Gibbons, come on, man, you can’t leave the desk like that!

In anticipation of the hoopla over the weekend, I was saving this one as on last kick in the ass on the way out of town for the Senator from Massachusetts, John Farrell, but… since the series against the Red Sox didn’t quite work out the way anyone outside of Greater Massholia had hoped, it didn’t seem real appropriate to post it. Today, though, I think we’re all safely calmed, ready for the Detroit Tigers, and ready to hear how, on an episode of Tim and Sid last week, J.P. Arencibia compared the communication the club received from ol’ fuckface with how it’s been like so far with Gibbers.

SID SEIXEIRO: How, so far, has John Gibbons communicated with you guys in comparison to Farrell. What are the differences?

J.P. ARENCIBIA: I feel like just more letting the guys be themselves and play the game. And, you know, understand that guys are here for a reason and they’ve done what’s made them successful, and you need to let them go out there and not try to force the hand or change the way the game is played. I think last year we might have tried to reinvent the wheel a little bit, and that hurt us sometimes. So I think Gibbons really has a laid back feel. But, I think another thing that he did, and he did with me yesterday, is that I missed a sign and I came into the dugout and he was all over me, and, you know, ripping me apart– in a great way. And I think that’s necessary, and we didn’t have that last year, and I think that’s a big part of who he is.

SS: So last year, if that would have taken place– just so I’m clear. Last year if that would have happened, John Farrell wouldn’t have said anything and just addressed it after the game with you?

JA: I don’t think it would have been handled the way it was handled yesterday. I came into the dugout– there was a lot of mistakes we made last year that sometimes were maybe not handled as well. But I think, last night, like I said, I missed a sign and Gibbons was all over me, and it wasn’t anything that was disrespectful, and it wasn’t anything that was something that– it’s good. That’s what you need. Obviously I can’t do that, I can’t miss signs, regardless of what kind of game I’m having or whatever it is, and I think that stuff like that, when it’s addressed like that, it shows his leadership.

I came in, he was all over me, and I said, you know what? I was wrong. I need to– I can’t do that, I understand. And I completely respected what was said. As a man you gotta say hey– sometimes you just gotta admit when you’re wrong, and I was wrong, and next time, it won’t happen again.

Uh… GibbyTheBest, amiright?

Late addition: I was going to put this in the next post you’ll see up here, but it seems a much better fit here. From Keith Law’s most recent chat, last Thursday, with readers at

Eric (Ontario)
Gibbons used his potentially 5 best relievers (Delabar 7th, Oliver 8th, Rogers 9th, Janssen 10th, Santos 11th) last night in situations where they were down by a run or tied. Great move or Greatest move
Greatest move. I thought rehiring Gibby was great.


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  1. Yes, yes he is.

  2. Good find. Accountability FTW.

  3. Man am I glad Gibbons is back.

  4. He was also all over Jose Reyes for running through a stop sign – even though he scored.

    • Where did you read this? To my eye Reyes was halfway there before he even turned enough to see any sign. My opinion is that if the player can see where the ball is he can decide for himself. These guys have been doing this for a while after all. Reyes wasn’t even watched last year by Jays coaches. Why would they know better?

      • And he beat the throw by a mile, there wasnt even a play at the plate.

      • YOu saw it on TV. Gibby put his arm around Reyes when he got back to the dugout and was talking to him for a minute or so… probably along the lines of “great job… but maybe try to watch the coach next time”

        I assume he also had a talk with Rivera to say “dude… that was Reyes…. grow a pair”

    • ya beat me to it.

    • According to the TV broadcast crew the next game, Gibby was congratulating Reyes for a good heads up play. They reported that Gibby said he didn’t even know the stop sign was up.

      • Gibby also said that Ricky Ro is part of this team. Oh and he said J.P is gonna catch Dickey the second game.

        • So he must have been lying, instead of adapting to changing circumstances? I don’t know about you, but I would rather he change his mind instead of stubbornly refusing to alter his plan because he felt he had to be resolute in his decisions. Coco the closer, anyone? It took forever for Farrell to shut that down. And to get Lind out of the cleanup spot.

  5. J. Blair says that Romero is pitching today in Florida vs Yankees minor leaguers.

  6. He also went straight up to Reyes after the scored running through the stop sign at 3rd the other game. Who knows what he said, but given what Aaron talked about it sounds like he would have been trying to keep Reyes in line. Which is good? Maybe. Reyes is the fucking king. You don’t want him running into outs, but that was a big time play from a special player.

  7. maybe he can get thru the 1st inning in that case

  8. Can’t wait to see Gibby go up to Lawrie in the dugout when he inevitably does something wrong on the field. Not enough (if at all) of that was done last year by Farrell to Lawrie.

  9. Where’s Gibby’s windbreaker jacket?

  10. As much as it addresses how Gibby runs the club, what does it say about how Farrell managed?I know you can look at it from both sides ie. “they’re professional ballplayers, they don’t need to be reminded when they fuck up”
    But Farrell being blase about what was happening on the field?Maybe his mind was elsewhere.

    • Where else could his mind have been?
      Perhaps dreaming of a location for some sort of “Tea Party”
      Or “Cheers”ing some friends at a local bar.

      Well thats just a Fenway to think …

      Fine way*, a Fine way* to think

  11. Idk if farrell was telling arencibia to be more selective at the plate and trying to change him in this regard i think its a good thing. Rather than gibby letting arencibia stay with his sub.280 obp hack away approach. I dont know what he meant by farrell changing guys but if it meant being more selective at the plate than
    im fine with it.

  12. i love gib, didn’t like when they let him go but forgot about him when cito came back. Now that he is back, i remember why i missed him. Love the down to earthyness of him, just a likable guy. Lets see what he can do over 162 with this group, sure hoping for big big things.

  13. Wow, really seems like Farrell run a consequence-free clubhouse when he was in Toronto. No wonder they kept running into outs … seems like he didn’t even address the mistakes.

  14. Stoeten, DJF having problems load on IPhone? Anyone else having this problem?

    • Somebody tweeted Stoeten last night about problems with the iphone. he said he was having problems too and IT was looking into it.

  15. When Gibby was around the first time I did not follow the Jays as close as I do now. I couldn’t really watch the games but followed the team in the box scores. What was the feeling about Gibby then? I know people made a big deal about him getting into it with Hillenbrand and Lilly but what else? Is that all people remember? The reason I ask is that i hear a lot of Gibby love now but was it the same then?

    • I don’t remember it as the same, but I do think some of his strengths were overlooked and weaknesses were overly magnified. In terms of public perception, as an extension of the Ricciardi regime he seemed like a bit of a dumb asshole. As an extension of the Anthopolous administration he seems like a laid back, likeable bullpen general. I think he’s matured as a manager and the love-in is warranted.

  16. I believe everything players say to the media.
    Especially when it concerns “Gibby.”

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