It’s cold in Detroit, and rainy and shitty out, but nobody wants a September make-up game, so here we go again. The Jays and Tigers are set to take the field on schedule (as of a half hour before first pitch), with Josh Johnson taking on Doug Fister in a battle of pitchers with names to make 15-year-olds squeal with laughter.

Grow up, 15-year-olds!

The Jays season is, of course, saved following yesterday’s come-from-behind win. And I say that, of course, totally sarcastically, because you’d have to be a fucking idiot to think that the season hung in the balance on April 10th.

Fingers crossed that the rain holds off! Unless, y’know, the Jays get themselves into an early hole… again.


Shi Davidi tweets that, as of 12:45, it was “1.6 C and miserable,” but that the game is going ahead as planned.

Mark DeRosa is in at third, and Maicer Izturis slides over to second base in place of an awful-looking Emilio Bonifacio. John Gibbons, according to a Davidi tweet, says that it was probably a good idea to give him a break.

John Lott tweets that there’s no Adam Lind in the lineup against the right-handed Fister because he wanted to have Bautista DH to protect his ankle. It doesn’t hurt, Gibbons adds, that Rajai Davis is 11-for-26 in his career against Fister, compared to Lind’s 1-for-10. Hey! Microsplits! Ugh.

Barry Davis tweeted last night that Sergio Santos is fine and was available to pitch last night, but was held out as a precaution due to some soreness in his triceps, which he also experienced back in the spring. He’s available to pitch today, though Darren Oliver is not, as he won’t go on back-to-back days, and also took that liner off his throwing elbow yesterday (though he stayed in the game).

NSFW language, but I’d be remiss if it didn’t: It’s So Cold In the D.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
RF Rajai Davis (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Mark DeRosa (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)

Josh Johnson RHP

Detroit Tigers

CF Austin Jackson (R)
RF Torii Hunter (R)
3B Miguel Cabrera (R)
1B Prince Fielder (L)
DH Victor Martinez (R)
LF Andy Dirks (L)
SS Jhonny Peralta (R)
C Alex Avila (L)
2B Omar Infante (R)

Doug Fister RHP

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  1. What the fuck are they doing sending a runner on a short hit into LF down 5RUNS? For christs sake fucking get it together! That is brutal.


  3. Yeaaaaaa……The Jays are just not meant to win this game. ..just one of those days

  4. Buck and Pat love to spin the bad jays into the good opposition

  5. Rally Killers suck my balls

  6. Whatever naysayers! We’ve got Edgar Gonzales on the hill, this will all be fine

  7. Toronto Astros…

  8. Lol that was some bad pitching, hopefully he’ll turn it around next game.

    For everyone saying let’s start a rebuild how about you have some fucking patience and wait until at least halkfway through May when these guys have made 5+ starts. It’s true that they’ve looked very shaky at times (johnson and buerhle in particular), but dickey, johsnon and morrow all pitched quality starts their first time around (not to mention how well happ pitched, he went 5.1 innings) so if that’s “awful” pitching then I can’t wait for something even closely resembling mediocre

  9. Rain dance time

  10. Lawrie 2-2 2 doubles in spring today, HellllooOOOOOoo

  11. fuck off all fairweather fans

  12. based on my expert analysis of this extremely large sample size so far this season, the rotation should be:


  13. Praise AA and his heads-up waiver claims. If we didn’t have this Gonzalez guy our bullpen pitchers’ arms would have fallen off by May.

  14. I don’t care we win or lose today. But someone in our rotation has to step it up and give this team 7 innings. you’re not gonna win any game if they continue to pitch like this.

    • how about 6, even that would be nice, thats been twice in 9 games now that we hit just 6

      come on boys, i know theres a lot left but your letting your BP teammates down, step it up.

  15. Could this be the oft talked about, never before seen, “3 up 3 down”?

  16. This team has way too much talent to be playing so badly.

    The coaching staff is a joke.

