It’s not very much fun to be a Jays fan right now. The team that came into the year with such weighty expectations is now 3-6 with a mere 153 games remaining. In order to reach the crucial 95 win threshold, that means they can only lose 61 more times this season. R.A. Dickey and Josh Johnson only have 32 starts each in which to turn their seasons around. Only five-and-three-quarters months of the six month schedule remain.

Obviously things are dire.

But the early season is still such a time for hope that it seems awfully silly to focus so heavily on the negative just yet. There are lots of people who are probably pleased as pig in shit with the way that the season has started so far for the Jays. One that immediately comes to mind, for example, is Detroit-based, Toronto-lovin’ master baiter Jon Morosi of Fox Sports, who has surely already shit-eating-grinned his way through a number tweets designed to rile up the unwashed hoser masses.

To wit:

Morosi also began a column this week like this:

After seven games last season, the Miami Marlins were 2-5.

After seven games this season, the Toronto Blue Jays are 2-5.

Ominous as fuck, huh?

I wrote in yesterday’s Rain Delay Theatre post that, “of course, none of this means anything. But if people too dumb to know better than to not take Morosi seriously want to believe that it does, evidently he doesn’t care.”

I tried to keep some perspective on it, adding that “I hate it when fans suggest that any national writer who ever says anything bad about the Jays must have it in for them in some way– as if they would fucking care enough to bother. What does happen, though, is that they know where traffic comes from, and Morosi is especially adept at baiting the sizeable Jays fanbase online. Doesn’t mean he’s not kinda being a shitbag here, but I at least understand it.”

I guess that means I understood it, too, when today he was right back at it, tweeting seemingly harmless facts, the panicky implications of which– while techincally left to the reader– are slightly screamingly bloody obvious.

Granted, Morosi added a caveat about the weather, but to my mind the seed of panic had already been planted. And shit, maybe there’s something not entirely crazy and link-bait-y to it, as even Keith Law, who chatted today with readers at, ran with the notion that something possibly isn’t right with Johnson. “Throwing 88-89 isn’t likely due to conditions in Detroit, but maybe conditions in his arm,” he wrote.

Except… no. There doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of anything to be alarmed about here– which certainly doesn’t mean that there can’t be something wrong, it’s just that I don’t see why anyone would think that based on what’s in the public domain about today’s start.

From the, here’s the velocity chart for Johnson’s outing today:


It’s low, certainly, but definitely not the 88-89 that was being reported. That said, they have 23 pitches classified as changeups, and they averaged 88.8 (maxing out at 91.28), which is maybe a bit odd and may speak to a pitch classification problem. However, there are eleven four-seamers, and their average velocity reads 90.73, topping out at 92.34.

His previous start, on April 5th at Rogers Centre against the Red Sox, looked a bit different, it’s true. In that game he threw 57 four-seamers, averaging 93.66 and topping out at 95.65, compared to four pitches classified as changeups. The drop in velocity is a bit alarming, yes, but quite not as alarming as saying he was at 88-89, especially after pointing out that in 2010 he was at 94.9, since the year-long average itself is quite deceiving.

Back in the spring of 2011, Mike Fast, then writing for Baseball Prospectus, did some interesting research into the effect of cold weather on pitchers, explaining that “Fastball speed for an average major-league pitcher starts at its lowest point in early April, rises by about 1.0-1.5 mph to a peak in the month of July, and declines gradually thereafter.”

In fact, “fastball speed has a strong dependence on temperature, irrespective of the point in the season,” he found, adding that “if we approximate the relationship between temperature and fastball speed as linear, we find that average fastball speed increases by about one mph for every 37-degree [Fahrenheit] increase in game-time temperature.”

So, it would therefore seem entirely expected, given the temperature– which was 1.4 C at game time– and the time of year that Johnson wasn’t going to be bringing even the diminished heat that we saw him work with last season. He’s certainly a little off where you’d expect him to be given that qualifier, but not staggeringly so, as far as I’m concerned.

Looking at an extra little nugget of Pitch F/X data, we find that today’s brief outing was not entirely dissimilar to his final spring start, in Philadelphia. Back on March 30th at Citizen’s Bank Park, as the temperature hovered around 14 and 15 degrees Celcius, Johnson threw 13 pitches were classified as changeups, averaging 87.22, compared to twelve four-seamers, averaging 92.5.

