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At Baseball Prospectus, Ben Lindbergh takes a deep, free look at Jose Bautista and his quibbling with umpires.

Parkes also looked at Bautista and umpires back on Friday in his Ten Stray Thoughts post at Getting Blanked.

Before Sunday’s debacle, Jon Hale did some fantastic (as usual) work looking at R.A Dickey’s knuckleball over at The Mockingbird. He followed up the post by looking at how Dickey’s less-than-stellar second outing of the season.

Richard Griffin has a new Bullpen up at the Toronto Star, in which he talks R.A. Dickey (fine), the Jays’ defence (not fine), some prospect stuff, something on the upcoming Jackie Robinson biopic, and more!

Chris Toman breaks down Adam Lind’s start to the season at gamereax, going through each at bat and finding that he’s done better than the numbers suggest– partly because he’s been hidden from lefties.

Similarly, Shi Davidi suggests at Sportsnet that no one should be sleeping on Lind and Colby Rasmus.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun looks at five trouble spots for the Jays, and speaks to a scout straight out of the 500 Level, who says, “I loved this team in the spring, thought it had the best talent in the division. Now they have a lot of guys who can be pitched to with holes in their swings.” Great evaluation in the spring then, big guy.

Speaking of dumb things in the Sun, Bill Langhoff writes about Brett Cecil, who thinks that the key to his success is going to be pitching like a “jerk,” and not… y’know… actually maintaining the velocity he’s shown so far.

Similarly to Elliott’s thing, at the Globe and Mail, Jeff Blair goes though what’s worked and what hasn’t so far for the Jays.

Elsewhere at the Globe, Steve Ladurantaye looks into what it takes to get a Jays broadcast on the air, while Bruce Dowbiggin goes dow-diggin’ (see what I just did there) into the TV ratings so far… or something.

At Grantland, Jonah Keri does some power rankin’ and singles out a few teams for examination, including the Jays, reiterating sanity, by saying that “if you believe the Jays were good enough to deserve their lofty winter projections, nothing has happened that should make you change your mind.”

At BlueJays.com, Gregor Chisholm reviews the Jays’ system. Elsewhere, he confirms the piece of good news you’ve probably already seen with your own two eyes: the Jays are basically platooning Rajai Davis and Adam Lind at DH.

In a notebook post, Gregor also tells us about the progress of Ricky Romero’s side sessions, and Brett Lawrie’s rehab. There’s no timetable yet for Lawrie’s return.

In case for some reason you want to relive it, John Lott of the National Post review the debacle that was Sunday’s game.

Charlie Drysdale of Minor League Ball looks at the business of baseball in the Dominican– home to several of the Jays’ players this year, you may have heard umpteen fucking times. And elsewhere there, John Sickels tells about the time a young Ken Griffey Jr. tried to kill himself. Wait… what???

Big League Stew declares that the Jays lead the league in unruly fans.

ESPN.com asks if R.A. Dickey can bounce back, and far too many people say no. Or, at least, that Sunday was a sign of bad things to come. Could be, but no one should be dumb enough to actually think so at this point.

Via Imgur and @LeftOffBase, some Nationals fans are trying to stop the wave, because the wave is stupid.

Lastly, Scott Johnson of theScore’s awesome sports video game blog Franchise Mode sat down with Jose Bautista recently, to ask him five random questions.

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  1. Can’t we talk about something constructive? Like how poorly Travis Snider is doing in Pitt?

  2. I like the analysis at Mockingbird, but let’s face it, the knuckler was rolling the whole game and that was his main issue.

    Purely postulation on this paragrap but maybe that’s why he notched it down. Perhaps it would be good to look at a game where he struggled early to see some kind of pattern to his response.

    • On behalf of Oakville, thanks for coming out!

      • +1.

        I appreciate that analysis by the mockingbird of his pitches.

        Morrow didn’t get any KO’s today. That’s odd.

        What are the strikeout/fastball experts saying about his start today.:))

  3. Junior was my hero growing up, I had no idea about that story at all. I remember being excited to see him in Toronto, but it was the season he blew himself up making that crazy catch at the kingdome. I was so bummed out haha I think Jose Cruz Jr started in his place funny enough, we had tix in Centre and everything. That’s my random Griffey story. My mind is still getting around that linked story.

  4. That screen-cap for the video from Fran Mode makes it look like “5 Random Questions with Drake”

  5. Hey Stoeten,

    What the fuck is wrong with EE? SSS I know but jesus does he look lost. Did we think we bought a Sony and realized we bought a Sanyo?

