Jays Graph April 7th v Boston

Batter pLI WPA
SS – Reyes 0.27 -0.007
RF – Davis 0.28 -0.029
LF – Cabrera 0.18 -0.019
1B – Encarnacion 0.24 -0.025
DH – Arencibia 0.15 0.012
3B – DeRosa 0.22 -0.016 Pitcher pLI WPA
2B – Izturis 0.18 0.007 SP – Dickey 0.39 -0.384
C – Blanco 0.30 -0.031 RP – Bush 0.01 0.000
CF – Bonifacio 0.18 -0.007 RP – Cecil 0.00 0.000
Total 0.22 -0.116 Total 0.23 -0.384

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

Shamsky: J.P. Arencibia, 1.2%
Griffin: R.A. Dickey, -38.4%
Impact At-Bat: Henry Blanco K, Bot 2, -2.8%
Impact Pitch: Mike Napoli 2-run double, Top 1, -12.4%
Highest Leverage AB: Blanco K, Bot 2, 1.62
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Napoli 2-run 2B, Top 1, 1.62
Lineup Contribution: -11.6%
Pitching Contribution: -38.4%
Average Leverage Index: 0.52
Chart explanation

- R.A. Dickey’s line: 4.2ip, 10h, 7er, 2bb, 5k, 2hr, 7.51FIP

- Everything went wrong.  Breathe.

- The Jays take a day off and then head to Detroit for a series against the Tigers. They’ll avoid both Verlander and Scherzer in the series.

- Projected matchup is Morrow (1.13FIP, 0.3fWAR) v Anibal Sanchez (2.59FIP, 0.2fWAR)

{All numbers via Fangraphs}

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  1. I can’t come up with anything to say without coming across as a negative asshole. Go Jays!

  2. Well, no one got hurt…

  3. Can’t help but feel that Dickey would have been helped by some better defense. Reyes and Izturis both missed plays that could have minimized the damage in the first inning.

    • the infield is very porous right now. DeRosa reminds me of Luke Schenn, as far as lateral mobility.

    • +1, but those balls are being hit pretty far.

      Is dickey a 3 year NL wonder?

      I am baffled how the red sox made Dickey look like tagahashi

      • Please stop. Jesus fucking christ.

        • C’mon Stoeten. I realize I was one of your favourite punching bags last year, but I hope you will do a post tomorrow or this week where you try to explain Dickey’s YTD performance. Was it wrong mechanics? Velocity? Red Sox hitters knowing how to hit knuckleballers? Give me a reason any reason other than “shit happens”

          • @oakville420 He’ll probably end up doing a post about how you’re a big dope. Simply, Dickey had a bad day. The knuckler was spinning, a lot. Great pitchers don’t always have their best stuff, and if you primarily throw a knuckleball, bad days are just a bit more pronounced.

          • And this is why you get shit on.

            Why is “shit happens” not a valid excuse? And… his YTD performance? You mean the ten innings?

            He’s fucking fine. He was fine in the WBC, he was fine in spring. Some days the knuckleball doesn’t break the way he needs it. It takes a while to get a consistent feel with it coming out of the gate. We know this, and it is also bloody obvious. Plus, he was better than you remember in the opener (without the passed balls, he’s fine), and to pretend that you are– or to flat out BE– dumb enough to not see that there is precisely zero issue here is fucking ridiculous. It’s trolling, because you’re wasting the time of everybody who feels the need to not let your moronic opinions stand to influence even dumber people.

            Get a fucking clue. Seriously. I’m pretty sure you’re capable.

            • It is sort of like a situation when Adam Lind goes 4 for 4 with 3 home runs. Do you disregard the entire body of work over the last three years and proclaim that he is back or do you write it off as one of those things until he has kept it up for a Bautista-like length of time? Not, of course, that Lind will ever go 4 for 4 with 3 home runs…

          • I’ll give you one – EXTREMELY small statistical sample.
            Good Lord. There’s some Xanax in the medicine cupboard. I’ll let you have one if you get the tequila bottle out of the cupboard.

          • Just to clarify Oakville, you are most everyone’s favourite punching bags around here.

            You are certainly my favourite!

            I am not sure if it’s ignorance or willful ignorance with you.

            • @jays2010

              LOL!. No problems mate. I enjoy a heated debate.

              I started following the Jays closely in mid 2008& lived through the years of “we can’t compete with the Yankees & Red Sox” & watching being beaten by the Rays etc.

              AA finally traded some of the prospects & built a strong team on paper for 2013.

              Hopefully, it will get better, but I am getting a bit nervous about Lawrie. Dickey is a ??? for me.

              It’s been six months of waiting, & the first week has been tough to watch.

              • Oakville. Read this:


                Hamels, Price, Cain and Strasbourg were all as bad or worse than Dickey today. It doesn’t mean all those pitcher suck.

              • “AA finally traded some of the prospects”

                Wrong again. Have a look at the number of prospects AA traded prior to the winter of 2012/2013.

                Names include top 100 Brett Wallace & Zack Stewart as well as young major leaguers like Mark Rzepcynski.

                And, of course, he traded a buttload more recently including D’arnaud, Marisnick, Hechevvaria etc.

                He’s always been willing to trade prospects. He simply didn’t have many to trade when he became GM.

                So stop the (willfull) ignorance.

                • @Jays2010.

                  Yes AA has traded prospects prior to Nov 2012. The quality of the prospects traded between Nov 2012-December 2012, was higher if you add up all their values.

      • Dickey’s third start of 2012: 4.1 IP, 8 ER, 8 H, 2 BB, 5 K

        David Price’s start this afternoon: 5 IP, 8 ER, 10 H, 3 BB, 3 K

        The moral of the story: shit happens.

        • Some much needed reason from Philbert. Thank you, Philbert. But I think I’m about ready to abandon ship on the comment section this year. You’ve changed, comments section. You used to be cool. #china

          • To add to what everyone else has said… Take a look at last year…Ya shit happens.

            Apr 18 @ ATL L 14-6 4.1 8 8 8 3 2 5 6 10 79 23

          • Random number signs at the end of sentences nearly as annoying as retards saying Dickey can’t pitch in the AL.

      • Are you fucking kidding me dude? A 3 year wonder? Based off 2 games? One of which they could very well have won had an absolutley scorched Lind hit been turned into a momentum killing dp? Guys like you make me want to puke.

  4. On the plus side we are only 2-4!

  5. At least Dickey wasn’t the only reigning Cy Young winner to get pounded today, Price gave up 8 earned runs in 5 inning’s work… Masterson and the Tribe have out-dueled both of them.

    • Well, they are the Cleveland Indians aka God’s favorite terrier. He loves them, even when he beats them with a hose.

    • Is price just a 3 year AL wonder?