Granted, that’s not a particularly good benchmark to come up short on for a guy who once pitched two straight years averaging close to 96, but it seems pretty reasonable for the new Johnson, and given the conditions today, anything resembling a call to panic– implied or otherwise– doesn’t, to me, seem justified.

At the very least, I think we need to give it another start before we even consider considering getting concerned. Chalk it up as another damn early-season dud, and let’s just move on already.


GIF of awesomeness thanks to @ScottJohnson48 of Franchise Mode.

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  1. Gulp!

  2. Bob McCown brought up Ricky Romero today on PTS. I’m not sure what the context was because I already veered off the road into a ditch.

    • … when the rest of the world comes to the conclusion that I did after his lob-ball treatment of Alan Fuckin’ Eagleson in an ill-conceived interview a couple of months back, that is, that McCown speaks not from intelligence, but merely to incite reaction and translate that into numbers, they will tune him out like I did, and fill the time with Tim and Sid time-shifted from the Twitter links

    • It wasn’t a big deal, a caller just asked how RR was making out in the minors, if he is making any progress.

  3. Not panicking. Perfectly calm, dude.

  4. Best part is the trolling won’t end even when they do turn it around, since the Marlins kinda went nuts in May last year.

  5. Jays are too good of a team for the shitshow to last a major extended period of time. Let’s evaluate where the team, and Johnson’s velocity, is at the All-Star break.

    Is Morosi playing dumb? Usually he’s better than this.

    Small sample sizes, people. Things have to go up because things always even out in baseball.

    • Morosi / McCown… same M.O.

    • It’s a tough job to out-troll Heyman. Morosi is getting pretty damn good at it, though.

      • Heyman gets a bad wrap, probably because of how obviously Scott Boras is one of his main connections.

        From what I’ve sensed on Twitter, Heyman’s actually one of the nicer writers out there, and certainly trolls far less than peers like Morosi or the Knobler.

    • They don’t always even out. If they did we’d have been to the playoffs one or two times since 1993. That having been said, the Jays have always had a red-hot start and then fallen by the wayside, I’d rather it was the other way around. I’m not gonna press the panic button because there’s no point. Either they’ll work out or they won’t, and if we can keep the core of the team around for a few years sooner or later this bunch will do really well. Also, Lawrie. His defence is sorely missed. The thing is, we may not Win Now. But I believe we will Win Soon.

      • How many times since 1993 were the Blue Jays considered division favourites on paper at least?

        Evening out doesn’t mean teams take turns winning the division once every five years.

        • @Jays2010.

          No one suggests that teams take turns winning. However the issue is whether there is movement up and down the division. The Jays have moved very little. They were third until Tampa’s prospects hit the major leagues. Then they were fourth. The only team as consistent as the Jays in this division was the Yankees who always finished first or second. Boston, Tampa and now Baltimore have all shown a greater range of success and failure.

          So in one sense the team is exceptionally even. However there has been very little growth. Again, I’m not screaming and yelling about this opening. They’ll improve I think. Too much talent on the team not to.

          • “They don’t always even out. If they did we’d have been to the playoffs one or two times since 1993″

            What exactly are you getting at with this?

            The last 20 years have nothing to do with this team finding it’s true talent level.

            • @Jays2010

              Maybe you should read this line from Indestructible’s post which is what sparked my original reply to him.

              “Things have to go up because things always even out in baseball.”

              Got it straight now? My post had nothing to do with the current talent-level of the team. And if you’d read more carefully you would have seen that I expect the team will improve mightily because of the players it has now.

              • Indestructible is using “things even out” in the sense that water finds its level given a large enough sample size.

                You used “things don’t even out” in regards to what the Jays have done in the last 20 years.

                I’m quite sure I’m reading this correctly.

      • +1.. I started following the Jays & found this blog in 2009. the return of Cito & 27-14 was wonderful.

        After that , the team went 48-73, which is 400 ball.

        That was horrible, but at least that return to normal made sense. The Jays had no pitching staff outside of Doc & Romero.

        Kevin Millar was on the team & Cito insisted on batting rally killers Rios & Wells b2b.

        This year, fan expected a winner since the Marlins trade in November.

        Now the shiny new pieces look damaged except for Melky & Jose Reyes.( They shoudn’t be long term damage) but it’s perplexing.

