Cleveland Indians v Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays send R.A. Dickey to the mound for today’s rubber match against Jon Lester the Boston Red Sox. The Blue Jays lineup was a little late get up again today due to the status of Jose Bautista, but once again, the Jays will have to do without their right fielder, for one more game anyways.

Good news, he’s available to pinch hit.

More on Bautista after he talked with reporters after BP.




Shi Davidi tweets that Brett Lawrie hit off a tee and took soft toss, as well as taking grounders, but Gibbons talked yesterday about how he’s still a few weeks away from returning. Brendan Kennedy adds that the team has no timeline on rehab games.

Davidi also writes about what Rasmus can be and why he and Lind matter to the team so much.

The Blue Jays official twitter account tells us the home run Colby Rasmus hit Saturday traveled a distance of 468 ft.

TV: Sportsnet

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
RF Rajai Davis (R)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Mark DeRosa (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
C Henry Blanco (R)
CF Emilio Bonifacio (S)

R.A. Dickey RHP

Boston Red Sox

CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
RF Shane Victorino (S)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
DH Mike Napoli (R)
3B Will Middlebrooks (R)
1B Daniel Nava (S)
C Jarrod Saltalamacchia (S)
LF Jackie Bradley Jr. (L)
SS Jose Iglesias (R)

Jon Lester LHP

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  1. No Rasmus? Makes sense with a lefty on the mound but I will miss his monstrous home runs and flowing locks.

  2. I don’t like to be one of those guys, but this Lawrie business is getting tired. If he is seriously hurt enough to miss this much time, both spring training, now and likely weeks more tell us. A minor injury doesn’t keep you from playing rough;y a month and who knows how much longer.

    • Agree

      there is a pattern forming

      • they’ve been downplaying injuries for years. it gets very tiring to be led on like this all the time.

        • I don’t look back years, ie the BJ Ryan thing, but Lawrie getting hurt at the beginning of this season and Santos last season (not implying Lawrie has that bad of an injury) makes a part of me wonder if they don’t want bad press to start the season so they slow play the injury news. This is Rogers we are talking about, my paranoia post is complete.

          • Good point.

            Lawrie is still prominently featured in commercials & marketing. If the Jays announced he was out for the season, this would reduce ticket sales. Some people do come to see Lawrie play.

            Santos lasted 5 innings last year.

            I think Lawrie has a different rib injury than the one last year when he fell into a camera bay.

            • Yup, it’s a lack honesty around tickets sales. If they say ‘no problem, Jose will be back tomorrow’ people still go on-line and buy tics. People pay to see him play. The issue, after a while it has no effect as people stop beleaving anything they say with regards to injuries.

        • That was exactly my point in the last thread re: bats. If theyre not sure how long they will be out, then fucking say it instead of leading people on.

    • Really….this is a thing?? Sure it sucks to hear Gibby say it is now a matter of a few weeks. But get the fuck off the conspiracy donkey.

      Do you really think that they knew right off the get go that he was going to be out 5-7 weeks? Likely not. More like they were hoping it was only a couple three weeks…


      • I don’t follow other teams injury reports as closely as the Jays, but the Jays do seem to undestimate injury time.

        Do they know in advance that Lawrie will be out for 1 month 2month etc?? Probably not.

        However, it would be interesting to ave access to the initial medical reports.

        It’s a good topic for Stoeten to analyze. What were the injury estimates on Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixera.

        Last year they said Jose Bautista would be out for a few days with the wrist. Then he came back for one game & was out for the season.

        • Maybe they should call it like hockey and say the player is day-to-day with an upper body or lower body injury.
          Then you guys would be happier?

  3. More tweets and quotes from the future?

  4. Pretty shit looking lineup when you take out Bautista.

    • No – when you take out Bautista AND Lawrie.

      But so what? Is there a team that can be missing it’s #3 hitter plus one other quality batter and not have a weaker lineup?

  5. Who’s the 3rd catcher on the roster?

  6. But we need to know the Stoeten factor.
    According to his tweet, the Jays have won both games he wasn’t attending.
    Hopefully, he’s too hung over to go to the game.
    It may be bad karma, it may be coincidence but why tempt fate.
    We’ll see what happens when the Jays hit the road.

  7. I hate the Jays for saying how Bautista will be good to go tomorrow. It’s like a girl who keeps flaking on you repeatedly. Just say you don’t know instead of leading us on.

    • yes…damn them for leading us on about his injury.

      You should protest by not coming back here all year…that will show them bastards.

  8. Zaun was pretty much joking when he said taking the windows out could be making these guys hit the ball harder. If he was at all serious, he would mean that psychologically it does something for the batters. I’d buy that (as a crazy unquantifiable funny theory anyway).

