April 5th v Red Sox Done

Name pLI WPA
Reyes - SS 1.41 0.345
Bonifacio - 2B 1.23 -0.101
Cabrera - LF 1.16 0.028
Encarnacion - DH 1.63 -0.295
Arencibia – C 1.56 -0.016
Davis - RF 1.39 0.051 Pitcher pLI WPA
Rasmus - CF 1.88 0.061 Johnson – SP 
1.27 -0.130
Lind - PH-1B 3.63 0.092 Cecil – RP 1.59 0.106
DeRosa - 1B 1.36 -0.16 Rogers – RP 2.08 -0.234
Izturis - 3B 2.37 -0.176 Jeffress – RP 0.56 -0.071
Total 1.64 -0.171 Total 1.25 -0.33

Bests / Worsts and the gif of the game after the jump!

Shamsky: Jose Reyes, 34.5%
Griffin: Edwin Encarnacion, -29.5%
Impact At-Bat: Reyes Solo Homer, Bot 7, 23.1%
Impact Pitch: Dustin Pedroia Double, Top 6, 17.2%
Highest Leverage AB: Adam Lind Flyout, Bot 8, 5.18
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Mike Napoli RBI 5-3 Groundout, Top 8, 3.09
Lineup Contribution: -17.1%
Pitching Contribution: -32.9%
Average Leverage Index: 1.43
Chart explanation

- Josh Johnson’s line: 6ip, 9h, 1hr, 3er, 2bb, 6k’s.

- Jose Reyes. He went 4-for-5 and came a few strides short of hitting for the cycle. He wasn’t perfect (the 1st out of the 5th was Reyes being DOA trying to stretch that strides-short triple) but he put on quite a show at the plate. His game tying home run in the 7th blew the roof off the place and unified the attention of the 45,000+ that attended the game last night.

- Speaking of the 45,000+ in attendance, it was pretty much a complete and total cliche of a heavily attended Jays game. It had moments that were totally awesome and also a two inning long airshow of folded paper tickets. Red Sox pitching coach Juan Nieves got booed just for walking out of the dugout sorta looking like John Farrell and I’m sure there will be plenty of stories out there about fights if you really look for them.

- It would be hard to imagine Emilio Bonifacio could possibly have had a worse night, going 1-for-5 with 4 strikeouts and 3 errors. He didn’t look very good at the plate and one of the fielding errors looked to be a fairly turnable double play ball that could have saved a run.

-  Jeremy Jeffress debuted in the 9th inning, giving up a solo home run on the second pitch to the first batter he faced.  While it has been pretty dominantly argued that momentum isn’t something that exists on a baseball field, it certain seemed to exist with the crowd as the 29 pitches Jeffress needed to get out of the 9th really knocked the wind out of the increasingly inebriated and irritated sails of the paying customers. He only gave up one run but gauging the mood of the stadium it felt like the Jays were suddenly down 3 or 4.

- Brett Cecil struck out 4 in his 1.1 innings of work. He continued to hit 94 on the stadium gun, which is something considering it feels like we were just talking about his decreasing velocity weren’t we?

- The Jays had several chances to win this game even though they probably shouldn’t have given all the miscues. 0-for-10 with RISP, the highest leverage of those following Rajai Davis’ 1-out double in the 8th. The Jays had a chance to tie it up and after Rasmus walked neither Adam Lind nor Maicer Izturis could cash anybody in.

- Lind pinch-hit for Mark DeRosa in the 6th, after DeRosa had homered (to dead centre) and delivered a sac fly in his previous 2 plate appearances. Lind flied out twice including a warning-track shot in his first at bat, but ultimately he fell to 0-for-13 on the season with 1 walk. The Lind-for-DeRosa switch left Bautista and Henry Blanco as the bench options for the Jays, so there was no chance Bautista was showing up to take a crucial AB (say, in Izturis’ place in the 8th) with viable no replacement defensive or base-running option for a guy nursing a twisted ankle.

- While writing this I couldn’t help but be overcome by the realization that the Red Sox players probably felt amazing after winning that game for their new manager.

- You should be happy if you’re reading this because baseball is closer than normal. John Lackey takes of J.A. Happ just in time for brunch. 1:07 the start. 

(All data via Fangraphs)

Comments (65)

  1. Is it just me, or does Jeffress work Frasor-like slow? Holy mother of god, his inning felt like it took forever, and I’m pretty sure by the time it was done I was the only one in my section still paying enough attention to notice.

