Boston Red Sox v Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Blue Jays will give it another go today in game two of the series, with lefty J.A. Happ on the mound to take on the Red Sox and John Lackey, yes the same John Lackey coming off Tommy John surgery that somehow got a five year, $82 million deal in the 2009 off-season. Jose Reyes, very quickly becoming a fan favourite in the city, had one hell of a night, recording four hits, and falling just a triple short of the cycle. As for a Jose Bautista update, he tested the ankle during batting practice, but will once again sit.


The Blue Jays bullpen, which was short handed last night with Casey Janssen, Darren Oliver and Steve Delabar unavailable, will have a new face in it today after the team announced they recalled Dave Bush from Buffalo. So they still have the eight man bullpen and three man bench.




Shi Davidi has a recap of last night’s festivities in which John Farrell reiterated the following:

“I can look myself in the mirror and say that I gave the Blue Jays organization everything I had on a given day, to work as diligently, as thoroughly as possible to win a game on a given night. We had to deal with a lot of things along the way.”

Richard Griffin writes about last night in photo blog fashion. Griffin also tweets that Brett Lawrie is still not scheduled for minor league games.

Chris Toman of writes about the impressive outing by reliever Brett Cecil last night.

TV: Sportsnet

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Rajai Davis (R)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Mark DeRosa (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)

J.A. Happ LHP

Boston Red Sox

CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
RF Shane Victorino (S)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
1B Mike Napoli (R)
3B Will Middlebrooks (R)
DH Jonny Gomes (R)
C David Ross (R)
LF Jackie Bradley Jr. (L)
SS Pedro Ciriaco (R)

John Lackey RHP

Comments (396)

  1. If Lackey was a Blue jay the injury report would be: Shoulder soreness/day to day.

  2. Man I feel for Lackey… as much as I can feel for a guy in the middle of a guaranteed $86 million contract to play baseball.

  3. Time for EE to wake up

  4. Wow, Farrell’s karma is so bad it continues to get his pitchers injured.

    If the pattern continues this season, the Sox will lose 2 more starters within the week.

    • Like the jays last season? At one point we only had 1 out of 9 of our hitters that started the season with us and 1 starter LOL

  5. By july we will see gose in cf

    we will see someone other than bonafacio or izturis at second (perhaps goins)

    and we wil have someone other than lind as platoon dh.

    the good news is the rest of the lineup will be solid

  6. I live in Arizona…grew up in upstate new york..hence a jays fan.

    can someone explain to me the deal with mayor rob ford and how the toronto star seems to take pot shots at him every single fucking chance?

    • Ford is a Canadian version of a Tea Party type, with more drunken buffoonery. I wouldn’t worry about the star taking “pot-shots”, they’re more than made up for by the Sun’s constant blowing of him.

    • Hell, I live on the West coast and know he is an idiot and deserves every one.

    • Very few people like him, he’s got something like a sub 30% approval rate… It’s not just the Star, though they are generally left leaning, and he’s generally right wing.

    • The Toronto Star is a joke leftist paper. Not real journalism

    • The Star has been on his ass hard every since he started his campaign. Even the Sun criticizes him now and them, but the Star’s vendetta is relentless.

  7. ahhhh shiet

  8. Hahah Gibby looks like Mr. Lahey

  9. Hey guys lets do the wave, it’s fun!!! Waaaave!!!

    • It always makes me smile when the guy who tries to start the wave in the FIRST INNING eventually gets escorted out by police by the seventh inning. Also: Paper planes.

      Last night’s game was a disgrace.

      • Yup, even booing Boney after his 4th K pissed me off, way too early for that.

        Toronto “sports fans” are terrible

        • There was also a fight that broke out over free T-shirts. Yup. Free T-shirts. Cops were called my section three separate times in one inning.

  10. Wonder what they’ll do with RR when he comes back?

  11. I would have liked to see one more inning from Happ but he did a hell of a job and showed he deserved to be here for sure.

    • 99 pitches for his first start of the season, that’s reasonable, no need to tax him this early, we’re going to need him.

  12. Gotta say I find it somewhat hilarious that J.A. Happ gives us the most dominant pitching performance through the first turn of the rotation.

