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Minnesota Twins v Toronto Blue Jays

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  1. This scares me, 6.75 era last year!

  2. yep terrible pitcher

  3. Fucking rape my ear

  4. worst place to pitch

  5. Wow…

  6. Blah.

  7. guys its only 4 games in we can turn it around

  8. that pitch was pretty fucking straight

  9. Farrell outmanaging Gibby tonight. Jeffress in a one run ball game?

    Re: last inning…Do you really think Miaicer and Lind were going to sneak a base hit off Bailey who’s hitting 97 on the gun? Why not run Davis earlier and then let Lind sac fly him in? Jesus Gibby…

  10. Bautista BAUTISTA

  11. Jefferies get with the times, walks score

  12. He just walked a guy. We can still come back with our line up, even down two. So, WHY is this hack still pitching? wtf…when we’re losing to Cleveland we have our best pitchers going in the BP, when we’re neck and neck with BOS we run out Esmil and Jeffress and Cecil (who dazzled tonight).

    Gibby sucks. Farrell a better manager, but fuck him for bolting.

    • Just let Reyes manage and play

    • Agreed. Why can’t Santos pitch? You don’t want to lose to a division rival.

      I thought Jeffres was here for mop up duty.

      Isn’t Gibby supposed to be excellent at managing bullpens???

  13. Another unhappy 45,000 people. Way to bring it and make a statement.

  14. Arencibia’s language behind the plate: “Gibby WTF? throwing this game away…”

  15. lol 3 errors 3 strikeouts for boney

  16. holy crap. Can Lind play 2nd?

  17. dsgfgshfdtrtwerfds

  18. Seriously. Seriously?

  19. His days are numbered at 2b

  20. WOW. And now we see the crowd starting to disperse.

  21. That was the easiest play in all of baseball

  22. ugh. this is hard to watch

  23. No movement on that fastball — straight as a fucking arrow

  24. Now I see why the Jays were picked to have a brutal defense.

  25. Why is this asshole still in the game? Gibby what the fuck?

  26. HAHA he was safe

  27. Thanks ump !

  28. that was a late tag wtf was CEBIE doing

  29. hahaha oh gosh cant wait for bautista to get back so we can lose lind and have rajai dh

  30. E5…….B4

  31. This game is on Rogers and Jeffress. How do you walk Gomes in the 7th?

  32. I dont like Jefferies or rogers, both were not good in spring (and clearly real games too)

  33. Double steal.

    Man wtf.

  34. How awesome is the fan who is clapping with an open bottle of water in his hand and is slapping the side of the bottle. As he does it, the water is splashing all over the guy in front of him. Lol

  35. What’s left – I guess a grand slam?

  36. Gibby…do something other than a shitty John Wayne impersonation. Christ.

  37. Don’t worry, Pete Walker’s gonna talk to him

  38. Jeffress has totally killed this game from a momentum perspective. Not to mention his pitching

  39. A walker talking to Walker. Ha!
    Get it?

  40. if he fucking walks in a run I am going to snap

  41. this is clearly one of the worst managed games I can remember. He’s managing this game like it’s spring and these games don’t count. This ahole thinks he’s gonna be managing here in two years whether we win or not…he manages that way anyway.

  42. I loathe Dustin P with the kind of intensity usually reserved for the Yankees.

  43. Gibby sent a message with leaving Jeffress out there that inning. He doesn’t think we can score 2 runs in the bottom of the 9th.

  44. Even Zaun is making excuses

  45. REyes triples for the cycle!

  46. we don’t have any other pitchers we could have used instead of Jeffress given the importance of this game?

  47. I do believe our announcers praise the other teams players way too often.

    • Well its either they tell it like it is (we started off the season crappy) or they make up excuses like MASTERSON IS A GOD!!

    • I got that from Buck and Tabs slobbering all over Brantley’s crotch in the opening series…

  48. Boney with 4 s/o 3 errors and a lost game

    • Kind of a Gordie Howe hat-trick of suckitude. Although he would have had to mess something else up for it to be a hat-trick.

      Maybe if he was picked off?

      • @Alphonso…Definitely suckitude and definitely multiple suckitude, but -and I think I know what you’re getting at – next time it’s a very bad idea to associate Gordie’s name with anything like this.

  49. Sarah Jessica Parker sighting

  50. Thanks Boni. This one’s on you.

  51. Melky + Edwin = hope

  52. way outside!

  53. Bautista better warm up

  54. Well Edwin – what will it be?

  55. If EE gets a homer, I will drink the sweat out of his cup.

  56. Two fights in section 130. Glad the baseball fans came out tonight.

  57. well guys there is always tomorrow

  58. And I was wearing my rally condom…

  59. Victorino and Swisher should get married and make really annoying kids

  60. Sad.

    1 in 3.

  61. brutal. always tomorrow.

