Leading off, as always (or usual), it’s today’s edition of the Getting Blanked Podcast– which for the duration of the season will be coming at you daily! We’re not double posting this year, but I’ll be sure to include the link in the first Daily Duce or Game Threat that follows the post going up over at Getting Blanked. Otherwise, you can find the podcast at Getting Blanked on iTunes, get it via the RSS feed we have setup, or like Getting Blanked on Facebook in order to get each day’s podcast straight into your news feed (and while you’re at it, go ahead and like DJF on Facebook, too).

Rather than 10 Stray Thoughts On A Friday, Parkes checks in with a very special column: Ten Stray Things I Hate About This Column (On A Friday)– an epic takedown of Trolololosi’s brand new BE CONCERNED piece aimed at Jays fans on FoxSports.com.

Minor move today, as via an official release the Jays announced that Casper Wells is now on the 40-man, Edgar Gonzalez has cleared waivers and is on his way to Buffalo, Alex Burnett has been claimed by the Orioles, and all of these guys, apparently, exist.

Colby Cosh of Macleans looks at the ridiculousness in the media surrounding the supposedly high home run rate so far at Rogers Centre this season. “The phenomenon can be tenuously pegged to some hypothetical or downright imaginary changes in airflow and other conditions at Rogers,” he writes.

At gamereax, Chris Toman covers a lot of the same ground I covered yesterday regarding Josh Johnson, velocity, and the cold. No Trolololosi, though.

At North Of The Border, Gregor Chisholm transcribes the media scrum held by Alex Anthopoulos earlier in the week. Lots of good stuff in there!

John Lott looks at where Ricky Romero is at, and he also writes about about Brett Cecil, whose velocity appears to be back after his work this winter on the Delabar program.

At Bluebird Banter, jays182 previews tonight’s opposing starter, who faced the Jays twice last year, giving up nine and ten hits in a pair of Royals losses.

Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs wonders if Mark Buehrle is going to lose to a teammate… in the race to be crowned the Major League pitcher with the fastest pace. R.A. Dickey sure works quick, too.

No need to worry, guys, Bruce Arthur of the National Post says there’s no need to panic.

At Sportsnet, Michael Grange urges Jays fans to figure it the fuck out. Or… maybe not in those exact words.

The Ack, writing over at the Tao Of Stieb, says that patience is a virtue.

A couple of Jays-related tidbits in the latest Fantasy Mailbag at Baseball Prospectus.

The Blue Jay Hunter catches up with former beer man “Ice Cold” Wayne– the fan favourite who was unceremoniously fired in 2008, then got rather curiously quiet about the affair…

Dirk Hayhurst reflects, rather awesomely, on watching a woman getting shitfaced on Bud Light.

Looking for an outlet for your Jays-related writing? Please don’t ask me about it! But why not try Jays Journal, who posted this week that they are currently looking for writers.

Shout out to the readers who visited my friend Colin at his restaurant yesterday and asked him to change the channel to baseball. Did you try the just the tip carrot soup?

Speaking of Jays Journal, over there Charlie Caskey takes a look at the week that was in the club’s minor league system.

From Getting Blanked, it’s A.J. Burnett in his natural habitat!

Lastly, it’s the always-awesome Getting Blanked GIFs Of The Week– featuring an appearance from your new favourite and mine, Trolololosi!

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  1. Has Rob Ducey been invited for a live chat yet on DJFs?

    Perhaps make it fun and have him on a live feed sitting on his shitter while taking serious questions about the game.

  2. The more I see that Morosi article getting ripped apart, the happier I feel. How you resisted creating a new chapter to the Book Of Moron is beyond me.

  3. TSN just came out with their MLB Power rankings. The Jays went from #3 to #27.

    Hospitals have commented on a lot of sprained ankles in the Toronto area. Don’t know how they’re going to get back up on the bandwagon once things get turned around.

  4. Ice Cooooold Beer guy was the best.
    He should do private functions, I`d totally shell out to have that guy bartend a party.

    • Corporate bastards firing ice cold wayne.
      No way they fired him because he sold to a 23 year old without asking for ID.
      they fired him because they want a beer vendor that doesnt stand out. Rogers will provide the entertainment. You sell the beer.

    • I thought I saw Wayne at the home opener.. He was the best. There are some good beer guys at Rogers in section 118 .They are polite but don’t have wayne’s personality or booming voice

    • +1.

      He’s hilarious.

      He could be a cool DJ.

  5. I don’t get all the hate for JP Morosi’s article. Yes it is still very early in the season but I think we should be concerned about the starting pitching as it has been awful thus far and that was supposed to be a strong point.

    • I liked Parkes’s post. He pointed out that Morosi was complaining about the loss of Johnson’s velocity but apparently he threw faster than Fister.

  6. Morosi is on the round table. He and McCown were discussing his column, and all the trolly goodness…luckily Brunt was there and straightened both of them out.

  7. How bad is this BJ start to the season….best news so far is that Ricky look great. Great fucking news this! Just wait till JPA gets hold of him

  8. Hey boys, Trololosi is on Bob McClowns show right now.

  9. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Game Threat~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Toronto Blue Jays @ Kansas City Royals


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