  17. It’s actually pretty shitty weather here too, So i’m making some chicken tortilla soup.

    Lots of leftovers if ya wanna stop by

  18. JJ was only throwing max 90 mph today. Not good control either. could be the cold affected him?

  19. 5 hits! yolo

  20. Here is the deal as i see it. Stoeten, Wilner et al, telling peopel that 1 game in April isnt a big deal and slow starts are very often overcome….valid points.
    If the Jays were losing these games by a run, or they played good but ran into a hot team or pitcher, then it might be different.
    I dont think people are so wound up about the Jays record as they are about not having seen the talent on display. Thinking these new guys have been hyped up, perhaps they are not as good as everyone thought, or perhaps something is wrong with some of the guys.
    I can understand the worry. Not from a win/lose, standings viewpoint but from a are these guys as good as we thought because we havnt seen it yet viewpoint.
    Reassurance is needed.

  21. I am ROFLING at “Mister Fister”


  22. again, single, no steal, then single and score, lets go

  23. Is this the HR that I hear so many things about?

  24. Its the curse of Windows restaurant…..

  25. Derosa RBI coming up??!

  26. If the low pitch count keeps up, Fister’s going deep in this one.

  27. At least DeRosa is playing so we’ll have ample hustle and/or heart

  28. Dear Sportsnet,
    please stop using that stupid behind the plate tv angle, you can’t see shit.

  29. What’s the deal with calling a game and it counting? 5 innings? 4.5 if the home team is ahead?

  30. We suck at 1pm start times…..

  31. where can i get a Edgar Gonzalez jersey?

  32. This is awful.

  33. Walks are the DEVIL!

  34. Remember how Villanueva left because he wanted to be a starter instead of a reliever? Wonder if he would’ve stayed had we said we’d need him to come in for 3-4 innings ever other game?

  35. WALKS! I HATE THEM! just throw a strike and hope for the best when you are down by 5 anyways

  36. I kinda miss Villanueva

  37. Yesterday we were down by 5 and then the Tigers left the bases loaded. then we got ‘em. who knows, maybe it happens again.

  38. I hope all of our starters watch that tape on how not to COMPLETELY SHIT THE BED at the first sign of adversity.

  39. I love Jose Reyes almost as much as I hate our starting pitchers

  40. reyes REYES!

  41. Sorry I’m late
    Is the sky falling yet?

  42. why isn’t he stealing on this fister

  43. A selection of tweets I’ve seen this afternoon, for your amusement:

    “Looks like Ron Wilson is now coaching the Blue Jays”

    “Maybe the Blue Jays should start with the bullpen”

    “@BlueJays Release Josh Johnson”

    “Call up Romero”

    In conclusion, my head hurts.

    • @jcrasnick R.A. Dickey’s 8.44 ERA doesn’t look so hot until you compare it to Mark Buehrle’s 10.24 or Josh Johnson’s 11.05

  44. Anyone else really annoying with Buck and Pat, I don’t know why but i have to turn my sounds off

    • After being deprived of Buck + Tabby for a couple of days I convinced myself I was missing them. That feeling went away quickly when I turned on the game today.

    • Agreed, Buck and Tabby are the worst in MLB…

      I watch on mlb.tv and always listen to opposition feed

  45. Wonder if Fister has a sister…

  46. Its nice to see all the Detroit fans enjoying the early April baseball experience in a “real” baseball stadium. Just think about the joy of a game in Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Minnie,New York, Cleveland, Phillie, ,Baltimore, Pittsburgh, or Kansas City with rain/snow. It really gets the fans out to share the experience.

    • Went to the Tigers game on Sunday against the Yankees. It was cooooooooold and windy up there in the stands.

  47. man, fister is really giving it to us today

  48. These Metric commercials are sorta like what happened in A Clockwerk Orange

    • Listening to Metric makes my ears feel like the hobo that Alex and the drougies beat with sticks…

  49. This year’s hitting in a nutshell: Jose with a single, Melkman with a single and then 7 strike outs.

  50. He had him 0-2 and walked him, classic April Jay

  51. wtf both players could have gotten that ball!