    Sometimes you go golfing and there are 2 par 3 holes, equal in distance, but one just looks longer and harder. So you tighten up and try harder and come up short. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Maybe seeing people standing by the railing there in CF makes it seem easier to reach.

  9. Holy shit the lineup 6-9 is houston astros bad. Especially going up against a good pitcher.

    • It’s like the good old days of 2010 when we had Molina catching.

      I hope Dicky shuts down the red sox today. It will be a scratch & win game. Maybe 3-1

    • I like how the switch hitters are broken up, and should a lefty come in Lind comes in for JPA and Rasmus comes in for Maicer, Emilio heads to 2nd.


  10. Setting the over/under for passed balls saved by having Blanco catch at 3.5. Any takers for the under? :P

  11. WTF I just turned on the game and Dickey is already in trouble?

  12. Dickey getting lit up like a christmas tree.

  13. well shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiet

  14. Dickey can’t miss bats when he has two strikes. Terrible start.

  15. Well, shit

  16. 5 RUNS no outs !!!

  17. Holy crap.

  18. Absolutely ugly.

  19. Man, does he ever look hitable today…

    Holy fuck, what a horrible performance… This is going to be a long game (and contract..)

    • Give it a rest, he’ll be better. Two rough outings and you’re saying it’s going to be a bad contract. C’mon mang.

  20. Oh fucksakes, 5 consecutive hits and one of them leaving the part. Urgh.

  21. fuck

  22. You know when you are getting hit by Napoli and Middlebrookes its not your day

  23. Well, that was a fun game.

  24. dickey da worst?

  25. But the knuckleball is moving so much in the dome…. “spring training fluff stories”

    • I was assured that the absence of wind was an advantage. I kinda thought the opposite.

      • LOL!. The media narrative was that the Jays have to keep the Dome closed because Dickey pitched better without wind.

        so, he gives up 5 runs & 2 of the outs were fly balls hit to the warning track.

        Did AA get punked with Dickey?

        Tim Wakefield 2009 May performance against the Jays at Fenway led to a 9 game losing streak to ruin any playoff chances in 209.

        Now, The Red sox destroy a Cy Youngwinning knucleballer.???

  26. with 2 strikes to the first 3 batters he through shit right down broadway!

  27. Well shiiiiiit

  28. Is it just me or his knuckler not moving much at all??

  29. Holy shit these 2 outs were almost HOMERS!

  30. Long fucken day.

  31. The knuckler ain’t doin much dancin’

  32. Only 5 runs…

  33. Rally Dome.

    Flip it upside down.

  34. Good to know Joey Bats can have the entire day off…

    • +1. Don’t waste any chance of him getting hurt in a blowout.

      Who’s the Jays longman?


  35. Yeah. Well nothing like starting in a (fill in number here)-0 hole. They should maybe start taking a lot of Lester pitches to tire him out.

  36. Eek, even two of the outs were well-hit.

  37. a) Didn’t like the trade. Gave up WAY too much (I would have traded for Dickey, but not at CLOSE to that price.)

    b) Didn’t understand why he was automatically the #1 starter.

    c) just fucking *sigh* all over this shit.

    • oh please…

      Are these comments gonna come out every time he has a bad inning?

      • Dickey has not looked good in his first start , primarily blamed on JPA.

        What’s today’s excuse? Blanco doesn’t have any passed balls yet

    • Watch you don’t break an ankle, Bud.

      • None of my comments were of the “sky is falling” variety… Giving up 2 of the best prospects on the team (including arguably the best catching prospect in baseball) for an old guy with one year left on his contract and who was moving from the NL to the AL was silly…

        And we have at minimum 2 better pitchers on this team who deserved the #1 position over Dickey.

        • Brandon, you’re either trolling or incredibly misinformed.
          The reigning NL cy young winner,led the nl in wins and SO’s. Has been improving every year for the last 3 years.
          That’s the #1 pitcher on your staff,
          On ANY team.

          • He doesn’t look anywhere close toCy Young calibre today RADAR.

            • @ oakville 69

              Verlander doesn’t look like one today . He gave up 3 runs in the first to the Yanks.
              Guess he’s not Cy Young calibre either?

              • @radaR,

                Sure Verlander gave up 3 runs, but tell me you are not worried with what you are seeing with Dickey…

      • I’ve got my seat belt securely fastened.

  38. Holy crap that is a bad 5-9!

  39. This has to be our worst lineup possible

  40. Lester is a giant douche. Lets fuck him up .

  41. Dickeys knuckler is flat today. Not doing anything but staying in the middle of the zone.

  42. Ruh roh even Reyes can’t get on base to lead off the game…. time to panic!!!!

  43. Yuck, with zero MLB games played by tda and syndergaard the Mets are thus far winning the trade. Gross start.

    • It’s only 2 games and the first one was made way worse by J.P., now if he has a few more games like this…

      • Yes only two games … Hence the “thus far”. Seriously though Dickey has not been as advertised yeah JP didn’t help him out last time but JP didn’t walk as many as he K’d .

