Boston Red Sox v Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Blue Jays will give it another go today in game two of the series, with lefty J.A. Happ on the mound to take on the Red Sox and John Lackey, yes the same John Lackey coming off Tommy John surgery that somehow got a five year, $82 million deal in the 2009 off-season. Jose Reyes, very quickly becoming a fan favourite in the city, had one hell of a night, recording four hits, and falling just a triple short of the cycle. As for a Jose Bautista update, he tested the ankle during batting practice, but will once again sit.


The Blue Jays bullpen, which was short handed last night with Casey Janssen, Darren Oliver and Steve Delabar unavailable, will have a new face in it today after the team announced they recalled Dave Bush from Buffalo. So they still have the eight man bullpen and three man bench.




Shi Davidi has a recap of last night’s festivities in which John Farrell reiterated the following:

“I can look myself in the mirror and say that I gave the Blue Jays organization everything I had on a given day, to work as diligently, as thoroughly as possible to win a game on a given night. We had to deal with a lot of things along the way.”

Richard Griffin writes about last night in photo blog fashion. Griffin also tweets that Brett Lawrie is still not scheduled for minor league games.

Chris Toman of writes about the impressive outing by reliever Brett Cecil last night.

TV: Sportsnet

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Rajai Davis (R)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Mark DeRosa (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)

J.A. Happ LHP

Boston Red Sox

CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
RF Shane Victorino (S)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
1B Mike Napoli (R)
3B Will Middlebrooks (R)
DH Jonny Gomes (R)
C David Ross (R)
LF Jackie Bradley Jr. (L)
SS Pedro Ciriaco (R)

John Lackey RHP

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  1. If Lind goes 0-fer again today, I’m calling AA and Beeston and farting into the receiver. I’ve had enough of him ruining scoring opportunities for 4 straight games

    • Seriously? I get that Lind was horrible first half of last year, and pretty much all of the two years prior, but we’re four (!) games into the season, and he didn’t even play half of last night. Now maybe Lind will be just as bad as everyone expects again this year, but can we at least get to, say April 15th before we start dumping on our own guys! Because, you know, even the best players never have slow starts to the season, or one series where they do not get a hit…right? And I am pretty sure he was the only one in the line up not hitting the first two games right?
      I actually have been somewhat encouraged by the way he has been hitting, sure the results aren’t there, and I haven’t seen all of his at bats, but he has hit the ball hard a couple of times, including one that he hit it on the screws to start the double play in the opener, and one he drove it to the track last night. Admittedly this may be me just trying to see something that is not there, but he hit alright second half of last season, and are we really ready to write people off before the second week of the season?

      • yah, you’re right. You are trying to see something that’s not there

        • Lind hit .304 after the all-star break last year, with an ops of .784. I believe that is above replacement level, and probably better than a lot of people give him credit for. If he hits like that I think he will be fine in the 6/7 spot in the order as is the plan when Bautista and Lawrie are back, and especially so if he is being platooned. All I am saying is, like the team as a whole that is not off to the best start, lets give him more than half of the first week before we condemn the entire season!

          • I’m with Jeremy on this. I like Lind but having a DH/1B hit 6th or 7th in this division will cost us. Especially with injuries.

  2. For an injury that was “not at all” like his rib injury of a year ago, Brett Lawrie has now been out a month with no immediate plans to get him into games.

    Not good.

  3. Reading some Red Sox-related items, a lot of the scribes are saying last night brought their team closer together. Make of that what you choose I guess.

    • You mean beating a team high on its own farts in front of 45,000 of their fans booing your manager for no reason other than his professional preference and right to ply his trade where he wants to, would galvanize your team??

      Who would have thunk it.

      Lackey wins!

    • Why wouldn’t the Massholes be riding high? Toronto got all the hype, but the Sox are getting all the wins. They’re playing .750 baseball on the road. They should be feeling groovy.

      • I agree. I do hope that last night’s game ends up being the seeds for a great rivalry. We haven’t had a real rival since the Tigers in the 80s, it does make the games more fun as a fan on either side.

  4. It’s gotta be the goggles…

  5. I ain’t a “sky is falling” kinda guy

    but if Bautista misses any more games I’m gonna be pretty pissed

    • Better now than September

      • never a good time. a win now = a win in September.

        • +1. It’s funny how fans forget basic math.

          Wins in September are not higher weighted than wins in April

          In 2011, the red sox got off to a slow start before May. They did very well till September & missed the playoffs by one game.

          One or 2 more wins in April would put them in the playoffs.

      • All wins and losses count. Hate that attitude that losses in April are no big deal.

