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Speaking of podcasting, the Huffington Post lists our little DJF Podcast as one of Canada’s best. Sweet!

In a notebook post at BlueJays.com, Gregor Chisholm writes that Jose Bautista is expected to play tonight after twisting his ankle late in last night’s game, among other items. In an earlier notebook post he wrote about the encouraging results so far for Brett Cecil, whose velocity seems to be improved.

At ESPN.com (Insider Olney), Buster Olney writes about Bautista and umpires, pointing out that plenty of players with great relationships with umpires express their disagreements with them honestly– though not through the media, and certainly not using the word mediocrity. He ends on a completely sensible point: “It can’t help him to react the way he does; it may hurt him.” But as I said yesterday– and Bautista admitted himself– if he’s been hurt by it, it certainly doesn’t show up in any of the numbers.

The St. Petersburg Tribune writes that the City of Dunedin is working on a strategy to keep the Jays from leaving town when their lease at the former Grant Field expires in 2017.

Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. Plenty of stuff from yesterday’s Bisons opener in Buffalo, which was attended by just 4,000 fewer people than the Jays’ first win of the season:

- Cathal Kelly gives a rundown in the Toronto Star, and get the money quote from Bisons manager Marty Brown on Anthony Gose. “Grady [Sizemore] was a manager’s dream. This guy is better than Grady.” Swoon!

- Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail gets the same quote, but adds more crucial context from Brown. “He needs to solidify himself as an everyday player, which means he needs to hit left-handed pitching much better,” the Bisons manager said. “And quite frankly he’s probably going to have to learn more about that at the Major League level. If you’re a good left-hander in this league you’re usually in the big leagues.”

- MacLeod also gives five reasons to make the trip to Buffalo, and takes a look at the many practical reasons for this latest marriage between the two cities.

- Paul Casella of BlueJays.com notes that the Peace Bridge was lit up in Bisons colours for the second straight night on Thursday.

- Jays Prospects previews the 2013 Bisons.

Elsewhere, Shi Davidi previews the season for the Jays’ entire minor league system over at Sportsnet.

Davidi and Michael Grange go back and forth on what to do about John Farrell, as he makes his return to Toronto tonight as the manager of the Boston Red Sox.

Tom Maloney of the Globe and Mail also gets us set for Farrell’s return, as does Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star.

In the Toronto Sun, Steve Buffery writes that Farrell and his “duplicitous ways” aren’t worth getting riled up about.

Elsewhere in the Sun, Bill Lankhof says that John Gibbons is content with his bullpen.

Mike Wilner of Sportsnet was impressed with Brandon Morrow this week, while his colleague Arden Zwelling has a feature on Aaron Loup, and Michael Grange writes that early wins do matter.

Sean Fitz-Gerald of the National Post writes about the fan experience at the home opener, which was frustrating for many– especially those in the 500s waiting for beer.

Elsewhere in the Post, John Lott talks to the awesome Sergio Santos, who won’t second guess the pitch that Mark Reynold hit out on Wednesday night.

Steal Of Home looks at this week in Home Run Damage, noting that the Jays had both the highest (J.P. Arencibia) and lowest (Edwin Encarnacion) apex of any of the bombs hit in the Majors.

Mop Up Duty takes a look at R.A. Dickey and his Opening Night knuckleballs.

Somewhat related, Ben Lindbergh introduces This Week In Catcher Framing at Baseball Prospectus (not paywall’d!).

Alan Ashby, now back in the Houston Astros’ broadcast booth, made a kind of weird comment about Yu Darvish, and according to Big League Stew made a kind of weird apology.

Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs looks at Roy Halladay’s most recent start, which didn’t exactly do a whole lot to convince anyone that the Hall-of-Fame-bound 35-year-old.

Jeff Pearlman has a Q&A with former Jay and former Roy Halladay shin-destroyer, Kevin Mench.

Geddy Lee talks to MLB.com about his love of baseball and the Jays. Best bass player ever, come on!

Mother Jones looks at baseball’s asshole-ish owners– with a U.S. political bent– and figure that the Jays ownership is pretty inoffensive. Sure…

Read it: Jonah Keri’s awesome Q&A with Pete Rose at Grantland.

Awesome as always, it’s the Getting Blanked GIFs of the Week.

Lastly, Graeme Phillips of NOW Magazine was at Opening Day and provides this video review, including a rather hilarious kid and some people answering questions seriously while wearing ridiculous things.

Toronto Blue Jays Home Opener 2013 from NOW Magazine on Vimeo.