        At least today’s podcast there was acknowledgement from Stoeten that losses in April count, so that’s a good sign.

        I wish i could fast forward to September 29th against the Rays & see how the team does. Do they mount a strong comeback & make the playoffs? Do they stumble & bumble to an 80 win season?

        I saved all the opening day baseball previews from the newspapers. Reading that makes me happy.

        • “Now the shiny new pieces look damaged except for Melky & Jose Reyes.( They shoudn’t be long term damage) but it’s perplexing.”

          This was so outstanding it had to be repeated.

    • Things even out in baseball unless you were the 2012 Baltimore Orioles.

  6. Morosi forgot to add Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Seattle, and the Angels to the list of teams with 5 losses in the AL to his tweet on April 9.

  7. John Moronski

  8. So what’s Morosi’s issue then?
    I don’t do the twitter- does he troll other fans/teams like this as well?
    Is it a blatant “Hey look at me/internet traffic” thing?
    Or is he just a dick?

    • You should check him out he totally trolls toronto the most. He plays dumb but he definitely knows what he is doing…

      Fucker gahh he makes me have to answer so many dumb questions at work by feeding the idiots

  9. I’m not freaking out, but it sure would have been nice to not lose the first 3 series’ of the year.
    If a starter doesn’t go at least 7 or 8 innings soon they may have keep their 140 bullpen arms.

  10. Look, nobody is going to win the fucking pennant in April but you can sure as fuck lose it. 3-6 is no biggie but lets say they finish the month 6-21 or 7-20? Thats a pretty big hole to get out of. The angels screwed themselves with the slow start they had last year. I hope they can finish april around .500. At this rate, its hard to see though. Its baseball though so it can turn around any minute.

    • Get a grip.

    • It’s too bad the Jays don’t get to play the Astros 19 times a year to make up some wins.

      I think Stoeten warned us that the AL East could be won with fewer than 90 games, & the Jays could finish 4th with 80-83 wins.The AL East could be bunched up.

    • How do you extrapolate 3-6 into 6-21?


      • Seriously, the extrapolated record closest to the number of games randomly chosen by that guy would be 9-18, three games better than what he is pulling out of his ass.

  11. Alarming drop in velocity? Seems a little dramatic to me, what was the game time temperature? Just thinking Josh might throw harder if the thermometer breaks the freezing mark

  12. we’ve played 3 series of early season ball against 3 teams with very good lineups.

    people need to simmer the fuck down…if this shit continues for another 2-3 weeks, then there is certainly cause for concern.

  13. Would I like a better start? Yeah. By the holiday weekend in May, we’ll have had some warm weather (I hope!) and we’ll have had a stretch of games. At that point we’ll be better able to judge just what this team might be and just what it might need. Until then, we might be concerned but we don’t panic.

  14. Anybody thinking that, maybe, Arencibia’s pitch calling has something to do with any of this? Tuck & Babby certainly have been hinting at that if any of you have been listening.

  15. I’m not going to panic, but I am feeling frustrated. There have been too many innings so far where the Jays just don’t seem to be playing at the level of their opponents. Starting pitching, defence, and especially hitting have all been weak.

    It’s not that they’ve been losing, it’s that they’re being outplayed by too great a margin. I don’t enjoy laughers even when my team is winning, to be honest. I’d rather watch a close game than a blowout. So yeah, frustration sets in. There’s no doubt it will get better, but knowing that you’re going to eat next week doesn’t keep you from feeling hungry today.

  16. Just where does Casper Wells fit into this grand master plan? For now, they can drop an arm (likely Gonzalez) and use him as a platoon partner for Lind. But when Lawrie comes back, a position player would have to go. Ir may be Wells himself, but if they elect to keep him, who then? I’ve got this funny feeling that Lind and Wells may be in an extended audition for the DH job and the loser finds his was to the DFA list. Whatcha think?

    • Platoon guy

    • Wells goes.

      • If Casper Fucking Wells gets more than 15 AB at DH I’m going to shit my bed

        • .363 wOBA and 132 wRC+ vs. LHP over the last three years. Prepare to soil yourself, and rightly so.

          • Wells is the team’s best option against LHP at DH by a significant margin. And he’s also a very good defensive outfielder. He better be a long term thing.

