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Minnesota Twins v Toronto Blue Jays

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  1. Looky there!

  2. Old man smithers got a jimmy!

  3. Yes Derosa!

  4. the new yankee stadium?!?!?!?!!?

    De Rosa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Mascot!

  7. DeRosa!

  8. ooh tanktop again

  9. Hopefully these crap camera angles will get sorted out. Or, yknow, when the Blue Jays aren’t @ SkyDome we will actually be able to see what’s going on. Don’t try to be so cute, production folk.

    • I think there’s an agreement with the sponsors that when there’s a runner on 1st they’ll show that behind -the-plate camera so the sponsor’s name can be virtually displayed in the blacked out seats in center field. It seems to linger for a least a pitch.

  10. They’re talkin’ bout the signs on NESN. “Hey, John Farrelll was manager of the Blue Jays. Multiple signs. He must know something.”

  11. lol what was Reyes doing, either way i will take it

  12. wtf was that play by reyes?

  13. fuck

  14. Oh fuck no…

  15. shiiet another injury


    I hope it’s no more than he pissed himself a little bit.

  17. That Metric stadium love promo is getting on my nerves already. Please tell me they won’t be playing it all summer long.

  18. Reyes….oops.

  19. oh, now i see. reyes is injured. goodbye 2013

  20. Argh. Reyes; no need to be greedy with 0 out

  21. That basehit makes it all the more difficult to see Reyes pull up and limp off…

  22. reyes back in the dugout. good sign?

  23. Glad to see him back in the dugout, but he doesn’t look happy…

  24. He’s ok guys! Middlebrooks just tapped his weiner a little too hard

  25. I hope that’s not a pulled groin

  26. Ok he’s back on the bench. I think maybe he just got a hard tag in the balls, stood there for a second while that old familiar feeling of the air getting knocked out of your lungs sets in, and then hobbled to the bench.

  27. Who’s our back up SS ? Izturis?

  28. It was a dickshot guys.

  29. may aswell steal

  30. well season over..guess we should look forward to next year now

  31. whew..thank god..just a ball shot

  32. Edwin goes deep here

  33. chill, only a sack tap for Reyes

  34. Steal so edwin can hit again next inning


  36. Also just fyi even if you are wearing a cup you can still get a pretty mean ball jigglin’. Happens to catchers all the time.

  37. I wanna see some steals, dammit.

  38. Johnson gettin tagged tonite

  39. JJ getting lit up by noobies

  40. Johnson’s got nothing today.

  41. fastball already down to 91 ..started at 94

  42. time to sign him to a team friendly extension..right after the game..i think he can be had for about 10 dollars an hour

  43. Jays are not going to win this year oh well time to fire Gibbons and I did not like the the hiring in the first place guy is a bum who can’t coach bring back Cito Gaston to manage please he at least knows what it takes to win or just continue to watch the mediocracraty the fact that Gibbons still can’t coach and win with this team proves even more that he is a hack

    • I know your trolling, and I don’t doubt the jays wont win this year, but what has Gibbons done? His team is playing like poo

      • I’m not trolling I’m being serious the team is good its the coach it is his job to bring things together and find ways to win have speed on the base paths and not using it is stupid and not waiving Reyes to stop at second was even worse Gibbons is in fact one of the worst managers in the game he only has had one good season and did the Jays make the postseason know they did not and he has been managing for what five years now it is going to be six no playoff appearances is that what they should allowing to coach their team no professional sports are competitive you are supposed to be able to compete with him as manager they have next to no shot because he has no idea what it takes to win and he can’t they should bring someone in who has won before like Cito Gaston

    • How hilarious would that be if they fired gibby in late may and brought back Cito again. The sheer comedic gold of that happening would be worth watching.

      • Cito is like 90

      • Did your funny bone take a hit?

      • I know it would be funny lol XD They honestly should though to keep themselves competitive and Cito is actually is 69 years old however knows what it takes to win because he is a competent professional and idk coached the jays to two World Series championships what does that tell you

  44. Toss in Le LOUP

  45. Dear Johnson:

    Pitch better and you’ll make like a Dickey, and get an extension.

