In a video that’s pretty much already been described to you by the title of this post, Aaron Boone of ESPN visited the Jays facility in Dunedin this spring dressed as a tailor trying to sell a bit of bullshit.

Below the jump are the results… or something. I don’t know…

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    • I caught the final innings of that game and that comment seemed like pretty typical Ashby dry humor. I was surprised to see it causing a little bit of stir on twitter later on because that conversation continued on and the Astros broadcast team talked about how Darvish was active in the clubhouse and pretty well-liked.

      In other words, this was a joke about wanting to swear after your bid for a perfect game was broken up, not a dig at some sullen foreigner who sulks by his locker and refuses to learn the language.

    • What a world. It’s “racist” to say that someone doesn’t speak english?

    • That’s surprising I thought it was really clear that he meant Darvish would learn to say: ” Fuck-shit! That motherfucker went right through my legs! I was so close to some serious history for fucksakes. Now that dumbshit Wash is going to pull me because it’s as it a shutout doesn’t mean anything to that old fucker.”

    • I don’t get it.. but I’m also not familiar with Japanese/Iranian slurs?

  1. “How about quit playing games and focusing on winning! No fun allowed, shit like that is the reason the team is 0-2!”

    -Some shithead somewhere

  2. Jose Bautista: “Less in here.” *grabs crotch* — poor guy

  3. great post Andrew….keep up the great work on The DJF….

  4. #DickeyTheBest

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