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No you’re mailing in a post! Also: consider this your Photoshop Friday post (remember when that was a thing?).


Hat tip to commenter dr.fever for pointing this gem out.

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  1. Do we have any confirmation that Lind will not be starting tonight yet?

  2. This reeks worst than my nuts do.

  3. Something a Game of Thrones character would wear.

  4. He hasn’t had a haircut since coming here right?

  5. Buffalo game on now if you have access to am radio – 1520: 2-2 tie in the 8th, Gose 2 for 4

  6. Hey fuckas!

    Two things from last night’s game.

    I have not seen anyone take two bases on a single like that since Rickey Henderson. Electric speed and guile.

    Gibby called Reyes aside after he blew through the stop sign. Good on him for doing so early in the season, he probably said something like this:

    “Jose, love the aggressiveness. Keep it up, you’re doing great. Regardless of scoring on that play, you gotta respect my third base coach. We going to nip this in the butt now and keep consistency for the rest of the season. Comprende?”

    When Gibby speaks, even Kim Jong Un listens.

    • Agreed! Gibby will do this team right.

      • Or maybe he said “Look, Jose, you have a better instinct for the play than anyone else at every given moment in time. Consider the base coaches’ signals merely to be suggestions. Also, your goatee is kinda gross but you are awesome so who cares? Lo viste.”

    • Reyes can speak Gibbyrish?

    • John McDonald used to go to second on a ground ball up the middle

      • I don’t remember the legendary J mac ever doing that. Maybe I missed his blazing speed, or just good running instincts.

        Smasher, Reyes doesn’t speak Gibbinese, but if probable death were staring you in the face, you too would nod, grin and agree with everything The Grim Gibber says. Right?

  7. Thanks for the hat tip!

    Gonna be in the 500′s tonight for this joyous event!
    Suck it Farrel!

  8. Just magnificent

  9. I was expecting a little more Farrell preamble but hey sometimes this blog is more about the comments than the blog!

    You DJFers rock this site. 1000 comments tonight….yes.

  10. says Bautista is out for tonight’s game?

  11. What’s Gibby doing? If I was still manager of the Jays, I would have had Lind in the lineup batting 4th tonight, no doubt about it.

  12. Reminds me of a girl I dated in the 80′s except it wasn’t the hair on her head that was this long…

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