      I am baffled how the indians made Price look like some obscure japanese thing

    • Bad day for ‘aces’ all around baseball:

      David Price, 8 ER in 5 IP
      RA Dickey, 8 ER in 4.2 IP
      Matt Cain, 9 ER in 3.2 IP
      Cole Hamels, 8 ER in 5.2 IP
      Stephen Strasburg, 6 ER in 5 IP

      • That is Fucking insane! maybe oakville 69 can explain what the fuck happened today

      • before everyone goes batshit crazy on me- i agree that it is premature to think dickey is done – however, it is two games now (though i appreciate that jp was brutal and two gp isn’t 36 gp) and trying to show me that other aces suckedass barely deadens the pain b/c i remember their first games:

        Hamels – 5.0 IP, 5 ER, 5 K, 7 H (ok, he does suck and is done :)
        Price – 6.0 IP, 2 ER, 4 K, 7 H, 2 BB, 4 SO
        Cain – 6.0 IP, 0 ER, 8 K, 4 H, BB, 8 SO

        Dickey’s first turd with a little perspective:
        6.0 IP, 3 ER, 4 K, 5 H, 4BB, 4 SO

        ….actually, now that I look at the other numbers…I feel a bit better! Dickey wasn’t as bad as I thought (esp. considering the passed balls) and Hamel sucked 2x over. Price was good, but it wasn’t exactly a gem. Cain was great, but his last game was the biggest piece of shit ever.

        phew…nevermind…move along…nothing to see here…

  6. I really don’t want to be the guy who says that Dickey was a 3-year wonder, but I want so badly to be reassured by him throwing a gem sooner rather than later.

  7. Anyone who is rattled by the first six games can go fuck themselves.

    Let’s go Blue Jays! Big successful road trip upcoming. 5-1 week IMO.

    • This team REALLY needs a road trip.

      Consider that Toronto.

      • Man, I was just thinking that myself today. Depressing.

        • Was the crowd this douchey in 1992/1993? Everytime Jack Morris put up 8 runs in 5 innings, did everyone jump to their death? I was 12/13 at the time and just loved baseball. Is the Internet fueling this? Fuck Toronto, chill the fuck out.

  8. id rather have Lind and Rasmus in the lineup than Derosa izturis (I know I know lefty righty)

    • I was thinking that today. Bare with me here cause I ain’t no expert: Are splits really so important that in a game where Laurie and Bautista are injured , you sit Rasmus and Lind? I know people hate lind, but he is better than the pure hate being thrown in his direction and certainly he is at his peak value with so many hrs on the bench?
      Again, not an expert and so this isnt’ even opinion but rather just a thought

      • go to fangraphs.com and look at splits. It’s a very user-friendly website with definitions of all the things that seem intimidating. No need to not know. You can find a wealth of opinions and data over there.

  9. Just got back from the game. I’m not sure what’s worse. Watching your home team not show up in front of 41,000 fans or listening to Wilner say over and over again that the first week doesn’t matter…..whatever.

    We’ve played almost 4% of the games this year – 7% of our home games. It IS a sample size. We’re not talking 1 at-bat or 1 game.

    I’m not sure the teams arms are good enough to compensate for so many bad at-bats. It’ll be better once Bats and Lawrie return but it’s hard to hide so many weak at bats from Rasmus, Izturis and Bono when you have Lind DH-ing.

    • XD “It is a sample size”

      Yep a small one with absolutely no statistical significance or predictive value. Let’s see is Dickey closer to the two starts he’s had this year, or the three years worth of starts where he’s been good to great? Hmmmmmmmm

    • +1. I realize Wilner is trying to be rational & he did acknowledge that the team lost 13-0 today.
      It’s sad that Wilner doesn’t want to spend some time analyzing what went wrong with Dickey today.

      Is there something wrong with his velocity?

      Blanco seemed fine at catching him.

      I don’t like the “sky is falling” crowd , but i don’t think we can dismiss the first 6 games as spring training results.

      Reyes can’t do everything himself. Edwin is in a slump. Bautista is hurt.

      Good teams lose 70 games out of 162. we have lost 4 out of 6.

      • Oakville – with all due respect, you’re the grand master of the ‘sky is falling crowd’.

        • Okay, they didn’t lose 10 times today, they only lost once. If Dickey fails again I won’t have to say a thing as everyone else will say it for me. If there is one thing I haven’t liked about this past week was the clubs propensity to only score when they were hitting home runs. 17 of the 22 runs they scored this week came via the home run. Wilner is full of bull. Week one games are as important as any. Especially if you miss the playoffs by one game.

        • @ James.I am not the leader of the” sky is falling crowd”.

          Frankly, I feel vindicated by the offseason strategy of spending 125 million to build a winning team after battling all the low budget,prospect hounds on this board.

          I want to know what the experts think about Dickey’s performance today. I don’t have much experience watching a knuckleball pitcher on our team. I distinctly remember Wakefield making the Jays look very bad in 2009. At the time, the team went on a 9 game losing streak. Cito blamed a knuckle ball pitcher for confusing the jays hitters for a week.

          • Here is Dickey’s game log from last year. He only had 1 game where he gave up 8er in 4 innings lastyear


          • Oakville the reason you feel vindicated by the offseason strategy is because you are delusional enough to believe it has something to do with the PR mess from the John Farrell fallout.

            When the real reason is likely a combination of

            1) Spending when the time is right (which was always the stated plan)
            2) Changes in the CBA that cutoff the Jays from small market revenue sharing money

            You’re an accountant, right? TurboTax is my accountant and I really don’t know much beyond the absolute basics.

            But fuck. Someone who works with numbers all day should at least be open to the most basic of statistical principals.


            • @Jays 2010.

              Did Farrell quitting the team & joining the Red Sox solely make AA decide to get approval for $125 million payroll ?. No I don’t believe that.

              I do think that Rogers looked bad when their manager quit on them.It’s the same thing as free agents refusing to play in Toronto.

              I do think that the economics of the game with Rogers broadcasting assets make building a competitive sports property valuable.

              As an accountant, I was baffled why Rogers ignored the value of the Blue Jays. You can see how the ratings are high, new corporate sponsors, ticket sales up etc..

            • I would also say , that if I see something on a tax return that is out of ordinary, I would do further research. Dickey’s performance today was out of the ordinary today & was equal to one bad game he had in 2012. Stoeten said the ball wasn’t spinning, so that seems to be a reasonable explanation.

              Of course, a blowout in 1 game isn’t scary in the context of 162 games, but as baseball fans it is useful to try & determine reasons why the performance has been below expectations.

              This website is able to offer an unbiased version of the team & is not owned by the parent company of the team.

              I assume that if the Jays win 75 games in 2013, that questions will be asked about the team.

              • “A blowout in 1 game isn’t scary in the context of 162 games.”

