Breaking: Jose Reyes


Oh fucking holy fucking shit. An ugly scene at Kaufmann Stadium tonight, as Jose Reyes, after cashing a pair of runs to put the Jays up 8-4, took off for second, slid in safe, and in the process had his back foot bend in a way that feet and ankles aren’t supposed to bend.

He immediately writhed in pain on the ground, and continued doing so for several minutes, as the cart came out to take him off the field. He was unable to get up or put weight on it– not even close. It looked very painful, and– I hate to say it, don’t want to play doctor, and obviously hope for the best– like the kind of thing that had the potential to be catastrophic.

Obviously we don’t know anything at this point, but it looked bad enough that right now I’m kinda at the point of hoping that it’s a simple break and not torn ligaments, an Achilles, or whatever else could go wrong down there. I’m in no place to judge, obviously, but that’s genuinely how bad I thought it looked as someone who just watched it all go down on live TV. We await word and will bring it to you as soon as it breaks.

Here’s an angle from the moment of the injury that doesn’t quite convey the gravity of the situation:


It goes without saying that this would be a blow.

And if you really want it, there’s a GIF– including tears– via Paul Sporer.


Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

What a shitty, sad, deflating moment. Let’s hope it’s not as bad as it looks.


The Blue Jays’ official twitter feed wakes from it’s slumber to tell us it’s a sprain and that an MRI is forthcoming. Come on ligaments and everything else, be OK!

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    • are you serious?
      Fuck this adversity. this is where the season turns around. jays out of their slump, starting rotation starts being what was expected and the jays plug along until the all star break when they get reyes back and then start pulling away.

  1. sure it sucks that Reyes is probably out a couple of months. But lets not give up on the season we still got our power bats in the lineup and Lawrie should be back next weekend. The pitchers will get their shit together and turn it around. The Jays should beable to stay in contention till Reyes gets back and then this team goes on a run. As for the short term get ready for Izturis and Boni up the middle for a while.

    • Can’t believe people are throwing in the towel at this point. As awesome as Reyes is, this team is stacked and have performed to a tiny fraction of their potential so far. We scored eight runs today despite our 3/4 guys going 0-for-8 for five strikeouts, imagine when they start heating up. And we’ve somehow clawed out 4 wins despite giving up about 10 runs a game, and are still only 1.5 games back.

  2. ESPN reports that Anthopolous says Reyes is out 1-3 months.

    • He said he is getting an MRI and no one knows its possible hes out 1 month, or it could be 3 months, aka hes on the DL and out at least a month

  3. That’s it for the year. No real point in bothering to come back or watch any games. I don’t know why i always get my hopes up every year…it’s just not worth it! I’m out! I won’t be back!

  4. Totally fucking sucks, especially because he was fucking awesome to start the season. However, they are good enough to win without Reyes. I’m honestly more concerned about the piss poor pitching I’ve seen so far.

  5. AA has been active with waivers so far this year. I think our shortstop might come from outside the organization. I do not think the season is over but this really does suck

    • They should be able to find a good glove can’t hit guy who they could bat 9th: someone like Johnny Mac or Brendan Ryan. Could have Melky or Bono hit leadoff. It won’t be the same; but good teams have to survive bad injuries. It sucks; but it should not be a season killer.

  6. This is where AA trades Romero for Tulowitzki. Poetic justice!

    • Notice how that went. Let’s get the Gino and Ginas going. EE bobblehead day, Burlington

      Seems that some of the suburban whyte Kyles and Kaitlins don’t want to be called guineas. Paddy wagons on Richmond nonetheless.

      Guinea trash is miles better than suburban white trash.

  7. I’d love it if AA were able to dredge someone with a little talent but the reality is it will probably be a kid internally or some bacon strip from Houstons underwear like Ronny Cedeno or Yuniesky Bethancourt.


    I hope Reyes sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber while being fed an IV bag of Deer antlers and cod liver oil.

  8. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck .

