Someone in the comments the other day literally tried to counter my attempt at calming the lunatic masses with something along the lines of, “But what if this continues and they’re 6-21!” Like… for real.

That person probably would have bought a whole lot of what Jon Trolololosi was selling this afternoon, when the Prime Time Sports roundtable he was taking part in finally got around to the Jays’ uninspiring start to the season. Stephen Brunt, seemingly acting– if not literally, at least figuratively– as chief liaison for DJF, held him essentially in check, while  managing to bring up– to Morosi’s apparent delight– the reaction to his Trolololosi-ing on social media.

And Morosi used the word “nails” at one point.

Something’s fishy!

But enough about me. Actual baseball! Winnable baseball, even!


Brendan Kennedy tweets that Maicer Izturis is out of this one after fouling a ball off his foot yesterday.

And… uh… do we really need Scuttlebutt on Fridays? I’m thinking not.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
3B Mark DeRosa (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)

J.A. Happ LHP

Kansas City Royals

LF Alex Gordon (R)
SS Alcides Escobar (R)
DH Billy Butler (R)
C Salvador Perez (R)
3B Mike Moustakas (L)
RF Jeff Francoeur (R)
CF Lorenzo Cain (R)
1B Miguel Tejada (R)
2B Elliot Johnson (R)

Luis Mendoza RHP

Comments (492)

  1. lol wtf was baltimore doing? terrible! thats like jays running

  2. Good eye, there, Kittenz.

  3. making mendoza look like an all-star. work the fucking count a little more, holy shit

    • Ill gladly let them keep mendoza in there all night

      the royals bullpen is probably their biggest strength

      the jays have hit some hard hit balls off of him and have score 5 runs through 5 2/3

  4. You, DeRosa, do something amazing.

  5. wow. Just saw Derosa try to inside out an inside pitch during a hit and run. Textbook.

  6. we need a new third base coach

  7. man the 3rd base coach needs to fired 2 straight games of bad calls

  8. UNCLE MARK!!!

    How the fuck can Lind even pretend he’s safe there though

  9. bad send, jeez.

  10. I was wondering why he was turning 3rd

  11. Way to run the bases, there, Kittenz.

  12. Just a fucking horrific call. What the fuck was that, Luis Rivera.

  13. Has Rivera ever coached 3B?

  14. 2 straight games I knew they were out when they turned 3rd

  15. Luis Rivera needs a refresher on the players’ 90 ft splits.

  16. open your fucking eyes rivera

  17. Fuck that fuckin call. Fuck.

  18. Lind….that was epic


  20. Random observation:

    The Royals middle infielders are Johnson (2B)/Escobar (SS)…mirroring the current Rays tandem which is the same pairing the Jays deployed last season.

  21. The dropoff from Butterfield to Rivera seems like its staggering both offensively and defensively.

  22. bases loaded, 1 out. oops, now we won’t score at all

  23. That was not Lind’s fault, hes doing as he is told

  24. Wishing Colby’s walk had a little more meaning to it right now. Could be sitting with bases loaded with another potential in the parker from Boneyfaceeeo

  25. yay bonus run

  26. Boners all around

  27. Reyes turn for his first of the night

  28. I love boni he should be our dh

  29. Damn it, this could have been a beast of an inning.

  30. Buck is really stressing the BONEY FASSIO


  32. C’mon Reyes. Let’s do this.

  33. keep it going, bail out the 3rd base coach


  35. More of that ‘porous offence’ I guess.

  36. Holy shit never get into JA Happ’s van

  37. Reeeeeyeeeessss!!! – Man, nice to see an inning like this.

  38. lol wtf was reyes doing slide normy


  40. Oh jesus

  41. o fuck


  43. OK….now this feels like a loss…..

  44. emotionally fragile

  45. fuck everything

  46. reyes is dead. broken out 12-16 weeks

  47. Fuck my ass with this shit. Fuck.

  48. Jesus God no.


  50. I’ll settle for a bad sprain at this point…but shit this doesnt look good

  51. If he just slid :(

  52. welp, gl next year

  53. WTF happened. No Teevee here. Esplain.

  54. Fuck they’re bringing out the bloody cart.

  55. A CART?!?!?!? A CART?!?!?! RIP Blue Jays

  56. That’s 6 weeks……
    Where is Doctor Bell?

  57. So long Jose… it was fun while it lasted.

  58. just judging by the writhing in pain, its looking like broke

  59. Oh shit…Mike McCoy starting shortstop is a scary sound

  60. I’m debating killing myself

  61. 6 weeks is looking optimistic at this point.

  62. Out til at least the break

  63. RIP 2013.

  64. So a broken ankle would be how long?

  65. Just slide or run in standing up ugh.

  66. He is in tears so this is career ending

  67. I look like Ranier Wolfcastle as McBain right about now.

  68. Nice knowin ya Reyes!! See you in July sometime…

    This sucks….off to such a good to sip 4 beers before the end of the first innning. Jays put up an insane amount of runs and then……………………

  69. Dude, he’s fucking crying. That shit is broken.

  70. Welp, par for the course. What’s another year of waiting for a contender?

  71. Well that’s it for the year. See you in 2014.

  72. that replay is FUCKIN FUGLY

  73. deer-antler spray by the pallet please

  74. God damn shit fucking fuck.

  75. I’d be shocked if there was no break.

  76. I hate being a Blue Jays fan. Why does this always happen to us? I suppose this is why we haven’t made the playoffs since 1993. Now there’s no point in all this money we spent.

    Fucking fucking fuck. Jesus christ I hate this team.

    Can’t wait to see how Stoeten tries to spin this as not a big deal. Fuck it all.

    • It’s been great having you as a Jays fan. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • of course its a big fuckin deal but what the hell can you do about it and dont bring up Reyes being an injury prone player becuase this is some freak ass shit

    • Baseball is fucking frustrating. In hockey, if you put together a great roster, 95% of the time, it will perform. Attrition in baseball performance from year to year in addition to injuries, is just so high.

    • Just don’t…or leave…

  77. This makes me sad…

  78. we don’t have another infielder

  79. Well Stoeten, apparently your apology to the baseball gods was found to be insincere. WHy?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh god why?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. wow, is there going to be a lineup at all the bridges in the city tonight?
    deep breaths people.

  81. Absolutely deflating.

    I quietly worried while watching him steal and slide into bags this year.

  82. It’s jsut a sprain. He’l be back before Lawrie

  83. I have found Reyes to be a bit dramatic so hopefully this isn’t as bad as it looks.

  84. Sanchez for Escobar….either of them in AL anyone??

    Fuck OFF buck….nobody needs an xray for that shit…..not even JesusChristo and ITSALLOVER.

  85. Actually, better a break than a tendom/ligament tear.

    Praying for the lo vista.

    Dude was tearing. See the boys from the other team gather, Reyes is a well respected and liked.

  86. Stephen Drew sliding into home.
    He’s out for this season.

  87. i think it’s broken. 1. he was crying, 2. did you see the look on gibby’s face? 3. he gave the tumbs up

  88. i think it’s broken. 1. he was crying, 2. did you see the look on gibby’s face? 3. he gave the thumbs up

  89. What’s killing me is that he had that bag easily stolen. So easily that he was watching the play at the plate too long, and when he turned to look back at the bag, he was already there… thus the late, disastrous slide.

  90. And here come the errors…

  91. we’re cursed :(


  93. Get on the bus Mike Mccoy… we needja

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