    • There is nothing wrong with him or this team that a week or three won’t fix. They’re fine. Hits will come. The pitching will come. The stats look currently out of whack because the sample is tiny. Stretches like these, collectively and individually, happen all the time. Absolutely nothing is wrong.

      • Didn’t EE hurt his finger in the WBC?

        I am not worried about EE.

        • I wonder if his finger is still bothering him.

          • From the few AB”s I’ve seen of EE, it looks like he’s expanding the zone, especially UP, maybe he’s too excited to crush some long balls that he’s lost some of his discipline. That can happen for a while until one becomes humble enough to work the counts again

    • It’s not a contract year…

      Just kidding.

  6. The only thing that really makes me feel better about the Jays is looking back to the scores of the first few weeks of the 2012 season, and remembering all the times I thought ‘this team is the worst’ and ‘this team is going to win 90 games’. Sometimes within a few days of each other.


    It really is just too early to tell much.

    • Way too early. We’re not even in the double-digits in April.

      That said, the team is pretty brutal to watch right now — in some respects, anyway.

      • every single event that occurs in baseball is a small sample. That is just what happens in a season where you play 162 games. players make 600 plus plate appearances…and teams in generaly win 70, lose 70.

        makes one wonder if its even worthy trying to analyze anything. christ the entire season is small sample size.

        in tom tango’s “the book” they postulate that basically 2000 plate appearances is when things become significant.

        one could basically just resort to the “small sample size” retort for everything.

        • Agreed while we may not be worried about future production this season, racking up losses early is only going to make it harder to make the play-offs. Right now I am not to worried, but once you get up to 3-10 area you are digging yourself a hole that you may not be able to climb out of.

          • It seems to me that in the past several years the Jays have come out strong, only to fall apart around the all-star break. While the Yankees over the last several seasons seemed to be slow starters but once they got cranked up… well you know the rest.

            Maybe the Jays are on the start slow, then lights out trajectory this year.

            also, Reyes is fucking awesome.

            • good point. in 2009 the Jays were 27-14 but had not faced the yankees or red sox. It went downhill after facing Tim Wakefield a knuckleballer at fenway. Snier & Cecil got demoted, or did cecil have a horrible outing there. It as bad. they lost 9 in a row.

          • Very true. the red sox went 2-10 in 2011, then dominated the rest of the year & went 7-20 september. they missed the playoffs by 1 game.

            There is another wild card spot this year which did not exist in 2011.

            I know it’s early days, but it’s not fun to watch.

            I also hate this day games. Can’t concentrate on work, although MLB AT BAT is pretty good.

            I listened to Jack Morris a bit today. he’s OK, but Ashby gave better commentary.

  7. What did AA say on Prime Time Sports? Please let me know

    • AA said that Dickey cracked his nail in the 1st inning. The same thing happened to him in the home opener in 2011 and he wasn’t nearly as bad.


      Depending on how cracked the nail is, a few rainouts in the next 2 days wouldn’t be the worst thing to give his nail a few more days to grow back.

      There’s a story he tells in his book of him throwing a bullpen before a game with the Mets and cracking his nail, having to get a Mets staffer to drive him to a local nail salon while he was in full uniform to get an acrylic nail put on. Maybe AA needs to invest in having a Vietnamese nail lady on standby in the clubhouse on days that Dickey pitches?

      • He’s not scheduled to pitch until the Saturday in KC, but I can’t argue with a little cuticle rest and the hiring of an old Vietnamese manicurist. When she’s not working on Dickey she can giving mani/pedis in the dugout for the other players and coaches.

        Best manicured team in the majors? Is that something we as fans can be proud of?

  8. Hey, they signed Miguel Batista, everything is going to be okay.

  9. Such a thrill to catch a glimpse of Scott Lewis in his natural habitat!

    • Oh crap, I remember years ago he was our closer, my goodness he was awful. Blew so many games. I don’t think I can deal with that again.

      • Fuck off, Debbie.

        • woops meant to reply to the post above you. Too bad, so sad

          • There have been questions asked as to why the WikiLeaks haven’t caniotned any mention of Obama or his sealed records, etc., etc. I don’t really know why we should be wondering about that. First of all, only a small fraction of the over 250,000 have been released. Many are not going to be released until 2011.Secondly, why would that type of information be in those released considering the diplomatic nature of them?Thirdly, and most significantly, if it is true that Obama (and Soros behind the scenes) acquiesced, or even directed, as some of us feel , then why would he allow such information to go forth? We are rather naive to expect it, imho.