  62. I mean 1-3 isn’t bad but i see a trend

  63. I;m going to get filthy drunk tonight. Filthy

  64. The jays have got to stop letting mental errors and fielding fumble f*cks cost them the game.

  65. Good times my lowly brotheren good times.

  66. I’d recognize this team anywhere.

  67. what a gong show. #drunkbitties on snet

  68. Oh, the irony, farrell leaves for the sox, and yet the horrid baserunning blunder was still committed by the jays.

  69. When does this team hit the road? Maybe then we will snag a few W’s

  70. Fuckin sonofabitch Farell

  71. I dont take much from these games other than the fact that bonafide is not a good 2nd baseman.

    • I dunno. I want to think that the guy is really uptight and will eventually relax. But since I remember him doing the same thing 2 or 3 games into ST, maybe is just isnt very good at 2B. Fine with me, I’ll take Izturis there instead of 3B, I just hope Boni can play in the OF cuz there aint much left for him after that.

  72. It was still wicked watching Johnson pitch in a Jays uniform even if he wasn’t the sharpest. He was still pretty good with some timely strikeouts.

  73. So, what is the over/under on Jeffress beimg DFA’d?
    He was Fukin awful and it almost seemed like Gibbons was leaving the poor overmatched fucker out there to build a case to turf him.
    I had never seen Jeffress pitch before, but for a guy with a supposed “great arm” he threw 95-96 and straight as an arrow with weak command. Hell Bailey hit 97 and Hanrahan was 98-99. No I donot think Jeffress is anywhere near good enuf and he will be the first player moved this year likely within the next 7 days, so the o/u is 7

    • Jeffress gone, Sierra up, Bautista misses the series.

      It’s a hurtful hunch.

      • They’ll keep Jeffress until Lawrie is healthy. Then he’ll get DFA’d to make room.

        • I think the orifginal idea with Jeffress was to coach him to be a better pitcher …With 100 mph stuff, the right coach might have been able to do it…On the other hand, Mel Queen is no longer with us.

  74. Jeffress isn’t a major league pitcher. And this season isn’t the one for keeping projects at the expense of a bench. I would hope he’ll be gone tomorrow.

    As for Bonifacio, he’s simply a terrible infielder and has been for his entire career. They may just have to go with DeRosa at 3rd and Izturis at 2nd until Lawrie returns. And probably bring up some more infield depth as well.

    • Not only is boni a bad fielder, he is a baaddd hitter with a worse career ops than rajai davis. As a speed guy he should have much better contact skills. This guy has been totally overhyped by the media (he is electric, blah, blah) Its like saying a baseball player is a great athlete. But is he a good baseball player? Not everyday player kind of good. It makes you appreciate reyes even more. Not only does he have great speed like davis and boni, but he can actually hit and hit well.

    • Hopefully though, Cecil has turned a corner. Very impressive.

  75. hell of a lot of paper planes tonight. Being tossed everywhere from the 500s lol. Reyes is amazing. Bonifacio…. not so much.

    • Was in the 500′s tonight too…God damn I don’t know why that was so entertaining. Especially the ones that gracefully made it to the field.

      • I was in the 100s and got hit with a few. Some of the ones I got hit from I was tempted to run to the 500 and start a brawl with the little bitch who threw it.

  76. Gotta keep on keepin’ on but fuck it sure feels like the bar was set too high and the Jays are gonna learn early….I think that might be a positive but fuck.

    • Some players will over perform,some under perform.There will be injuries.Winning streaks and losing streaks. And it’s unlikely the team you see now will be the same one in September.
      The one positive will be, that the Jays will be in the playoff hunt in September.

      • I hop so RADAR, but it is discouraging. Lind & Rasmus have been disappointing. I am wondering why so many balls are going over Colby’s head. Bonifacio had a night worse than Edwin a few years ago when he was at 1B. I would like to know why Santos wasn’t pitching last night.

        The team should try and use the running game more.

        Jose Reyes is a pleasure to watch.

        This won’t be a cakewalk year, but I would be outraged if the red sox finish ahead of the Jays.

  77. The team has holes and they need to gel. Boni is not a second baseman imho. Izzy goes back there. 3rd can be covered by the bench until Brett is back. I will never be a Rasmus fan. I would rather have Boni or even Gose in CF. It’s Colby’s attitude, lack of hustle and really, too many balls go over his head and fall in front of him for my liking. To me, two dudes make this offence run, Bats and Lawrie. Lawrie is so competitive it just rubs off on the other guys and they get a kick out of how aggressive he is but…they also pick it up a notch. Not having either of those guys last night really hurt. The pitching will come, it’s early, four games in and this team was not really together much because of the WBC and injuries and that’s too bad because of all the offseason changes this year. Keep the faith.

    • Excellent point about WBC…They were missing a LOT of Dominicans

      • My thoughts on Colby are that whoever is setting the defence now (Didnt it used to be Butterfield?) is positioning Colby too shallow and he cant get to the deeper fly balls. lt’s definitely not a lack of speed on Colby’s part.

    • Rasmus used to be an excellent defensive CF> I don’t remember so many balls going over his head last year.

  78. As someone who was at the game three things game to mind about pitching. The last three pitchers, Cecil, Rogers, and Jeffress are all kind on the bubble. atleast one gets sent packing. They kinda blew it for them.

    • Cecil was lights out. Jeffress was the worst of the three, without a doubt. I was surprise how much rope he was given with the game so close.

    • It has to be Jeffress that gets DFA’d

      • actually if you watched the first inning it was like watching frasor he had the bases juiced before he got to work. But I agree Jeffress was the worst which is why he was DFA’d

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