Pardon me, but Don Kelly has no business making this catch. A double from Prince Fielder and a home run off the bat of Alex Avila have the Tigers up 2-0 early in the second, so yeah, maybe one of those afternoons. Stay tuned.

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  1. rain before five rain before five

  2. That’s the only way to stop JPA!!!!

  3. You know you’re gonna get boned up the ass (metaphorically speaking, of course) – when the other team starts pulling shit like this.

    • It’s like the 3rd inning, it’s a 2-1 game..and there are like 150 + left to go..have to love the losing attitude of Toronto optimistic, not negative.

  4. fuck he’s fast.

  5. Quick work on the Giffage!

  6. “Arencibia flied out to left fielder D.Kelly”, via The Score app, does not do this moment justice.

  7. That’s like the catch that guy makes in Angels in the Outfield.

  8. Jered Weaver to DL for Angels, likely gone for 4 weeks (non-throwing elbow fracture)

  9. Heard it on the radio first, Jerry compared it to Trout last year. High praise, I thought…but shit that’s a great catch. Tip of the cap to you Don Kelly.

  10. From that angle, it looks like it was staying in the park.

  11. so with second pick over all next year who do we take????

  12. come on jays!

  13. this game is aaaaasssssss

  14. Wow, we need a monster rally

  15. I can see some similarities to the Trout catch, but wayyy less style.

  16. Glad to see we are making use of the team speed we have- 3 SB’s YTD and one of em by Lind on a botched play-Can’t rely on the HR all year folks, let’s get er goin

    • Have you not seen them turning singles into doubles? Reyes moving 1st to 3rd on what would have otherwise been a DP ball.

      There are a lot of things to be dissapointed yet – baserunning not being one of them.

      • I disagree. I think we have far too passive on the basepaths. In the vedry first game of the year, very first inning, Reyes does his thing and gets on base. Does not run and Cabreara hits into the DP. Game 2 exact same thing happened. Their have been other insatnces of this with Rajai getting on to start an inning etc. The point is we are not using our spped in any way to rattle the opposition, divert the pitchers’ attention and so. Many teams will do the first to third on a single and so on( and yes to be fair Reyes scored from 2b on a ground out and then got shit for it BTW).
        We should be forcing the issue more in my opinion, as opposed to either needing 3 singles or a HR, because right now, we are not getting enough hits to wait on either startegy

  17. The shockwave that resonates along the top of the wall is the coolest part of this play. Because the Jays lost. Again.

  18. Would be nice to see nice bouncy fences like that at the RC. If Colby tried that, he’d a) kill himself running into a video board that slightly less forgiving than a brick wall and b) need a step ladder.

  19. My friends and I were sitting close by in LF and we started heckling Kelly. Within five minutes, he made that catch, and pretty much silenced us.

  20. LOL Aaron Cibia. I think you meant J.P. Arencibia.

  21. Bad bounces for the jays so far. Luck will turn our way and when it does watch the fuck out.

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