April 4th Graph

Name WPA
Reyes – SS 0.07
Cabrera – LF 0.08
Bautista – RF 0.14
Davis – RF N/A Name  WPA
Encarnacion – DH 0.29 Buehrle  -0.43
Lind – 1B  -0.07 Delabar  0.1
Arencibia – C 0.3 Loup  0
DeRosa – 3B  -0.11 Rogers  -0.01
Rasmus – CF 0.07 Oliver  0
Bonifacio – 2B  -0.01 Janssen  0.08
Total  0.75 Total  -0.25

Bests / Worsts and the gif of the game after the jump!

Shamsky: JP Arencibia, 29.8%
Griffin: Mark Buehrle, -42.9%
Impact At-Bat: Edwin Encarnacion 3-run Home Run, Bot 5, 30.8%
Impact Pitch: Lonnie Chisenhall 2-run Double, Top 6, -18.3%
Highest Leverage AB: Bautista Flyout, Bot 5, 2.48
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Carlos Santana bases-loaded ground out, Top 8, 6.86
Lineup Contribution: 74.8%
Pitching Contribution: -24.8%
Average Leverage Index: 0.87
Chart explanation

- Mark Buehrle’s line: 5.1IP, 7H, 2HR, 6ER, 1BB, 4K.

- Home runs from Bautista, Encarnacion, Rasmus, and two from Arencibia were all no-doubters.

- Jose Reyes scored 3 runs and you love him.

 - The 9th and 10th Jays runs of the game, which proved to be incredibly important, were the only two runs not driven in by homers and were both products of Bonifacio and Reyes scoring from 2nd as plays were made at first. Reyes ran through a stop sign from 3rd base coach Luis Rivera, who must have forgotten he was dealing with Jose Reyes because he scored standing up without even a hint of a throw. 

- Bonifacio’s run was particularly impressive after he used that same speed and heads up running to stretch a simple hit into centre into a sliding double.

- The Jays drew 6 walks.

- You’re right to hate Brett Myers.

- Adam Lind has opened the season 0-for-12

- Casey Janssen cruised in the 9th, striking out 2.

The Jays open up a series with the Red Sox tonight, Felix Dubront vs Josh Johnson. You should go to the game and boo John Farrell.

(All data via Fangraphs)

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  1. Doesn’t Shamsky imply that team lost?

    • I was also wondering about this.

    • Whoops! Well observed.

      I was incredibly tired when I put this together and forgot to change it.

      Was going to go with “Pagliaroni” since he has the record for highest WPA in a win, but the 2nd best WPA is still far, far behind Shamsky.

      Any ideas for a replacement title?

  2. Really happy you’re still alive, Zubes.

  3. Someone should get a count on how many people are actually getting on a plane to go watch the Blue Jays this weekend (and boo John Farrell). Including me, I count 4 commentors…

    • Why boo someone who actually did the Jays a favor by leaving?

      • That is a logical response, but this is an emotional issue.

      • Seriously??

        • Because, while your point is valid, John Farrell is also an insufferable asshole and a terrible human being.

      • Here is a topic for discussion.

        Did Farrell leaving the Jays for his” dream job” embarrass the Jays & convince Rogers that they would have to spend more money to field a competitive team in 2013?

        Farrell could have done the Jays a favor by quitting because it made the team look like a mickey mouse organization.

        AA didn’t really care about compensation from the red sox. he got rid of Aviles pretty quickly.

        • I am going to say…. No (or at least 99% no).

          I think they made the moves because:
          1. The division is weaker than it has been in some time
          2. They had the franchise built up to the point that they felt they were close to breaking through
          3. Excitement and attendance was up last year despite disappointing results
          4. They had the ridiculous Marlin’s deal fall on their lap
          5. They are getting a bunch of TV Deal money from the MLB

          I think trying to credit Farrell with spurring the organization into action is nothing more than propping up a false narrative.

        • Why do you keep spouting off this ridiculous theory Oakville?

          An organization isn’t going to increase payroll by $40 million because a manager leaves.

    • We’ll be at the game tonight. Third base side. This should be fun.

