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Now a little something to kill time on a Thursday afternoon: it’s the DJF podcast!

And today we’ve got Chief– aka Darren Kritzer, aka @extrabasehit– filling in for the hopelessly disinterested Wally Pip, as we talk about what we’ve seen so far from the Jays, as their season of dreams has started with some mild disappointments.

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  1. I’m glad the game that was played today was an afternoon game. For if it were a night game, I’d still have to go home and watch it – and I don’t think I’d enjoy it very much.

  2. I’m not in “panic about the future” mode yet, but I sure as hell am in “feel shitty about the present” mode.
    Le Ugh!

    Hopefully KC and some warmer weather does good things.

  3. It’s probably true that when Lawrie comes back Casper Wells will be DFA’d once again. But should he be?

    Rajai Davis is faster obviously. But Wells has everything else going for him.

    He has a .189 career ISO playing his home games in pitchers parks (DET/SEA). He is a better defender in the OF by both UZR & DRS.

    Wells is also under team control for 4 years and would seemingly be a good platoon-mate for either Rasmus or Gose if needed down the road.

    • I was going to say the exact same thing.

      Not only can he play all outfield position capably (read: better than Rajai), he’s a better hitter and with Lawrie back there will already be a speedy pinch runner in Bonifacio on the bench.

      Plus, if we are considering Wells as a platoon option for Rasmus or Lind, he holds a better career wRC+ of 132 against lefties compared to Rajai’s 107. (Although Wells’ has a somewhat small sample of around 300 PAs versus lefties) The team control and age factors are also a plus.

  4. +1 for the title

  5. Jays fans really need to have perspective

  6. I must say that while I’m not flipping out, some of this is starting to sound slightly Wilneresque. Sure, it’s not catastrophic on an individual level yet, but I’d say the fact that every single rotational import has been shit-fucking awful to this point is at least cause for some worry.

    Also, not sure why this might be, but these podcasts like to freeze up on me whenever I play them straight from the blog. I can always refresh the page to fix the problem, but not sure if this is a browser issue or an issue others have as well?

    • No one’s saying there’s not cause for worry, though. It’s just that those worries are fairly overblown at this point. As mentioned on the podcast, none of these guys have been as bad as their lines look.

      Dickey and Johnson were okay in their 1st starts. Dickey blew up even worse that his 2nd start last season, then went on to win the fucking Cy Young. Not saying he’ll do it again this year, but we don’t need him to. And JJ was pitching in goddamn 3 degree weather today, I’m amazed he could even grip the damn ball.

      Oddly enough, I don’t think Buerhle has looked all that bad so far. He looked good yesterday, but wasn’t helped out by some deplorable infield defense, and Delbs walking in 3 of his runs.

      • Yeah, you can rationalize any one of them away. And I definitely think there will be a bounceback from two of the three, and hopefully all three. It’s just that when all three are on the potential downslope of their careers, and all three get destroyed early, it’s a stark reminder why setting your entire season on the shoulders of veteran pitchers can be risky.

        The optimist in me thinks that this team is a couple games away from a run to a few games above .500 and staying there consistently for the rest of the season. It’s just that the pessimist in me sees chinks in the armour.

      • I am. There is literally zero cause for worry.

    • +1.

      Any one game can be explained away, but the starting pitching & defense have been pretty bad so far this year.

      If we assume it takes 90 wins to get to the playoffs, Jays have to win 87 of next 53 or 56.8%.

      At the start of the season it was 55.5%.

      Luckily no one is running away with the division.

      looking forward to Happ on Friday.

      Lawrie had a good day in Dunedin today, so that’s a bright spot.

      • They can all be explained away completely. It’s baseball. There is literally zero cause for worry.

        Stop using the +1 without thinking.

    • There is literally zero cause for worry.

  7. dougiejays – I played it right from the blog and had no freezing issues.

    Now regards to the Jays. Today was another funny game to watch. I’ve loved the Jays forever and can say I’m a bit more into it now seeing the team we have in front of us. This is the first time in a while I’ve yelled and sworn at my tv when Rivera waved Cabrera around third to have him thrown out at the plate. JJ getting lit up – couldn’t care less. Weather was crap, a lot of the batters hadn’t faced him that often or ever and I like to give that advantage to batter over pitcher in most situations. I’m guessing he’ll bounce back as will the rest of the rotation. Its just unsatisfying so far that no one has had a solid start yet that we brought in during the offseason. But that play at the plate changed the whole game. I know they were down 6-1, but they had momentum on their side and … they were down 6-1 yesterday and seemed to come back and do ok. Frustrating stuff, but I blame the coach on that one, not the player.