    What the fuck is up with the paper airplanes? I understand that maybe one drunken jackass thinks it would be funny, but there were dozens of people who seemed to think it would be great fun to throw shit on the field. I kept waiting for the announcement that people woul get tossed if they did that, but it never came.

    Also, they really need to sort out the beer staff. I went to a beer stand with kegs – big mistake. I don’t think they’ve ever poured a beer, or taken any money, or separating two plastic cups before last night in their life. I missed an entire inning while they struggled to get through 10 people in line. Next time, I’m going to get cans.

    • It’s not just you regarding Jeffress. He may work even slower than Frasor. Unbearable.

      • I know his stuff is really good, and I wish the guy nothing but the best in his career, but I found myself desperately hoping halfway through that he’d be DFA’d after the game, and sent to the Rockies or some other shitty NL team, just so I never have to actually watch him again.

    • The staff at Rogers need better training in serving large crowds. If there are 40K fans there, you get long lineups.

    • People move slower while high.

      • Sorry I couldn’t resist.

      • what the rogers centre needs to do is train its staff on net letting people in during an inning. I was at the game I had to get up 40-50 times and a good 1/3 of the game had someone blocking the field of action. what happened to the days of get up mid or end of the inning. and then, wait till inning is over to come back down.

  2. The atmosphere at last night’s game was more like a typical home opener: paper airplanes, the wave, and two fights in section 130; the second one they were landing some bombs.

    This is a game the Jays really let slip away. I wonder how much rope Lind, Rasmus and Jeffress are going to get. They were all pretty brutal. It seems like Rasmus can’t even hide behond plus defence at this point. The highlight was watching Cecil pitch. After a bit of a shaky start, he looked really good out there and provided a nice stop that the Jays squandered.

    • Cecil really settled down and his breaking stuff was pretty good to go with his velocity

    • Slipped away? Can you advise at what point the Jays were leading this game?!

      You are delusional!

      • I never said the Jays were leading. I said that Cecil provided a nice stop. The momentum that stop provided was squandered. I’m not delusional, but you sir are an asshole.

        • You said they ‘let it slip away’….which would suggest they had it to start with, clownshoes.

          • You are about five different kinds of stupid.

          • wow….more and more cock smears find their way to DJF everyday. Welcome cocksucker!

            If I was reading that without being a total fuck face, slip away does not necessarily suggest they had the lead, ie. your uncle bill slipped out of your mom and 9 months later a sucker of hose was born.

          • You were probably one of the ticket airplane dick holes.

  3. Losing to the massholes sucks. Hope the guys come out today and beat them down.

  4. Pretty funny hearing the comments from Red Sox fans about Jays fans having no class… Pot calling the kettle black, no?

    Bad loss, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. The losses have felt worse as a fan than they actually are, but the Jays are only 1-3. You know who else is 1-3? The Phillies, Cardinals and Angels and I don’t think any of those teams (or the Jays for that matter) are going to finish the season losing three out of every four games. Worst thing fans can do at this point is to stop booing Farrell. Can’t give in to the chin. Go Jays!

    • Yes pot calling kettle black – but they’re also right.

      • Yea, Toronto fans are pretty bad, and that goes for all sports. I mean, Raptors fans still boo the shit out of Vince Carter and he left town almost 9 years ago. Still, every fanbase has its bad apples, listening to the Cardinals/Giants game yesterday, you could hear a lot of shit-talk aimed at Holliday coming from the Giants fans, and I mean a lot of unclassy shit, but at least the whole crowd wasn’t doing that (though they heavily booed him).

  5. OK…sorta less than impressed already this young season. I tried to keep my expectations realistic, knowing in my mind that they would lose at least 70 games this season – BUT JUST NOT ALL NOW!!
    Bonifacio is Spanish for “hands of stone”….and Lind is still fucking awful. Granted, he has hit the ball smartly on occasion – but at this point, I’ll take a bases-loaded dribbler through the infield instead of a hard line-drive out. Rasmus is….well, Rasmus.
    Take away those homers the other night, and we’d have zero offense…as we can’t even LAY DOWN A FUCKING BUNT to move a runner over.
    Yes, yes…it’s early days yet, I know. But it’s so effin’ frustrating…especially when losing to these Boston fucktards.

    • the kid who takes his ball and goes home now comments on sports blogs, apparently

      • Hey, soupman – excuse me?? Maybe I’m a bit dense this morning, but that sorta sounded like a shot across the bows to me. Last time I checked, a guy’s opinions and comments about the game were allowed in this forum. Please enlighten me if I’m wrong here…or are only CERTAIN comments and opinions tolerated before some fuckwit decides to slag the OP?
        Just said I was a little underwhelmed so far this season….didn’t say anything about folding up the tent or taking my ball and going home.

