any of her stuff and just toss it…sunglasses, phone, another shirt, her purse, just toss it all. It’s the only way terrible people like her learn lessons…hands on experience! haha

    hmmm, but i guess that then puts us in the same category as her…ok, new plan, if you see her, just call her out and say “hey aren’t you that broad that tossed a guys eyeglasses over the 500 level, yea, isaw that video, you’re a giant bitch!” (P.S. ensure you call her “that broad” bitches hate being called broads!)

    • So “bitches” (or the more popular “Biotches”) “sluts” and “skanks” are ok?

    • Your Mom must be proud. Why the fuck can’t people call out a woman’s behaviour as assholian without dragging every other woman in existence into it? This is what misogyny looks like, and you should cut it the fuck out.

      • O yay! It’s the manners police! Wanna talk about Spanish curse words for three days again, or do you feel like taking a break from stopping injustice one slightly inappropriate internet comment at a time?

        Since I already know your answer I’ll start you off: gilipollas – insulting to people born out of wedlock, and by extension all of humanity?

        • Not endorsing the comment by the way. But sometimes you can just let it go. He didn’t joke about rape, or insult someone’s sexuality or race. You don’t need to turn everything into a human rights prosecution at the goddamned Hague (that’s with a ‘ue’ at the end, you don’t need to come after me).

      • +7 kabillion. She is a despicable human, has nothing to do with her gender.

      • Wait. Exactly where did he drag other females into this?

        It looked to me like he was only talking about the one in the video.

      • Right on, Caz. Nothing draws out the idiots more than seeing a badly behaved woman so they can heap scorn on all women, thereby cleansing themselves from those memories in junior high when they acted like assholes and got shot down by the opposite gender.

  18. Hah I’m two rows down here. The best comment of the event was the girl that was with the guy who lost his glasses yelling “I’m 17 and I could kick your ass!”… They held hands on the way out.


  19. Last year, some drunk girl took off a kid’s yarmulke and threw it down to 100. The kid burst out into tears and the entire section started booing the girl and her friends, and eventually the cops showed up and took the girl away. The kid and his buddy got complimentary Jays hats. I’ve wondered since what happened to her, as I do with this glasses-thrower. It can’t simply be that they kick them out of the game, can it?

    Ahhhhhh, the 500s.

  20. Skydome is awful. I was sitting in 110 and some glasses hit me in the head.

  21. I was not in this section and didn’t see this go down until miraculously some eye glasses came hurtling down and landed at my feet. I put them on and looked up and that’s when I saw what went down. The dark haired woman was being really confrontational and this poor family just wanted to watch the game.

  22. As I said on the last thread, if you have 500 level tickets avoid this shit and go to the Windows porch. It’s much more fun and civilized.

    • I took in yesterday’s game from the 200s porch. Great view, great knowledgeable fans, only one fucking moron (trying to start a GO LEAFS GO / KADRI’S BETTER chant) but he was promptly tossed by security which was fucking hilarious

  23. so when does her reality TV show come out?

    Think i heard something along the lines of

    The Real 500 Club.

  24. I’ve seen some awful stuff happen at the dome.

  25. I saw all of this from about a row away and can attest that it went down as others are saying. As someone who wears glasses I honestly can’t believe that the guy didn’t smoke her as soon as she did that, and it took her being (unbelievably) even MORE obnoxious to him and his GF for the violence to break out.

    • You can clearly see (ha) that he had trouble locating her without his glasses. That’s why all the spray.

  26. The chick with the dark hair is one classy broad. I sure would like to spend a night at her trailer.


  28. The absolute best is the “GET A LIFE” she hurls at the camera as she’s leaving. It’s clear she has zero self awareness, shame, or regret from what just happened. In fact, I bet SHE thinks she’s actually in the right. It’s truly amazing, and makes you wonder WTF goes on in some people’s minds.

    • Is it wrong that my first assumption when watching this video is that she’s from Oshawa?

    • I listened to her talking to the cops after the fact and she was screeching about why the cops wouldn’t charge the glasses dude and they were like, “Pulling off his glasses constitutes assault miss”. And she just kept saying “HE PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE!”. I have rarely seen someone so deserving of it.

  29. So… I just bought tickets in the 500s for Saturday and Sunday when I’m back in town. I guess I should get emotionally prepared for some foightin and/or idiocy.

    Any tips on how the ushers are dealing with people who move down and up in the 500 sections? They were pretty lenient last year, but it sounds like they have no choice but to crack down on the shitshow

    • The afternoon games are typically pretty tame. Friday’s game might be chaos though.

    • Friday night games, and near the start of the season so you get a few of these yahoos. Day games and other days of the week tend to be fine… and almost all of them are tame once you’re through the first week.