            • Yep, Wells is a solid and somewhat underrated player. He is a better hitter than rajai davis. I have no idea what the mariners were doing letting him go for nothing. Very smart pickup by AA. Probably his best ever waiver claim.

              • Why was Casper Wells DFA’s in the first place if he is so good? I have never heard of him

                • Because Seattle thinks they are going to catch lightning in a bottle with Jason Maple-Boner Bay. That’s why.

          • Stellar Stoeten. Finally some wit outta you in the comments section.

            *Wisers clap while smoking a pipe*

    • why would the Mariners drop him if he is so good vs lefties? it isn’t like their lineup can afford to lose bats. bad vs righties? overpaid?

      • It was about too many guys for a certain amount of positions.
        They want to Michael Saunders, Franklin G to play every day in the OF
        They have Kendrys Morales, Mike Morse & Smoak as the 1st/LF/DH & decided to go with Jason Bay & Raul Ibanez as other two at 1st/OF/DH over Wells. No room for Wells

        The fact that Bay was chosen over Wells is a head scratcher but someone in Seattle must think Bay can be the Bay of old

  17. panic is for noobs.

  18. so…had the jays won today, they would be 4-5. and had the jays won today the tigers would be……..wait for it

  19. 4-5. as in the ALCS champion Tigers adding Tori Hunter to the mix. Don’t panic, panic first!!!!

    • +10000000

      I saw some guy posting that the pitching coach should be fired to “send a message”. What’s the message? That we are reactionary idiots? That we think we are in the NFL and the season is half over? That after 1 to 2 starts per pitcher we are going to abandon ship? That we think baseball is golf and your own performance is entirely up to you and not affected by opposing forces?

      They could literally be in first place this day next week. And what would that mean? First place in April? Who cares?

  20. We got nothing to worry about, the Hampster is next out the gate. We can bring him back on 3 days rest and pad a couple more wins.
    Alls good in Jaysville.

  21. Can Stoeten out-Wilner Wilner?

    Stay tuned, kids. Gonna be a long season.

  22. No worries… got our stopper goin’ tomorrow.
    Can anyone imagine what it would be like if they had caved and let Romero “work through his problems” with the big club right out of the gate?

    • “Stopper” . LOL!. I think that was one of my favourite expressions about Shaun Marcum of 2010.

      I remember when AA trade Bulldog Marcum for some “tattooed punk” named Brett Lawrie.

      Marcum did have a knack of stopping losing streaks. Is he still hurt?

  23. Tried looking for some LAA blogs to see if their fans were reacting the way some Jays fans are. Didn’t find much but the bloggers don’t seem to be nearly as likely to have a shit hemorrhage as some folks following the Jays.

  24. Yes don’t worry Jays are leading the way in runs allowed with 58. JPA continues to shine in catchers ERA….oh yes thats a stat no one believes in around here

    • Put JPA behind the SF Giants and he’ll have a pretty good catcher ERA I bet. Doesn’t mean he’s a good catcher but all the Yadier Molina’s in the world wouldn’t have made much difference pitching-wise so far this season.

  25. What about Mark Buerhle throwing a Moyer in his prime 82mph consistently on the sportsnet gun yesterday? Is this cause for concern? He was at 85-86 mph according to the sportsnet gun in his first start. I’m curious about that.

    • There is NO doubt that the Skydome radar gun was juiced on that first home stand. See Morrows 97-98 back to 94-95, same with Johnson. Sure some of that is weather but I’ve watching some of the Clevlanders and Masshole games and those starters are not hitting same velocities.

  26. Or, the Giants team ERA soars and they wind up out of the playoffs

  27. Is morosi always a dick?

    • Not sure so much about last year but he trolled hard on the Jay’s fans this winter. Too many of us gave him too many hits over the off season.

      I was one but there was an article sometime in December that he was spewing his Jays crap and haven’t been back since. I even left a comment calling him a Jay troll which was deleted fairly quick.

  28. I was at the game at Comerica this afternoon and Morosi must be going by pitch speeds reported on the scoreboard. I noticed only one pitch hitting 90 mph (that was JJ) the six plus innings I was there. I was wondering about that. I chalked it up to either the gun being off, the weather, the scoreboard guys fucking with people, all of the above.

  29. Who the fuck does this Morosi bitch write for anyhow?

    Fuckin arsehole Debbie Does Dallas Downer.