  52. Quincy Acy at #Raptors practice: “People might question my height, but you can’t touch my heart. Never” More with Acy later at Raptors.com.

  53. Haha that was the unluckiest thing that has happened so far this season

  54. I think it’s fair to say that today is not yesterday.

  55. Once again….. fuck this!

  56. Note to self: Always keep your grass nice and trimmed.

  57. The sky isn’t falling, but it is covered in shit.

  58. its ok everyone super stud happ is going the distance tomorrow in the 1-0 shutout loss lol

    shades of Docs starts in that thought.

    • Happ is our best pitcher right now… Imagine if romero was in that spot right now. Yikes.

      • happ is out best pitcher….thoughts……he didn’t even go 6, we are sad,

        we need a nice 3-4 game win run here soon for the sake of us fans.

  59. Mercy! Mercy! If they bunt it I hope a brawl starts because it is unethical!

  60. people that have tigers in their fantasy leagues love the jays this week,

  61. Rogers is so shit…Esmil that is

    • and Rogers, making me pay hundreds of dollars for “gigabytes” that cost them pennies if anything

      • Not to mention I was in the “Rogers Centre” last weekend on a Rogers wireless connection and could only get “E” connection, not 3G. Maybe just my iPhone that is on the fritz, but signal is usually fine.

      • True enough…cost me $20 more per month to go from 1 gig to 3 gigs on my data plan.

  62. Least he didnt beat out another infield single. So there’s that.

  63. ” It doesn’t hurt, Gibbons adds, that Rajai Davis is 11-for-26 in his career against Fister, compared to Lind’s 1-for-10. Hey! Microsplits! Ugh.”

    What does that mean exactly? 26 at bats against the same pitcher makes for a fair sample size IMO. If he was 0 for 26 he would surely have some issue seeing the ball from that pitcher, no?

    • Rajai’s batting average against Fister is 11/26 = .423
      n = 26

      The standard error is = [(.423*(1-.423))/26]^0.5 = 0.0969.

      We can be 95% confident that Rajai’s true batting average against Fister is between .233 and .613.

  64. Better pick things up in KC! Or the incredible shrinking home attendance machine will start early.

    Seriously, what is going on? Is it the curse of lofty expectations?

    Regardless, thank goodnes for Gibby v Farrell in this situation.

  65. Alright JP, lets get this rally started.

  66. 1 degree is basically freezing. Here we have fricken snow. My hat is tipped to Detroit’s pitching, but don’t get too bent out of shape about our pitching.

    • I don’t think it is Detroit’s pitching as much as it is our hitting, as the past 8 games can show you no matter the pitcher, we won’t hit

  67. Ok, is it now safe to say that this experiment has failed? Or to those who refuse to call a spade a spade do I have to wait another 2 weeks #Getontheraftordrown

    • What experiment? Its a baseball team

      • This whole AA debacle that has been shoved down our throats as somehow good for the organization. Get a bunch of guys who I’ve never seen or aren’t any good through trades or the draft, then trade for a bunch of overpriced players who can’t come close to cutting it or are past their prime. Josh Johnson- just a giant turd who had one good year until batters adjusted to him and can’t stay healthy
        Dickey-Some 42 yr old that throws 70mph in the NL, ya great investment there
        Beuhrle- Some 38 yr old that throws 88mph and can’t pitch at all anymore.

        Hiring some former coach who was working in Pyongyang because nobody else would touch him. Hmmm, what could have gone wrong?

    • your banned from liking the jays now

      we suck right now, but 9 games doesn’t mean we failed in the offseason. if in july we are 10 games under 500, then maybe, but not now, not like this.

    • wow…just wow.

