The Jays and the Tigers look like they might actually be able to play baseball today, which, of course, is terrible news, because the Jays are an awful, horrible baseball team and we might have to suffer through hour upon rain-delayed hour of it.

In other news, people are idiots.

Mark Buehrle takes the hill for the Jays today, facing Rick Porcello. Buehrle kept coughing up leads in his last time out– though, in a weird way, I didn’t think he looked that terrible doing it– and the Jays managed to pick up their first win of the season, 10-8 over Cleveland. Here’s hoping he can help bring about a win again today, though maybe not in the same fashion. Not because the Jays need it– they’ll be fine– but because fans need to fucking relax and stop listening to commentators filling air with invented nonsense about momentum and chemistry. There’s talent on this team. Sooner or later it’s going to line up where the pitching and hitting are actually working well at the same time. Cliche alert: It’s a marathon, not a sprint. And if the heavily right-handed Tigers beat up on Buehrle today, don’t take it as some kind of further harbinger of doom, for fuck sakes.

Weather Watch

John Lott tweets that, as of 12:40 PM ET, it’s raining, and the start of today’s game has been pushed back until at least 1:30. I’ll add weather updates as they happen here in this space.

UPDATE (2:07 PM): Shi Davidi tweets that the revised hope is that they’ll start at 3 PM. They really want to get this one in.

Also, for those who have missed it, the Jays have claimed right-hitting outfielder Casper Wells from the Mariners– perhaps ending the insufferable eight-man bullpen– per Peter Gammons. Dave Cameron likens him to a free Cody Ross. Sure, we’ll take it.

UPDATE: (3:02 PM): The tarp is off the field, and Wilner says on the radio that first pitch is now scheduled for 3:35 PM.


Shi Davidi tweets that in his game report from yesterday he included potential make-up date scenarios for today’s and tomorrow’s games, as the weather is expected to worsen as the week goes on.

Lott tells us that Alex Anthopoulos says that Brett Lawrie might be ready for the April 19-21 series against the Yankees, or the following one against Baltimore. None too soon.

Barry Davis says he spoke to R.A. Dickey regarding his cracked fingernail (which A.A. noted last night on the radio), and the pitcher tells him it’s not a worry and has happened many times.

If you’re looking for a place to drink and watch the game in the west end of downtown Toronto, I’m told Opera Bobs at Dundas and Ossington is open for all of this week’s action.

 sn1logosmallTV: Sportsnet One

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)

Mark Buehrle LHP

Detroit Tigers

CF Austin Jackson (R)
RF Torii Hunter (R)
3B Miguel Cabrera (R)
1B Prince Fielder (L)
DH Victor Martinez (R)
LF Matt Tuiasosopo (R)
SS Jhonny Peralta (R)
C Alex Avila (L)
2B Omar Infante (R)

Rick Porcello RHP

Comments (606)

  1. Yes yes yes! Biggest cheer from me thus far this season!

  2. Well, im pretty sure that what ever they are feeding Arencibia this spring could make someone a mint.

  3. I love a come from behind victory.

  4. is this real life?

  5. So you think you’re good at walking in runs, Tigers? Well we too can walk in runs!

  6. That was a huge hit by JPA, would be a splendid surprise to come back and win this one. Up to the pen now.

  7. Where are all you JP haters now?
    Production from your catcher. Fuck OBP for a catcher.

  8. Way to keep it going Cletus…

  9. this game threat is an emotional roller coaster if ive ever fucking seen one

  10. Cecil, Santos, Janssen.

    Get ‘er done.

  11. Fuck you Jhonny Peralta and fucking spell your name fucking correctly

  12. Glad the ball isn’t carrying today.

  13. Did Jose just do a holster the gun move?

  14. ok, lets get some more please

  15. I am guessing Jansen to close, Rogers next inning

  16. Dotel just got his dotels rung

  17. REYES meh heeeerooo

  18. single, steal time.

  19. BossTista up 2 on

  20. Love the steal-cam during that at-bat. Can we just make it a permanent Reyes-cam?

  21. Jose chant at Comerica

  22. double steal?

  23. Reyes is a shit disturber on the bases haha

  24. They may actually be more jays fans than Tiger fans

  25. Bautista and EE can`t cash in! lets see if we can hold it.

  26. Man this team is fun to watch when they play like this.

  27. another lefty for the top of this line up, gibby, i heart you but you give me heart attacks.