  30. People fail to realize what the 2012 Marlins and the 2013 Jays have in common… that being a bad manager. I honestly think AA should have gone with a better manager than Gibby. This team has the talent, not the leadership. This season ended the moment AA hired a manager that has never taken a team to the post-season.

  31. I was at the Johnson game on he weekend. He was throwing 93-94 all night and touxhed 95 a few times. Delivery was smooth with little effort. He’ll be fine.

    I mean, the guys pitched in Miami his whole career. How many games in his entire career has he even pitched in at temps like this? Less then 5?

    The average of 96 mph JJ is gone and never coming back. We all knew this. But you can still be a pretty devastating pitching averaging “only” 93-94.

    • I don’t think he’s pitched exclusively in Miami bud. NL East… Hmmm… NYM, PHI, WAS, all pretty fucking cold in April. I’m sure he’s pitched in the cold many more than five times.

      • Average April lows in all those cities are in the 40′s: the lowest being 44 for NY and Phl. Atlanta’s avg April low is 52 and Washington is 47. Yesterday in Detroit (as was stated) it was 1.4 C.

  32. Jays lose three straight series to open the season for the first time since 1978.

    It’s still a small sample size, but it’s looked pretty ugly so far.

  33. It’s been ugly, but it hasn’t even been two weeks of baseball with plenty ‘o time to turn shit around. This isn’t like college football and one or two losses on the record is likely to keep you out of the title game, baseball is a freakin marathon. Sometimes teams get off to a rough start, shit happens.

    • See the type of shit that lefties spout when they are separated from their pitbulls? I hang this slow start on the Ontario government, bunch of pinko sumbitches!!!

  34. Although this team might not look like a 100 win juggernaut I am not going to worry about our playoff hopes unless we are in a similar spot in the 5th or 6th time through the rotation.

  35. Twitter troll Jon Morosi is joining radio troll Bob McCown in studio for the roundtable on PTS tomorrow. Should be the trolliest, most unbearable 2 hours on the Fan 590 tomorrow.

    • McCown is fine, he isn’t a troll he is just smug.
      im just pissed at him because he kept asking all spring training “what happens if this team gets out of the gate slow”
      Have you got your answer yet McCown?

      • McCown’s an over-the-hill narcissist douche. If you had listenened to him as long as I did (before finally tuning out recently), you’d realize he’s starting to recycle his tall, stale tales as frequently as one Donald S. Cherry, another one who should have been put out to pasture long ago. His research consists of watching TV until he drifts off in the Lazy Boy, and he then shows up at the station about 3:55pm the next day to regurgitate what little he can remember in between long-winded soliloquies about; a) himself b) his contract negotiations c) his old farts network of 80′s contacts d) himself again.

        • I don’t have a problem with him.
          You don’t listen to him any more so what do you even care?

        • +590 to what Greg said. His act has gotten way too tired. I only listen to PTS when Brunt is involved, or if the guest and/or topic seems particularly interesting.

    • McCown’s fine, so long as Brunt is there. Brunt keeps him on track and keeps the show steady. But without Brunt you get Cox, and we all know what happens when Cox pops up anywhere.

  36. I saw Johnson pitch in his last home game of Spring Training. Anytime I looked at the radar reads for a fastball, they were mid 90′s. AND he pitched an excellent game that day.. That was like, two starts ago. Nothing to worry about here!

  37. Since he’s demonstrated a willingness to do the same, I’ll chalk Morosi’s tweets up to pure ignorance and irresponsibility, rather than a sly means of amassing pageviews. The Marlins comparisons are particularly egregious. I’m glad Stoeten didn’t waste his time debunking any of that nonsense.

  38. Red Sox lost again. Yeah!!!! Fuck you Farrell!

  39. Whatever happens, I’m ready for that dipshitty #lovethisteam to be retired.

  40. Mike Wilner latest post is good. He isn’t as pollyannish & dismissive of fans as one would expect.

    Why are fans bashing Pete Walker ? Gibby & the shift deserves urther analysis, but maybe that doesn’t work without Brett Lawrie roving around the field.

    Wilner assures us that we won’t go 54-108.

    • Good article from Wilner.