      • I think he was the closer right after the infamous aquilino lopez

  10. The ESPN article is another evidence on how ESPN is always down on the jays. From the man in white to R.A. R.A. and David Price are both having terrible starts to the season, how many, David Price is done articles do we see?

    • Maybe because david price doesn’t rely on a feel pitch like the knuckler? perhaps because price is not near 40.

      I dont think Dickey’s first two games mean dick..but lets not act like he’s david price

    • It is not that at all.

      They are not down on the Jays at all.

    • Buster Oleny may have a point

      • Buster Olney never has a point, unless he’s making a point about having a terrible podcast, then he’s the king of points

        • my favorite stupid moment on the new buster olney podcast is where he had was quoting some player as saying basically the following:

          “we knew what melkey cabrera was before ped’s..and to see what he’s become makes me sick”

          in other words, some player , off record, told olney this and olney acceted it as complete fact that cabereras last couple strong years were all due to ped’s.

          no analysis…no debate…just simple acceptance and promulgation.

  11. Hey look Jay fans are a disgrace and DJF gets a plug right at the bottom.

    Nice work jerks


  12. Anybody catch Zaun on PTS? What a clown. Some nuggets: Lind needs to hit everyday, Lawrie coming back probably wont affect the team much because De Rosa is just fine at 3B. Also, matchuos are stupid and we just need to run the top 9 guys out there everyday (for those interested, that inckudes Lind at DH). And Lind needs to play everyday so we can “see once and for all if he can hit LHP”.

    Its like hes just trollijg now.

    • He is wrong on all except maybe Lind, no point in tossing a line up of Derosa Icturiz Rajai against a lefty or a righty

      • He is definitely wrong on Lind. Check out his career LHP/RHP splits. Pretty conclusive. Lind should’t hit Lefties unless absolutely necessary.

        • vs L .267 wOBA / 59 wRC+
          vs R .356 wOBA / 119 wRC+


          • can someone tweet these career splits on Lind to Zaun please? I don’t do twitter. :)

            • After his explanation of slugging percentage this week, do you expect him to understand what the hell those metrics mean?

              • good point.

                vs L .220 AVG .607 OPS (little grunt)
                vs R .280 AVG .831 OPS (big grunt grunt)

                • he’s way off on the Lawrie comments. Lawrie is one of the best defensive 3rd basemen.

                • Hello Cristin,I am usually ievitnd to speak to a teacher education class for future special ed teachers. I would also like to share your map and your article with them. As a parent of a special needs person (now adult) as well, I can tell them what it is like, but I think if they see your map and read your article, they will have a clearer understanding what just what it takes to raise a special needs child. Thank you for your time.Barbara

              • My favourite post of the day. Thank you, sir…

                • Sheesh. That was for Brumfield up there. Wtf is up with everything to do with the iPhone and this site?

  13. I’m going to try Stoeten’s argument, but from another angle.

    Winning 2 out of 7 games simply means that you have won 2 of 7 games. It does not mean that you will only win 2 of your next 7, or 2 of 7 all year. The fact that it has happened in the first 7 games sucks, yeah, but it is not predictive, in any way, of what will happen going forward.

    I think it’s funny that the “8th bullpen guy” has already pitched in 3 games. And two of those fellas have been DFA. Proves, once again, that the 8th guy in your bully is terrible — maybe find a way NOT to play him? Rest of the bullpen looks to set up really well…

    Here’s hoping.

    • More to the point, in 2011 the Red Sox still finished with 90 wins despite starting their season 0-7, and had a brutal September also.

      An argument could be made that had they not fallen off a cliff to start the season, or end it, they would have made the playoffs. But really, if they didn’t lose just one game at any point of the season, they would have still made it.

      Are the Jays playing like shit? Sure, but is it indicative of what the season will hold? I suppose it’s plausible, but highly unlikely. Baseball is so random given it’s lengthy season, and heavily determined by talent. Thankfully, the Jays still have 156 games to play, and 156 games to showcase the talent level they currently possess.

      • Yes, any one loss during the season kept them from the playoffs.

        Does the momentum effect of a slow start ( 2-10) or 7-20 in September have more effect?

        Injuries are likely to accumulate during the year, so as we saw with the Jays last year, they were a 500 club till the end of July.

        Once Bautista, Lawrie & the rest of the lineup was out, it was horrible.

        The good news is the Jays still have lots of time to overperform. Noone has run away with the division.

        In 1984, the Tigers went 35-5 to start the season.

        • Does the momentum effect of a slow start ( 2-10) or 7-20 in September have more effect?