                Put that on your desk at work and read it five times a day for one week followed by twice daily until the all star break.

                If you are still not cured by then, I can write you another prescription.

              • im kinda intrigued if dickey does have a bad season what all u guys r gonna say to this oakville guy

                • I hope it doesn’t happen. A bad Dickey season means no playoffs.
                  I suppose I am in the same boat as the Ricky Romero fan club. Wilner assured us that he would be in the opening day lineup. The experts said don’t worry about Ricky.

                  Well Ricky is in Dunedin. Something was wrong, & could not be easily explained away.

                  Dickey was able to get people out after the first inning so that’s positive.

                • Dickey could be bad for the next 3 years and Oakville wouldn’t be vindicated in the least.

    • @Mr Hankey

      Hahah Jesus Christ!

      Yeah, the Jays have started the first FOUR percent of their season with an impossible to overcome 2-4 mark (Including an extra inning loss).

      I have no idea how this team will look in September. I think probably very good. But to draw any conclusions through SIX games is so dumb.

      Come July you won’t even remember what happened in the games in early April.

      • So seeing as I haven’t said anything about giving up on this team I can only assume that anything less than cheering when they lose makes me a bad fan.

        Maybe you should care more?

    • Yes and I am sure that they will all hit .200 for the entire year. Also its wierd because by using the figure 7%, you would think that your argument would be the opposite of what it is, I think you are over rating how much 7 percent is. To put it in perspective, at the age of 7 you lived over ten percent of your life already.

      • they wont all…but rasmus will. if everyone stops gushing about a 700ft hr, they would see that his ab(s) are awful. the good news is that his at bats never take more than a minute because he only sees 3 or 4 pitches.

  10. Where’s your fucking lo vista now, boys? Probably got eye strain and whiplash watching Senor Pelota flying out into the stands.
    I’d lose the “We don’t hit no focking singles” motto, too. After years of observation and some careful comparisons – it IS possible to move a baserunner over by means OTHER than a homer.
    Early days yet, I know….

  11. It’s also annoying to hear Wilner complain about boooing the home team and fans running onto the field. The team loses 13-0 (I paid over $150 for 3 tickets) and I gotta hear how we somehow aren’t good enough fans?

    • Shut up that’s wrong

      • what’s wrong?

        • I personally thought the fan running onto the field was fucking hilarious. I love the Jays and am not giving up on them by any means…but that totally made the game worth it after seeing that dud of a performance. Go Jays!

    • It’s one game. And no other city is as fucking reactionary to absolutely nothing as this one is. Real sports cities love their teams through highs and lows. Here? We live in an endless world of bandwagoneering. Win with 5 home runs? Best team ever, world series here we come baby! Lose a game in a sport where you’re guarenteed 62 losses a year? Fuck this shit, why’d I waste my money. Yeah, they lost on the day you happened to be there. Get over yourself.

      • no – it’s 6 games and other sports cities are just as tough (been to Philly?). You seem like to much of an asshole to be preaching to anyone.

        I’m a fan and I get pissed when they lose. If you find that offensive then fuck off and don’t respond.

        • Don’t jump off a bridge

        • I certainly think you have a valid point. While I live and die with the Jays, games like today have to be called what they are- a total non show up and waste of time. Only Sports in general can have you buy tickets, have guys not play ( peform) that were supposed to be there, have those that do show up , fuck around all day like a government worker, and then say tough shit when you are out 150$. I feel on games like this , due to non performance they should give you 50% off a future game or something but that’ll never happen. It’s like buying tickets for the Stones and then finding out Mick is taking the night off.
          Anyway, couple a guys on my team wanted to go to this one and I said I had chores to do (fib) and that Lester always shuts them out here ( true). Saved myself the 150 and will go to boo Rios on the Tuesday of the next homestand instead.
          If they want crowds all year they got to come up with better value than we saw this week, that’s all i have to say for now.
          Spuds, I’m going back to my merlot now. not sure about the fields
          But Fuck yeah

          • +1. I hope Sportsnet doesn’t think that blaming the fans will be a winning strategy.

            The Blue jays do not have a monopoly on the entertainment dollar in this city.

            TFC & MLSElearned the hard way that fans will disappear without a competitive team.

            Wilner should not be afraid to ask the tough questions about what is wrong with Dickey.

            Defense has been bad as well.

            • There are no tough questions too ask, so… seriously, buy a clue, please. For fuck sakes.

              • Stoeten, so is Dickey’s performance so far this year perfectly normal ?

                Is it wrong to ask any questions of what has happened so far this season, or do we have to wait till the All Star Break?

                • I believe anything less than a compliment for a team that just lost 13-0 brands you a band-wagon-jumper and an ass.

                  • +1. Funny because it’s true. I am alarmed by the Orwellian “Nothing to see here folks” view from the media.

                    I know it’s wrong to live & die with every game, but I am concerned with what I saw for the first 6 games.

                    A few more wins this week would help.

                • To answer your idiotic question, yes.

                  Look at his first few games last year, dumbass.

                  • LOL looks lke you’re the douchebag.
                    Game 1 1er – win
                    Game 2 2er – win
                    Game 3 8er – loss
                    So you mean look at his 3rd game of last season? Ya I guess that’s what you must have meant…

            • Are you shitting me? The Leafs have sucked ass for a decade and fans will still pay a bajillion dollars to see that team play.

        • But you didn’t pay to see them win, you paid to watch a ballgame. Unless you’re an asshole.

          • that was a ballgame by only the loosest definitition. the crowd was totally out of it by the 3rd inning and who could blame them. Ever seen 40,000 people sitting quietly? fuckin sucks.

      • not true, Yankees fans would not put up with this.

        Montreal Canadiens fans did not tolerate last year’s performance.

        If anything, Toronto fans & media are very accepting of mediocre performance.

        This team has not tried to compete for 20 years with the exception of 2006, & is now looking like a laughinstock. Heyman said we are he Miami marlins 2013.

        • Holy fuck, not to single you out, but nobody is coming close to making comments as dumb as this. It’s the first fucking week. Nobody is a laughing stock in the first week anymore than Chris Davis is the damn home run champion, or Mike Morse, or whatever shitbag came out of the gate hot. Just… stop. It’s embarrassing.

          • Stoeten, I did not call the Jays a laughinstock. It’s Heyman from Sports Illustrated who sent out the tweet comparing the 2013 Jays to the 2012 Marlins.

            You can’t be happy with what you saw today. I know it’s early but can anyone analyze specifically what was wrong with Dickey today, other than blame fans for booing the Jays?

            Dickey had his favourite catcher. The dome was closed. Was his velocity off? He was walking too many batters.

            • If “69″ is your birth year and you have children, I have genuine empathy for them. If it’s simply a reference to the sex act, then I only feel sorry for you.

