The weather in Detroit, like most everything else there (sorry), looks a little fucking bleak for today– and the rest of this week’s trio of afternoon games between the Jays and Tigers, for that matter– but according to the forecast at noon from The Weather Network (for whatever that’s worth), which you can see above, downtown and Comerica look like they’re going to come away unscathed (the image is the 1:20 PM forecast, and the rain stays north of the park from there).

[Note: The animated radar forecast now has downtown Detroit looking rainy until 2 o'clock.]

So… we’re probably going to have baseball today, and we’re definitely going to have Jose Bautista, as the Jays slugger is back in the lineup, at DH, having missed what were apparently the three most important games in the history of the damn universe, with a twisted ankle.

Brandon Morrow takes the hill against Anibal Sanchez, looking to build off a terrific start last Wednesday against the Clevelands, while Sanchez hopes to help his club rebound from the drubbing they took against the Yankees on Sunday, as that afternoon their ace, Justin Verlander, performed as badly as pretty much every ace in the league. (Though, of course, the only poor performance among aces that mattered was R.A. Dickey’s, because it demonstrated clearly that he’s finished, eh asshole????)


Mike Wilner tweets that it’s officially raining at Comerica as of 12:32 PM, and that fans are rushing out of their seats. Forecast still looking OK as far as I can tell, but what am I? A weatherman?

Barry Davis points out that Adam Lind is the odd man out today, with Jose Bautista being limited to DH action. What, no Encarnacion in the outfield experiment this year?

I’d heard last week that Ricky Romero was going to get into a game in Dunedin on Sunday, but it didn’t happen– and apparently wherever that information came from, it was bad. Wilner tells us that John Gibbons spoke to Romero, who says he’s feeling better, though there are no plans to get him into a game yet.

John Lott adds that pitching coach Pete Walker says Romero’s attitude is good and that he’s anxious to get into some game action.

Wilner informs us that Edgar Gonzalez, who was claimed from the Astros over the weekend and added to the roster after Dave Bush was D’d FA following Sunday’s disaster, is with the club and wearing number 35. He’ll be the long man, if needed. (Note: please don’t be needed.)

Davis tells us that the Jays won’t have to worry about Victor Martinez, as the Tigers DH has eight fresh stitches in his thumb– meaning, if you’ll allow me to speculate, we may not see him at all this week. Wilner adds that there are “whispers” of a “metal bat rack issue.”

If you’re looking for a place to drink and watch the game in the west end of downtown Toronto, I’m told Opera Bobs at Dundas and Ossington is open for it.

 sn1logosmallTV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
RF Rajai Davis (R)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)

Brandon Morrow RHP

Detroit Tigers

CF Austin Jackson (R)
RF Torii Hunter (R)
3B Miguel Cabrera (R)
1B Prince Fielder (L)
DH Andy Dirks (L)
C Alex Avila (R)
SS Jhonny Peralta (R)
LF Don Kelly (R)
2B Omar Infante (R)

Anibal Sanchez RHP

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  1. Reyes has as many hits today as EE has all season…

  2. I know it’s early and all that shit, but these games are not fun to watch yeeshus.

    • Well its similar to watching someone club a defenseless baby seal to death

    • That’ll happen when the bullpen (not counting Dave Bush) is the only thing decent about the team so far.

      • @LS

        Take that, Olney!

        • Heh. I didn’t really get all the “bullpen will be the weakness!” part of the preseason. I think teams get saddled with that automatically if they don’t have a “name” closer. I’m more than happy with the top of the pen (Janssen, Santos, Oliver, Delabar). Loup and Cecil looking solid so far too.

  3. that was a nice IP by Rogers

  4. Seasons over tank for the number one pick

  5. Some bad Beisbol for your Toronto Bluejays

  6. This team is shit right now and I’m not very happy. Who wants to fight? I’m in a bar right now and I’m going to start breaking things.

    • your in a bar? not in Jail…..? seems this game isn’t the only shitty thing i have seen today.

  7. Can Cecil start or is that ship sailed?

  8. Coach LB

    Fuck Off and go fuck your mother. Got it?

    • you would think that after the fact you had a post on here from stoet talking about how much of a fuckface you are, that you would get it…..but as i can see, and im sure your son can or will,
      your a fuck face….shhhhh, nuff said.

  9. gibby, you waited too long man

  10. What post from Stoeten? Stoeten is cool with me. No such post you fucker. Go lick Farrell balls, you piece of shit

    • I too like to start fights on the internet.

    • can you at least reply to me so we dont have 15 of these things…fuck me man

      2nd, your rant about ST and calling out farrell and having your son video, come on man, thought you were gone after that, but im wrong,

      have another one, break something, go to jail, my perfect afternoon plan for you.

  11. Well. This is a less than ideal situation.

  12. Detroit gonna summon the shitshow here.

  13. Gotta up my wine consumption

  14. Why was there a “hole on the right side ” for Dirks at bat? Is Fielder a threat to steal 2nd???

  15. how the fuck they got out of that win no runs, wow. Gibby, i give you some props for sticking with him….i think.

  16. Nice job to get out of it there.

  17. So Reyes. The. Best.
    Pitching. The…. still in Spring Training?

  18. Wow the Jays are still somehow in this.

  19. Sonofabitchin Jays are gonna have me in an alcohol treatment center by late April at this rate. Go Jays!

  20. Sitting at my desk thinking “I can’t wait to watch the Jays game tonight”. I really have to look more closely at the schedule.