      Sidenote: Does anyone else find that *Share* thing that follows the scroll down the left side of the page that Sportsnet puts on all their articles unbelievably fucking irritating? Jesus. I like the content of that site but I avoid the shit out of it because that thing always reappearing. Just when you think you’ve lost it, it’s slides back down. What the hell are they thinking with that?

  41. We’re average FB speeds down for all pitchers today? Given the cold conditions you would have expected all pitcher velocities to be down.

    • Johnsons 90 on the gun was the fastest pitch bybeither team all day.

    • I wonder if cold/windy temps have an effect on the radar gun.
      Damp heavy air may weigh on the gun and reduce the speed measurements ..? I dunno .. Im just a dumb Jays fan from Taranna … I think the seasons a write-off. Sell the team off …

  42. Look on the bright side, Bonifacio didn’t commit one error today.

  43. Wasn’t Morosi the guy who got into a twitter argument with Parkes?

  44. John Troll Morosi

  45. Fuck the a’s are a scrappy bunch beating up on the angels again. How does that team score runs with that lineup? Yet, the jays cant do anything on offense with their lineup. Baseball is weird.

  46. Quite the brawl out in San Diego. Video here if you didn’t see it, with Vin Scully at the mic. “That’s fertilizer.”

    • Greinke out 4-6 weeks with a broken collarbone now. Apparently he and Quentin have had past beanball incidents, and thats why he charged him, cant imagine he was trying to drill him on a full count in a one run game.

    • “I realize the sample size is small. But…”

      That’s how you know a quality article is about to be delivered into your brain.

  47. Slow start due to

    1. Poor defence

    2. Combined with poor pitching

    3. Combined with decent pitching with no hitting

    4. Combined with decent hitting with no pitching

    I not worried yet, just the way the ball has rolled. Bonafacio can’t play at 2B, and JP can’t catch RA. Het Lawrie back fixes a lot of dee.

    Who woulda thought the man lobbying for a job would have the only dubbia so far?

  48. In other news, anyone else having trouble reaching this site on an iPad?

  49. Morosi must never have played any kind of organized sport when he was younger. When it’s cold, rainy, or both, your body is simply not going to perform anywhere close to 100%. It’s focused on keeping your core warm (you know, that whole natural survival instinct), and with that comes less blood flow (and therefore less oxygen) to your extremities. Expecting Johnson to reach back and pump 95 when his right arm is literally partially numb isn’t just dumb, it’s asinine. I’d say he knows better, but Morosi gonna Morosi.

    • Fister’s core was doing just fine, apparently.

      • It’s a lot easier to stay warm when you’re only on the mound for 3 minutes at a time because opposing hitters were literally swinging at everything you threw.

        Fister has also been playing in Detroit for 2 years after previously playing for Seattle. Johnson has spent his entire career in Miami. Slightly different familiarities with the climate.

      • Fister was fine because the Jays can’t hit yet. Not because he pitched godly.

  50. Excellent digging Stoets!
    “Fastball speed for an average major-league pitcher starts at its lowest point in early April, rises by about 1.0-1.5 mph to a peak in the month of July, and declines gradually thereafter.”
    I’m not surprised by Morosi, but I am a bit disappointed with KLaw.

    It also stands to reason that not all pitchers will have 1/ the same linear progression with all their pitches as all other pitchers, and 2/ the exact same game conditions as all other pitchers. (some will pitch in domes or in southern states, )

  51. Just saw the pitching matchups for the KC series. RA is up against Shields and Morrow is up against Santana.

    Nows a great time for 3 quality starts and let the offence warm up for Lawrie when he gets here!

    I say that the Jays will show the potential this weekend in prep for hitting full stride next week.

  52. While some of you are panicking about the first 9 games of the season, I’m doing what I’ve done in each of the past 15 seasons: wondering why my favorite baseball team ever, the 1998 Blue Jays, didn’t make the playoffs. Here was the lineup:
    RF – Shannon Stewart – 3.4 WAR
    LF – Shawn Green – 3.9 WAR
    1B – Carlos Delgado – 5.4 WAR
    DH – Jose Canseco – 1.4 WAR (46 HR though! Steroids never helped anyone do anything ever amirite?)
    3B – Tony Fernandez – 2.7 WAR
    CF – Jose Cruz Junior – 1.5 WAR (& wins most visible crucifix award)
    C – Darrin Fletcher – 0.9 WAR (.325 OBP Catcher though)
    2B – Craig Grebek – 1.0 WAR
    SS – Alex Gonzalez – 0.5 WAR (but actually 10 WAR for signing my hat)

    Okay, so the lineup was awesome, especially compared to the Red Sox lineup of Nomar Garakjdhga, Mo Vaughn and whichever players were left from the minors that Mo hadn’t already eaten.