          I’m going to say no, strictly because a loss in April is equal to a loss at any other loss in the season.

          Your point of injuries is valid, to a point. Last year was a little ridiculous, and having your 25-man stay 100% healthy is implausible. The Jays will be somewhere in between (I hope), and already are with Bautista missing a few games, and Lawrie out to start the season.

          I avoided touching on injuries because, like a player’s performance – or “talent floor” as it were – it’s quite random. The good news is the Jays’ “talent floor” is quite high this year.

          • You make some good points. The Jays without Lawrie are suffering. So far, we are OK without Romero. Listening to AA makes it sound that Ricky is in a rubber room. he can’t pitch? he is learning mechanics? WTF. he was pitching before the rest of the team headed north. This is weird.

            I hope the rest of the team heats up soon. I hate to waste the strong performance of jose Reyes while he is hot.

            Bautista & Edwin hitting together on all cylinders could do some serious damage.

    • I can’t complain about the bullpen but whoever the 8th guy is, he usually ends up like the red shirt on star trek, dead or DFA.

  14. Zaun was a total dinosaur on PTS tonight. Please, Zaun go back and crawl under a rock.

  15. Zaun is an idiot

    • Zaun is a Zaun promoter and since he often says, “If I were in charge….” it seems like he’s angling for a front office job somewhere. ( Methinks that would be a disaster)
      All that said, he did make some salient points:
      1) They did not get into Miggy’s kitchen. Instead they were content to pitch him away and have him take the ball to right field….just like he likes to do. How did that work out?
      2) There are too many guys up there swinging for the downs. They need to get back to hitting it where it is pitched….being willing to take it back up the middle or the opposite way and then pass the baton. Keep the line moving as Tabbie likes to say.
      They are far too talented to not be in the mix if they get back to playing sound fundamental baseball. If they don’t, it could be along year.

  16. Holy shit I just saw the replay of the called third strike from yesterdays tb-tex game. WOW. That ump should be banned from calling games behind homeplate or something. Just an embarassment to competitive baseball. I know humans make mistakes but he has got to be held accountable for that. Inexcusable. I know the jays will take it though.

  17. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.

  18. Ben Lindebergh of Basball Prospectus seems pretty beastly. I didn’t realize catcher framing can be such a huge deal. He thinks Molina saved 50 runs in one year!!!! WTF????? Seems ridiculously high. He mentions JPA sucks at it. :(


    • When Molina was here there was an article on it.

    • It’s crazy to think about because a) that’s 5 WAR right there, the equivalent of an all-star season just with framing and b) it identifies the massive weakness in human umpiring. There’s no other skill set in baseball that succeeds by exploiting the weakness of someone who isn’t on the other team.

  19. Is it possible that when Shea Hillenbrand wrote “This Is A Sinking Ship” on the blackboard back in 2006, that he was misunderstood?
    It’s possible that he was actually complimenting Gibby.
    See what you think:


  20. So conflicted…awesome seeing Brett Myers getting knocked around, yet it’s the Yankees B-squad.

  21. Anyone got a link or the transcript to what Zaun said when talking about Slugging percentage? I despise him more than anyone and love throwing shit in his face on twitter, he gets so defensive its amazing

  22. “I want to point out two things. First, the pitch was actually breaking back toward the plate when it was caught, but it’s difficult to tell because of catcher J.P. Arencibia’s exaggerated slide away from Aybar. According to Max Marchi’s framing stats, Arencibia was the worst framing catcher in baseball last season (in a cumulative sense), costing Toronto 23 runs.”

    This makes me sad. Can’t they hire someone to help him out on this? 23 runs is a big deal.


    • It hinges on whether JP actually believes his typical bluff & bluster, or whether it’s just a survival device, and he’s actually aware of his deficiencies (and therefore cares to correct them.) Time will tell.

  23. Can Mauro Gomez finally be the power RH half of a DH platoon we’ve been looking for?
    .310 / .371 / .589 with 24 homers in only 100 games in AAA Pawtucket.
    I say give him a chance, let Rajai be a PH/PR and 4th outfielder.
    It’s an embarrasment having Rajai, a guy with 21 career homeruns act as a dh.

    • I’m not worried about pitching over the course of the season, but even against their preferred LH or RH pitchers Davis and Lind aren’t starting many games on any teams in the American league. I cringe at the thought of having Reyes or Bautista missing much time because our offense isn’t necessarily playoff calibre.

  24. buck is hitting well. so much for that trade


    • JPA is hitting 1.062 w/ 3HR.

      Still very early, man. Apologies if you’re being sarcastic.

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