Houston Astros v Milwaukee Brewers

According to Shi Davidi, the Blue Jays have claimed right-hander Edgar Gonzalez off waivers from the Houston Astros.

Gonzalez, who has appeared in 113 major league games, was designated for assignment by Houston Friday to make room on their 40-man roster for Travis Blackley, who they acquired from the A’s.

To make room on the roster, the Jays moved Dustin McGowan to the 60-day DL. Gonzalez will likely be in uniform when the Jays take on the Tigers Tuesday, meaning Dave Bush, who served up four home runs against the Red Sox just a few hours ago, will be back in a Bisons uniform very shortly.

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  1. AA has an addiction to the waiver wire. That could be the only reason he keeps picking up these scrubs.

  2. I guess if you pick up enough guys, one might surprise and stick around.

  3. He’s only experimenting with the very bottom of the roster.

  4. 13-0

  5. What exactly is McGowan’s injury, this time? I thought they had put him on the 15 day as just a “shuffle the roster” move.

  6. take all the stros amirite

  7. I was just wondering how long until the next move. Not Long at All!

  8. How sad is it that the Jays are picking up Astros castoffs to *improve* the current roster?

  9. Bisons need players too.

  10. Is the 60-day DL retroactive to last season?

  11. I dont think McGowan is injured again its just to make room for Edgar….

  12. How can a guy who cannot make a AAA team known as the Houston Astros, fuckin help us in any way?? What are we going to do , cut Bush and bring him up as our mop up man, or is he coming to hurl beer cans across the rows at the dome to speed up beer sales?

    • Being a mop-up guy is probably exactly what he is being brought in for. This past week was not exactly easy on the Bullpen. We (potentially) will need a guy who can come in and eat some innings, even if he’s only here a week. Don’t worry, I’m positive AA isn’t bringing him in to turn this ship around. It’s just to keep everyone healthy on and on a regular rest schedule while our starters work out the kinks.

      Good? So calm the fuck down.

  13. that was one of the worst homestands ever. 2-4, only 1 easy win, Red Sox show they’re the better team right now, Bautista hurt. We learn Lawrie likely out until May.

    What a week in Jays-land.

    • Perhaps the 3-7 homestand last August that was part of a stretch where they went 5-20 was worse. It’s six games people, re-fucking-lax.

      • This is the first year they have any chance to win since 1998, so yeah this is worse than last year when they were shit from the get go and by August were playing out the string. Give me a break.

        • This is the first year they have any chance to win since 1998, so yeah this is worse than last year when they were shit from the get go ”

          The Jays were like 3 or 4 games out of it at the end of July last year.

    • Yeah. Going 2-4 in April is absolutely one of the worst home stands ever.

      The comment section here is going to be unbearable this year, isn’t it?

  14. If we keep McGowan on the DL till the end of his contract, does insurance pay for the entire thing?

  15. I’m not commenting on this article. I’m going to comment on some of the nonsense I’m reading and hearing on the effing radio. You so called Jays fans who spend your time bitching that the Jays are terrible after a 2-4 home stand need to cool it. How many other CY Young winner pitcher got blasted today? Price? Verlander? Hamels? Simmer the fuck down. No teams ran away with anything through the first week. Wait until late August before you all start to line up at the Bloor viaduct and commence jumping off of it.

    The Jays will be fine. This season is not a sprint. So take yourselves off of suicide watch, “Fire AA” watch and any other watch that’s going to make you critical, negative blowhards. Let these guys play. This team is going to be good. Sit back, be patient and you’ll see.

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