  13. This team is going to need more innings from the starters or the shit may go south.

    • Yea but to be honest our starters have been pretty good considering it is the first start of the season, if anything I am worried about our 4-9 hitters but hey we are winning!

    • Last night was proof of that. Not even one turn through the rotation and the bullpen was too gassed to put out their A team.

      • Carrying an 8 man pen and it’s getting used up says a lot.

        • Seriously…. All will be good in a couple of weeks. Once the offense starts to click, it’ll give the starters a little more rope. Lawrie will really help with the infield defense and save a few base hits.


  15. Flyin Hawaiin Shot Down!

  16. Lind took a walk….Lind took a walk111!!

  17. wtf LIND STOLE a base???????????????????????????????????????????

    • Two signs of the apocalypse are Adam Lind getting a hit & stealing a base in the same game. It’s in revelations chapter 26

  18. dfaq. lind steals a base?

  19. Lind with a SB? WUT.

  20. WTF is going on here? Somebody tell me I just saw lind steal or I am calling 911

  21. ADAM LIND just stole a base…..Lind just stole the base111!!

  22. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!
    Did sleepy kitty just steal a base? Has the world gone insane?

  23. ugly running.

    walk, stolen base. next logical step is Christ.

  24. Lind got a stolen base! Wtf?

  25. I think it’s funny how we “educated fans” are hating on the booing, paper planes and wavers at the game (although the wave during play is fucking annoying as hell and should be banned, with violators being shot) after years of complaining about the quiet empty concrete toilet full of lackluster fans. How many wistful comparisons were drawn to the packed houses of Yankee Stadium, Fenway, Giants stadium etc?
    What do we want, golf claps and a polite “nice k/9 today JA” or “that was an excellent performance in a high leverage situation Jose” followed by silence as the crowd sits on their hands? Booing Lackey may have been classless, but it’s better than the days of half the crowd cheering the Massholes.

    • Very good point. It’s a tough balance. Without the idiots, the Dome would be a quiet, boring place. The team would also be much poorer.

    • I can’t tell but are there lots of red sox fans there today???

      • No. There were very few. My first thought walking around the Dome was that there was a smaller proportion of massholes than usual. It was fucking amazing.

        Also, regarding the atmosphere, they should just hand out a pamphlet of the Drunk Jays Fans guide to watching baseball, and all the problems are solved. The problem is all these people jumping back on the bandwagon are casual fans, and casual fans don’t know enough about baseball to not do things like cheer an injured player, or start a wave with RISP in the 7th of a 1-1 game.

    • K/9 is for barbarians. Any educated fan knows that K% is far more indicitave of a pitcher’s talent level.

  26. OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. Rasmus hit a dinger. Somebody’s gettin’ dough.

  28. Rasmus!


  30. holy sweet shitballs thats far gone

  31. Hay-Zeus! That ball land yet?


  33. I’ll straighten you out, you little prick!


  35. Holy Shit!

  36. wow rasmus crushed it

  37. Dat flow.

  38. I guess that’s the ballgame right there.

    Good afternoon to you all.

  39. Awright where did we take wrong turn and end up in Bizarro world??? Lind an SB and A 3 run HR from Cletus???

  40. Watching the the red sux feed on NESN, and after the homerun, during the Farrell chant, they showed Johnny Dream Job staring blankly into space.

  41. My goodness Rasmus is ugly. But what a bomb

  42. My boy Colby! My other boy Reyes doing just fine, just need to get that chicken wing back into shape now.

  43. it would be nice to see Colby do a lot more of that this year.

  44. I love me some Cletus.

  45. i loves the ridiculous early season math i do in my head: hmmm, 2 home runs in 5 games = 64 for the season. YAAAAAYAYAYAYYAYAYAY

  46. World Series here we come boys! oops sorry…alcohol.

  47. Lind has more stolen bases than Boni?

  48. That was one of longest HR’s hit by a Left-handed hitter at Dome I have ever seen.

  49. Delabar is a very filthy pitcher.

  50. Reyes reminds me of Robbie Alomar with speed, clutch hitting and defense. He’s worth every dollar.

  51. come on eddy win show us some contact at least

  52. Jason Parks ‏@ProfessorParks 13m

    Colby Rasmus just fucked a ball to death.