              If you’re not making a concerted effort to be as obtuse and as stereotypically clueless as some people would imagine an Oakville Jays fan might (but couldn’t possibly) be, I am amazed.

          • But… Chris Davis is clearly the MVP this year. Frankly I would have voted for him last year too.

          • I think it’s ridiculous for Wilner & Sportsnet to attack their customers for the poor performance by the team so far. I am not advocating throwing paper airplanes on the field or running around the field as a streaker to disrupt the game. Fans have a right to boo the team.

            The “its early” line by the baseball media is not acceptable. I just want to know what is going wrong.

          • I see the grammar error I made . I should have said laughingstock according to Heyman with his shot that we are the Miami marlins of last year.

      • @Adrian. fans may love their teams through Highs/Lows, but they do have the right to ask questions about what is going on.

        • Something is “going on” when there is some kind of a pattern established. One game does not equal a pattern. Especially when the game itself shows nothing of a pattern– Dickey got killed by the first five batters he faced, then gave up three runs for his next fifteen outs. Not good, but probably what you’d expect given the circumstances.

          • OK Stoeten. Hopefully, Dickey will improve in his next start which will be on Saturday against KC.

            There will be no dome. KC can get windy at this time of year.

    • I don’t agree with the booing, but at the same time your a paying customer and it’s your right. I was there too, it sucked.

    • +1. Wilner should stop blaming the fans. The team played poorly. Wilner should be happy that the fans are showing up.

      You won’t see 40K crowds if the team is in last place in June.

    • While I love fans who run on the field, I totally stand by what Wilner said. I tuned in to Jays Talk today only to hear him mock the idiots I knew would call. He should be even meaner, in my opinion.

  12. It was so bad that Dave Bush’s absolute plastering at the hands of the Red Sox batters did literally nothing to negatively impact the Jays chance of winning the game (according to his WPA of 0.00). Next time someone doesn’t understand situational leverage, show them today’s chart.

    • This is a really interesting and great point and a full piece should be written on it.

    • Bush was just mopping up the blood and saving the bullpen.

      Gotta admire those guys that come in when there is no hope.

  13. I was at this game and I didn’t think the fans were booing our players so much as booing the successes of the Red Sox players.

    Also I was at this game so feel sorry for me because God Almighty it was really hard to watch.

    • That ten dollar beer must have really, really sucked.

      Been to a few games where it was fucking done in the first inning. It absolutely bites.

      So, we have to stay…right?

      • Windowless Windows is pretty rad if you can get a spot (you have to wait a bit usually) and the 5 straight ERs without an out, followed by getting shelled by Will Middlebrooks who’s looking more and more like he may fulfill his large potential every day, were honestly some of the rougher baseball I’ve watched. That said; it’s baseball. The best two records in the post-expansion era have ended in the numbers 46 and 48.

  14. Haha, cancel the parade!! Can someone remind why paying a boatload for a 38 year old one timer was a good idea?

    • Do you really think 2/$25MM is a ridiculous contract for the reigning Cy Young winner. Price didn’t look so good today either. I guess that makes him a shitballer too.

    • I almost wrote that you were an idiot. Then I realalized that todays loss had the effect of turning me into one of those hyper confident winners who tells people they are idiots online. Good times.

  15. Lighten up, Francis

    If it’s the middle of May and they are sucking then okay. It’s the first week.

    Dickey had a bad start and couldn’t throw strikes with the knuckler. That’s the deal with the knuckleball, sometimes it’s wild. He’ll be fine when he gets comfortable and the season becomes a job. When these guys are showing up tired because they play six days a week then we will know.

    Do you really think Chris Davis is going to hit 162 home runs?

    • So what all of a sudden the guy can’t throw a knuckleball? I thought he was a big Cy Young winner, and now he can’t control the only pitch he’s made bread on? And he’s YOUR ace?!?!?! You are happy with this!?

      • The pitching is going to be there.

      • Knuckleballs are unpredictable. If they could be spotted on the corner then every 88 mph fastball guy would be throwing one.

        Even a guy like Dickey is gonna get shelled now and then. Every knuckler in history has batting practice games.

      • Dickey blew up slightly worse but mostly the exact same on his third start last year. Things turned out alright.

    • Stripes reference…..you win the Internet today!!

  16. I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve the leader!!!

  17. So they had a laugher today.

    Morrow, Johnson and Happ look really good right now. Jannsen, Loup, Delabar and BRETT FUCKING CECIL are nails.

    Buerhle and Oliver will settle in like the old pros that they are. Only Santos worries me.

    Now, many of you children never saw Robbie Alomar on a day to day basis. I did.

    Jose Reyes is that guy, the agent of chaos that utterly fucks shit up. You ain’t seen nothing yet and he will break games wide open and give opposing pitchers the shakes.

  18. The Nats lost 14-0 (or something like that) a couple day ago. We’ll be cool.

  19. Steady the course, we’ll be okay, i mean, we only were kidding when we said we’d go to 162-0………i mean…….we’re good for a wildcard….right? irght???

  20. #DickeyCurrentlyNotTheBest

  21. Every now and again a knuckleballer won’t have it and he’ll toss BP for a game like RA did today. That part doesn’t stress me out in the least. What does stress me out a bit is the bottom half of our batting order. Even with Bats back, the bottom looks weak. I’m not convinced Lawrie will do the business necessarily when he gets back, and we’ve got some weak guys we will be trotting out down there.
    Let’s hope for a good road trip. While I agree it’s early days yet, I really don’t want us to dig ourselves a 5-10 hole to start the year. That would be a problem.

    • I agree

      • You are right. I remember as a kid watching Tim Wakefield pitch against the Jays and he was terrible. The next time he pitched against Toronto I was happy because I thought he sucked and would be an easy win. He was lights out. Knucklers are either really good or really bad, I think anyways….so far RA has been really bad. It would be re assuring for him to have a good game so there is not a question of something being wrong with him.
        One more bad start from RA and Rogers will be wishing they had kept the windows on the restaurant so people cant jump. Because they will be.

        • Its not just knuckleballers, its all pitchers. You dont have to look much further than last seasons shit kicking of Jon Lester, I recall it being said it was the worst outing of his career. He was okay today.

        • He hasnt been that bad. Yes today was a bad game but the opener could have easily gone his way.

      • How is it that DJF has Stoeten listed as editor and Parkes, fairsevice and lewis listed as contributors, but we have these other clowns posting articles?
        Does that not make them contributors?
        Cant complain about more content, just remember. Do Not post a new thread on top of a Game Threat while the game is going on…totally fucks up the game discussion.

        • No, it doesn’t. Sorry if the contributor list isn’t as up to date as you require, but what the fuck are you talking about?

          • Stoeten, I do appreciate the full weekend analysis. Will Zuber & the other new guys be regular contributors?