    • I go to a bunch of games every season in the 500s and have only once seen someone get tossed out. I was there last night in 516 and it was a pretty civilized place apart from people doing the wave.

      Point is, most of the time, there’s no problems.

    • Go check out the porch where Windows was…watched an inning from there yesterday and it was great, moving around to other seats this weekend will be tough because the Dome is going to be packed

    • You should be fine.

      My Season Pass seats are in Row 33 in the 500s, and an usher came up and asked if my friend and I were smokers to which I replied “no, my seats just suck.” Later in the game some kids moved up top and were smoking, ushers booted them out without incident.

      As far as moving up goes, we were told to wait until the 3rd inning and after that they don’t care. Be drunk, be enthusiastic, just don’t be a dick and you’re golden.

  30. Drunk girls are the worst. As a male, I can be completely obliterated and act completely normal, actually I am more normal drunk than sober

  31. Was that Alex Anthopoulos in the blue shirt trying to settle things down?

  32. I’m a pretty liberal guy, but putting myself in his shoes. A drunk woman…
    - grabs something away from my daughter
    - chirps me
    - takes my prescription glasses off my face and throws them over the 500 railing
    - pours beer on me
    - takes 2-3 healthy swings at my face
    …if this happened to me, the crazy-switch would have definitely flipped to the on position

  33. The baseball content on this site is at an all time low. Why bother posting this? Is the intent to shame those involved? Do you think those idiots are capable of shame?
    Fuck me… DJF has gone full TMZ.
    Maybe we’ll get a graph from another site later. Woo.

    • Go flying kick a football fan

    • There are other blogs you can read if you just want to see a dry breakdown of Jeremy Jeffress’ PitchF/X stats from last night, devoid of commentary, tangents or videos

      • Maybe there is. I have no problem with tangents. I just find that lately the tangent is the baseball stuff and the rest is the crap. Stoeten used to fill a huge void in Jays talk, and he does that less now. I guess I prefer his baseball commentary to his social commentary. And you’re right — I could be in the wrong place.

    • Who invited the n00b?

      • 1) I’ve read and loved your blog since the beginning, so no “n00b”
        2) Lovely, welcoming approach to a person you thought was a new reader.

        • If you’d read since the beginning, you’d know this is perfectly normal and that what you are suggesting about some kind of turn taken by the site is fucking moronic. Sorry.

          And FYI, I’m plenty welcoming to new readers. Ones who dumbly think the world needs to hear and might give a shit about his editorial thoughts on this site, when those thoughts are complete horseshit? Maybe not so welcoming there, you’re right.

      • Yeah – I mean if a blog called ‘Drunk Jays Fans’ can’t post articles about drunk Jays fans, who the hell can?

        This blog is about more than just the baseball in Toronto, it also about the experience being a Toronto fan. Jerks in the 500s are very relevant.

        • On the other hand, for total mirroring of the Toronto fan experience, this blog would be called ‘Humourless Dick Wads’.

      • I did.
        The more the merrier.
        The more discusions the better.
        The more opinions the better.
        DJF would suck if we all agreed.
        It’s healthy to see and consider the counterpoints.

      • The blog is called drunken jays fans, I am not sure what was expected.. I am all for it!

  34. Ingrates

  35. Oakland Raider fans would consider the whole event a polite “hello, how are you doing?”

    • Bay area sports fans in general would call this a minor scuffle. It’s not just limited to the Raiders, there always seems to be incidents involving rowdy Giants and 49ers fans, didn’t a Niners fan stab a Falcons fan after a playoff game last year in Atlanta? Guy traveled cross-country to get in a drunken fight and shiv a dude. Bay area sports fans…

    • I went to a Raiders game a few years back and was generally concerned about going to take a piss without backup.

  36. She is certainly trashy, but am I the only one who finds her sorta hot?

  37. Can we get a shoutout for the guy directly behind all the action in this video, casually sipping away at his soda

  38. I got cursed at and people threw my glasses off the 500s all the time growing up. What’s the big deal? Toughen up!

  39. What’s with the offending chick’s friend not stepping in and slowing either her down or the dude splashing the popcorn? He just sat there as they both got physical. If anyone in your group is being a jerk there has to be some self policing before it gets to that stage.

  40. Takeaway – That chick is hot.

  41. Isn’t anyone else worried about the fact that Archie Zuber is probably dead right now???

  42. It’s kinda ironic… Here we are talking about the immaturity that sometimes goes on on the 500 level, when in actuality, this discussion reeks of it.