  53. Alfredo Aceves is a terrible human being.

  54. I may not always hit a ball when I am at the plate, but when I do, I hit the fuck out of it

    The Most Interesting Hair on the Jays

  55. Love me some Loup.

  56. Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuppp

  57. Toss jose in for lulz to dh 1 at bat

  58. Loup Delebar and Jannsen are all we need, and good starts every time.

  59. Fan with a Rasmus jersey and a pink tutu


  60. JP DH tomorrow, Bautista in right…!

  61. JP arencibia….big year. He’s ready to breakout like a 13-year old chronic masturbator

  62. DeRosa you play like poo today!

    • get used to it. Omar Vizquel Redux. Next time they a want a mentor, they should just hire a guy to hang around the clubhouse and call him a fucking coach.

  63. Let’s see some Santos filth.

  64. So they show that shitty camera angle from behind the plate to spam us with more advertisements. Wonderful.

  65. That 200 level outfield deck looks FAR better than the Windows thing did. Looks a lot more like an actual stadium.

  66. CLETUS!

  67. Cletus wins the fucking game!

  68. delicious catch!

    good fucking game

  69. Razzmatazz.

  70. The guy sitting next to me at the game last night spent a couple of innings on the deck. He said it was pretty wicked.

  71. scoreboard close-up causes seizures

  72. Colby Rasmus: Gold Glover, Silver Slugger, MVP, trailer park dreamboat

  73. That was a really shitty pitch by Santos though.

  74. i love listening to colby

  75. can proudly dawn my Cletus Jays T-Shirt today lol

    post game interview

    “hit it, took off after it, came down wit it…yee”


  77. Suck it Farrell

  78. Damn Rasmus is a good interview…..everyone of them should be on Youtube……fuck that Colby should get his own reality show!

  79. Colby Rasmus, the most interesting, charismatic, and enthusiastic man in the world.

  80. Great game! Happ looks determined to keep that 5th spot and Cletus says Gose who?

  81. Interesting to note that the Sox have had a couple of pitcher injuries already Mr. Farrell.

  82. Does anyone know what Zaun is talking about when he says the removal of Window’s restaurant is resulting in longer HR’s? Can someone explain that to me, or is Zaun just being an idiot?

  83. I wonder if Gibby and Cletus sit around and shoot the shit in their native language?

  84. Early Season Stat Nonsense (but its fun):

    Jays lead MLB in HRs with 11

  85. I will say this, Farrell knows how to say the right things in an interview, as to whether it is bullshit or not is the question.

    • Yeah well that is what he’s good at. That’s taken him a hell of a long way. Still, he’s not good at keeping his starters healthy is he? If the starters in Boston commence to crash the way the Jays starters did last year, someone might start asking some tough questions.

      • Yup, I had mentioned earlier about the Boston pitcher injuries with Farrell at the helm. I’m still questioning my own logic on that though.

  86. Damn, Cletus put a hurt on that ball….it’s coming down with a passport stamp on it.
    But isn’t he the best interview, EVER? You can just see his mental roladex clicking through his stockpile of cliche answers when asked a question.
    I do agree with Tabby…would be nice to start seeing some RISP cashed in on something OTHER than homers. Gotta keep the line moving and wear out some opposition pitching.

  87. Shouldn’t Wilnot be sucking Stoten’s balls by now?

  88. Pete Abraham, shit stain of a writer:

    Manager John Farrell and head trainer Rick Jameyson rushed out to the field and escorted Lackey back to the dugout.

    The crowd of 45,797 callously booed as Lackey as he came off.

    • Amusingly, one of the comments on that, ostensibly from a Masshole, said that our fans had no class.

      Yes… A Masshole commented on the class of an opposing fan.

  89. That’s a lot of dumbfuckery in that article, much like fat boy Stoten that way.

  90. J Happ was impressive and delivered the best start by a Jays starter so far. So WTF is with Joey Bays? Lawrie was suppose to be back already! Management is getting annoying with the way they deal with injuries. , If you can’t tell the truth then shut up.

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