          • Stoets, I know Oakville69 has you in a shitty mood, but i was just busting balls. You and Parkes used to bitch at each other for Thread blocking each other didn’t you? that’s all I was saying.
            If you post a Game Threat and everyone is talking about that game there and then you put up another thread half way through the game, you end up getting half the people talking about the game on the Game Threat and half talking about the game on the new thread that was put up half way through the game.
            Just saying….

            • Thing is, I said the exact same thing.

              Nobody came at me, or agreed.

              Not gonna get fired, that’s why they do this to the used car salesmen.

  22. My over/under on Jeffress being DFA’d was 7. I took the under and it turned out to be 1.
    Now I have to ask after this colossal HR debacle by Bush today, what is the o/u on him?
    Given that the BJs have to make a roster move on Tuesday for this Gonzalez fothead, I’ll go with 3 and take the under again

  23. Cool WAMCO tee celebrating the 1993 Jays. Check it out!
    [snip! - Ed.]

  24. People who think Dickey is a bust after today need to have their heads exploded.

  25. Sometimes you get yer ass handed to you on a plate. That’s baseball. I’d like to see another hitter who gets on base and hits a lot of singles and the occasional double, steals some bases. Someone else (other than Reyes) who works the count and doesn’t have to hit a tater every at bat makes this team a winner. Get Lind out of the lineup and put that guy in and yowza.

  26. Dickey was pretty bad today and poor defense/catcher wasn’t to blame this time. Still, it’s just one bad outing (the first doesn’t count due to Arencibia’s mistakes). Let’s just remember that once Bautista and Lawrie get back they will add to this lineup a tonne. Defense improves and protection comes in to play. They’re obviously going to need to step up their consistency a bit but that should come as everyone gets comfortable and bodies return. Having fun so far, looking forward to the rest of the season!

    • Will Lawrie be back before Victoria Day?

      • My sources tell me yes! LOL
        That’s a good point, it might be a long wait. We definitely need DeRosa off the field, and get the Izturis/Bonifacio platoon going at second.

        • Sadly, Jayson Nix is doing a good job for the Yankees this year.

          Can mike Mccoy play 3B?


            • If Lawrie is out for an extended period of time, say 2 months, who is the every day 3B on this team?

              Mark Derosa? You hate him.

              The Jays won’t put Edwin back to 3B would they?

  27. Is there any video of the person running onto the field? My buddy was there and said it was funny.

    • It’s absolutely hilarious seeing a guy have a flash of fame before begin escorted off the field by security, get fined $2500, and being charged with trespassing.

      • That guy was a hero, people were gonna jump from the railings in center before he injected some life into the game.

        the guy in the 9th sucked tho.

  28. We should totally trade Dickey.

    I heard Miami has some prospects…

  29. I am embarrassed that fans find it entertaining to watch drunk clowns throw paper airplanes and run on the field. Yes, we lost 13-0, and people paid good money to watch the game but it is the risk YOU take, no one forced you to buy those tickets or pick today to watch the game. Show some fuckin respect and take responsibility. We as Toronto sports fans have to stop acting like the ass clown in class that always blew spit balls during class. Grow the fuck up and cut your losses.

    • I think the key is to relax about the outcome and focus on the spectacle, the ballpark atmosphere. Just enjoy the talent, watch Reyes kick ass, Joey knock em out of the park, laugh at Rasmus and his silly hair, etc. The only thing I hate is when you can visibly see that players have stopped trying. As long as that doesn’t happen, we’re good.

      • Agreed. There is no room to have players not giving their all but blow out games do not mean that Dickey or Reyes or Izturis were not “trying”. The fact is that baseball is a game of failures. It’s not a game of “if I try harder than you, I will win”. It takes skill, knowledge and athleticism. I hope that moving forward the RC is packed with baseball FANS, not people expecting to be entertained.

    • Man do I ever hate this kind of high-handed condescention. Lighten the fuck up dude. If a guy runs on to the field, who gets hurt? No body. You fine the guy, arrest him etc and this prevents people doing it too often, which is good. But Jesus fucking Christ, what is the harm with a little immature fun? Youre embarassed that people are amused? I am embarrassed that youre such an uptight ass-squenching snooze fest. I bet you are a total blast at a party. Do you also hate off key sing-a-longs? Because thats about a comparable crime. In conclusion, I think you should move to Germany where I hear they have your kind of tolerance to fun and amusment. In fact, you are so ridiculous that I can only assume that you are also a bigot, a rascist and a consumer of organic food.

      • fuck off.

      • Simmer down Big Jim. Go drink a Pabst, yank your junk and reflect on the fact that you just bashed someone for being uptight in probably the most uptight manor. Go fuck yourself and have a nice day.

  30. These week’s segment “Starters who we thought were good but turned out to be shitbags” features so called “aces”:
    Stephan Strasburg 4.38 ERA
    Gallardo 5.73 ERA
    David Price 8.18 ERA
    Cole Hamels 10.97 ERA
    Edison Volquez 10.00 ERA
    Matt Cain 8.38 ERA
    everyones Favorite R.A Dickcheese 8.44 ERA

    The point is even really REALLY good pitches have bad games, sometimes they even have 2 in a row :O

    So smoke a J, have a wank, and enjoy an awesome night of non-baseball related Television!!!!

    • this*****

    • Check, check, and check.

    • @sandcastle.

      Hmmm, that puts things in perspective.

      OK, I will calm down now…. but does anyone know of a good website or book to analyze knuckeballers? Have the knuckleballer experts seen anything out of the ordinary with Dickey this year so far?

      It is just a weird thing to watch.

      • The knuckleball experts?

        Jesus man, buy a fucking clue. It’s one game. The ball wasn’t breaking– it was spinning too much. He got hurt worse because, due to the ineffective knuckler, he switched to his secondary stuff, which is pretty pedestrian. It’s one game– which is precisely what any so-called expert would tell you. Nothing worth analysing, because the sample is tiny– one start out of nearly 35. It’s irrelevant. Shit happens. There is nothing that will be changed or fixed, there is nothing that needs to be changed or fixed. It happens.

        Please. Figure it the fuck out.

        • Thanks Stoeten, so the ball wasn’t spinning today. No need for the “buy a clue” but that’s your style so that’s OK.

          • My style is to treat a walking fucking brick wall who ought to know better with a shade of contempt, yes.

            • I don’t think I am a brick wall, but thought I was asking a reasonable question as to whether or not something was “off ” with Dickey today. I blame Dickey’s home opener performance on JPA

              How many bad starts by Dickey would be enough to cause “questions need to be asked”?

              • Can both of you ladies take a midol and calm down? Oakville, take the same dose as Stoeten + effing one.

