Me either! But for those of you who do, we’ve got a rather serendipitous one from the 100 Level over the weekend. Kinda odd that someone just happened to be filming in the exact spot at the precise time here, but… that sure is a whole lot of liquid to have had… uh… on ones person (or, rather, in one’s person) if you’re going to fake a thing like this. Also, there’s like $50 worth of Rogers Centre-bought booze he’s wasting there!

And the YouTube description definitely tries to throw us off the scent that the man with the camera and the film-ee knew each other, as it simply says, “Fat bastard puking his guts out.”

Of course, YouTube wouldn’t stop there, as someone calling himself “capnbeefcurtains” quips, “that is a lot of barf. well done.”

Indeed. Hold onto your hats below the jump…


Via TotalProSports.

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  1. Good lord

  2. Kind of what I felt like after watching that debacle of a game yesterday. But once you get it out, you feel a lot better and can move on!

  3. that is awesome.

  4. pretty much how i reacted after that game as well

  5. Hhahahaha

  6. Nice that you can just causally expunge a few pounds of beers post-game without anyone causing too much of a fuss.

    Other than the person filming, and all of the internets that is.

  7. Gomez?

  8. … and no one reacts. For cryin’ out loud, two kids almost walked right through it.

    I like the casual point and ‘hey, lookie there!’ from a few people… good gravy.

  9. Sweet! I wish I had that much money for tall boys at the game

  10. Nice. Thought I had bookmarked DJF, not!!

  11. Who takes that video? Lets just sit here while everyone leaves and film people coming and going, how fucking awesome.

    These two fucknuts knew eachother, without a doubt.

    Classy touch.

    • Actually look in the background. Red Sox fan is screaming at his girlfriend and taunting people as they are walking by. Guy was obviously filming that thinking something was going to happen.

    • I didn’t know the guy. Was just sitting there filming. First Jays game I have been to being from Edmonton and let me say that people out east are fuckin nuts. Plus, who gave the Score rights to use my video? i want some compensation here

  12. When you think about it, the dude is a lightweight. 50 bucks in beer…that’s what two beers?

  13. Ouch

  14. This guy had a lot more come up once he got to the top of the stairs. He was walking and puking. didn’t miss a step. Pretty impressive.

  15. how drunk was the 2nd guy to run out on the field yesterday?

    • To help give you an idea, here’s something I posted on an earlier post. The post is about the very idiot about which you inquire. And to help answer the “how drunk was he” question. Well, very. He was throwing back cans and sounded like a 14-year old on their first bender before I moved away from him. For your reading enjoyment:

      Went to both the Friday and Sunday game. Sunday’s was the worse in terms of engaging baseball, obviously, but I also had the biggest idiot I have ever had around me at a game, right behind me at this one. This guy was straight out of the 500s, so I was shocked to have him 19 rows behind the dugout with the civilized folk. Anyway, this moron was saying “Fuck you” to everyone on the field (despite there being children directly beside him), said Melky should start juicing again – but via pills this time so he doesn’t get caught (’cause that makes a shitload of sense) – and said that EE can’t hit this year because he’s so fat and only eats McDonald’s (wha?). This was just the beginning, I assure you. Oh yea, he also said to his buddies (who really didn’t seem that bad, strangely, and actually seemed to dislike him) that if they were “going to pick a fight today, we should do it with the Red Sox fans behind us”. Ugh
      My girlfriend and I had to move away from this shit-stain because I was becoming irritable and would’ve turned into one of those neanderthals who end up fighting at the game, so we moved one aisle over. Later on, I noticed this piece of human waste weaving his way through the aisles on his way towards the field. Then, you guessed it, shit-stain wasn’t content with ruining everyone’s afternoon, he had to also ruin his by jumping on the field – after assaulting a Rogers employee so he could get over – then running towards Will Middlebrooks – who he’d been heckling all game for “fucking up his fantasy team last year”, only to be tackled by another heroic Rogers employee and then accosted by the police, whom he resisted.
      No, this was not the hilarious first runner who slid into 2nd base and was in my opinion the only bright spot of a pretty miserable day, this was the 2nd runner who I believe was actually going to try and injure Middlebrooks because he, you guessed it, fucked up his fantasy team last year.
      So … no doubt this waste of oxygen spent the night in jail and will have several court dates in the future. He was not content with just ruining the days of those unfortunate enough to sit within earshot of him, he also had to injure at least one employee, and ultimately will cost himself a criminal record. Don’t drink the booze if you can’t handle it, you goddamn loser!!
      ‘Nuff said …

      • +1000000000

      • He’s definitely regretting it today.