  46. Little help there provided courtesy of Ellsbury

  47. Is it just me or do you also hold your breath every time a ball gets hit in the general vicinity of Bonafide?

  48. Oh look, a hobbit! Someone ought to show him back to The Shire.

  49. Pedroia looks like such a doofus, but seems like a cool guy so I don’t hate him like Swisher and Victorino

    • Ive seen him in a restaurant and once at the frozen yogurt place here in Arizona…I honestly didnt recognize him until I saw he was with andre ethier…then i was like WHOA ..the hobbit in real life!

  50. JJ will now give up a homer because he fell behind, fml

  51. So according to Jack morris, that was an intentional unintentional intentional walk

  52. Buck and Tabby are killing me.

    “Lots of teams wouldn’t give him a chance because of his height. But what you can’t y measure is his heart.”

    “Dustin pedroia just looooooves these situations. ..”

    Jesus H.

  53. Take that, bitchez!

  54. JJ wasn’t perfect but he was far from terrible, 6 ground ball singles (lucky placement) so far our pitching hasn’t been bad (aside from Burhle but I am not too worried about him)

    • what a strike out by Johnson!.

      I am on pins & needles after every pitch. it’s only April 7 it feels like a playoff game.

      This division is going to be a lot closer than I expected. The Red Sox don’t look as weak as expected.

  55. Gibby looking like a fuckin pimp. Deadly idea to walk the midget.

  56. See those jugs when she jumped up. Fantastic!!

  57. Gotta say: still not used to seeing Dickey, Johnson and Reyes in our dugout with Jays caps on.

    Fucking surreal.

  58. Hell’s Howarth??….Will-not’s uncharismatic epitomy-of-awful broadcasting is melting my brain….Jerry has an owie or?

  59. Also ballsy considering Napoli jacked Johnson last time.


  60. It’s only four game calm down

  61. Dear doubters

    Suck it


  62. Fucking Rajai

  63. Do you believe in Colby? I believe in Colby.

    2 run see-ya-bingo comin’ right up.

    2nd deck.

  64. Rajai is hopeless against quality righties.

  65. Uehara always eats up the jays. The only time they did well against him was lind’s walkoff a few years back.

  66. Are you just going to keep saying its so only so many games into the season? The way this is going right now they will finish last hands down as, I have said they need to fire Gibbons he can’t coach

  67. our middle lineup is pooi

  68. Kitten face coming in.

    Gawwd damnit

  69. I was worried we would squander the leadoff double this inning until I saw Adam Lind make an appearance at the plate.

  70. Ground rule double Adam lind

  71. and-a-1 and-a-4 and a Adam Lind potato

  72. Lind….no.

  73. Why are these fuckers advocating that lind come off the bench swinging; should tie his fucking hands to his hips and pray for 4 balls

  74. What a shock. Sit Linds ass on the bench. Faack. Lead off double and you can’t even get him to third. This looks very familiar.

  75. Never change, Adam

  76. Are half those Farell posters professionally made by the Jays ?

    They all have Jays logos which is odd.

  77. lind? cmon gibbons….

  78. Everyones shitting on Lind but what about Colby? That was a terrible at-bat.

  79. Well you can’t hate Uehara’s high fives: great pitcher, great celebrator. He’s an all-round talent.

  80. wtf is cecil doing walking a terrible batter

  81. get him outta there walking poo and giving up a double to noobs

  82. Gose would have had that.

  83. This is going to be a bad inning…

  84. Who the hell is setting the CF defences? Rasmus has done nothing but lose balls over his head.

  85. Also Aaron Cebia needs to learn to frame, he always moves his glove to catch a ball thats already going to his glove

  86. At the game. Cecil is dealing.

  87. wow CECIL! did not expect that after the first 2

  88. Boo-yah Cecil.

  89. happy for cecil so far

  90. Well that was encouraging to see from Cecil

  91. Way to battle back Cecil, turned into a flame thrower over night.

  92. Who is this Cecil fellow?!


  94. Beauty recovery

  95. i’m about 8 shots of gin deep. And Brett Cecil impressed me.

    Adam Lind is #1 on my shit list. I wouldn’t boo him. But i’d burn poo on his doorstep.

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