  68. We are actually making Fister look really good, I bet the headlines will read “Fister pitches gem against jays”

  69. This is the worst game I’ve ever watched on the Globe and Mail’s “gamelog” (the only thing not blocked at work. http://stats.sports.theglobeandmail.com/merge/tsnform.aspx?c=globeandmail&page=mlb/scores/live/log.aspx?GAMEID=38121

  70. how about a meaningless colby HR right now…..

  71. Today in Colby Quotes:

    “Beatin’ a dead horse don’t make it taste better.”

    “Ma, muh cuzin is bout as sexy as socks on a billy goat.”

  72. Why is Reyes out? cutting our loses?

  73. The way the starting pitching has gone so far the Jays might as well have kept Ricky in the rotation

  74. I guess people forget that the tigers are a really good team

  75. Time to think ahead to KC. Can we win a couple there or is it too early in the season to let the rest of the league know how good we are??

    • thats right, we are like a pool shark, just waiting for everyone to think we are an easy win, and then crush them with our awesomeness…..i can sleep well now.

  76. Our 3 pitchers have thrown 132 pitches so far in 5+ innings.

  77. Muthafucking walks. Fuck. Its 10-1. Throw underhand, they’ll hit some catchable fly balls.

  78. Groundouts no longer exist against the jays, they have been replaced with infield singles

  79. I’m glad I forgot to DVR this disaster…..

  80. But seriously why is Reyes out? Is he injured or does Gibby just want to rest him since we lost by 15

  81. fielder and peralta with infield singles this series?

    Poor pitchers.

  82. Wow, I’m glad I checked in here instead of twitter. #Theskyisfallingontwitter

  83. It was nice knowing you, AA.

    You won’t be back next season.

  84. double play rally killer not by our bat, yesssssss
    ok, lets get 15 guys to the plate this inning

  85. DeRosa!

  86. “It doesn’t hurt, Gibbons adds, that Rajai Davis is 11-for-26 in his career against Fister, compared to Lind’s 1-for-10. Hey! Microsplits! Ugh.”

    I think you can just as easily assume that Gibby didn’t look solely at the numbers. It could also be that Davis sees pitches well against The Fister, among other things.

  87. Two innings left of death by ass fisting

  88. being outscored 34-57 so far isn’t that bad guys……

  89. too bad we only scored 1 off our 7 singles and they scored 10 off their 13 (2 of which were extra basers)

  90. Blue Jays single-handedly pushing Tigers team batting average into the .400 range.

  91. 0-2 again, and its a single, not an out…..why the hell does that keep happening, how are other teams getting better at bats down 0-2 then on 3-0 vs us, i dont understand it.

  92. Just fuck off. A little. Fuck off a tiny bit. Fuck off enough so I can breathe again. Fister. Fuck.

  93. The fist is growing. It’s now Andre the Giant’s hand

  94. What’s fister’s enterance song? Stinkfist by Tool?

  95. Lind liked getting fisted.

  96. I can’t believe we let Fister pitch a complete game lol

  97. Sure would be nice if we could have Starting Pitchers that can eat 6 or more innings. Blah… I have a hard time imagining a worse start to the season. It’s gotta turn around soon right?

    • Has to. I think most people, myself included, jumped the gun a bit to start the season and again after yesterdays win, seemed like a turning point. Everyone wins 1/3 of their games, everyone loses a 1/3, its the other 1/3 that make the difference.

    • Even if Dickey, Morrow, Buerhle and Johnson ALL have bad years, they aren’t going to have 10+ ERAs.

      So, even if it’s a bad year, it’s going to get a lot better than this shit.

  98. I think the Leafs are going to the playoffs.

  99. KC just swept the Twins in a 3 game series. The Jays better get their shit together if they hope to win some games

    • Wasn’t Kansas like 0-16 to start off last year? I keep needing to remind myself that other teams have had worse starts…

    • Scratch that — I checked: 6-16.

      Still pretty bad. Hopefully we don’t get anywhere near there.

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