    • Dont know about Syndergaard, but TDA got sent down to avoid the super twos.

  44. Nice of Tabby to note there is no such thing as a 5 run home run.

  45. This may be the ugliest game of the year, hold on to your trousers

  46. Well that’s a good sign, an 8 pitch inning from Lester….

  47. What an awful 1st inning. Terrible pitching, terrible hitting. Hope we dont see an inning like that again this year.

  48. wtf was that

  49. Well, that escalated quickly…

    And much thanks to Tabby for pointing out that there is no such thing as a five-run homer. I know it was his lame attempt @ humour…but still…

  50. That first inning bad buzzed me. I may hav to switch to the hard stuff.

  51. How long do we have to wait for the Farrell curse to kick in and make Lester’s arm fall off?.

  52. not seeing nearly enough change of speed today from dickey. everything is 75-82. Need to see that slow knuckler a few times to set up the faster one. and what the hell is with the change up? what is it a change up from, a 75mph changeup from a 75mph knuckler?

  53. Nice four out inning for the dickster.

  54. Well i still don’t think we can score enough runs to win today with this lineup, it’s nice to see what Dickey can do when the ball dances

    • JB almost pinch hit yesterday…i wonder if Gibby will throw the towel in or go fro it? Suppose they’d have to get a few runs 1st.

  55. I think our lack of familiarity with the knuckleballer might not be helping, but it’s certainly fair that the knuckler is a feel pitch and maybe Dickey just didn’t have the feel in the first inning. It certainly doesn’t help that balls were just finding spots where fielders weren’t. I think we should overreact and panic!!!

    And it’s the AL east, if we’re going to compete a 5-run lead can’t be insurmountable.

  56. Edwin is struglllllin

    • EE is trying to hit bombs with every swing. Mottolla has got to get him in check and just let the home runs happen.

  57. This kind of fucking is what I was hoping we were gonna do to the sox. Brutal watching the reverse happen

  58. Dickey = Donkey?


  60. Looking forward to seeing what Henry Blanco’s rotting corpse has to offer.

  61. Bllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnncooooooo

  62. Haha my god, did Blanco ever not look good at the plate there. At least he’s catching the knuckler.


  64. What a caveman, Blanco can’t catch either!

  65. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit

  66. Gesus Buck, you freak out over a fly ball just past the short stop, but that one makes it to the track and you say “popped up”. What is wrong with your depth perception?

  67. Dickey is making my dickey sad.

  68. Such a bummer to see, we need some god damn offense stat.

  69. Too early for straight bourbon?

  70. Looks like Dickey isn’t coming as advertised. The other new guys are mediocre at best, as well. The lineup without Bautista and Lawrie (out for the season!) is not so great as well.

    I can’t be subjected to this any further. I absolutely won’t do it…don’t know why I even cam,e back. I would like to officially announce that I will not be back for the rest of the game. Furthermore, I refuse to watch another game this season. In addition, I will not return to this site for the remainder of the year.

    It’s over!

  71. Boney Fascio has had a TERRIBLE 6 games

  72. At least Dickey has looked passable since the 1st. Not great, but not throwing batting practice either. That was surreal seeing home run swing after home run swing.

    Guess we just hope this is an ugly blip with the pitch. He had a bad start last year too.

    • Last April Dickey’s ERA was 4.45 with 10bbs and 7 homeruns. From May till the end of the season his ERA was 2.48……..From Davis

      • Thanks for some rational thought Tom.
        It’s been gross early, but it’s really early

  73. Boni strikes out waaayyyy too much

  74. Jose Reyes, saying c’mon boys

  75. Before the season started, our lineup looked so good on paper! Now…

    SS Jose Reyes (S)
    RF Rajai Davis (R)
    LF Melky Cabrera (S)
    1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
    DH J.P. Arencibia (R)
    3B Mark DeRosa (R)
    2B Maicer Izturis (S)
    C Henry Blanco (R)
    CF Emilio Bonifacio (S)

  76. Lawrie, by himself, would vastly improve this team’s overall defense. Ugh.

    • Only would have saved 3 or 4 runs so far this season. Fuck sakes. Heal faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  77. Dickey is like an extra base hit machine!

  78. Who was throwing BP to Bautista in that little clip Sportnet had. It looked like Loup throwing right handed but that makes no sense at all but the hair and such looked just like him.

