Off the heels of the pitch-perfect 2013 Blue Jays Adventure RPG video comes a new video-game parody about the Toronto Blue Jays for your viewing pleasure.

This one, called Super Baseball Toronto GM Ninja Battle is a street-fighter style tale of Alex Anthopolous and his rise to power as the GM of the Jays. I won’t spoil any of the battles for you, just know that digital Beeston is nails.

This video is part of a great longread from Canadian Business and is the master work of @Cashewmirman, a Jays must-follow and creator of such frequently awesome content that I am sincerely doubting my own abilities in comparison. Check out all of his work at Weekend Punks, which currently features an animation of Anthony Gose running through a wall.

No, YOU’RE a Friday post.

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  2. Wow

  3. This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever watched.

  4. Ha, Hey kid wait up!! Classic

  5. Did anyone else find themselves almost clicking continue at the end!?

    Or am I the only dumbass confused into thinking it was real game?

  6. Fuck Farrell Forever

  7. Sorry if this has been answered already but what’s the word on Bautista for tonight? He gettin the green light after last night?

  8. Time well wasted! This is awesome.

  9. Cashew Mirman is my hero!

  10. Okay, I know the answer is “no, you’re an idiot” but couldn’t we totally get Halladay right now? Like what about Buehrle and some mediocre prospect? I don’t even care that he’s throwing 85.

    Ya, I’m an idiot and it’s not happening…

    • Well, if no one else is going to do it…No Ray, you’re an idiot.

    • at this point in time im thinking Buehrle is a better pitcher then halladay.

      • But wouldn’t you rather have Halladay? This was my point; the dollar figures cancel out too. Bring him home!

    • Well they’re both probably average starters right now. One is overpaid this season (Halladay) and the other is overpaid for the next two seasons but is a good deal this season (Buehrle).

      I’d do it. Even if Halladay sucks it’s only a one year commitment.

      But I’m also biased.

  11. Adam Lind goes 0-4 tonight.

    Any takers?

    • I don’t know.. could be an offensive outburst again. I say he gets a fifth AB and goes 0-5.

      • I hate how this has been an ongoing joke/bet for so many seasons now….

        He is pretty much the last remaining player from the Wells/Overbay/Hill “era” that I wanna see gone so bad.

        Too many bad memories….

    • Hopefully Lind, we could use a walk or two out of him.

  12. I dunno, not as good as the other ones that have come out. AA’s not that fan-friendly (no offense to him, just how he does business), and the Jays retooled, they didn’t really rebuild.

    It’s a run-down of a false narrative some traditional media have been pushing, with no subtle jokes thrown in for hardcore fans.

    • They didn’t rebuild??? What? I think Lind is the only player that played under Gibby the first time. Didn’t rebuild? I… wha…?

      • They’ve had a ton of talent at the ML level over the past few years. If you were asked before any of the past three seasons if the Jays were in a rebuild, you’d say no. AA’s accumulated a lot of talent, but he never made the Major League roster noncompetitive in the process.

        I’m just saying the other ones that have come out have been funnier… if I didn’t laughed at this one, I’m not going to say I did just because others found it funny.

    • Can’t wait to see Bruce’s first video…

  13. Hey, tonights the first ‘ex-Jays’ vs. ‘ex-Jays’ showdown in the NL tonight…the snoozefest that will be Mets vs. Marlins.

    Suck it, Farrell.

  14. For any DJF’s at home or working from home…the Sportsnets have Yankees @ Tigers right now…go Tigers!!

  15. I used to like Buster Olney and when fellow DJF’s said things like “Olney hates the jays” and other similar comments I perceived it as loyal fans sticking up for their boys.
    After the article today I’m on board, Olney is a spiteful hating piece of shit.

    He took Jose’s comments out of context and even made up facts for his one sided piece.
    He quoted from John Lotts piece where Jose said “on disputed calls that he’s watched on replay Umpires have been wrong 70 to 80 percent of the time”.

    Olney took that small quote mixed it into his article and even changed the numbers and said plainly “Bautista thinks umpires are wrong 80 to 85 percent of the time”.

    He made it sound like Jose thinks all calls are wrong 80 to 85 percent of the time, he even inflated the numbert to make it more inflammatory.

    The only other direct quote that he took from Jose’s interview was the one about being “affected by somebody else’s mediocrity” .

    Again he let this quote stand on it’s own after about three previous paragraphs regailing the reader with Jose’s bad plate behaviour.

    I don’t like the yelling and glares that Jose sometimes does but Olney completely paints Bautista as a bad apple who’s going to suffer severe consequences. (Because Umpires are not professional at all and will band together in some kind of conspiracy to vengefully destroy Jose)

    Olney intentionally missled readers today and made up facts. How is this allowed to happen?

    Zuber, Stoeten, I’d love to see you address this in a post.

  16. Was this linked earlier this year? cause i just saw it on their sit eand it is awesome:

  17. sick video!!!

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