Now a little something to kill time on a Monday afternoon: it’s the DJF podcast!

And today we’ve got Zubes– aka @archizuber– filling in for the hopelessly disinterested Wally Pip, as we talk about what we’ve seen so far from the Jays, as their season of dreams has started with some mild disappointments.

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  1. Bringin the LULZ today.

  2. Here’s the Zaun quote on slugging, if anyone is interested. It still makes me laugh.

    Campbell: What’s the significance of slugging percentage?

    Zaun: Well, slugging percentage is an accurate number that describes the kind of hits that you get when you’re at the plate. So think about a run as one. So that would be a slugging percentage of a thousand. If you’re slugging over five hundred, it means you’re averaging a double every time you get a hit in the game of baseball.

  3. Got some serious empty-space echo coming from that studio. You guys sitting in a 6X6 concrete room?

    • Fucking Rogers, is busy spendin all their fucking money on stupid fucking #lovethisteam fucking media campaigns therefore they have no fucking money to afford a real fucking studio for their best fucking content to be produced…

      • Go back to your sandbox!

      • Before Stoeten gets to you and bursts a blood vessel..
        Rogers bought The Score television property. They own 20%of the company that is the internet side.
        Stoeten does not work for Rogers and Rogers has nothing to do with the podcasts.

        • Hey Radar….I am awaiting a ‘Quit thinking you know what you are talking about’ thinger from the bearded one. Ha!

          For those that give a shit, I sailed today. Jolly ho!

          • Yeah Tom I thought about that also.
            Stoeten’s been going nuts explaining it over and over, he’s going to go postal if he reads it one more time.
            Thought I’d save sandcastle some grief and calm the breaded one at the same time.
            If that’s possible.
            Really nice to be sailing and enjoying the fresh air.

    • Yeah, it isn’t even a studio. That space isn’t finished yet. We’re using this boardroom as a very temporary recording space. Will improve. Appreciate your feedback and patience.

  4. How about a look at the loft, or haven’t you taped up your ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ poster yet?

  5. Side note: I think I speak for the majority of listenership when I say, how enjoyable the more abstract debates of last seasons Friday podcasts were. Please do us all a favor and address that sort of philosophical discussion at least once a week!

    Oh ya, and parting shots!!!

  6. If you’re thirty and still puke, well, good on you. Somehow your body still hasn’t accepted your personality.

  7. Dayyyyyyyyo!

    • When will the podcasts feature an interview with the knuckeball experts about Dickey’s sad performance yesterday? :))

    • ddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooo

    • On a more serious note, yesterday a Jays talk caller brought up the fact that Dickey,Happ & Johnson were primarily National League pitchers.

      We know that the National League is somewhat easier for pitchers because there are no DH’s & there are more pitcher friendly parks than the American League.

      So how about an article on how Dickey Happ & Johnson have done against AL League hitters 7 more importantly pitched in AL League parks.

      The career data on Johnson which is not adjusted for AL parks is 8-3 ERA 2.95 WHIP 1.304 in 109 innings pitched.

      Dickey has pitched 50 innings against the AL over the past 2 years ERA around 2, WHIP around 0.75.

      Happ has career numbers of 3-2 4.50 era 54 IP & WHIP of 1.444.

      Overall, these 3 have done OK against the AL.

      • The most ridiculous part about that whole argument is that Dickey 1-hit the Rays and Orioles back-to-back last goddamn season. He’ll be fine.

        • Speaking of the Rays, now is as good of time as any to remind everyone that Evan Longoria is really REALLY fucking good at baseball #captainobvious, needed to be said

          • Could the Rays win 90-95 games in 2013 without BJ Upton & Shields?

            If so, that is amazing.

            It’s weird that I would rather see the Jays play the Rays & Orioles this year. The Yankees & Red Sox don’t interest me as much.

            • Anything CAN happen, and the Rays are a REALLY good baseball team, but 92+ wins would surprise me…. There is just way too much parity within the division to expect one team, even one as good as the Rays, to win that many games.

              On second thought, there’s no reason an outfield of Jennings, Zobrist, Johnson, Fuld and Joyce wont equal or exceed the production Upton, Jennings and Joyce gave them last year. with full year of Longo, a more experienced Matt Moore, more infield/outfield depth for Madden to do “Madden things with,” maybe the Rays will put up 95 W’s….

              Bullpen scares me a bit though.

  8. Dave Bush (aka Bushy!) was just bad in Korea… his defense was fine. His velocity was underwhelming and he was skipped in favour of a trio of Korean relievers in the playoffs.

    He did get into a Korean Series game and lasted like an inning and a third.

    Anyounghigaseyo Bushy!

  9. The podcast seemed a bit dismissive of the new 200 level concourse. I was there Friday and had one of my most memorable ball park experiences ever, comparable to sitting in the bleachers at Wrigley and watching the Jays play their first game on the North side.

  10. Awwww crap. 90% chance of rain in the forecast for Detroit.

  11. The paper plans had idiots standing up and cheering for them, blocking my view several times.

  12. The whole series is going to be rained out. No baseball ’till Friday.

  13. I don’t know where you guys are getting your weather from but the couple places I looked were a chance of thunder showers and 50% chance by 4PM ……play ball.

    • It’s still 1 day out of 3, and little chance to make up the games in the next 2 days. No one wants a double header in Detroit in April.

      Just ship them all to NY and make it up in Sept. I don’t think they play any Monday games then.

  14. Today looks the best for sure, but it’s still not very good. Weatherdotca has about 70 mm of rain falling over the next three days.

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  16. [...] illustrated here. It’s not just me talking in length about it, it’s highly-respected Blue Jays bloggers as well as the Texas Rangers making words into actions by banning the wave in their stadium. By [...]

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