  9. What a strange night in sports. Kobe bryant and jose reyes, two great players in their respective sports suffer potentially serious knee injuries. Unlike basketball however, one player cannot make or break a team. Losing reyes sucks and will hurt the team in the long term if it is as bad as it looked. However, I think they still should have enough talent to keep afloat and be in the picture if reyes rejoins later in the season. My preference would be to put lawrie at leadoff and hope he learns to take a walk. They need speed at that spot and boni cant really hit that well. So lawrie is default option #1. My only concern is the bottom of the lineup but what the fuck are you gonna do?

    Anyways, on a side note I usually love grange and his articles but what the fuck is this shit?

    And people wonder why fans panic so much when they are reading shit like this. I mean cmon the tone of the article is basically the sky is falling and the jays are fucked this year. Grange, wrong sport dude, this isnt basketball. Nothing against hoops ( i love it also) but you know what I mean.

  10. Any rec level b ball player knows what an ankle sprain is, a really bad one hurts like all hell. I’ve torn 2 ACLs and that hurts worse.

    But looking at the pain Reyes was in, you can tell it’s something even more painful. A grown man doesn’t react like that to torn ligaments, that kind of pain subsides when you got your weight off it. Even a torn acl feels ok when you’re lying on the ground.

    I hope I’m wrong but I think he’s looking at opening day 2014.

  11. Shitty. Welp, here’s Lind’s chance to take over the clubhouse lead for stolen bases.

  12. As a doctor….watching this injury, I fear he could be out for a looonnnnggg time. The problem with this injury is that it’s so unpredictable. In a rapid healer I think 4-6 weeks is insanely fast. However, 10-12 weeks is probably more the norm, and it could take up to 6 months to heal. That’s a really bad way of spraining your ankle (eversion mechanism).



    They can’t tuck in their shirts if they wanted to.


    • sandra rinomato

      Sleazy Italian or just a condo cunt? Whatever happened to that bald fuck “brad, the condo king”

      Real estate in Toronto is bugfuck insane

  15. Some more things to consider about the events of tonight:

    -Anyone else notice how Bautista was favoring his wrist after swings and misses in his last two at bats? Not good.

    -lost in the mess that was tonight’s major injury was the horrid decision, AGAIN, by Rivera to send Lind home, only to be thrown out by ten feet.

  16. After the shock of this subsides, take a moment to remember that this is a team with some depth, assets and payroll to make a move if necessary, and an athletic/versatile roster that could slap together a solution in the short to medium term.

    Also, follow this twitter account…..

    In my opinion, she is the best in the bushiness as far as filtering out the noise when it comes to injuries.

  17. So I know some people have been throwing McCoy’s name around, but I think the obvious replacement for Reyes at SS is Maicer Izturis. Have Bonifacio play full time 2B, and DeRosa can cover for Lawrie at 3B till he gets back.

    Not our original plan, obviously, but it’ll have to do.

  18. I’m sure the tears were frustration and fear and the knowing that your are done for a while.

    I have never taken a liking to a Jays player so quickly in my life, which makes it extra hard as a fan.

    Time for the rest to step up.

  19. Positive spin is that the Jays actually gain focus from this event and start to pull it alll together. That’s just how baseball works sometimes.

    • I like how positive you are but that’s really reaching for positivity.

  20. AA needs to talk Ryan Theriot into coming to Toronto. Can’t see any better options then that. Could be a tough task though

  21. half joking half serious go to the pirates and trade for Johnny Mc. He will give you strong d for a 38 year old and he was traded for ptbnl

    • Downside, Johnny Mac couldn’t hit the ocean if he were standing waist deep in it.

      • he is a better defender and hitter than Mccoy that people always want to see brought up and plays much better defense.

  22. I want my mommy :(

    Hope its not too bad. If the pitching comes together, we might not miss him that much, it may cost us a couple games, but we have to think this talant loaded roster can over come.

  23. Oddly, the SS position may not be as dire as catching. JPA now ranks 25th (an improvement over last year) in catcher’s era at 5.03. He is tied for second in most stolen bases allowed with 8, and leads in passed balls with 3. These stats can be difficult to achieve when you consider the poor guy is trying his best, but I know – small sample size. I’ll continue to watch though

    • The injury to Reyes looks very bad. If we assume that he isn’t back till July or August, will AA make a trade for a SS or have Goins or Izturis move to SS?

      In retrospect we traded Hecheverria & Escobar to get Reyes, now Reyes is out. Horrible timing.