  28. Oliver got merked :(

  29. Darren Olive time . Why ? I know not. He’s been shit thus far and we have three right handers up. where is sergio.

  30. We are so lucky it is cold

  31. two absolute bombs..two outs. ill take it..but gibby playin with fire here.

  32. gibby the man

  33. Perhaps they dont want to use Santos because of his recent arm trouble given the cold?

  34. what on gods green earth was that emilio hahaha

  35. Fucking iztruris and bonafacio are not major league caliber at 3rd and 2nd. no such thing as a routine play with these jokers

  36. lol its not that cold, the ump doesn`t need a belaclava

  37. Priceless reaction to that pitch from J.P..

  38. Oh Cletus

  39. Please no errors

  40. Someone has to make up for all those K’s we lost when KJ left.

  41. Watching leafs and jays at the same time and both relevant! Love it

  42. Heeee struck him out

  43. prince just wants to go home

  44. Heeeeee struck him out

  45. Thats a new scar on his face!

  46. hahahahaha this UMP wants to go home

  47. casey!!

  48. Winz!

  49. I think the home ump wants to go home and I’m all for that.

  50. WOOOO BLUE JAYS WIN! we can rest easy

  51. Boooooorah! Haters keep hating!

  52. holy fuck we won that game, thats how rolls start, lets hope this pumps them up

  53. ump wants to go home

  54. Fuck me. Just like that eh Casey? Nice.

  55. Here’s hoping today’s game signifies a turning point for the Jays.

  56. Hay!…all y’all fellers…i toldya!…watch out!….we ain’t gonna jes dang ole lay down…wait’ll we hit them dingers too…even Cleetus, he’ll hit some dang ole dingers….but i ‘spect he’s waitin fer that dang ole Brett to git his lazy ass back on the diamond so they can do their 2-run home-plate dinger jig & such…

  57. Holy shit Jansenn was amazing! All fastballs, all at 87-89mph!

    Blew my mind.

    • where were you last year? Janssen did that all last year. pinpoint control.

      • This kind of an important game in a season with actual consequences? In the midst of a mini losing streak with all the media pressure? To strike out martinez and prince both looking with only 1 ball?
        This was much better than last year.

    • What an incredible game. From being down 6-1 to winning 8-6. Casy closes the game out. JPA gets a timely hit & 3 runs score.

      The defense is still scary with Boneface.

      The mascot Derosa comes through.

      It was a much needed win & hopefully will boost confidence of the players.

      It was their first comeback win

  58. ‘Topes win a game. ‘Topes win a game

  59. good one … this is how momentum builds … and don’t tell me momo is not statistically valid or I’ll have to bite you …

  60. To all the negative press/bandwagoners shitting their pants about a slow start, if the blue birds win tomorrow they’ll be tied for wins with the best hitting team in the majors thus far/last years American League champs! So ya this is baseball and fucken right it’s a long season!!!

  61. This post fucking cracked me up!!! Well said Stoeten. One week into the season and the sky is already falling for a slew of fans??!!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!!! I’ll take a slow early season any day over the perennial June collapse we’ve been witness to over the last few years. Once the pitching puts it together it’s all over.

  62. Odd use of the bullpen today.

    Using all 3 lefties in a row. And bringing both Loup and Oliver in to start an inning against the 3 righties at the top of the Tigers order.

    Obviously it worked out. But odd nonetheless.

  63. 100% chance of rain tomorrow morning in Detroit. 90% in the afternoon, and 90% tomorrow night. Awesome win but now I want them to play tomorrow.

  64. I agree with the earlier comment that Bonifacio has proven he is not a MLB 2b but, rather, a very good utility guy. Playing in Miami I had not seen him much but I think he is a better OF than INf.
    Anyway, I think I now know why AA admitted on TV about 3 weeks ago that he was still looking around “for another infielder, preferably one than can play 2B.
    And, NO, KJ, is NOT one of those options. Can’t wait for Lawrie to get back so at least the left side of our infield with Reyes and Lawrie will be MLB ready.

    • Kinsler?

      I kid…. but seriously….get that shit done.

      • why would Tex do that? and think of what we’d have to give up

        • What is the point of kasper wells? right handed (already have enough of those on the bench in blanco, de rosa, and davis)

          OF…..when we already have an adequate 3 OF position playing bench guy davis.

          of course I’d rather have any position player vs the infinite bullpen, but wells doesn’t really do much

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