  6. can’t believe how much this team needs brett lawrie right now.. move everyone down in the lineup and his defense at 3rd.

    I also can’t remember a player who is so naturally gifted and fun to watch as reyes, probably the last player on the jays like that was alomar. he’s so much fun to watch

    • agreed Reyes is amazing to watch. that deak where tricked the third baseman last night to go for him and allowing the hitter to get a hit last night in what should have been a routine to first was awesome.

  7. I would feel a lot more confident with Lawrie and Bautista in the line up :(

  8. Really hate that the team is still rolling with an 8 man bullpen, especially with Bautista out of the lineup again today.

  9. Haha Jefferies lost himself a job because of last night (although someone will claim him)

  10. Have you ever noticed how injury reports with this team always start out relatively minor but then morph into month long absences and season enders.

    • Yes, it’s pretty frustrating and seems like the team is being intentionally dishonest with the public for absolutely no reason.

      • That said I don’t think we have reason to believe the Bautista injury is worse than they say… yet. If he’s still out of the lineup on Tuesday I’ll be mad about it.

    • It’s maddening, and I feel like an idiot for believing them every fucking time. Who wants to bet we don’t see Lawrie in April. It seems inevitable.

  11. Encarnacion better put it in gear today – they need this guy producing or expect another L.

  12. I can appreciate having a relaxed attitude can be good for a professional baseball team but this ‘oh well shit happens, its a long season nobodies perfect’ mantra wears thin with me real quick when the team is losing.I don’d care if it’s April or August.

  13. “Home runs can sometimes be a rally killer.” – Gregg Zaun, apparently being completely serious.

  14. I do like how Campbell brought up the don’t use Rogers or Jefferies in meaningful games, I was thinking that last night

  15. 5th straight game the Blue Jays starter has thrown 20+ pitches in the first inning :(

    • Yup, I think you just hit on one of the keys to the Jays first week, we need our starters to go longer than 6 innings, then maybe we can stop carrying 8 guys in the pen.

  16. I’d love to see them get on Lackey early and often. Make this a fucking laugher.

  17. 5th game in a row for Reyes.

  18. Reyes is our freakin’ go to guy!

  19. Welp, I don’t care if it is only 10:30 here, this game needs liquor.

  20. Only our announcers would freak out over a silly stat like RISP with such a small sample size.

  21. Damn 2nd base with no outs and our 2 3 4 up and we fail again

  22. Even if this season goes down the shitter, I fucking love watching Jose Reyes play baseball

    • agreed. My god the man plays the game in such an awesome way. I always loved him.. but now he’s on our team!

  23. Its all Hazel Mae’s fault. Send her back to Boston.

  24. Great 2nd for Happ. He’s keeping the ball right at the bottom of the zone. perfect.

  25. Lind 0-14 (just saying)

  26. Adam Lind has no place on a professional anything.

  27. J.P. obviously didn’t know the count. Surprised he was asked to leave.

  28. Re Jack Morris – Tabler is miles worse. Not saying morris is great, far from it.

  29. pretty sure he was safe there lol

  30. fuck yeah EE, great play – fuck you ciriaco

  31. EE

  32. meh it was bang bang bang

  33. It looked like he slid into his leg with ball in hand to me.

  34. How do you steal that easily off a left hander?

  35. Dear Happ:

    Strikes are your friend. Embrace their love.

  36. Anyone notice MLBtv isnt blocking out Jays games?

  37. I took a big rum shit this morning,
    The log coiled around thr bowl and formed what closely resembled a zero.
    So, of course, my first thought was Adam Lind.

  38. Why isn’t the dome open?

  39. Someone carrying their RA Dickey bible …. HA

  40. Jeez, how many 0-2 counts has Happ had?

  41. Rasmus, at least you are slightly better than lind

  42. Colby fuckin sucks.

  43. Ugh. 5th game aside, why do the Jays always make shit pitchers look like the second coming of Jesus?

  44. Reyes will be our saving grace

  45. C’mon Mulkman

  46. Man, I have to say I love having Rajai as a bench option. Speed and just enough clutch to be able to fill in.

  47. One more 2 out hit please……………..

  48. wow wo wowow

  49. Give us something!

    fuck off…

  50. Did Buck just say that a double is better than a home run?

  51. Watching the Red Sox feed… have heard the words “regawdless” “stawting pitchnig” and “so faw” in the last 2 minutes. Fuck the massholes but man they’re wicked awesome to listen to.

  52. Doubles are more devastating than home runs, because you always have the threat of someone in scoring position

    Something along those lines.