  79. Haha doubles again!!

  80. ooooooooooooooooooh crap, I don’t see us scoring a run

  81. Nice fucking throw Melky, jeesh.

    • Melky needs his special milk. Even if he does light it up later i hate the cheater and ex yank on this team. Hate it.

  82. Holy shit I’m not going to say the plays at third have been easy but Dejokesa has looked horrible on defense, and that last play was one Lawrie would have had

    • Gotta disagree with that one. Lawrie is better for sure, but those were both well hit, down the line and in the gap between 3b and ss…..nobody’s fault but Dickey’s there.

      • I was at the game down the third baseline, and lawrie definitly would have had those.

        i think my exact words were “OHMYGOD DE ROSA SUCKS.”

  83. Dickey needs to get his shit together.

  84. Also, Reyes has alarmingly poor range. Amazing how somebody flies down the basepaths can be so poor defensively.

    • I have felt the same thing so far this year, I’m sure he is actually very good but it really seems like a lot of balls have gotten past him that an above-average shortstop would have picked up.

    • Sorry? I thought he was the best shortstop in the AL yesterday?

    • I was thinking that earlier too. It’s starting to piss me off. It’s almost like he doesn’t care

  85. Iglesias may have been out if Blanco was 12 feet tall.

  86. 2-4 could be worse for the season

  87. Why don’t we all just get stoned,
    Get drunk and sing beer-drinking songs.
    Between Dickey and Davis,
    Bonifacio and Lind,
    We might as well all just get stoned.

  88. Is it just me or does Lawrie get all the balls that DeRosa and Iztyrus have been missing at 3rd?

  89. A lot of balls getting through the left hand side of the infield so far. I gotta think with Reyes it’s just seeing eye singles, but EVERYthing gets past DeRosa / Izturis.

    Lawrie can’t get back fast enough.

  90. The line up today , with a couple of exceptions obviously, is about as competitive as it was last August and September, when it was obviuosly shit. They really do not have a lot of room for injuries and as I said before they miss LAwrie’s defence bigtime as he is regarded by some baseball analysts as being in the top 5 defensively in all of MLB not just AL. This game looks a lot like those numerous 8-1 losses we were getting last year.
    The initial homestand was to start at least 4-2, at home, against 2 of the weak team s from last year but we will now go on a road trip against one of the best at 2-4. Hope we get a fire lit under us soon, because except for some HRs their offence hasn’t done anything with our vaunted “speed” weapon

  91. They run, why cant we run?

    • You have to get on base to run, we swing at everything and rarely walk. Do they lead the league in k’s and worst on base % & bbs?!

  92. Ra looked fine the first fame but today is awful.

    Jays crew claimed he was wild at the start of today’s game with the opener! Dumb fucks, that’s a good knuckleball IF your catcher could manage to at least stop them. Game is completely different in the opener if blanco cathes. Today you got your controlled knuckleball buck/pat. Nice right!? F’s sake.

  93. Wow, I’ve been checking in on my phone and listening to the game on the radio, while running errands. Rough game, but let’s not write Dickey or the Jays off yet. There are still a few innings to go in this game. Stranger things have happened.

    • This game is over. Lester dealing and the jays saing at garbage too…bad combo. Our hitting coach must be pushing attacking the ball with very little patience and approach at the plate. Terrible situational hitting.

  94. Is someone in the Jays marketing department related to someone in Metric? If not, can someone tell me why that shitty fucking band is used in so much of their promo material?

    • Good Band over played song. Also they are from Toronto.

    • It’s Rogers, boyo

      Oshawa, Brampton, Mississauga…fucking Oakville and Woodbridge.

      The love the Black eyed Peas out there and they bundle.

  95. EDWIN! you were so solid last year! come back to me!

    • He’s clearly embarrassed to be bobbling his real-life head in that bobblehead advert. For me, it’s one of the only things that makes me smile as I watch these games.

  96. The horrorshow autotune for EE bobblehead day has filled Senor Encarnacion with shame.

  97. It was so easy to distract me from studying for exams, but these Blue Jays have drove me to the books. Now drowning my sorrows in PSYC100.

  98. All you people who are arguing about dickey being overrated or the counter arguments about it just being two starts…i dont fucking care.

    all i know that my sunday afternoon of baseball has been ruined and that fucking pisses me off

    • I am more worried about our offense then Dickey at this moment in the season.

      • Yep they have 3 quality ML hitters in the lineup today( reyes, cabrera, ee). Against a good pitcher also. The rest are hackers and mediocre at best hitters. No depth at all and the injury bug is biting this team in the ass again as is the case seemingly every year.

  99. DeRosa stepping up to the plate to Bon Jovi. No irony there, I’ll bet.

  100. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT VIEW!??!??!!? STOP IT ROGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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