    • the one thing I will say positive about todays game. Was Melky’s tripple. Melky has Lind size, but he does not have his speed. He is going to be a decent player, that may suprise most people who doubt his real preformance level.

  6. 1-3 . . . need Lawrie back very badly. With him at 3B and Izturis at 2B, the defense goes back to normal . . . there are just huge holes in this team, like we all knew, they’re just showing up from day #1, which really sucks.

    obviously you can’t panic yet, but if Lawrie is out until May or beyond, it might be too late . . . we simply can’t have a 8-19 start or something like that in this stacked division.

    • Izturis has been pretty shitty at 3b this year, hopefully it’s just because he’s not used to the hot corner.

  7. Rasmus needs to move the fuck back in the box like every other major leaguer who would rather have 63 feet than 60 to see and react to the wicked shit served up to them every night. He can’t look any fucking worse that’s for sure.

  8. Blue Jays fans ARE the new Massholes. Seriously – take all of the things you hate about them.. I’m a fan of the team and I would say our fans are by and large worse. We hated that those dinks won a championship and then started acting like they were the Yankees. What do you say about the Jays? We haven’t won shit in 20 years and people are acting like morons cheering on paper airplanes in the middle of a tight game.

    Not that I don’t love a full dome with people cheering – but the paper airplane business and the lightweight idiots who have a couple beers and become complete maggots is a little tough to take. Honestly I love the enthusiasm, but if I had watched that game last night in any other stadium I’d be laughing about how douchey and immature the place seemed.

    • It’s early in the season. Those morons will weed themselves out.

      • I agree on some level. There is no way they can keep that type of crazy up – but its pretty amazing the level of dumb that rises with the crowd size at home games these days.

        • Yup, the bigger the crowd the higher asshole ratio. Throw in some booze and voila you have yourself a shitshow.

          My guess is the majority of those assholes are
          a) not real jays fans
          b) don’t really give a shit about baseball in general

          Fact is they are still a minority and most people that will come out to games this year will have a great time.

        • Were there morons in the Skydome when they had 50K every night? I was in Montreal back then , so couldn’t comment.

          • I don’t remember any idiots in those days, but then again I was 5 and 6 when the Jays won. What I do remember was the Dome being loud and full of life, especially sitting in the outfield 500 section. I think it was full of life in the good way.

            • seriously as someone in the 100 level getting hit by one of those paper airplanes and having people get up 6 fucking times in the game (and come in during the 3rd inning. All I have to say is fuck you bandwagon fans. Me having to miss 1/3 of the game, from you asking to get up when there is 1 out in the inning or coming back down when there is 2 outs, made this game depressing to attend. Believe me this was the worst game I went to, because when you have people get up 50-60 times during the game, you get to the point that when you have a 1 hour commute each way that it is more enjoyable to watch the game on the tv.

    • are you in the 530 section? i’m a fan pass holder there as well. are you talking about that cadre of 6 fucking morons behind us? that was unbearable. they were such fucking idiots and they were giving those boston fans in the section such a hard time. that family was just trying to enjoy themselves and shouldn’t be harassed like that. it gives us a bad name and I wouldn’t want to be treated that way at fenway (and wasn’t!!!).

    • The people throwing paper airplanes aren’t even baseball fans, they just showed up because everybody in town was saying this specific game was the hip spot that evening. I know someone who was working the 500s last night, he said one guy with an airplane told him that was the only way the game was fun. So they aren’t even our equivalent of the Red Sox “Pink Hatters” that are despised by the real Sox fans, these are just drunk bros showing up to cause trouble and kill time before they go spend $500 on bottles at Tryst. I’m sure that if you asked them outside of the stadium they’d tell you all baseball fans are faggots and it’s a gay sport, or something offensive and ridiculous like that (and yes I know people who have called baseball a gay sport). I’ll take the actual bandwagon fans over the fighting fuckers in the 500. At least those fans make an effort to get into the game and understand it.

      The Boston media seemed to enjoy it though, they are still making a big deal of it this morning. I want to come to the real fans defence on Twitter but it’s kind of hard to do thanks to these idiots.

      • well said sharkey. I think part of the problem was the Rogers Centre staffing. Having been to a bills game at the rogers centre where there are like 40 cops on the field, to the jays 5 (and maybe one security guard in a section for tickets makes me think that they improperly staff security there.

