Cleveland Indians v Toronto Blue Jays

Cue panicky idiots: Jose Bautista is missing from tonight’s lineup against the Boston Farrell Sox.

Is it a big deal? No. Will fans still find a way to lose their minds in worry about this? Some of them probably.

Here’s what Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet told us earlier in the day:

So… obviously there’s a little bit of soreness still there, and they’re being cautious. Nothing surprising or wrong there, as long as we remember that the season is a marathon, not a sprint.

Simillarly, Edwin Encarnacion finds himself in the DH slot– after a late move to it– this evening, for the second game in a row.

No issues there, either:

And, actually, I’d say that it’s a day of good news, as Nicholson-Smith also talked to Jose Bautista about his surgically repaired wrist:

The Jays need him in the lineup, and there’s no reason to think that he won’t be back soon– and with the Jays carrying every fucking pitcher in the world, that’s a very good thing.

Shi Davidi and Brendan Kennedy the lowdown from John Gibbons:

The lineup for tonight, barring further late changes, will look like this:

SS Jose Reyes (S)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
RF Rajai Davis (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
1B Mark DeRosa (R)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)

Josh Johnson RHP

And, shit, for some reason it appears as though a few people are going to be showing up at tonight’s game…

How do ya like them apples?

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  1. Order, order…the Jimmy Rollins rule applies here.

  2. Nice tweets from the future you’ve got there

  3. Suck it Farrell.

  4. I wanted to set up an apple stand and sell apples before the game.

  5. As long as that wrist held together by string holds I’m not that concerned

  6. Will Farrell get booed more than any other former-Blue Jay returning to Toronto?

    I remember when AJ Burnett first came back to Toronto with the Yankees, he was rather raucously booed for the duration of his start, but that was aided in large part to the Doc’s good performance and the Jays’ bats getting to AJ ‘Pay Day’ Burnett kinda early.

    • Who boos Will Ferrell?? Other than Land of the Lost he has provided many hours of hearty laughs and good, clean fun. And, his baseball cred was established with his Eastbound and Down appearances and his stunt with the Red Rock Express. How dare you sir, how dare you??!!??

      Oh, okay, now I get it . . . . never mind.

  7. I’d be more angry if we didn’t actually get an upgrade at the manager position.

  8. Trolling Farrell will be hilarious

  9. Jose is so fine, he’s not playing. Can’t get no finer than that.

  10. Calm down simmons..

  11. Love that they consider DeRosa/Izturis a better option against the left than Adam Lind?

  12. I like Boni in the 2 hole, top of the order will put a lot of pressure on the D
    and Jarod Saltalamggfdkukauysfkjgsayyuadvv.
    I think that’s how you spell their catchers name.

  13. Santos will be a day to dat item. No more than 2 weeks. -Blue Jays April 2012. Never played for the rest of the year.
    Ryan only has a sore back-JPR April 08. Soon after on the DL never to be effective again.
    “it’s not lying if you know the truth”-JPR explaining the BS after being caught out on Ryan updates MAy 2008
    Lawrie is day to day and s/b back by the end of spring training-Blue Jays March 2013
    We will DL him and he should be back April 6 against Boston-Blue Jays MArch 2013. Still not back
    Jose Bautista is fine and day to day, howver he won’t play tonight so I guess not so fine

    Anyway, do we detect a pattern here? I hope to JC he is OK but they kit hard to believe them. Without both Lawrie and JB, the lineup isn’t the greatest really.

    Let’s hope the injury bug stays away!
    Foward Soviet! go get em spuds!-Now back to my merlot

    • Ugh…you again.

      • as the Who would say..”Who the FUCK are you??

        • Hahahahahahahahahhah. I think I’m the only one who got that one. I hope they play that tonight when Farrell comes out.

      • The man has a point, though. It’s not exactly in their best interests to advertise an injury. If that was the only point it’d be a fine one.

    • +1.

      It’s true that the Jays tend to underestimate the severity of the players injuries.

      I am sure other teams do the same.

      I wonder why the Brett Lawrie injury turned out to be more serious than expected. That hurts the team more than Bautista missing 1 game.

    • This has been going on for a while, and as much as I’m not panicking the thought is in the back of my head… and it’s annoying.

      Gin and tonic for me tonight

      • I’m going spiced rum and diet pepsi, it’s not classy but it gets my knees wobbly.

        • Straight bourbon for me tonight, I’m thinking.

          • I’ll join you on that…what’s your preferred pour?

            • ^^to ‘jefferee’.

            • @ pudge: haven’t tried a whole lot of bourbon… Maker’s Mark goes pretty well into mint juleps (which is what I do with bourbon about 50% of the time I drink it) so that’s what I’ve got around. Any suggestions?

              • Pudge can’t reply but he says be sure to wipe before you pull up your panties after that burbon and mint jalepenos drink.