    However, its fine to say that the Jays struggled because of the conditions, but the Tigers played in the exact same conditions and destroyed everything the Jays put out there for most of the series. The offense over time will come around. I dislike that Bautista missed the whole Boston series. He was starting to get a flow at the plate.

    Final point I want to throw out there actually comes from live@thescore from a few days ago. I’m not in panic mode at all as it is a very long season, but I believe since the Jays last won the World Series, 80 teams have started 2-5 and out of them, 8 have made the playoffs – stat via Todd Maclin. I know that is an unusual stat to throw out there, but thats only 10%. It helps going forward that an extra team qualifies each year for the WC, but I really hope the Jays can pull this together soon so I don’t have to watch games with disappointment anymore.

    Make fun of all the fans you want for panicing this early in the season, but I think most fans would just rather be cheering with happiness our tv screens instead of dying a bit inside during each Jays broadcast, so frustration should be allowed to come out.

    • The problem with that stat is that it includes a whole bunch of shit teams who have no chance of making the playoffs anyway, whether they start 2-5 or 7-0. The Red Sox started 2-10(!) in 2011, then missed the playoffs by a single game despite going 7-20 in September.

      It’s an ugly-looking stat that gets bandwagoners riled up, but doesn’t mean much in the big picture.

      • So, are you saying that it is a long season and, as such, a team like Atlanta isn’t on pace to win 144 games and that Toronto and the Angels just might win more than 54 and 40 games respectively?

      • Also, when you consider that only 27% of teams make the playoffs each year, and how completely arbitrary the 2-5 is, that 10% doesn’t actually look too bad.

    • If you want to look at the standings in April (!), take heart in the fact that the Jays are 3 games below .500 and 2.5 games back.

  8. How have the Jays not taken advantage of their newly acquired ace by scheduling a dickey giveaway day yet? I can’t think of a better way to keep warm come September when the Dome is still open and there is a chill in the air.

  9. Regarding Zaun’s comments on PTS a couple of nights ago: I’ll give you that he was sticking his foot in his mouth regarding making Lind an everyday player to “see what he could do.” However, I think you may have taken him a bit out of context with regard to Lawrie. Brunt asked, and I’m paraphrazing, whether Zaun thought Lawrie would provide a spark with his energy once he got back. That’s when Zaun made the 4 red bulls comment. I believe he did mention that he thought Lawrie was extremely talented…I just don’t think he was putting much stock into his “energy.”

    I’d go back and listen to make absolutely sure, but I don’t want to subject myself to listening that inane dribble a second time.

  10. 20 points for the Simpsons reference.

  11. The jays have two 2-game losing streaks this year. They’ll string a few wins together and then maybe people can catch get a grip

  12. Great poscast guys. Thanks for the sanity break. Dont always agree with you guys but today couldn’t find a thing to disagree with.

  13. I think Bonifacio’s problem is that he’s “too good”. Every team has a utility guy and they are usually loved by fans (especially in Toronto) as character players that work really hard. But since he has a bit more talent, he gets these larger expectations put on him, even though his role is the same as those “character guys”.

  14. The Jays are killing us? :o

    Now they HAVE to win!11!!!1!!!

  15. Anyone else having issues connecting via, instead of blog link?

  16. We were all told about the Jays ceiling before the season. No one talked about the low end of what we might see, or even given realistic predictions for what could/would happen in the early season. All the fans got were predictions of division titles. I lay the blame for the “panic” of the fans squarely at the feet of the media.

    I’m not in panic mode yet, because I believed in the core of this team before the trades. I appreciated AA going all in with his middle of the lineup sluggers on reasonable contracts. Will that be my undoing? Bautista is coming off an injury. Encarnacion does not really have a long track record of success. Too early to tell for sure. They are the most important players on the Blue Jays and no one is talking about them. That is the scary part for me.

  17. They need to fire the GM as it is his fault for saying he is all in and that this team is going to try and make the playoffs. They need to fire Gibbons because the team is not playing with any intensity. they need to fire the pitching coach because he is teaching all the starters to throw the baseball slower like he did in his career. They need to cut Dickey, Johnson, Buerle, E5, and Bautista because they make too much money and that is obviously the reason they aren’t trying. Call up Gose, Sanchez, Stroman and Ricky Romareo to save the day!
    Oh sorry just had a leaf fan flashback there. Carry on panicing all you bandwagon baseball fans (leaf fans) I will just sit back and wait for the talent to start taking over. Its a long season folks.
    Oh but dont let Boneface play 2nd anymore that really is painful to watch and tell Rasmus to get rid of those sideburns.

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