    Roger Clemens was worth 8.1 Fucking WAR!
    Two other starters (Woody and Carp) worth over 2 WAR!
    Hentgen… okay Hentgen kindof sucked, but veteran leadership!
    Paul fucking Quantrill was worth 2.5 WAR – AS A RELIEVER!

    So ever since then, I compare every Jays team to that team before I get excited about them. If the 2008 team for example had played the 1998 version. Clemens would have struck out Vernon Wells six times and impaled Alex Rios with a broken bat. Halladay might have pitched seven, but Carlos Delgado would have (I don’t want to say raped…) massacred BJ Ryan’s 88 MPH excuse for a fastball. I decided not to get my hopes up too high for the 2008 squad and I was not disappointed when it fell into the shitabyss.

    BUT THIS TEAM! This team is fucking awesome. This team is so awesome they took out the fucking windows from the windows restaurant because they don’t need a place for Brian McNamee to jam needles into their buttocks to hit all the homeruns.

    So just remember: there will be ups, there will be downs, but this is the best fucking Blue Jays team you’ve ever seen unless you’re old enough to be outside the network TV prime demographic. So get your maple boners up, cover them in syrup and turn on the TV. Someday you’ll tell your grandkids that you watched this team shit the bed in April and panicked like a little girl. And that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day.

    • +1998. Awesome fucking post.

    • If a second wild card had existed in 1998 the Jays would have gotten that spot, and played the play-in game at Fenway. So the best Jays team of the last 20 years still would have needed a second wild card to make the playoffs. That pretty much sums up the past two decades.

      • I don’t know if the pitching rotation would have worked out, but could you imagine the Jays going into Fenway for the play-in game with back-to-back pitching Triple Crown (I know, arbitrary stat selection) winner Roger Clemens facing his old team. Would have been an awesome game…

        • Oh man that would have been fun. Another thing I just remembered, Canseco running the Jays out of the race all September trying to get himself a second 30-30 season. How the hell did he steal 29 that year?

    • And yes, I loved that 1998 team too. I idolized Clemens above every other character, I remember when they all dyed their hair blonde for team-building reasons (Clemens and Delgado looked stupidest), and then the end of season buzz because Mo Vaughn had made noise about signing with the Jays as a free agent (thank god that didn’t happen).

      Oh yeah, and I was at the Dome for the season finale when some skinny kid from the minor leagues, Roy Halla-something, threw 8.2 no hit innings in his second career start. Fuck you Bobby Higginson.

      • And of course we lost that game because the Blue Jays

        • No, Jays won 2-1. Higginson homered and then Doc got whoever was next to line out.

          Of course if Felipe Crespo hadn’t booted a routine ground ball in the 5th Higginson wouldn’t have even come to bat in the 9th and I would have seen Doc throw a perfect game in his second career start. So fuck you too Felipe Crespo. (I don’t hold grudges, I swear)

  53. If we were losing games in late innings I’d be more worried because thats a team weakness and would be hard to improve at this point.

    no one actually expects johnson,dickey, buerhle, and morrow to continue pitching like this do they? because thats the only reason to panic.

  54. No game this afternoon, what am i supposed to do at work all afternoon now?
    You mean i have to watch the game on my own time? Thats OK, I can have beer while watching the game now.
    Hopefully the hard stuff is not needed.

    • If there’s no afternoon game and while you’re waiting for a new post by Stoeten, instead of working,go to the archives of DJF and count how many times Stoeten says “fuck”.
      Check out how many times Parkes used to cock block Stoeten.
      It’s too bad the comments have been lost from the blogger days.

  55. 2012 Marlins were also 3-6. Then they won the next 4 games.

    Since we’re mirroring their season exactly, I can’t wait for the next 4 games!

  56. also the Giants lost the first 3 games last year. after 5 they were 1-4.

  57. This gif takes a second to Jose Reyes for best things of the Jays’ season so far.

  58. everything is going to be just fine

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