              • I like Knob Creek an awful lot. I’ve got some Woodford Reserve here too. I’m thinking you guys have a good idea with straight bourbon tonight…

                • Somehow the comments are in epic reply fail mode. My bourbon post was @jeferee obviously

                • I’m with Fitz on the Knob Creek as a nice sipping bourbon at a (relatively, for Ontario) good price. Buffalo Trace isn’t too bad. For a little more, the Evan Williams Single Barrel (rhymes with Farrell) is really good.

                  If you want to go hard core (and don’t forget the water!), Bookers Small Batch @ +/- 63% abv will put hair on your chest. Enjoy.

                  • Makers was on the mark I think. It doesn’t necessarily have the star power of the others listed but suits my tastes better than the rest. Mind you it’s always a beer with the back so I’m not exactly sipping for flavour.

  14. I really hope Bautista does play. But that lineup is Lind-free! Lind-free! Lind-free!

    Lind-free at last! I shall tell myself that henceforth he shall be banished. It’s been so hard to enjoy the new talent — and man there really is a lot more talent out there than there was last year — with that black hole of suck dragging everything down. It’s bad enough when he’s a DH, just messing up the offense, but when they put him on 1B then you have to actually see him out on the field.

    Blessed relief.

    • What’s wrong with Lind? What don’t you like? The homers? I mean, I got the hate when he was failing as a cleanup hitter, but he has to be one of the better bottom third of the lineup hitters around now, doesnt he?

      Plus, I think a lot of the hate comes from opening night, but you do realize that he scorched that ball and its a 2 or 3 run hit 90% of the time?

  15. Farrell becomes the modern day Gorgeous George . sells tickets alright ! 42k waiting to see him fail.

    • I think its more like maybe five people who care. Honestly, a fat guy in tight pants is no reason to go to the park. If you wanna do something important, bring a sign protesting the price of beer.

  16. With all that I have, and that ain’t a shitload, I wish nothing but misery, petulance and hate on this……whoaaaaaaa….. talking about the relatives again……

    Suck It Farrell!

    • Why would you even post that without context. It’s about his wrist injury last year. Not his injury now. Troll.

      • I am well aware of that, as is everyone else, I was mearly recalling the hard times we fell on last year.

  17. Davis on twitter said that gibbons expects him to dh tomorrow

  18. I am hoping that instead of simply booing Ferrell, that the fans tonight adopt and modify the infamous “…..Daaarryyl……Daaarryyl…..Daaarryyl! chant. Maybe that is just me.

  19. what a refreshing sight: only one Lefty in the lineup against a Lefty. if Farrell in town wasn’t enough of a reminder of how poor he was at splits.

  20. So, I read this site nearly everyday, I rarely post. I thought I would just to say that the whole “suck it farrell” is weak. Its classless, immature and below what the Jays fans should be doing.

    Whats the big deal? You got a better manager and John Farelly was so mediocre I forget anything about him already,

    On the bright side, you gotta see that video where the kid jerks off his freind from the home opener. Now that is what baseball is all about. I.e Having fun and not getting so upset about something that doesnt matter. If you hear someone say “Suck it Farell” make sure you let them know what an ebarrassment they are. Thanks

    • With all do respect Jimmy….fuck right off! What I mean by that is fuck right off you fucking idiot!

      • Are you Tom Wappel, former MP for Scarborough southwest?

      • In retrospect it’d have been cool if everyone had these signs made and the
        Jays were blowing them out and then in the eight everyone through them up, but the whole Farrell hate doesn’t make sense to me beyond a funny sign at the ballpark.

        It’s downright embarrassing when they’re thrown up there all night and the Jays have a better than 45 percent chance of losing.

    • I don’t really care about Farrell or about about people booing him, I just wonder how if you read DJF every day you haven’t seen a gif of that video at least once…

    • If I hear someone saying “Suck it Farrell,” I’ll be sure to stop and tell them that you’ve suggested you’ll classily jack them off…

    • Jimmy, I kinda agree that the Suck it Farrell is weak.

      But for a guy who doesn’t post very often that was Debbie Downer.

      You’re benched says Gibby.

    • Suck it Jimmy.

  21. Dreeeeeeeeaaaaaaam Job! Dreeeeeeeeaaaaaaam job!

    • THIS should be the chant for the 40,000+ (minus the Masshole contingent)…it’s even family friendly for the kids to join in!!

  22. Bodacious Bonafacio will be golden tonight.

  23. Very astute first move by Farrell to re-endear himself to Jays fans by calling out Mike Wilner.

  24. Athletes are so spoiled these days, sore ankle and the little boy can’t play.

  25. You know, I never thought I would say this. Kinda like I never thought I’d drink Bud Lime or do yoga. But Wilner gets a golf clap from me for that one.

  26. Gibby’s gonna totally use him as a pinch hitter.

  27. Fuck is good
    Fuckin is so better

  28. Why is nobody talking about Josh Johnson, who may just be the Jays’ best acquisition of the off season?

  29. Don’t worry guys, I’ve got this all sewn up for the Jays.

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