              • @oakville

                “How many bad starts by Dickey would be enough to cause “questions need to be asked”

                You just attributed the first game to ‘mostly’ JP, so if you were to answer your own question the answer would be… one?

            • Youre a bully dude. This place out to be called Aristocratic Jays Fans.

          • it was spinning. you keep reading stoeten’s answer as ‘it wasn’t spinning’ a knuckleball isn’t supposed to spin. that’s what makes it dance unpredictably. if it spins it’s just a shitty meatball. a soft tossed ball travelling on a very predictable path. making it look like the batter sare hitting off a tee at times.

          • Dude, he’s posted more than once that the knuckler was spinning, ergo making it an ineffective pitch. If it wasn’t spinning, it would have probably been a different game. Go troll Youtube and get familiar with what a knuckleball is supposed to do, and I’ll give you a hint: spinning isn’t one of them.

  31. and take comfort in the fact that Brett fucking Cecil looks GREAT coming out of the pen!

  32. Let’s take a look at some other aces who didn’t exactly bring their A-game today:

    Hamels – 5.2 IP 9 H 8 ER 4 BB 2 SO
    Price – 5.0 IP 10 H 8 ER 3 BB 3 SO
    Cain – 3.2 IP 11 H 9 ER 2 BB 2 SO

    Kinda of puts Dickey’s turd into perspective:
    4.2 IP 10 H 7 ER 2 BB 5 SO

    Its a long season and it happens. Now lets move on.


      sie note: I believe I made this EXACT same point only one post earlier….

      • Yeah I know. I started my post a while ago, got distracted and came back to find that you finished it off for me! Muchas gracias!

        • Go ahead and Add Jared- I wish I was Jeff- Weaver and Yu- I can only pitch against the astros- Darvish to the list.

    • ha sandlecastle kid be me to that one – point still stands!

    • Does this mean I have to smoke another j, wank, and watch more tv? Radar, I’m gonna need to borrow one of those pills.

    • Finally some level heads who realize that there are still 156 games left. Maybe numbers will help the bandwagon tards see that other aces have mediocre numbers also.

  33. K my 2 cents for today that I dont think is overly reactionary:

    1. The key to Dickey’s sucess is WHIP. Any guy that has 4< speed can steal on a knuckleballer and add in the pass balls (going to happen to any catcher when the pitch is working not just JPA) and you have a ton of guys in scoring position and fewer DP opportunities. Also he had by far his highest K/9 and SO/BB last year so some regression is likely. That being said fucking chill out. He'll prolly throw a couple complete game shut outs this year and we'll forget this day ever happened.

    2. Everyone bitching about the offence please shut the fuck up. The 6-9 a month from now will be Lawrie, Rasmus, JPA, Bonifacio. I fucking hate Lind and hope Rasmus can have a solid year and bump him down but either way the following statement holds true: MOST TEAMS WOULD SUCK DICK TO HAVE THAT LOWER HALF!!! Seriously go look at some depth charts around the league and see the kind of shit bags getting run out there in the bottom half of almost EVERY FUCKING TEAM. Are any of you pining for the James Loneys, Alberto Callaspos and Mitch Morelands of the world??? It may not always be pretty but 3/4 if healthy should hit 20+ HR and Maicer/Boni/Davis combine for at least 60 SB in 3 way clusterfuck psuedo plantoon. Also in a small sample size it seems JPA has begun to move away from the Duane Murphy school and remembered that he can drive the ball to right centre which hopefully translates into a better average. Sure OBP may be lacking and there's gonna be a ton of K's but let's just take a deep breath and remember that things will look alot better offensively and defensively when Lawrie is back and Rajai is in the 7 (not 2) hole against the odd lefty.

  34. Sometimes I think it’s just me and Wilner in here and he’s signed in under 10 different names.

  35. I made the 3 hour drive today to see the game today and despite the out come I met some great fans and enjoyed the experience. It was easy to see why fans were restless but I also don’t condone the booing, paper airplanes and the idiot sliding into second base.
    My humble opinion is this team needs a road trip and hopefully the offence starts to heat up. I can’t wait for Melky to start getting hot at the plate.
    My gawd we need Lawrie and Bautista back. So let’s kick back and enjoy the road trip as I can’t see things getting any worse.

    • The paper airplanes were nothing compared to Friday, and that was a close and exciting game that we were in right to the end. I even daresay the loudest times I heard he crowd the entire game was when one would make it to the field.

  36. Christ, if the Jays were an NFL team and started 2-4 I wouldn’t be as worried as half of you are.

  37. The weeping and gnashing of teeth aboht Dickey is ridiculous. The same for the team overall. The record is fine. The starting oitching is oretty good. The bullpen is really good.

    There is one thing that is truly troubling me though and nobody is talking about it. Encarnacion. Not only is he not hitting, but its not even close. Hes not having good ab’s. Hes not getting good wood on the ball.

    Im not confident that hes going to have a good year. Not based on his numbers in the meaningless sample size that is 2013. But based on how he LOOKS at the plate.

    • Hello Rob. Please slip this rope around your neck. Someone will be by soon to kick the chair out from under you.

    • You’re right. He’s looking mostly like Rasmus out there. But, remember that JB only hit 153 last April coming off a great year so I think we should cut him some slack and I think he’ll come around on the road. His swing is not coming thru the ball, right now, looks more like a bad golf swing, and I really wonder if his index finger is still bothering him from the WBC anf fukin up his swing. Don’t ask the BJs though, they’ll tell you it is an upper body strain only affecting him day to day.

  38. To paraphrase something Parkes said on a podcast last year…

    How the fuck do people watch a sport for years and not realize that the same fucking things happen at the beginning of every fucking year?

    Chris Davis has as good of a chance of winning the MVP as Chris Shelton did that year he started off red hot.

    Cole Hamels has an ERA over 10

    JPA has a 400 OBP. I repeat 400! He is slugging 1.000

    None of this shit is going to last.

    And as completely meaningless as it is, every team in the division has between 2 and 4 wins in 6 games. So the pack is close as many expect it will be in the ALE all year.

    So Jesus Christ. Calm the fuck down Oakville!!!

    • @Jays2010.

      OK, I am having a glass of Sauvignon Blanc now… I am very well aware of JPA & various other players having a good week . Adam Lind could go 4 for 4 with 3 HR’s & I would not want to give him a contract extension …

      I will admit to not following Dickey before this year & not knowing much about knuckleballers other than Wakefield made the Jays look bad in the past .

      How many “elite “knuckleballers are in MLB today other than Dickey?

  39. I genuinely feel bad for Dickey today. I know he seems to be a great guy and excited to be here. Those fans that were booing and chanting ‘Go Leafs Go’ are the game or 2 a year idiots and aren’t even Jays fans let alone baseball fans. Eventually their tax refunds run out and are stuck at the trailer park for another year.