    • Call me from the new school, but I think a run on the board is more devastating than a run 127 feet and the outcome of an at bat later.

    • In “Men at Work: the craft of baseball” George Will makes the argument that a home run clears the bases and allows the pitcher to just focus on the runner, whereas a base hit means the pitcher still has to split concentration between the batter and the runner/s.

      That and the threat of a runner in scoring position, etc.

      Obviously I’d rather have a home run, but I don’t think that the rally-killing point is all that crazy. I’d love to see some stats to back it up though. Maybe a comparison of results of at bats immediately following home runs versus at bats immediately following doubles?

      Hint hint, Stoeten…

  53. I have no hope until reyes comes up in the 6th

  54. Sure have had a lot stranded base runners(also known as Reyes’s) so far this young season?

  55. If Rickey was pitching this game would be much more interesting.

  56. NESN likes to feed the monster:

    NESN Nation ‏@NESNNation 58m

    Toronto & Montreal, you’re on notice. Boston’s out to #CrushCanada today. Tune into NESN all day & use our hashtag to join the conversation.

    yes, their hastag is #CrushCanada

  57. JA Happster is too cool to allow a baserunner.

  58. I feel bad for our starting pitchers so far this season

  59. Hey look, JA Happ is the new ace.

  60. Happ is very good for a 5th starter. I have absolutely no problems at all with him in there.

    • It really feels like it is up to Ricky to force his way back much more than Happ being a place holder.

    • I’m really alright with this too.

      If he puts up a FIP and ERA in the 3.75 to 4 range I don’t think anyone can complain about that from a fifth starter.

  61. Put it on the calendar, Lind has a hit.


    Quote of the year so far.

  63. HOLY Mother of Fucking God……Lind!

  64. WHAT? Lind? what!

  65. Love the crowd’s reaction to Lind’s hit.



  67. Somebody save the ball and give it to lind.


  69. are you serious!


  70. Jay Pee Yay!

  71. 3 Hr for jp, I will take it

  72. JP ARENCIBIA and ADAM LIND are carrying the blue jays offensively.

  73. Would have rather had the double

  74. Eh John Lackey, ‘ow’s yah mutha?

  75. Leave Lind Alone!

  76. Colby’s second 3-pitch strikeout if memory serves me correctly.

    • He has been looking god-awful at the plate. I think he’s setting himself up to be the DJF punching bag this year.

  77. This just in: Adam Lind has hired the Scott Boras management team and will be looking for a 10 year contract extension.

  78. Rasmus’ uncanny ability to strike out is the stuff of legends.

  79. MLBtv keeps showing this stupid 5-hour energy advert with Bo Jackson… Like two to three times a “commercial break”

    Might as well show the Cheetah/Ben Johnson ads

  80. what a rally killer JP..

    Don’t worry guys, Zaun says Lind is going to have a great year because he’s a hitter.

  81. 2.1M for a Honus Wagner card.

    Buehrle pocket change

  82. That breaks up the classic Happ/Lackey pitchers duel.

  83. Harper hits bombs like Bautista when he pulls the ball. He’s a monster.

  84. Boney is absolute shit so far this season

  85. “We play that playstation game”

    please dont boo him

    • Don’t like Lackey, but that is brutal.

      • Yeah. Don’t want to see the guy hurt. After seeing some replays, it’s probably more of a torn bicep or something. Kind of stupid of him to know something is wrong on the pitch before he hurt himself, and threw another anyway.

  86. Lackey’s career is finished

  87. With Bonifacio and Rasmus in our lineup (amongst others), we are going to lead the league in strikeouts.

  88. That is hard to watch. Don’t like seeing that shit.

  89. Seriously the crowd is sounds like a bunch of retards booing.

    • To be fair, 95% of the fans aren’t close enough to see how ugly that injury was. It’s easier to quickly appreciate the seriousness of the injury when you’re watching on TV.

    • Agreed. Guy just blew his arm out for the 2nd time in 3 years. Save the Farrell bullshit for later.

    • Definately. It was good last night, but in this situation its pretty fucking callous.

  90. I feel legitimately bad for Lackey. That looked bad.

  91. Ohhhh… That sucks for RedSox fans.

  92. following on Gameday, What happened to Lackey?

  93. That looked really ugly. Poor bastard.

  94. Wait a minute – do we have the best shortstop in the AL? I haven’t really thought about it until now.

  95. that sucks for Lackey

    now for the waterworks that are Alfredo Aceves’ headsweat – with the dome closed, here comes Niagara Falls

    • fucking Aceves is probably going to muck up the mound with his insane sweating and screw with Happ’s footwork -

  96. Reyes may as well steal

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