      What scares me after last night, in addition to the loss of Reyes was that it took Happ 40 piches to get out of the first inning,

      This seems to be happening every game, that the pitchers need 20 plus pitches to finish an inning

  24. I wrote a Haiku about this. That’s how fucking bummed I am.

    A. Fucking. Haiku.

  25. The BRING BACK JOHNNY MAC campaign officially begins now.

  26. I’d rather have Kawasaki than Johnny Mac. They’re both decent defensively, they both can’t hit, but Kawasaki can dance.

  27. In the recap on the Jays’ website, Gibbons recounts how Reyes heard a pop. That has to be a torn tendon, right? I don’t think Reyes comes back at all this year, so it’s time to start thinking about other options.

    What about trading Aaron Sanchez to the Rangers for Jurickson Profar? Helps both teams… the Jays get a replacement for Reyes, and the Rangers unclog their logjam in the middle infield. With Bautista, Buerhle, Johnson, Dickey, Encarnacion… the Jays are not a young team. It’s win now mode, so I think they have to consider dealing Sanchez (and possibly another piece) and if they can get a young guy back like Profar, they need to pull the trigger.

    • who knows. my ankle pops when I get off the couch.

    • Why the hell would the Rangers do this? You never trade a prospect SS for a pitcher, especially when their guy is in AAA and ours is in A+. Not gonna happen.

      I hope Reyes plays again one day with the speed he used to have, but it sure ain’t gonna be in 2013.

      Remember when we hear the injury announcement: multiply the time AA says he’ll be out by about 4.

      He says 1 month=August
      2 months=done for the year
      3+ months=career ender.

      That’s just how Jays management roll, it’s always much worse than they say.

    • It’s a dreamy thought, but right now I’d assume the Rangers plan is to have Profar end up at second and move Kinsler, maybe to first. The only way the Rangers trade Profar is for immediate game-changing help, and by immediate game-changing help I mean Giancarlo Stanton.

  28. So….do we call this Black Friday?

  29. well i just woke up. i guess the jays know the extent of things by now. wonder when they will say.
    all twitter accounts are still sleeping.

  30. I wrote a song about the game last night. It’s called The Wreck of The Edmond Fitts Blue Jays. It doesn’t end well but we get to go in a museum!

  31. As shitty as this is, let us all be thankful that his leg didn’t blow up like Kevin Ware’s. Then we would have something to be truly worried about.

  32. Lawrie can do it for a couple months. Only solution I see that doesn’t materially impact the offense.

    Bautista 3B, Lawrie SS, Izturis 2B, Boni LF, Cabrera RF.

  33. They’ll be fine. It sucks, but they’ll be fine.

  34. thanks for mocking the baseball gods Stoeten!!

  35. Ken ken said that at worst reyes will be back by the asg. He might be talking out of his ass though and I have no idea how he would know this. Reyes will have another mri next week when the swelling goes down to determine the extent of the injury. Also jays are adding the japanese dude from aaa who cant hit.

  36. Hopefully he’s not out long. I can’t stand the thought of both Boner Face and Iztutis in the lineup together.

    I assume when Lawrie is back it will be:

    Lawrie 3B
    Boner Face SS
    Izturis 2B
    Bautista RF

    and until then:

    DeRosa 3B
    Boner Face SS
    Izturis 2B
    Bautista RF

    unless they really want Rajai Davis leading off games. *shudders*

  37. In English: Jose Reyes has a grade 2 sprain in his ankle, the recovery time is 2 months.

    No idea whether this guy is a credible source.

  38. If he’s going to be out 50 games anyway they should just slather his ankle in Melky Cream.

  39. Why didn’t he just slide in head first?


    Remember, however long the Jays say Reyes will be out – double it (maybe even triple it).

  40. He gone…

  41. I’d love to see Ryan Goins get a shot. Might as well see what he can do, even if it was for 3-5 games while AA finds a more established stopgap. Goins is already on the 40 man anyway.

  42. Lawrie looks like he might’ve been recalled

  43. Why don’t the Jays just trade for Russell Martin?

    I don’t see a problem here.

  44. Whats the word?

  45. You know what? While this is terrible, it’s good to remember that the lineup will now be something like Cabrera-Lawrie-Bautista-Encarnacion.