    • Tax refunds would imply that they actually worked and paid income tax wouldn’t it?
      You are in a generous mood tonight.

      • True enough. I was pretty bitchy during the game but I tend to mellow as the sun sets.

      • I don’t really like where you guys are at with these comments. I won’t get too political but a personal peeve of mine is when people imply that the unemployed are dumb. Make fun of idiots all you want, just don’t imply that the unemployed are idiots.

    • I would not Boo Dickey , but I would Boo Farrell & every Red Sox player that annoys me. Pedroia being first.

      • I’d hold off on booing Pedroia, he might catch wind of it then start that Lazershow, and knock a frozen rope right down your throat.

  40. Funny thing has happened over the last couple years.
    When the Jays were not expected to win and they got off to a great start bandwagoners were excited but the baseball experts said nah they suck they wont win anything and by the end of May they were back to reality….remember that fateful trip to Boston?? ugh,
    This year the Jays are expected to do well and get off to a bad start and the bandwagoners are up in arms but the experts are saying don’t worry they will be good.
    a little reversal there.
    I have no issue with being 2-4, who cares? Being 500 by the end of April is fine with me.
    Get on a streak to get you to 5 games over 500 by the break and you are in good shape for a pennant run.
    By this time next week the Jays could be over 500 again. so we are all good.
    Still its not right for Wilner to lose his shit because people are worried….they want to see the Jays win, they have passion. Its not because Toronto fans are stupid and don’t know baseball. I don’t think you see Yankee fans say oh don’t worry about the loss, it will all work out in the end…they lose their shit and want changes now….
    After the weekend its good to have a day off tomorrow and regroup.

    • +1. What set me off today was Wilner going into full apology mode after 6 games into the year.

      Wilner was blasting fans for booing. Were they booing Dickey? Farell? Red Sox HR?

      I think it’s OK to Boo at games.

      • It’s okay to boo at games if it’s not performance related. If there’s a player who’s a bigot, an asshole, or both then boo all you want.

        Don’t boo Dickey, though. I’d imagine the conversation after the first inning was basically Gibby saying ‘obviously you’re not feeling it tonight but we need you for five do you think you can do that for us? We’ll get them next time but try to get us some innings and work some stuff out. Maybe we can still win this.” Dickey wasn’t feeling it, obviously, but he stayed in there and pitched quickly and didn’t complain or throw a tantrum like many others might have. Don’t boo a guy for taking one for the team. Don’t boo unless you understand baseball, which is to say, there’s nothing to boo about.

  41. So … Not sure if this was answered but does anyone know any “knuckleball experts” or specific web sites on the knuckleball?

    Still laughing …

    Stoeten .. There are people that actually know only what they read from Damien Cox ..

    Let’s not confuse “disheartening” from “panic mode” … They are separated by about 30 games and 20 losses.

    Go jays!

  42. I was there today, it was ugly.

    I was in the sightlines/windows thing when Napoli hit his jack in the 8th, it went into sightlines and put a huge dent in the blue wall on the lower level of it and bounced back into the field.

    Oi vey.

  43. The Indians start hot EVERY season…by July they will be out of it. Finally the Jays are not starting hot, I take this as a positive. Things have changed! We will be in it all season! Go Jays!

  44. There’s an anecdote in Dickey’s book where he gets absolutely shitcanned in one start as a Met, he goes online that night and scans the boxscores for the other games in the day and finds that Aaron Harang got shelled even worse that day and begins to feel better about himself. He doesn’t have to look far to find an Aaron Harang today. You could build an all-star team out of today’s Aaron Harangs. Dickey will be fine, just like all of the aces that got shelled today will be fine.

    • I agree and no need to panic but I think Wilner needs to learn a better way of communicating to people not to panic. Just calling fans stupid doesn’t help the situation.
      Goes for Stoeten too, unless he is dealing with an obvious troll or someone he knows, but he seems to jump down everyones throat rather fast.

      • Wilner annoys me.. However, Wilner & Hayhurst were good together this spring on the broadcasts. I think Wilner sugarcoats the Jays issues more than Stoeten.

        I understand that Wilner works for Rogers so I don’t expect him to criticize the team. However, blasting fans for booing is too much after today.

        Stoeten is more of a “tell you what he thinks” guy.

      • How do you politely tell people they are stupid? The season is 162 games. Dickey is the only pitcher with more than one start. And the first one wasn’t that bad. Why do you have to be nice in explaining Grade 2 math to grown fucking adults?

  45. Jeff Blair’s early season analysis. He’s worried about Josh Johnson.


  46. Reading the back and forth between Oakdouche and Stoetan is almost as entertaining as that game earlier today.


    Dickey is not washed up, he is not a 2 season wonder. He’s the real fucking deal, and our shitty bi polar fish memory fan base needs to chill and not boo and jeer a 38 year old gentlemen who is going to rip it this year.

    Lets see how these Detroit and Yankees series go before we freak out, mmkay?

  47. Well at least the Jay’s magic number decreased by two during this Red Sox series.
    159 and counting!

  48. Quite the comment section.
    Entertaining read.

    Seen above somebody concerned about cock blocking a game threat.
    It doesn’t work that way,in my mind anyway.

    As for new contributors, I’m always a little wary of them. I’m afraid of “the common man” or Reistma type of drivel that might get posted.
    Archi has done a great job.
    And so far ( sorry for the qualifier), IMHO, I’ve been really,really pleased with the work of Darren Kritzer on the weekends.
    Stoeten has a personal life and has had to ignore the blog from time to time. It’s nice to see timely game threats, rolling over the comments before they become unruly and updates on Jay related shit.Hopefully I haven’t jinxed him and he avoids the “douche effect” which can be sometimes be prevalent here.
    So, at least until I say something to piss you off, welcome Darren, glad to see you aboard, at the jolly ship DJF.

  49. After reading this when I got home I’ve come to the conclusion that:

    A) 6 games is enough for the fair weather fans to lose their shit. Thanks for identifying yourselves..

    B) Oakville has given out more +1′s then the entire Kardashian family has given out blowjobs.

    C) Sarcasm is a lost art.

    By all means bitch if you feel the need but for the love of blue fuck come up with something more original then:

    “Wow, what a great acquisition Dickey was. He’s really helping the team win!”

    “Dickey = Donkey?”

    • Im telling you man, legal MJ will solve all these problems….

    • @Smasher +1

      It took a while but I finally got an explanation about Dickey’s performance yesterday. The ball was spinning.

      I suppose it’s not OK to say anything bad about the team until the season is at a specific point determined by the posters, 30 games? 40 games?

      The personal insults are a sign of not being able to debate an issue. It’s OK, I don’t take it seriously.