      • I was at all 3 games on the weekend and can also attest to the meatheads. No shortage of beer money to be had either. Upside was that I don’t think I’ve ever heard that place as loud as it was Friday night. Downside is that I got stuck Sunday sitting behind four 17 year old morons from Oshawa or somewhere who constantly dropped f-bombs (with kids all around – it was kid’s team photo day), kept dropping shit over the ledge (front row, 200′s, LF), and had the stupidest heckling of Jackie Bradley, Jr. I’ve ever heard. Another guy down the row suggested that maybe they consider that they were heckling a team who were beating the Jays by 10 runs at that point. That seemed to confuse them for quite a while…

  16. That had hotdogs in it.

    • I was going to say nachos but I think dogs is bang on with some mustard and hot peppers….the nachos would be much chunkier and more yellow/orange.

      Pretty impressive spurt and as someone said without missing a beat…he has done that before.

      • No mustard just 9 king cans of Bud and hotdogs with Ketchup. It wasn’t the beer it was seeing John Farrell.

    • Fuck ! What’s a Rogers hot dog cost?

  17. I got puked on by a kid at a leaf game, all over the sleeve of my Barilko Jersey, they let me right to the front of the bathroom line.

  18. Is this the face of the new Jays fan?
    Every crowd shot on Sportsnet seems to show fans holding Tall Boys. It is like they are appealing to the hipster drinker crowd.
    I find the stadium packed with bandwagon jumping hipsters who can’t handle more than a couple of tall boys. Pathetic.

  19. The best part was that fan didn’t have a sip of alcohol the whole game, but was merely expressing his dissatisfaction with the game. Maybe he is the same guy who pays for two services from the BlueJays!

  20. Holy fucking shit balls. The guy exploded.

  21. Must had happened after yesterday’s game, I did the same as well, not because of booze.

  22. three cheers for the staff there that have to deal with these sacks of shit and then clean up after them.

  23. That is a lot of fluid.

    Also we all know the true revolution of 1080p is the audio quality.


  24. two things Dickie’s pitching has not been good not much better than Bush it should be a worry the ownership, second that clown should be banned from the Rogers centre and the servers fired for over serving

  25. big guy, shoulda been able to hold his liquor

  26. Drunk Jays Fans.. 2013 is living up to the name with the videos so far!

  27. Anyone else having problems checking out DJF on their phones? What else am I supposed to do at work?

  28. This video is ridiculously random. It’s like he knew that he’s gonna barf.

  29. That is some serious flu-like symptoms on display. That man needs a bit more meat in his diet to get that sweet, sweet vitamin B12 that Stoeten was extolling.

  30. Fukin sickos. Enuf with these arseholes ruining the watching of the game for many other people. Why can’t these fucksticks learn there is a difference between being rowdy and chirpy and funny with the quips and taunts versus being rude and confrontational to the point of fighting?
    They act like a bunch of fukin puppies-gotta have everything now and HEY look at me!
    I don’t have an easy answer though.
    Funny thing is I remember when people used to think it was funny running on the field in the NFL. One game a smart punk did that and Mike Curtis of Baltimore clothslined the cunt and gave him a concussion. Funny never happend much after that

  31. I pity the poor saps who will be sitting in those seats at the next home game, not realizing the seats were throughly cleansed by vomit. How many washings is it going to take to properly scrub all the barf from the nooks and crannies behind and beneath the seats?

  32. Sundays game made me do that too, glad i wasnt the only one

  33. Looks like he had a bad hot dog

  34. I can smell it.

  35. Excuse me.

  36. Lts of douchebags at the game. There was a Sox fan and his gf at the game and the big tough guys (easy to be tough when youve got 10 of your buddies around) full of liquid courage where taunting the guy (he was just a little guy) all game and then they took his hat off his head and threw it 20 rows down. At that point he put a beer can over his head and grinned back at the crowd behind, looking for encouragement no doubt. The guy was clearly not the confrontational type but his gf slapped the beer can out of buddies hand and lost her shit, the whole time the guy was just looking meekly at the ground.

    Most of us in the crowd were calling the guy (the jays bullies) a piece of shit so that was encouraging. But seriously? Humiliate he guy in front of his gf? It made my blood boil.

  37. Very happy youtube is only 8 years old.
    im safe, no evidence.

  38. First off, that guy had some serious puke velocity
    Like he hosed down section 107.

    Second, can that guy throw?

  39. That’s what happens when a Dickey gets beat in front of 45k+.

  40. And fools like this are why I prefer to watch the games at home.

    There are too many fucking losers at the stadium who get shitfaced and then annoy others who actually care about the sport.

  41. Only $50? That’s like 2 beers. Either this guys a total pansy or he poured a mickey in his $25 12 oz beer

  42. [...] Centre (the outfield, the 500 level) have become the wild west. People fight, run onto the field, puke everywhere and/or throw their beers at players. On the playing field, however, there have to be rules, and [...]

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