If there is any group of people with the potential to be more breathlessly life-and-death than the Jays and their fans with every R.A. Dickey pitch during Saturday’s start in Kansas City, it’s CBS executives, and the producers of 60 Minutes. That’s because the iconic newsmagazine was in Dunedin early this spring, following the Jays’ new ace around for a day or two, putting together a piece on Dickey and the physics– no, Grandma, not the preternatural unholiness– of his knuckleball that will finally fill the airtime between Metamucil and dick pill commercials this Sunday.

Another turd-in-a-bucket on Saturday and the exploration of Dickey and his incredible skill¬†miiiiiiight kinda fall flat, y’know? (He’ll be fine though, of course.)

CBS News lists the program as being set to air at 7 PM ET, but as they say in the TV business, check your local listings (which, for those of you youngsters out there, was a thing that they used in the wretched old days, before you could just stream whatever you want whenever you want).

I know, I know, we’re all probably just about Dickeyed out at this point, especially given his slow-ish start to the season, but 60 Minutes is kinda a big fucking deal, isn’t it?¬†Check out a preview after the jump…

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  1. 60 Minutes is awesome.
    It used to be that annoying break between the end of afternoon NFL games and Sunday Night Football. Now it reminds america the jays still exist and Lance Armstrong is a douche. Journalism!

  2. “If I throw a good knuckleball nobody, nobody, nobody’s hitting it” – R.A. Dickey

  3. Fuck, JP caught that one.

  4. Wow, pretty sure I’ve seen her on MADTV at some point… hilarious

  5. If you’d like a dose of rage to pass the time this afternoon, check out the facebook comments on the Blue Jays’ announcement. What a bunch of fucktards…


  6. some idiot said “Now the whole world will see what a nitt Witt he is”

    I don’t even need to comment

  7. Stoeten, any word as to the nature of the issues regarding your little corner of the interwebs and mobile? It seems to be either slow or unresponsive with Apple products these days, and Android OS-run devices.

  8. Honestly, I’m really happy for him, and I don’t doubt he’ll be great for us this year, but after that fucking embarrassment of a game against the Sox (and that’s really what it was, he was just grooving fastballs up the middle) I’d rather eat glass than watch the 60 minutes anchor gobble his balls for a segment. I’ll DVR it and watch after he throws his first one-hitter.

  9. Just a heads up, CBS is showing the Masters on Sunday. It’s scheduled to go till 7pm but don’t be surprised if it runs late. CH is also showing 60 Minutes, they may air it on time as they aren’t showing the Masters.

    • Frequently CHCH shows filler if CBS is running late then does the simulcast when 60 Minutes finally runs.

      The only real safe bet is the CBS western feed (if you get it) as that almost always starts on time at 10:00pm (Eastern.)

    • CH never shows it until CBS has it airing. If CBS is 20 minutes late, CH is 20 minutes late.

  10. Zaun goning to be on Tim & Sid in a few.
    …Shit’s about to get stupid.

  11. ‘goning’….ok. It already got stupid.

  12. I wonder if 60 Minutes is going to interview a knuckleball expert to get his opinion on how Dickey throws it.

    • What the fuck is a knuckleball expert? Like Dickey?

      • oakville believes in unicorns, Peter Pan and knuckleball experts.

        Do NOT burst his balloon.

        • I would laugh my ass off if they actually had a guy on there purporting to be a knuckleball expert.

        • +1. What do you mean Unicorns don’t exist?

          Looking forward to that segment with Leslie Stahl, .

          It’s probably the first time the Jays have been featured on 60 minutes.

  13. The knuckle ball is like a knucklehead, they dance around until they get slapped around.

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