      • No you fucking dolt. You can say bad stuff. Example: “TODAY Dickey’s pitching sucked.” Or “Dickey looks to be having a slow start again”. Speculating that the guy’s career is over because of one bad start and one average start is stupid.

        • I did not say his career was over. Just asked what went wrong. Some technical reasons have been given about spinning. Dickey said he has to change speeds more often.

          It’s amusing to see the vitriol here when I ask about Dickey.

          Yet Ricky Romero is in Dunedin after a few spring training starts. The fans who thought there was a problem with Ricky after 2 starts this spring were attacked as imbeciles. Wilner assured the fans Ricky would. Be the 5th starter. AA said so as well. Look what happened.

          I am not saying that dicky will end up in Dunedin but before everyone shoos away any concerns, it’s prudent to analyze his performance

  50. Oakville, you get shit on a lot, and for the most part, understandably so. However, ill informed opinions aside, your unwavering devotion to this team and this blog is admirable and I think our fellow commenters as well as Stoeten — whose bitter retorts are generally the must read material in this section– ought to tone down the hate a notch.

    That being said…. fuck sakes man save yourself some hassle and before each comment ask yourself, “is my ridiculous comment going to warrant a reply from Stoeten?” and if the answer is yes immediately light up another joint and forget anything you were about to say.

    • +1. sandcastle kid. I don’t smoke marijuana, but I will have a few glasses of white wine or beer on occasion.

      I hope Dickey gives us a few good performances.

      The Lawrie mystery is scarier. Perhaps a solution to 3b will be found soon.?

  51. What the fuck was the jays talk today?

  52. I think we all know what’s wrong with these kids. When I get the call to come back to Toronto first thing I’m gonna do is trade a couple of those rough-neck looking bearded types for some wily veterans. That’s what missing around here. You need some mature types to anchor a sinking ship. What we need is a long term plan, see. Anyhow, I’m waiting in my fancy den beside my World Series Champion Manager phone.

  53. Should have sent out Ricky Romero.

    We are going to regret the shit out of dumping the farm.

  54. blah blah blah dickey, blah blah blah Lind, blah blah blah we suck

    this is all i read from the comments above,

    wooosaaaa wooossaaaa

    we are fine people, 6 games is nothing to worry about yet.

  55. With 4 not so great pitching perfromances by our 3 stud SP pick-ups & Lawrie / Joey Bats out –

    2-4 isn’t the worst thing… Johnson, Buehrle & Dickey are too good – beginning has been a bit of a fluke

  56. On a lighter note, Jesus Christ did the balls really fly out of the park at the Dome the last week!

    I cant recall a stretch of games like that where there were so many 2nd deck or higher homeruns. A lot of them were MONSTROUS as well. Caught Gregg Zaun (ugh ..) talking about it briefly and he said he thinks it has to do with taking out the Windows Restaurant.
    Seems odd to me since the dome was closed all week and no sun reflection or anything, but that was the real only major change they made to the park.

    Im interested to see if that keeps up this year, or was just one of those things that happens over the last week.

  57. I could care less about Dickey’s outing. He was just terrible and that’s unfortunate but if the knuckler isn’t knuckling, it’s going to be a long day. It’s way to early to worry about him yet.

    The offence on the other hand, I am midly concerned. With just 1 injury, the bench looks so bad so quick. The Jays insistence on filling out the roster by signing a “character” guy in a clubhouse full of capable leaders and on carrying a short bench is already looking pretty ugly. The lineup yesterday was embarassing.

    I’m also so tired of the Blue Jays BSing about injuries. Remember when Lawrie had a chance to be in the lineup opening day? Or after they went on the road? If it was the playoffs he would play AA said, yet somehow he still seems weeks away.

    Bautista was not going to miss any games because of a “tweaked” ankle that later became a sprain?
    I would much rather them say, “We have no clue how serious this injury is or when he will be back” then continue to hear the reassurance that so and so is just fine, even though he can’t play…

  58. Hell of a comments section. A few things to add…

    1) The defence is bad so far, yes. I thought Melky looked pretty bad in left. Took some bad routes to balls, overthrew the cut-off man. Hope that doesn’t continue. I’m not as concerned about DeRosa at 3B because there isn’t much else you can do about that until Lawrie returns.
    2) Bautista was obviously a hole this series, but this team misses Lawrie. Without him that bottom of the line-up is a bigger hole than the bullpen ever will be.
    3) Brett Cecil is a pleasant surprise. Obviously that Delabar workout has helped him.
    4) The knuckler didn’t knuckle. That happens occasionally.
    5) The idiot drunks who don’t even care about baseball give us real fans a bad rep. The fans who understand baseball tried to drown out the boos for Dickey, which is great, but the minority is much louder. Fortunately they don’t actually care about baseball, which is why they show up to throw paper planes and get piss-drunk on $10 beers. I try to defend our fan base on Twitter, especially to the Boston media, but the assholes make it hard to do that.

    All that said, and yes I’m preaching to the choir on this board…

    IT’S SIX FUCKING GAMES OUT OF 162. Wake me up if they’re playing .480 ball on June 1.

  59. Is it normal that every game in the upcoming series against the Detroit is an afternoon game?

    It’s great that I can listen on the radio, but I wouldn’t mind watching the games as well.

    • Yeah I was surprised to see that too. Maybe an April evening in Detroit is too cold or something, they don’t play a weekday night game at home until the end of the month.

    • Thats exactly what it is. Afternoon games cuz they have the outdoor park in a northern city. Sucks but at least it gives me something to listen to during the afternoons at work lol

      • Unfortunately, if they’re in the world series in late october (like last year) the games have to be at night to satisfy the tv networks, and the weather is often about as cold as early April.

  60. Any chance we can get Happ to teach these losers how to pitch?

  61. I just want our starting pitchers to make it into the 7th or 8th inning. Is that too much to ask?

  62. How about a little perspective. Every year in the last decade or so of the Jays being Spectacularly Mediocre, they have managed to have a quick start in April, be at our near the top of the league and the division. Also the Yankee and Red Sox teams of the last decade seem to have slow starts in April.

    Yet everyone of those years still, by July or August, those same Yankee and Red Sox teams manage to be in control with winning records, whereas our mediocre Blue Jays teams fall out of contention.

    Point Im trying to make is that the veteran teams have guys that know 162 games is a long grind, and you dont need to give it all you got in April. Will Middlebrooks may have looked like Willie fucken Mays yesterday (14 total bases, I mean ..goddamn!) but we all know that doesnt last all season. He will taper off and the Melky Cabreras and Jose Bautistas of the world will heat up and manage to find their way to their career average numbers.

    • Yup. Perspective is good. Please talk to all of my Facebook friends and bring them back off the ledge.

  63. Some of these so called Jays fans need to chill. If you are this broken up after a 2-4 homestand you will never last the season.

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