    That can still win a lot of ball games.

  46. So who bats leadoff now? Bonerface??

  47. I know that this does suck, but its not like its the end of the world., this is still a deep team. This team needs a second baseman. So pick one up and play him at short for a month or two.

  48. I’m still 100% certain that we are going to hear about a trade within the next day or two and we will receive a veteran Shortstop. AA knows that this is the season that we are going for the title

  49. So……. Sanchez, Osuna, Gose, McCoy and Colby (with the jays picking up the salary) for Jmac and McCutchen.

    3 higher quality prospects (2 being starting arms, and one a middle of the diamond position player), along with decent short term replacements to fill out the 25 man for Pirates.

    Why would the Pirates do this? They have a chance to be ok this year, while the Reds and Cardinal’s are awesome. McCutchen is amazing, but he is alone on an island. Oh yeah, they can save $$$ too!

    Why would the Jays do this? They’ve come this far, all in baby! They have 2 to 4 years to develop more prospects while the mlb club is doing its thing.

    Problem solved……right?

    • just. so. stupid. but your’re grieving so i guess that’s ok.

    • If you’re going to make an outlandish trade proposal at least make it believable and put Adam Lind in there.

    • I’m just trying to figure out why the Jays would do this. Cutch is obviously a great player, but is it really that much of an upgrade worth emptying what’s left of the farm for? If you’re going to make a trade, upgrade 2B. It’s the most glaring hole, and it’s really not toooooo bad currently (except Boner Face’s defense in the early going).

      They have 2 to 4 years to develop more prospects while the mlb club is doing its thing.

      Or the Jays can let them develop, push the vets out of the way, and stay young-ish while potentially saving money to put in places of dire need.

      • If anything, I would wonder why the Pirates would do this. McCutchen is just entering his peak years now, and has a very friendly contract. He is arguably a top 5 mlb position player, with a solid track record and is well on the right side of 30.

        As far as the Jays are concerned, Cutch is a short to medium term replacement at the top of the order, in the longer run, he is the 3 hitter, that I believe, that would extend the line up in a way that would allow Reyes more opportunities to take a bag (because why would you run when Bautista is batting, or when Melky is batting left-handed with the firstbasman hold Reyes on and there being a bigger hole for Melky to get a hit), and put Bautista in a position to hit with more men on base, or in scoring position, or lead off an inning with a walk if he was batting fourth.

        As for the prospects, I suppose it comes down to your philosophy on it, “giving up the future”, or assets that take time to develop ad that are no sure thing. Considering the current investments the Jays have with the 25 man roster, not supplementing it with the right talent would risk wasting/diminishing that significant investment. AA has said that an over pay on a player to put the team over the top is worth it. I’m on the side of thinking them as lotto tickets, but that’s my opinion.

        As for 2nd base, even the best teams have a hole here and there, at least Bonifacio has some tools to come up big now and then, assuming the defence is acceptable.

        • p.s. There is still Hutch and Drabek down the road if the Jays need to swap a few somewhat decent prospect type assets, At least they will be MLB ready by years end.

          • Yeah, I dunno why the Pirates would do this either. Doesn’t make sense for either team.

            • This is why….

              The Jays could get great use out of McCutchen, and the Pirates could cash in on him.

              The details of the deal obviously can be shuffled higher or lower, I’m not pretending to be a prospect evaluator.

              The internal question for the Jays is “Do we cash in the rest of our chips and overpay for the guy that puts our bats over the top (for years to come at a decent contract)?” They did it on the pitching end for RAD, now is it time to do it for the bats?

              The internal question for the Pirates is “It isn’t our time yet, do we trade our best player if we can get a really good haul?”

              I know this is pie in the sky on the heels of a potentially devastating injury morally for the fan base, but this makes sense to me.

              Either way, thanks for hearing it out.

    • And Pittsburgh all of the sudden wants to trade McCutchen because….?

      • Never said they did. I would just offer the sweetest deal I could and see if they would think about it.

        Plus the rational I mentioned above…..

        “Why would the Pirates do this? They have a chance to be ok this year, while the Reds and Cardinal’s are awesome. McCutchen is amazing, but he is alone on an island. Oh yeah, they can save $$$ too!”

