Jose Reyes

Remember Photoshop Friday? Me either! But apparently it was a thing I was doing about a month ago that I’ve grown slightly too busy (read: lazy) to continue with for the moment. But it was half decent idea, and some nifty Photoshops came of it– check the previous posts– if I do say so myself.

But easily the best thing to come out of it, by far, was this reader-submitted piece of CanCon awesome. Bravo, Will Klassen. Bra-fucking-vo.

Have a crack at one yourself and send it my way, if you like. But as you can see above, I’m setting the bar for reader-created ones pretty high here. This is some serious shit.

Follow Will, though he doesn’t tweet much, at @wm_klassen, and relive eight years ago [note: holy fuck!] with a Death From Above 1979 clip below the jump. And for those who don’t get the album reference, it’s to this.

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  1. This is outstanding. Really.

    I love you.

  2. this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

  3. That is amazing. I need a shirt of that!

  4. yes.

  5. Is there more to it then Bautista and Reyes with elephant noses? Am I missing something?

    • Death from Above 1979 Album Cover

      Album – You’re a woman, I’m a machine.

      Fuckin great album, and last I heard they were “working” on new stuff but that was a while back and haven’t heard anything since.

      • @Sam

        Thanks for the reference.

        Deep Purple In Rock hasn’t come off of my turntable in 4 years… : )

        • Hey – someone whip up an In Rock photoshop – that’d be killer…great record too

        • ahhhh nice subtle slip in there about the turntables to establish your hipster cred. None of that bullshit digital music for you!

          I bet you just spend HOURS perusing the vinyls of your local independent record store.

          • do you have a point here fella? something wrong with independent record stores? or someone’s free choice of music medium?

            grow up.

      • They broke up and then got back together and have new material that they tour with, nothing has happened since late last year though tour wise although they’re booked for wakestock this year. HOPEFULLY a new album comes out because the new tunes are fucking nails.

    • +1

      I guess you and I aren’t “down with it”, as the kids say.

    • Sorry guys. I added a link to the album cover being riffed on, and, of course, the song in the video above is from that record.

  6. Epic

  7. My head is splitting. I don’t see the relevance. Stick to ball.

    • Stick to not thinking I give a shit what you think.

      • Amen

      • Stoeten with the less than 2 minute response time to that comment… knew that was coming.

      • It makes a lot of people happy.
        Not my thing, I know I’m in the minority, but everybody goes gaga over them so keep them up.
        My ignorance of the symbolism shouldn’t deter from others joy.
        My loss, I guess.

      • You’ll never learn anything with that attitude, Stoeten

      • also clearly you do give a shit what your readers think, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading the comments and the blog wouldn’t have lasted this long

        • Did I say I don’t care what readers think? I said I don’t care what this particular pisspants insisting I stay in the one little box he’s comfortable with me in thinks. Big difference.

          • ….but he’s a reader, and clearly reads enough to bother commenting. Maybe you only care what people who agree with you think?

            • He told me how I should run the blog. I told him I don’t give a shit what he thinks. Where the fuck is the issue here?

          • I’ve been waiting to hear this Stoeten.
            You really DO care what I think.I knew it.
            And I care about you too.
            In a blogger/reader sort of way.
            Does this mean we get to hang together?
            Can I get an invite to Parkes’ Stag or Jack and Jill or whatever they do nowadays?
            We’re gonna have some fun.

            • You’re creepy, guy.

              Inside jokes and obscure references are pretty lame.

              The photoshopped cover is dumb, because the two references have nothing to do with each other. It’s just pointless in-group nostalgia. Sooooooooo random HAHAHAHA. Brainless teenager garbage.

              That death from above album is alright.

              The photoshop artistry is pretty impressive, too.

              • also, i saw the band in question at this really weird all ages show at a bar that usually functions as like a salsa dance place or something. The show was at like two in the afternoon and pretty much everybody else there was fifteen years old.

                The only served booze up on this little balcony deal (because floor was all ages) so I stood up there drinking my beer feeling weird and old and creepy as I watched teens writhe and smash each other.

                The band put on a really good show. They seemed about as weirded out as I was by the 230pm start, and made some comments toward that during the show.

                True story. Probably not a particularly good one.

                Moral: All ages shows are dumb.

      • Stoeten, why reply when you don’t care? I knew I could strike a nerve.

    • Listen to better music and you’ll understand.


  9. Will is a champ. And a diehard 500-level fan. Well done sir.

  10. One of my favourite albums. Brilliant!

  11. DJF Rocks!

  12. Holy crap.

  13. Thoughts on Griffins article today?
    He seems unimpressed.

  14. Can you print that on a shirt for me?

  15. Shirts please.

  16. Holy fuck awesome.

  17. when i don’t understand something, i usually try google before i reveal how out of touch/tasteless i am.

  18. Fucking awesome. Stoeten. Saw these guys way back when…Saskatoon..i think they opened for billy talent (terrible!) and Metric (meh) and they melted faces. They destroyed and embarrassed the headliner.

  19. To everyone asking for shirts you know you can get those printed for like 5 bucks, right?

  20. That is amazingly awesome.

  21. I think that my favourite DFA show of all time was December 30, 2004 at The Kathedral. They were monstrous. They played a set nearly two-hours in length to an absolutely packed house. One of my favourite shows ever, period.

    I love that band almost as much as I love the Jays.

  22. I’m a +1 on t-shirts…maybe this could be the first in a series of band shirt rifs. Stoeten gots to get paid so he can keep up his craft beer and flannel shirt addiction.

  23. The best.

  24. I’ve always thought the Miles Davis Kind of Blue album would be good for Rajai Davis. I think he’s a gospel guy but something about cool jazz says Rajai. But my photoshop skills are non-existent.

  25. Sadly, still don’t get it. So it’s a spoof of an album cover and the album was called “You’re a woman, I’m a machine”. How is that relevant to Jose Bautista and Jose Reyes or baseball?

    Jose Bautista has female tendencies? Jose Reyes is a cyborg?

    Wooooshh.. .over my head.

    • It’s not over your hhead, it’s just stupid. There is no relevance. somebody who likes the Jays and that album mashed the two together for no reason othere than that they could

  26. This one is great, Good work to whoever created it

  27. Count me in the “fucking awesome” category.

  28. Amazing.

    If I were skilled with the ways of Photoshop, or art i general, I am sure that there is a hugely distasteful picture that could be made involving Colby Rasmus and the Black Crowes “Amorica” cover.


    That’s the connection, all you who say there is no connection.

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