      • I’m going to the game tonight, and I’ll gladly boo Farrell.

        • But if Farrel gets booed, and thinks that the fans are upset because he left for the Sox, and comes out of the dugout for a captip, more booing will only bring a smile to his face and perhaps move him to write an appology to the fans. Why boo?

    • My two brothers and some of their friends are driving in from Ottawa to boo fuck face

  4. Best part of this entire post: Being reminded that Josh Johnson is starting for the Blue Jays tonight.


    • As our FOURTH starter! Epic.

      • A quote from the SonsofSamHorn thread…

        “Josh Johnson is their fourth starter.


        followed by…

        “Meh, coming to the AL East with weakening stuff and declining peripherals after a career in the NL? Bring it on.”

        Now the punchline reply…!

        “I’d totally be down with getting on this train if we didn’t just throw Ryan Dempster out there for our third start.”


    • to steal from Carl Sagan: + billions and billions!

  5. EMILIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m heading down tonight and tomorrow. Can’t wait to see our boys kick the SHIT out of those Massholes! I’m not much of a boo-er but I will certainly be giving Farrell some heat, even if I am in the 200′s and have full knowledge that he can’t fucking hear me. IMO, this is the type of stuff that generates great rivalries in sports. Going to be a fun weekend! Go Jays!

  7. It’s going to be at Vince Carter levels of venom in there. The only difference is that given time Vince has a bit of hope in repairing his relationship with Toronto. That’s not happening here. I can’t wait to be a part of it.

  8. Boy do I hate these single game, mail it in posts ..

    • *The Zubes gently nestles his balls on your chin with a glimmer in his eyes that says “I own you now.”*

    • It’s a fresh post for people to chat about their thoughts from last night’s game. Call it a creature comfort if you will. I like them.

  9. I’m going and probably selling my 100 seats so I can go join the chaos in the 500′s. Having said that, I only want good natured chaos. I hope they have proper security on hand.

  10. I demand more GIFs!

  11. Just a suggestion:

    What about adding a link to a game story from the opposing team’s hometown newspaper or fan blog (one of the better ones anyway). Might be interesting to get another perspective.

  12. can we get a thread to spew farrell hate asap? because fuck that guy.

  13. I hope Buerhle doesn’t think he’s going to get 10 runs of support for every outing…..

    that said, it was hella nice to see the bats come alive.

    that bonifacio double was weird…either he was lucky on a lawrie-level bonehead move or he’s a clairvoyant. I’m willing to believe either…

    when is lawrie back? can we start sitting lind for him or rajai soon?

    so bautistia is on pace to hit 108 dingers eh? i hope he can be in the lineup tonight…even as DH. although I kind of think Rajai stands to provide more impact than folks might give him credit for…depending on the batting order and how terribly shitty Lind & Rasmus are tonight….

    • Hopefully Reyes or Boni can teach Rajai something about baserunning.

      His judgement calls on the base paths are consistently terrible and I’m not sure if it’s just me but I think he has a terrible reaction time to pick off moves.

      That said he can definitely be an impact player when he gets on and I feel bad seeing him dutifully stretching out in the dugout every time they cut to it. Anyone else see him wearing a mouth guard last night?

    • I had read Lawrie wasn’t coming along as fast as they had hoped and I translate that into an end of April return.

  14. The boo is nothing new and he needs to be mocked. Has any stadium ever laughed at someone they hated? 30,000+ pointing and laughing at Farrell is bloody EPIC.

    Get it going DJF. You have the power. #hahafuckingfool

    • I thought the same thing about Wells. How much funnier would it be for all of us to just laugh at him in pinstripes instead of booing a guy who technically didn’t do anything wrong?

      On the other hand, he’s a Yankee now, so…

      • Either reaction is pretty mean-spirited to direct at a home grown guy who was active in PR and community events and never spoke out of turn and whose biggest flaw was signing to stay and play for this team.

      • You can’t boo Vernon Wells. All of us would have signed that contract.

        He’s a decent guy that was a good and occasionally great player.

        Happy trails to him, I say. He’s okay.