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  1. If I’m supposed to completely despise John Farrell for pursuing his dream job, should I feel the same way about Ashby going to Houston?

    I’m completely open to hating Farrell and/or Ashby if someone gives me a good reason.

    • Two totally different senerios.

      • Don’t we hate the Red Sox anyway? Is that not a good enough reason?

      • @RADAR

        They are different. But not completely incomparable.

        I have yet to see a good reason to hate Farrell. I pretty much like the guy as much as I used to though I like Gibbons more.

        I like Ashby as well. But if I’m supposed to hate people leaving to pursue their dream job perhaps I will rethink my stance on Ashby.

        • dont think anyone says you have to hate him, just that most people dont.

          Dont jump off that bridge if we do.

          • The difference is that Ashby was good at his job.

            • Exactly Danny!

              So then we should hate Ashby more because he added value to the Blue Jays (listening experience).

              But, seriously, Farrell being good, average or bad at his job has nothing to do with the blind rage fans will want to release later today.

        • Ashby wasn’t managing the team and had no part of “making us winners”. Totally different story. Don’t play dumb.

          People resent Farrell because he came ostensibly to get something DONE (again totally different than Ashby) and he did a mediocre job that we can at least speculate was hindered by his desire to leave back for Boston. Remember – after only one year he apparently talked about going back there.

          Do I really care or really fault him? No. But I sure as well want to show him just how much we don’t need him.

          • @Sons

            Don’t be dumb. John Farrell accepted AA’s job offer when the organizational policy allowed him to leave whenever he wanted.

            There is zero evidence that it affected his job performace.

            • @Jays2010 – That’s why I said “speculate”.

              • That’s like speculating Roy Halladay didn’t do his job to the best of his ability in the last few weeks of his Jays tenure.

                Is it possible? Sure anything is possible. But I think we have to try really hard to believe it.

        • The PR that was used to soften Farrell’s exit glosses over the way in which Farrell conducted himself.
          Nobody begrudges Butterfield or Ashby for leaving, partially because of their positions and the effect on the club as a whole.
          Farrell was hired to a three year term, which he himself tried to weasel out of after the first year.Instead of focusing on increasing the Blue Jays chances of winning. He used the Jays as a training exercise, which he thanked them for at his press conference.In reading Griffins account of Farrell conversing with the BoSox players, you get the image that he was a charlatan, intent on not only getting out of Toronto asap but having another agenda other than trying to build a winner in Toronto.
          Did he try to lose?–No
          Did he give it all his attention?No
          He was morally and contractally obligated to do the best for the Blue Jay organization.
          As a Jays fan, I feel he used his position as leverage instead of honoring his commitment.A position that hundreds of qualified people would kill for.
          Ashby leaving doesn’t affect the club positively or negatively

          • Seriously?

          • @RADAR

            With all due respect, there are a lot of false assumptions, logical leaps and probably a dash of willful ignorance mixed into your comment. But thanks for reminding me about Butterfield!

            None of these are good reasons to hate Farrell and still like Ashby and probably Butterfield. Farrell pursued his dream job just as Ashby did.

            How do we know John Farrell only accepted the job because of the opt-out clause allowing him to pursue lateral transfers?

            I ask again. Give me a good reason to hate him?

    • I watched that game on account of my undying forever-love for Yu Darvish (swoon), and thought it was a huge treat to listen to Ashby on TV. I don’t think the comment was that bad–tough to tell, but at the time it seemed to be in response to AJ Pierzynsky CLEARLY screaming “FUCK” while Darvish grinned and laughed.

      • It’s ridiculous. The entirety of the “racism” is that he referred to the fact that Yu doesn’t speak much English. How is that racist at all? I don’t speak Mandarin. Am I supposed to feel like a loser or a degenerate because of that? Ashby was sympathizing with a guy and validating his great performance.

  2. The Davidi minor league preview is going to the Jays Prospects piece

  3. I’m really looking forward to JPA making a big step forward this season. Stoeten absolutely will not admit he was wrong, he’ll just casually mention him less and less and I’ll enjoy it quietly from my computer.

    • There might not be a measurable reason that JPA will be better this year, but I bet Stoeten would be delighted to be wrong in this case, because it’ll probably mean the Jays are doing well as a result.

    • He’s always had the power that he showed off last night. Those two bombs don’t mean a whole lot though if he can’t shore up his plate discipline, which has always been the knock.

      If he does take care of that, it’ll be a long season for Jays opponents.

    • Of course I’ll admit it, you jackass. Where is this coming from?