        Remember, everyone is for sale, even you!

        • Any deal that starts with “Let’s get John McDonald” and ends with “trade Osuna and Sanchez” isn’t very well thought out.

  50. Tyler pastornicky?

  51. Please get me out of Pittsburgh. I’m available. Really. I’ll come there and play 1 to 3 months. Hell, I’ll even clean toilets in the clubhouse. Just get me the hell out of Pittsburgh.

  52. So let’s say it’s 3 months- AA’s initial report.
    That puts us at Mid-July- the All-Star break.
    Not too bad actually. Ease him back in for August and what will hopefully be a decent stretch drive.
    It obviously sucks that it was Reyes, but hopefully the team sees what they’re gonna miss and rallies around this guy.
    I don’t follow twitter, but on Instagram, Reyes posted a pic around midnight last night of him staring up to the sky, and talking positively and thanking fans for their best wishes. This guy just reeks positivity and confidence and I hope that rubs off on everyone else.

  53. call up gose and play him at ss..makes more sense than some of the other suggestions ive heard thus far on DJF

  54. Look at the bright side – he’ll be fine by the time we need him in the playoffs!

  55. I just noticed that about 4 hours ago Rosenthal tweeted that the Jays will recall Kawasaki. Nothing else has been said about that move, so take it with a grain of salt I guess. The waiting game continues…

    Ah the waiting game sucks, let’s play hungry hungry hippos.

    • Maybe Kawasaki and Lawrie are both headed to Kansas City with Kawasaki being purchased if Lawrie doesn’t make it to the stadium in time for the game tonight?

      I find it hard to believe that they’d have Lawrie rehab in the majors, but what do I know.

  56. It won’t be easy (or possible) to replace Reyes’ production, but Kawasaki can light up a stadium with his goofiness. The fan base (especially myself) needs some positivity right now.

    Lets try to make lemonade here.

  57. How come no mention of Zawadski and/or Negrych? (Zawadski currently on the 7 day DL but back soon?)

    • I checked Negrych’s numbers last night. Granted it’s only 24 AB’s, but he hit pretty well in ST too. BA .667 and OPS 1.7 (approx) The guy’s an above avg 2B, so I’d put him there and let Boni and Izzie trade off at SS.

  58. This John McDonald thing though…I love him as much as the next Jays fan, he’s a great guy, he’d probably be an adequate enough replacement. But this complete obsession over him is getting out of control. I know it’s mostly from the irrational side of the fan base, but my god, we’re not talking about Honus Wagner coming back from the dead here.

    • Umm, fans are trying to come up with trade possibilities. There isn’t an “obsession” to bring back JMAC. It’s mentioned as a possibility because he is 38 & not playing very much for the Pirates right now.

      I suspect Reyes will be out for a few months if not more. JMAC is probably still better defensively than Kawasaki. JMAC’s bat is still bad if not worse than when hhe was with the Jays.

      The loss of Reyes is a big blow to this team.

      On another note Yunel Escobar looks pretty bad this year. Farrell repeating his “honorr” to be back with the red sox.

      • McDonald for cash sounds good. It’s not like they’re going to trade anything of value for him though.

  59. A lot of doctors in this thread. Speculate all you want but don’t try to pretend you know the severity of an injury by how much the player grimaced or by a second hand account of how it may have sounded on the field.

  60. Let me start off and say I’m not doctor. But I have torn ligaments in my foot before. I tore the anterior talofibular ligaments in my foot and those never completely healed for me. I did it playing baseball and my foot bent in a similar way that Reyes’ did.
    I was off crutches in 6 weeks and back to playing baseball in 8 weeks. However, it did take a while to get used to using it.
    I am confident that Reyes can come back in under 3 months and contribute. I just wanted to share this to all the negative Nancy’s who think the season is over and Reyes is done.

    • Only your injury does not seem to reflect what happened to Jose. The anterior talo fibular ligament is injured during inversion stress. Jose sufferred an eversion injury, this would not injury the lateral ligaments, but instead the medial ligaments.

