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While we continue to wait for the first pitch, here are a few items to chew on that may not have otherwise been worth a post of their own. Once the game gets going– if it happens– I’ll put the Game Threat post back to the top of the page, but for now…

Brett Lawrie To Play In Extended Spring Tomorrow

According to Mike Wilner on the radio, and several reporters on Twitter, Blue Jays PR man extraordinaire, Mal Romanin, announced this afternoon that Brett Lawrie will actually get into game action tomorrow… in Dunedin. He’ll play in an extended Spring Training game, which is fantastic news, and a big step towards getting his sorely missed glove, and bat, into the lineup. Can’t happen soon enough.

Jays Claim Casper Wells

As noted in an update to the Game Threat, the Jays have claimed right-hitting outfielder Casper Wells from the Mariners, in a move that looks likely to end their ridiculous eight-man bullpen experiment.

The report first came from Peter Gammons (Peter Gammons, Peter Gammons, Peter Gammons, Gaaaaaaaammons, Gaaaaaaammons), and has been confirmed via an official release from the club.

Over the last three seasons (313 PA), Wells– who lost a position battle in Seattle to Jason Bay this spring– has posted a .363 wOBA against left-handed pitching, and a 132 wRC+. Assuming he joins the 25-man roster, he’ll be able to spell Adam Lind as the DH against lefties, which allows John Gibbons to choose whether to bench Colby Rasmus as well, in favour of Rajai Davis.

Barry Davis tweets that Wells won’t join the Jays until Kansas City.

Morosis Gonna Morose

Speaking of the Wells acquisition, Jon Morosi, full trollface in effect, tweets: “It is rare for a World Series contender to tinker this much with waiver claims early in a season.”

This comes on the heels of yesterday’s tweet about the Jays and the Astros being the only AL clubs with five losses. He also writes a column where, right off the top, he compares the Jays’ current record to that of the Miami Marlins. Of course, none of this means anything, but if people too dumb to know better than to not take Morosi seriously want to believe it does, evidently he doesn’t care.

Ugh. I hate it when fans suggest that any national writer who ever says anything bad about the Jays must have it in for them in some way– as if they would fucking care enough to bother. What does happen, though, is that they know where traffic comes from, and Morosi is especially adept at baiting the sizeable Jays fanbase online. Doesn’t mean he’s not being a shitbag here, but I at least understand it.

The Getting Blanked Podcast

I’m rotated out of the hot seat on Wednesday editions of the Getting Blanked Podcast, but Drew, Parkes, and Scott Lewis were there talking about all of last night’s hot MLB action, and getting you set for tonight’s.

So… it’s today’s edition of the Getting Blanked Podcast– which for the duration of the season will be coming at you daily! We’re not double posting this year, but I’ll be sure to include the link in the first Daily Duce or Game Threat that follows the post going up over at Getting Blanked. Otherwise, you can find the podcast at Getting Blanked on iTunes, get it via the RSS feed we have setup, or like Getting Blanked on Facebook in order to get each day’s podcast straight into your news feed (and while you’re at it, go ahead and like DJF on Facebook, too).

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  1. Lots of Seattle fans have said Wells is a terrific fielder….?

    • keep in mind, its the seattle fucking mariners….

    • Indeed he grades out really well by UZR, at least.

    • Yeah, I now remember seeing his three year UZR look pretty terrific in the Cameron thing, I think. Think Wilner mentioned something about poor fielding and I just went with it. Maybe I misheard.

      I’ve changed the post. Thanks.

  2. Any time you can make an incremental improvement to your roster, you do it – contender or not. AA himself stated on PTS last night that he was churning the 25th man (13 pitcher) to save the key guys early in the season.

  3. It was mostly a troll tweet because he sends it out in the afternoon, prior to any other AL teams being able to get to 5 losses, which the Rays and Angels promptly did. Morosi knows what he’s doing.

  4. Jays have to win today so Moronsi can stop treating the Jays fans to golden showers.

  5. It’s rare to pickup someone on waivers who is actually useful.

    But when Lawrie is back, who is the odd man out? Assuming the Jays aren’t going with a 6 man bullpen.

  6. Wells is basically an older, right handed Travis Snider, right? The minor league numbers and major league K Rate seem to indicate so anyway.

  7. This is a shocking turn of events… the Blue Jays make a waiver claim and I actually know who the hell it is that they’ve claimed. I like Casper Wells. Real good defense and hits lefties better then Lind (Rasmus as well?).

    Hopefully this will return De Rosa to his old guy hanging around the clubhouse role.

  8. Either Morosis has it in for us or he is trolling, either way I don’t care I just think its funny.

  9. Wells is the best waiver pickup by AA this season. Shrewd pickup. Perfect dh against lefties to hit in the bottom third of the order.

    • I wouldn’t DH Wells… he’s much too good of a defender to stick him at DH. But he will allow Our outfielders to either have a day off vs lefties (either by sitting for those that stink against them… ahem Colby ahem… or getting a DH day to save their legs).

      Only question is who goes when Lawrie is back? I hope it’s DeRosa.

  10. So, maybe Tony Danza as a backup to Wells, with Boner as a future replacement. Will Mona work the bench by keeping the boys loose with BJs?

    So much to consider moving forward.

    • That was an awesome pic — I can’t believe I actually remember that episode.

      Wasn’t Boner in another 80s sitcom — Growing Pains? (too lazy to google)

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