  21. cabby heating up

  22. LB Coach

    You aren’t worth the sweat off my balls. Also, I’m sure Zi know the game better than you and I’m sure I went to more games this home stand than you and my tickets which are in Section 124 are better than you can dream of. So go fuck yourself. I have every right to complain how this fucken team is playing now

    • *rolls eyes*

      your the reasons we say….”typical upper canadian” doesn’t know a hole in the ground from his ass…

      you should change your name to BigMan, cause god damn you sure are

      lmao keep feeding the stereotype……..

      oh, and I hate your face lol

  23. So go fuck yourself

  24. any other park and Bautista would have had a homer.

    • Yup. Comerica can be hell on hitters…which makes Miguel Cabrera’s career is even more fucking impressive. Imagine what his numbers would look like if he was playing 81 games in Tiger Stadium.

  25. uggghh

  26. Be nice if Encarnacion would get going a bit.

  27. Our 1 2 and 3 hitters are awesome! The rest of our hitters are underperforming, lets try not to dig too much of a hole at the start. (Raptors started 4-19)

  28. Can’t take this shit anymore. I’m done for today.

  29. More errors from 3B!

  30. fuck do we ever miss Lawrie at third. I’ve seen enough of Izsturis at 3rd.

  31. I didn’t think it would be so but not having Lawrie is a huge hole. Having him back at 3B, Izturis at 2B where he should be and pushing down all the crap hitters behind Edwin a spot in the lineup will be big.

  32. How much do you think we can get for Dickey or Johnson on the trade market?

    Maybe to a playoff team like Colorado (5-2)?

  33. Fuck this….. I’m going to go and beat the hell out of some golf balls.

  34. the jays so far this season have been more agonizing to watch than I remember in a while

  35. Edgar Gonzalez looks like the type of guy that gets lit up on the regular.

    I have no basis for this accusation.

  36. Bautista doesn’t like playing 3rd, right?

  37. Oh shit this is getting embarrassing


  39. Ahhh Edgar Gonzalez, the next “human white flag” after Jeffress and Bush. When you know the game is over and you don’t want to waste someone useful.

  40. Aren’t there any relievers in the minors that aren’t god awful? We only need one. They can’t be worse than Jeffress/Bush/Gonzalez

  41. Who the fuck is Edgar Gonzalez and why is he in there?

  42. Trade everyone – idiots

  43. Gonzalez looks MLB ready as FUCK!

  44. Tomorrow lets have a pot luck

  45. How about some ninth inning magic?

    Please!?!? Id like something to be happy about after a week of baseball outside of 5 solid innings from JA Happ on Saturday

    • Bullpen has looked good. Bautista still has power in his wrist. Reyes is awesome. Melky looks solid. Rasmus showing some signs of life. JPA looking half decent offensively.

  46. Yes.. It will be great when we get Lawrie back for two games before he or someone else goes down . In about a month, the pitchers will start to get hit by sniper fire

  47. probably a good thing there isn’t a Jays talk after the game. I’d hate to hear some of the bullshit that some callers would be saying.

  48. JP with a rally killing HR right here.

  49. On the bright side, Lester and Middlebrooks helped me comeback and win my fantasy matchup last week. Today I had Sanchez going…

  50. IT amazes me that people get more than one HR in the HR Derby because it’s such a rally killer.

  51. Noooo old JP is back!


  53. Beautiful Colby.

  54. A liitle late but Rasmus with a blast.

  55. is dat a razmuz humer?

  56. When Rasmus hits a ball, that man sure as hell hits the fuck out it.

  57. Lind – PH HR?

  58. Lind with a solid double. Hope it’s a sign that he’s coming around.

  59. Aw that’s cute, kitten-face did the Lo Viste.

  60. Lind, Rasmus, Arencibia!!! Your 2013 bue jays!!!

  61. On a related note, thats as far as Izturis can hit it.

  62. Parkes is a bandwagoner

  63. bunt u cunt

  64. That 9th inning actually made the game a bit better.

  65. I need to watch some hot women wrestle in jello to cheer me up.

  66. McCowan just referenced “…this early season debacle.”
    GTFO Bobcat.

  67. Can’t wait until this team has a few good games in a row and we can all forget this shiteating week.

  68. Another loss tomorrow

  69. Farewell my dear friends, until tomorrow. Make sure everyone stocks up on Moonshine tonight

  70. anyone worried about the jays early season. All I have to say is in fantasy baseball world John Buck is tied for most points producing Catcher followed by J.P for second…

  71. The ship is sinking.

    Herp derp.

  72. Hey guys, only 60 more losses left to endure this season! Nice to get them outta the way early.


  73. Fuck EE, Gose for first base.

  74. What is AA saying on Prime Time Sports? Please let me know. Thanks

  75. No matter how good you are, you’re going to lose one-third of your games. No matter how bad you are you’re going to win one-third of your games. It’s the other third that makes the difference.

  76. All pre season McCowan kept asking “what is the fan reaction going to be like if by chance this team is slow out of the gate?”
    I don’t think fan reaction has been terrible so far. You cant blame, everyone is excited for a good season.
    It might be a blessing if the next 2 games get rained out though.

  77. FFS everyone!! Calm the fuck down. It’s only been 28 games. Small sample size. We’re gonna rock from here on in. We’re pulling things together. Dickie is getting his shit together. Lawries gonna start hitting off the tee next week. Triple EEE is on the cusp. It’s all good. We’re still gonna win this thing! Whoop Whoop.

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