        At gate 11 an olderly gentleman fell and hit his head last night and was having a seziure me and some other fans had to get a cop and after 5 minutes of him on the ground a medic was still not called.

        I have been to many games in my day, but I will definately not be going back to a friday game on opening week. Saturday and Sunday 1:07 and 4:07 matinee games for me from now on. Or listening to the game on the radio or on tv.

    • Totally agree, it aggravates me having to put up with the fans who do not seem to know/follow the unwritten rules of being a spectator at the games. It just sucks that it is a bit of a catch-22 – the game would certainly be more enjoyable if there were less of the annoying fans, however, we need the annoying fans to buy tickets since there are not enough of the rest of us to fill the dome every night!

  9. Looong game today

  10. I think Emilio demonstated why he is best suited as a utility guy. I agree with the above comment that we miss Lawrie badly especially on defence and if we could get him back soon ( whatever that is in Blue jay speak) we could at least put Izturis back at second so he doesn’t have the long throw from 3rd which seems to f him up..
    Alternative in the short term is to swap positions with Izturis and Boneface and just have one guy out of position but yeah, the defence so far YTD has been brutal

  11. Does anybody know Lawrie’s injury status. I thought they back dated his DL. I was expecting him to return this weekend.

  12. Jeffress DFA’d?

  13. Gibbons Out!

  14. Right now I think we shoul have the foll

  15. 1- Edwin
    2- istuiris
    Ss- Reyes
    3- de rosy
    C- Aaron cibia
    Lf- Davis
    Cf- melk man
    Rf- Joey bats
    Dh – bonafaciO

  16. %chance jefress gets claimed?

  17. is it just me or does reyes look rather uncommitted at SS? I’ve now gone to 3 games and noticed him jog towards balls 3-4 times that Escobar would have likely had at least 2 of them.

    bonifacio has been the same way. what’s going on with these guys? is this a reluctance regarding astroturf? they don’t want to hurt themselves? because if they can’t committ then we’re in trouble. the defense so far has been terrible. absolutely terrible…with bonifacio being the worst culprit. on top of his 3 error last night he probably has another 2 on the year and 2 more questionable defensive plays.

    we need lawrie back immediately. i’d rather see izturis at 2nd so far.

    and for my money send jeffress down and keep cecil. he’s starting to look like old cecil out there….

    • I think jefress was sent down and Dave bush brought up

    • They need time to adjust to hops on astroturf. Balls also travel faster on carpet and that disrupt their timing. They’ll be fine.
      You can’t send Jeffess down. He has no option and he needs to clear waiver first. They’ll make the decision when Lawrie is ready.

  18. I know it’s early days…but I think once they all get into the groove, things will be OK. Lawrie should make a difference – at least on defense – and if he starts narrowing his swing-zone, he has the potential for being a doubles machine with his speed.
    I like Santos and Janssen as 8-9th inning punch – provided they ever take a lead in the late goings.
    I’m taking a deep breath here.

  19. I guess they are taking 0 chances with Bautista

    • If he couldnt even PH last night why would he play tonight? The Jays are always full of shit when it comes to injuries it seems.

  20. How bad will it be if the Jays lose to Lackey today??

  21. Can we all stop pretending Rasmus is a plus defender? Please. He is by far the worst CF we have seen so far this year.

  22. and to the guys mentioning paper airplanes, some fuck face threw his phone on to the field.

  23. ppl complaining about the paper planes should go get their pipe and slippers and return back to their retirement home

    • Honestly, some people need to relax and enjoy the sounds and sights of a fully packed stadium. Yes it was stupid, but it was stupid fun. Laugh at it and loosen up!

  24. The ushers in section 230 were great. Didn’t have to get up once during the action. Didn’t wait longer than 3 minutes for a beer and had mostly civilized fans in the direct area. Even the douche booing butters shut up after we stood up and chanted his name.
    Surprisingly good experience considering the outcome and the paper airplane bullshit.

  25. I love my 500 seats. LOVE THEM! But really, the best way to lose the drunk cretins, other than hiring an army of stormtroopers to knock heads (which I’d be fine with), is to increase the ticket price of 500 level seats. Designate the 500 level outfield as the most affordable and pick an entire section to be booze free for families. All of a sudden you have the chaos confined to a smaller, less desirable area and families can go to a game without issue. This, that or some other measure, the moron quotient desperately needs to be kept in check.

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