      • just the certainty you talk with in regards to things you have no way of being certain about.
        You just get so confident that not only is there a 0% chance you could be mistaken, you talk like anyone who disagrees with you is a complete retard. Usually when you are wrong, you side step it, explain all the reasons why this once in a blue fluke doesn’t mean anything and just casually move on to a new target.

        • Hard to talk about anything in this game with certainty, so I usually don’t, actually. Try reading.

        • I have argued for JPA with Stoeten and others here. In fairness, Stoeten has made his case referring to stats and has said he would love to be wrong.

    • David’s that guy who thought JPA would be the next Mike Piazza after his major league debut.

      It was a damn good debut, though.

    • I’ve never really read stoeten saying that JPA can’t develop in to an average catcher with above average power, he’s merely criticized him for not being that yet. Which is pretty fuckin evident given his numbers


  5. From Kelley’s piece:

    “The Bisons were happy to have us, too. Not just because they’d spent four terrible years as a New York Mets affiliate. Since the Mets are also a minor-league franchise, that was an involuntary demotion.”

    Shots. Fired.

  6. Stoeten,

    Did it not bother you how Olney misled/lied to/and totally gave his readers aone sided article?

    I posted this a few minutes ago under Zubers article. Olney flat out made shit up and misquoted Jose:

    I used to like Buster Olney and when fellow DJF’s said things like “Olney hates the jays” and other similar comments I perceived it as loyal fans sticking up for their boys.
    After the article today I’m on board, Olney is a spiteful hating piece of shit.

    He took Jose’s comments out of context and even made up facts for his one sided piece.
    He quoted from John Lotts piece where Jose said “on disputed calls that he’s watched on replay Umpires have been wrong 70 to 80 percent of the time”.

    Olney took that small quote mixed it into his article and even changed the numbers and said plainly “Bautista thinks umpires are wrong 80 to 85 percent of the time”.

    He made it sound like Jose thinks all calls are wrong 80 to 85 percent of the time, he even inflated the numbert to make it more inflammatory.

    The only other direct quote that he took from Jose’s interview was the one about being “affected by somebody else’s mediocrity” .

    Again he let this quote stand on it’s own after about three previous paragraphs regailing the reader with Jose’s bad plate behaviour.

    I don’t like the yelling and glares that Jose sometimes does but Olney completely paints Bautista as a bad apple who’s going to suffer severe consequences. (Because Umpires are not professional at all and will band together in some kind of conspiracy to vengefully destroy Jose)

    Olney intentionally missled readers today and made up facts. How is this allowed to happen?

    Zuber, Stoeten, I’d love to see you address this in a post.

    • think you made the point why hes not liked for things like that.

    • It’s sometimes easy to forget how large a proportion of baseball fans are non-SABR, narrative-liking people. Olney is in business to serve these people. Whatever

    • Suck it Olney!

    • You realize that you’re insane, right? Nothing wrong with the article, except maybe saying 80 to 85% when it’s quoted as less earlier in the piece. Meh.

      • I am insane, most comely, genius, rum drinkers are.

        I am surprised that you don’t find his incorrect facts or overall negative portrait of Jose offensive. You know, as a fellow respected journalist/writer.
        Plus, Jose’s one of our boys yo. Get his back here.

        • Get his back? Fuck that. Olney isn’t saying anything wrong. I disagree with the portrayal too– I think making a big deal of Bautista’s reaction to a spring at bat in a game where he doesn’t give a fuck about the score and is there to get himself ready for the season is dumb, but so what? He’s not saying anything wrong here– except the minor item as noted– and feeding the Olney Hates The Jays horseshit is a whole lot worse, in my mind, than bothering to give two shits about a piece that isn’t half as bad as you seem to think it is– or bad at all, frankly.

        • Well I’m with you Smasher. I heard the Olney stuff and then read the full quote and he definitely was trying to paint a darker picture.

          At the same time… fuck him. Move on.

      • Hey Stoeten why the fuck do you always have to throw in an insult whenever you disagree with a comment? Just curious if you would give the same type of responses if one was sitting across the table from you…..I think not.

  7. Colby Rasmus’ Hair Claok.

    PS Suck It Farrel.

  8. just for fun
    my stab at tonights line up…..

    Reyes SS
    Melky LF
    JoeyBats DH
    EE 1B
    Aaron Cibia C
    DeRosa 3B
    Izturis 2B
    Rajai RF
    Bonifacio CF

    9 Right handers?

    maybe yes maybe no?