    I was at the game yesterday and saw some action in the VIP zone on the 200 level. A fist fight nearly broke out. As one of the punks was getting ready to ‘step up’, he pulls a cigarette from his pocket and placed it in his mouth. He looked so BAD ASS!!! God, I remember my first beer…

  43. I’m Irish and I’ve only been to a few jays games but I’ve been to fuckin dozens of premier league football matches (Not fuckin saying soccer) in England and I can honestly say that nothing like this would happen. People might be more drunk at football but if some crazy chick threw some guys glasses, her head would be kicked in and her body left to be found by security hours later. Not saying it’s better but at least that kind of obnoxius behaviour like that would not be tolerated.

    Racism, riots and other despicable violent behaviour are tolerated and encouraged at EPL games of course so the lord giveth and than he taketh etc

  44. Bet that kid at the end coming back to the aisle wishes he didn’t go get food!

  45. The Rogers Centre is now a fortress. Kudos to all of the Blue Jays’ Ultras for making it such a tough place for the opposition to play in. This scrap was good but maybe set off a flare next time. Keep up the good work, guys.

    • Haha, we’ll make it scary for anyone to come into our building eh.
      Remember those fans spitting at Cliff Lee’s (I think ..) wife? Well we fucken fight our own fans!
      Your move New York … c’mon I dare you to wear a Yankees jersey to the game ..

  46. Banging body tho

  47. I’m in the black-haired girl’s corner. T-shirts tossed into the crowd are fair game, so it was no crime to grab it out of the blonde’s hands. Then the guy attacked her first and she had to take away his eyesight in order to defend herself.

    Plus, she’s hott.

  48. Those two girls were pretty sexy, I wish the video was longer I didn’t have enough time to ….

  49. WTF Seeing little bits of info around the WWW that have me concerned Lawrie could be out much longer than a couple of weeks. Hope it’s all BS.

  50. She looks like the type of girl that gets abandonment issues when she doesnt have a cock in her mouth, typical white trash. I would have loved to have seen that woman cave her face in.

  51. It’s the “500 level” or the “500′s”

    what’s this “Level 500″ shit?

  52. Also, the most offensive thing that happened in that section last night was the fucking usher starting the wave in the bottom of the 8th of a 2-1 game. It’s one thing for an asshat fan to do that, but a whole other for a team/stadium employee to pull that shit.

  53. Clearly they don’t have enough “Stadium Love”.


  54. If anyone wants to waste plenty of hours, watch the documentary Ken Burn’s Baseball.
    It is quite interesting.

    Bob Costas “Baseball is a beautiful thing. It’s more beautiful in an old park that is a-symmetrical and quirky but even,… and I hate to say this because it might encourage them, but even in a dome with artificial turf, it’s beautiful”

    He looks so young.

  55. It wouldn’t be the .500′s if it didn’t have any drama.

  56. Vintage ’93 Blue Jays shirt! White, Alomar, Molitor, Carter, Olerud. Check it out:

  57. Funny how the girl said “get a life” after getting kicked out of a game because she loves fucking MasterCard t-shirts.

  58. that girl was terrible. her and her friends made the game a lot more difficult to watch. i left in a bad mood, having sat near them. the rogers centre needs to review their alcohol serving policies. sober people, and those drinking moderately, are rarely ever that stupid.

  59. hell is other people.


    Can’t believe that hadn’t been posted yet:

  61. I feel shame for not reporting this last night, but we didn’t want to start shit. (How Torontonian is that?)

    Amidst this group of mid-20s clowns in front of us, sitting in Row 10, Section 533, one girl announces, “Hey, I just found an iPhone 5 in the washroom. Looks like I have a new iPhone 5.” Who does that? This is the same group of innocent-looking trashbags who were throwing popcorn on the lower rows, trying to start the wave during Jose’s 9th inning at-bat and standing up for minutes on end for no reason at all.

    If I paid more than $100 for my fan pass I’d be right pissed.

  62. After all this time, finally a post that lives up to the name of the blog!

  63. “That was his seeing glasses. Those are his actual brains that he needs to see with.”

    Good god, tell me this man was drunk. My sleep-talk is more articulate than that.

  64. Ugh. Makes me want to watch at home.

  65. Although I can afford better seats, I choose to sit in the 500s. I love the perspective I get on the game along either baseline. I see everything. To suggest that the 500 level is for cretins and drunks is insulting. The problem with Rogers Centre as a whole is the lack of well trained security guards. Pay for adequate security and institute a lower threshold for idiots. Problem solved.

  66. Hey regardless of if that girl is a jerk and threw his glasses, he seems to be getting a little rough with a lady. I don’t like it.

    • She’s not going to sleep with you, quit your white-knighting.

    • So you’re one of those fools who think that women should be able to do whatever they want to men and never suffer any consequences?

      You’re a reason that nutjobs like this girl exist.

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