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Minnesota Twins v Toronto Blue Jays

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  1. Griff:

    Richard Griffin ‏@RGriffinStar 2 mins

    Cecil’s strikeout of Victorino will cost Pizza Pizza 5,666 free pies if everyone in 45,328 cashes in their piece #jays

  2. Yay! Cecil!

  3. i’m about 8 shots of gin deep. And Brett Cecil impressed me.

    Adam Lind is #1 on my shit list. I wouldn’t boo him. But i’d burn poo on his doorstep.

  4. Maybe Ricky needs to get on the Delabar velocity program too

  5. I used to think Cecil was the Lind of the pitching staff. It was nice to see him strike out the side

  6. Holy fuck! When did Cecil become effective? Way to go Goggles!

  7. Get that fucking pitch tracker off the goddamn screen. It just makes everything more infuriating given this ump’s SHIT which extends about a foot out to the right and up top.

    Then ya got Tabby goin “duuuurrr Pitchtrax said it was a ball.” Yeah… no shit Tabby, we’re seeing the graphic.

  8. 4-4 for the BALLLL BUSTERR!

  9. fuckin’ jose fuckin’ reyes

  10. Fuckin’ A, Eh?


  12. Fear the beard.

  13. all is forgiven Jose 2

  14. Dude is fucking amazing.

  15. You’ve got to be Joe King

  16. Jesus fuck, Reyes. You beast.

  17. “Sorry for running into an out at 3rd, is this OK?”


  19. a lot of babes at the jays, more than the leafs or raps



    god, this man.

  22. Reyes is a freakin beast!!

  23. Okay, I’m seriously asking myself, is there anything at all not to like about Reyes?

    I’m not coming up with anything.

  24. Groin is good!!!

  25. woulda had the cycle if not for that dick tap



  27. Boney fasio is better than he has showed tonight worst game of his career, 3 strike outs and 2 errors

  28. I got to say, boni reminds me of rajai as a hitter. And i fucking hate rajai davis unless hes pinch running.

  29. As good as reyes has been, Bonifacio has been equally bad with the bat

  30. heyooooo trips trips trips!


  32. lol worst slide ever





  36. Show us what you showed us last year!

  37. Man, its loud at Rogers Centre tonight.

  38. Fuck the behind the plate cam.

    if you’re gonna go that route, put a fuckin go-pro on the ump’s helmet hahah

  39. Ah well, EE hit it well at least.

  40. This is a weird commercail

  41. Way better energy at the game than on opening night.

  42. Yeah this behind the plate cam is reminding me of expos games in the early ’90s. Anyone remember those? When they would air on the fucking french channel in Ontario, channel 12 or whatever. The WHOLE pitching portion of the game was from that fucking behind the plate cam.

  43. Well check this shit out y’all.

    I have been commenting on here for 4 plus years.

    This team can fuckin win it. I haven’t smiled and laughed and cried and drank and laughed and drank like this since it was 19 fuckin 3.

    Book it, I’ll see you bitchz in the playoffs.

  44. Apparently, this is the chick behind home plate


  45. lol why does Aaron stand to catch a ball that just misses

  46. Not sure about a second inning for cecil

  47. Potato Lind doesn’t make anything look easy

  48. What did the aliens do with the real Cecil? Holy shit!

  49. Casual observation: Haven’t seen many massholes or wannabe sellout massholes around.

  50. I like the new Brett Cecil.

  51. ISHMEAL scares me

  52. no no no no you dont walk people!

  53. “Call Me” Esmil Rogers

  54. esmil is terrible (well i dont trust his skill)

  55. Yikes.

  56. Fuck you hobbit

  57. Rasmus played that well

  58. why would you throw a fastball right down “broadway” when you are ahead

  59. This spike curveball is a great pitch your longest finger stays on the seam the longest and produces a lot of down spin.

    Cecil has though outside the box, hopefully Ricky can do the same.

  60. I’d eat a plate full of listeria tainted meat if it meant we could get out of this unscathed.

  61. I’m SO glad we traded Napoli for Frank Francisco

  62. thats why you don’t fucking walk people

  63. Miss you Brett

  64. Esmil is like Alveraz last year, when he comes in you know we gonna lose

  65. Back to waiting for the next solo home run…..feels somewhat familiar

  66. Whatever happens guys, this has been a great game.

  67. A lot of nice trim at the game.

  68. Reds 15 – Nationals 0 fwhy.

  69. She came back to check out Arencibia.

  70. Any chance Bautista comes in for Cletus?

  71. What are the odds of Gibby tossing bautista in for a pinch hit if we are still down by 1 in the 9th

  72. come on corby !

  73. This team isn’t playing well enough yet to make up for any mistakes – and there were just too many tonight. failed bunt attempts by Davis, Bono kicking the ball around (+ 3 strikeouts), 0-2 strike thrown to Dustin Ped, Reyes out at 3rd with no outs….

  74. Bailey is so scared of RAJ Majahl

  75. we should double steal if he walks

  76. Fear not, Lind’s on deck

  77. Whoa. Thought that was strike 3.

  78. Douuble Steeeeal

  79. Great at bat for Colby – please pinch hit for Lind

  80. Here comes Rally Killer.

  81. ok Lind for the love of god

  82. Double play taking bets

  83. PUHHH-LEEEEZ Potato.

    PUH-LEEEZ get a hit

  84. Cmon KittenFace you ginger bastard.

  85. Here where lind goes deep

  86. not looking good for ginger potatoe

  87. why cant we ever just get a singlE!

  88. Oh fer April. Fuck!

  89. Fuck Lind. Ah well. Runner on 3rd.

  90. praying for a passed ball

  91. FUCK the jays and RISP

  92. we have a really bad 5-9 :(

  93. Fuck.

  94. i am getting too drunk for this shigt


  96. I guess there is no real need for Bautista unless we get to # 5 as its Reyes Bona Cabrera EE

  97. I didnt watch but why foul with .1 seconds left

  98. seriously – I’m rooting for the guy but did anybody on here really think that Lind might turn it around this year? Is he having anything close to good at bats for the 1b / DH positions?

  99. Can’t wait for Lawrie to come back. Jays badly need him crushing Red Bull’s, beating on his own teammates, banging hotties in the stands, and playing better than Izturis.

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