    Leaves you with no real speed on the bench unless your talking about Colby, but hey, why not, our two lefties aren’t doing so hot right now.

    • I’m guessing Rasmus plays, and Davis either DH’s or plays RF so Bautista can DH and rest the ankle.

  9. Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. I am not intimidated.

  10. How can you conclude that Bautista’s relationship with umps is not affecting his numbers? Yes, he’s had good stats. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not being affected by umps who don’t like him. The only way you could conclude otherwise would be if his OBP were 1.000.

    • wow thats a pretty fuckin stupid comment on your part.

      Jose Bautista hitting a fly ball or a ground out has nothing to do with the umps, but would affect his OBP.

      The point is that he is still a successful hitter, how you missed that speaks a lot to your intelligence.

    • Hard to prove by an aggregate stat. You could only pick at pitch f/x data after arguing vs not arguing(?)

      More to the point, prove why it WOULD hurt anything.

      If someone makes a stink about my eyesight in front of 50,000 people, next time up I am going to bear down and make sure my calls are good. I would be quite hesitant to make a worse call and have pitch f/x show me to be incompetent.

  11. Man I can’t get over my total disdain for Adam Lind.

  12. Whats the over/under on when we will stop talking about Bautista frowning at bad calls?

    • I’d say when it becomes evident that they’re not impacting him, but that should have been three years ago, so…

    • I don’t know but if I have to keep reading about it after every game, I’m gonna rip my fucking eyes out. The guy is the best HR hitter in the league…if he wants to bitch about shitty umpiring, let him.

      On a related topic, Gruber was on 590 yesterday morning and said the teams in the early 90s were convinced the umps were out to get them because nobody wanted a Canadian team to win. In fact, he said something about Cito talking to the team about it a lot. And last time I checked they won two championships.

      • Mr. Mullet also mentioned that the two Canadian umpires in the AL at the time were the worst offenders as they didn’t want to be seen as biased towards the Jays.

  13. Lind needs to go. I see JJ shutting them out tonight. Weird feeling Rajai has a big night too. Also- Suck it Farrell

    • Lind needs to see the bench

    • Lind is poop, at least Aaron delivered

    • i know it won’t happen yet. prob in a year or 2

      but I’m really starting to believe that the best thing for this team is to call up gose and move on from lind.. and no this isn’t based on the first 3 games its based on the fact that outside of vernon wells he’s been one of the worst fulltime players in the league the last 2 years.

      Gose to RF, Bautista to 1B, EE to DH.

      having a 8-9-1 of Bonafacio, Gose, Reyes gives me a boner

      • EE has been pretty good at first and I don’t know how much Bautista has played at 1st. I’d rather move melky from LF to DH maybe, but we will see how he continues to play out there.

      • Lind has been above average against right-handed pitching over the last three years. Not great, but not awful. He should never face a lefty, and he’s not close to irreplaceable, but they’re paying him too much to just release him unless they can replace that production at the league minimum. Gose certainly isn’t the answer, though. Him and Rasmus can’t really coexist because neither of them hits well enough to be a corner outfielder– not that there are spots available anyway.

        • Fully agree Stoeten. He’s our best option against righties and I don’t think we have a viable alternative in the minors. We should all pray that he gets it going this year or somehow the Ninja pulls a power hitting DH out of his ass.

        • having someone who hits right handers at an average rate taking up a spot on the 25 man is useless.

          I understand Gose isn’t the answer, especially when we’re talking about a DH spot. However atleast Gose brings more to the table.

          Having Gose in the Outfield, and Bautista at 1B improves the team defensively, and gose at the very least can steal some bases.

          I was a huge Lind fan and supporter. The team has been nothing but amazing to him, the fact that he’s gotten this many AB’s over the last 2 years is remarkable, but it’s time to cut him lose. chances are he goes elsewhere and re breaks out a la Hill.

          • If Lind is the equivalent of a $1 million free agent picked up to hit RHP, what is so useless about that.

            Lind is overpaid. Barring something very unlikely, he is slightly above useless. Move on.

        • ” but they’re paying him too much to just release him”


  14. Jays just tweeted tonight’s line-up. Davis in RF, DeRosa at DH, no Bautista. Wonderful.

  15. Been reading about how much everyone hates the Wave at the dome…which is understandable…but can we talk about how annoying the Jose Jose Jose Jose chants are? It was one thing when they were doing it for Bautista, but now they seem to be doing it for Reyes too. ugh…

  16. Watching Prince crush balls is fun but at times makes me wonder what could have been.

  17. Is Jose being held out more precautionary?

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