      There are many of us who have torn our ATAF’s and dont even know it

  61. I honestly believe that Bonifacio should be given the job not only at SS but as leadoff hitter. His stick is starting to come around and his speed is obvious. Izturis would inherit 2B with DaRosa manning 3B until Lawrie comes back. With EE and Bautista eventually going to heat up this line up is still stellar. I still feel good about this team but I have to admit seeing Reyes writhing in pain last night was beyond sad. A day later I can still see opportunity but damn is his bat, enthusiasm and skill set going to be missed. Hoping for the best when his diagnosis is officially released.

    • I agree vs right handed pitchers.

      vs left handed pitchers, Boni’s right handed swing is long and loopy .

    • Does it not worry you that his OBP is fucking .250? is that what you want for a lead-off hitter? The dude hasn’t taken a walk all season. Brett Lawrie or Melky makes way more sense.

      • It’s only been 10 games!

        His OBP the last 3 years: .330, .360, .320

        Not amazing. But maybe OK until Reyes gets back.

  62. Tonight would be a nice game to start seeing ‘Good Dickey’.

  63. this whole bluejays contender thing was always too good to be true. back to liiiife back to reality.

  64. Is Laurie back today?

    • Shi Davidi said Lawrie could be back Monday against the white sox.

      • he’s not even playing in Dunedin today . . . probably a set back, it’s the Jays after all!

      • where? I’m pretty sure you’re making this up . . . everything I’ve heard is 2 weeks or so, and that’s before his setback (or whatever) made him miss today’s game in Florida.

        • It’s on Mike Wilner & Shi davidi’s twitter feeds. They both expect him back for the white sox series.

  65. Looks like it’s official: Kawasaki up, Reyes to the 15 day DL.

  66. Looks like Sunday’s 60 Minutes has the Dickey piece.

  67. Now that Kawasaki’s officially up, let’s move on to worrying about why Lawrie isn’t playing his rehab game in Dunedin as scheduled.

  68. shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Bautista starting at 3B today as per Brendan Kennedy. Bonifacio in RF (!??). Kawasaki starting at SS.

  70. If you haven’t seen this man dance:

  71. Sacrifices to the baseball gods need to be made

  72. Stotsy please ignore: ahem…perhaps the most prolific disaster of a catcher, in the history of the game is none other than our own JPA. Consider that in just the past year and a bit he has been able to amass one one the highest Catcher ERA’s of the modern era. Add to this a litany of injured pitchers, Hutchison, Drebek, Morrow (last year) add to that RR has completly forgotten how to throw, premier pitchers Buhrle, Johnson and Dickey are seeing there ERA’s climb to heigts never before seen. JPA has consistently been the leader in passed balls, and his positioning behind the plate is comparable to that of a Mexican jumping bean. JPA is now off to a horrid start in term of throwing out runners and leads the entire majors with 8 thefts. Dickey dosn’t see value in him, and Morrow is not far behind with the same opinion. One wonders what the rest of the staff thinks.

    • How is it JPA’s fault that RR has “forgotten how to throw”? That doesn’t make any sense!

      • Catching is like no other position, you are a pitchers close colleague, coach, psychiatrist, and it is your job to get the best performance you can out of your battery mate. When the hell has JPA done this? BJ Pitchers don’t say: JPA thinks right along side me, he called a great game. Instead we see Dickey turn his glance away, or Morrow having his “personal” catcher. How is it JPA’s fault you ask…maybe, just maybe, if we had Molina (St. Louis) the outcome would be different. Anyway look for more of the same to come.

  73. Hope the post above about Bautista to 3b is accurate. All hands on deck… Melky to RF, Rajai to LF until Lawrie & Izturus return. And we shouldn’t rush Lawrie back in a panic.

  74. Why is it takimg so fuking long to find out what is going on with Reyes? Shit the game tonite is in less than 2 hours and nobody sayin nothin. Makes me uneasy

    • Start letting the merlot breathe, fukstik.

      (Take a few deep, relaxing breaths yourself while you’re at it.)

  75. AA said the “estimate” is 3 months. Yet, they never released the results of the MRI. As far as im concerned, the estimate is as good as lawrie being ready for opening day. He could be out more than that and I would bet on that with this team. However, wilner tweeted that reyes said he will try to be back sooner. Lets hope.

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