        • How did this get to talking about Wells? Good guy no need to boo.

          Let’s stay on topic: Farrell.

          • It’s not like Vernon was a free agent and chose NY over Toronto. I would treat him like any other average Yankee. He isn’t Arod, hasn’t earned to be singled out for boos.

  15. however, its a dangerous game you play when so far your team’s record is 1-2…..

    not that this indicates anything yet….but you BOO too much now and you could be looking at a season of the RIOS effect (boo him…he hits homerun) and then its going to be a bitter pill if the jays don’t live up to their lineup on paper…and if the SUX pull off a decent season.

    • To boo Farrell may motivate the Sox and produce bad karma but if the Jays can’t overcome that, then there are bigger problems to be concerned about.It would basically mean that the talent collectted isn’t as solid as advertised.
      To make it to the playoffs and the WS, the Jays are going to have to beat some very motivated teams.

    • I’m also wary of the effect a mass booing will have. These things never go well for Toronto (e.g. Alex Rios, Vince Carter multiple times, etc.)

  16. I’m a Lind & a Colby away from absolutely loving this roster….

    Great to see the speed! Hope Emilo stays our starting 2nd baseman once Lawrie comes back.

    Now let’s destroy our new whipping boys this weekend

  17. http://wamcoshirt.blogspot.com great classic 1993 jays shirt!

  18. ok, can somebody please explain to me what that graph is all about??

  19. some twitter follows for this weekend only:


    Welcome to Toronto, massholes; say hi to Farrett for me

  20. The bad about the GIF: more empty seats than fans.

    Wish the Leafs would disappear.

  21. I hope Stoeten is hard at work on today’s much-anticipated (by me at least) Photoshop Friday!!!!!

    Go To Town

  22. People are bitching about the attendance early in the season. Winning a few more of these types of games will go a looooong way to filling the seats during the cold months.

  23. Here this might help fuel some fire:


    “Canadians don’t like it when anyone leaves Canada. It happens too often and those that stay have a complex about it, according to the one loyalist.”

    This is going to be good.

    • Personally, I don’t give a fuck about Farrell – but I can’t say I disagree with the quote when it’s applied to the general Canadian populace.

      • Gotta disagee EW.
        At least in my experience, I’ve never seen anybody who left Canada, to work in another country, be thought of in a negative sense. Most Canadians who work in the US or abroad,embrace the fact that they are Canadian.
        Farrell’s departure while welcomed in one sense also exposed him for what he is.

        • I took the quote as only applying to Sports related moves.

          As for Canadians working abroad you’re right.

  24. Brett Myers got hit harder than his wife.

  25. Jays making announcement at noon?

  26. Seeing some things on Twitter about some announcement at noon. Anyone know anything about it?

  27. That Rasmus show of power was awesome, if only he could bring that more often. Adam LOLind in full mid-season form. I think he’s gotta be the only consistent weak spot in the Jays lineup.

    • Rasmus’ power was awesome but it would be more awesome if he didn’t have to sell out to hit homers so he didn’t stike out just over (Let me just check the stats here, dum dum dum de de dum dum) 99.99999997% of the time.

      I still believe though for reasons unknown

    • Power was always there….consistent at bats is what he hasnt been showing

    • If Bonifacio plays well I could see him moving up in the order to give Melky some at-bats behind Edwin and in front of Lawrie. I’m sick and tired of giving high leverage at-bats to Lind. Bonifacio had a .360 OBP in 2011 while playing full-time. I bet on him over Lind any day of the week.

  28. It’s too early to be concerned that Casey Janssen’s FB velocity is down 2 MPH compared to last year, right? Just an early season thing?

  29. Let us not forget our favourite Mexican friend, reliever Alfredo Aceves… go Canada!

  30. What the hell was with all the fly balls over melky’s head? One over Bautista too, dudes you gotta play deeper. Those were catchable, at least 1 or 2 of them anyway.

    Don’t care about wells but you have to give overbay a hard time

  31. [...] spent some time trolling Blue Jays forums and found out that there were actually people up there that call themselves baseball fans. I wonder [...]

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