Cleveland Indians v Toronto Blue Jays

The Blue Jays will try and make it two in a row against the Kansas City Royals a night after Jose Reyes suffered what we now know is a severe ankle sprain. GM Alex Anthopoulos addressed the media and revealed he expects the shortstop to miss three months. Ouch!

Stoeten covered more on the injury here.

Now for the game tonight. Taking the mound for the Jays tonight will be R.A. Dickey, who will try and rebound from a surprisingly rough start against the Boston Red Sox last Sunday. His counter part tonight will be James Shields, formerly of the Tampa Bay Rays of course. Shields has had success against the Jays, compiling more wins against Toronto than any team in the majors with 11.

With Reyes out, Bautista will be at third with the recently recalled Munenori Kawasaki will be at short tonight.


Mike Wilner talked with Reyes, who said doctors said he will be out three months maximum. He also tweets his opinion on fans asking for a reunion with John McDonald.

Brendan Kennedy tweets that AA considered calling up Ryan Goins or Mike McCoy, but went with Kawasaki. He also adds that John Gibbons feels Izturis is best suited at second base.

There was a lot of talk earlier of a tweet from the Dunedin Blue Jays about Brett Lawrie not playing tonight. Speculation led many to believe he may be on his way to Kansas City, but Scott MacArthur tweets the Jays are committed to the plan they have in place. Wilner adds he’s not playing tonight due to the bad weather that’s expected.

John Lott reminds us that Kawasaki couldn’t hit in Seattle, but he could dance.

TV: Sportsnet

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

RF Emilio Bonifacio (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
3B Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
C Henry Blanco (R)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

R.A. Dickey RHP

Kansas City Royals

LF Alex Gordon (L)
SS Alcides Escobar (R)
1B Billy Butler (R)
C Salvador Perez (R)
DH Lorenzo Cain (R)
3B Mike Moustakas (L)
RF Jeff Francoeur (R)
CF Jarrod Dyson (L)
2B Chris Getz (L)

James Shields RHP

Comments (345)

  1. We need to see Dickey get out of the first inning without throwing 30 pitches.

    I am hopeful he will do better with Blanco tonight than last sunday

    • We don’t need anything.

      • Preach. People need to get their heads out their respective asses

      • We would very much like it if Dickey could get through the first inning in under 20 pitches.

      • Why are you such a jerk? We are baseball fans, sorry we don’t get paid to do it, so apparently we care more than you do (or at least more than you do now, you seem like you used to be a fan at some point.)

        • Stoeten admitted in his most recent podcast that he has to push back against fans that get upset with the performance of the team.

          He lamented the fact that he can’t complain we do when the jays are playing poorly.

          • I still think is no excuse. This blog used to be fun because people (including Stoeten) said ridiculous stuff and people were allowed to fight etc. Now it’s become just like bluebirdbanter where people get banned for disagreeing or criticizing the manager. (except no banning, which I GREATLY appreciate!)

            It’s sports, you’re supposed to overreact because it doesn’t matter in the real world. Would I freak out as much about normal stuff like this? Of course not, then I would be crazy. Nonetheless, I love baseball and I love Jose Reyes and him being hurt for most of the year makes me irrationally angry, why can’t fans have that? Why do I always have to be told that my emotions are overblown?

            • Well the general media narrative is that it is fun to write stories about fans ( derived from the word fanatic) that overreactic to the game.

              If we were casual fans, we wouldn’t care what goes on with the team,.

              You can always find a stat that proves that teams come back after a 3-6 start. You can find a stat about a team overcoming a key injury.

              You can also find the opposite story about a team that was supposed to win on paper but lost. See 2011 Red Sox & 2012 Angels.

        • I suggest you listen to his most recent podcast. Even Zuber agreed with my qustions about what was going wrong with Dickey in his last start.

          Drew acknowledged that losses in April count. We could end up like the LAA Angels last year that started slowly but finished strong & won 89 games but missed the playoffs.

          The boys are very even keeled on their podcasts.

      • Stoeten.

        He threw 16 pitches in the 1st inning. that’s good.

        Do you want him throw 40 pitches in the first inning ? That’s assinine.

    • The ball either knuckles or it doesn’t you stunned cunt.

      Find that knuckleball expert yet?

  2. Leafs and Jays on at 7pm. The ice cold Canadian better be on tap tonight boys

    • Gawd, you dont actually drink MOLSON CANADIAN DO YOU?!??

    • Barf.. Canadian and the Leafs. Pure Canadian mediocrity.

      • LOL rethink your definition of the word mediocrity champ.
        Morgan, you more in to long island ice teas?

    • If I have red wine does that make me less of a man than you.

      • Alex may well think so.

        Alex would be wrong.
        See: fukstik–a man among men.

        • see: go fuck yourself

        • Yes spuds but tonight I’m into both my merlot and some French beer and I’ve been a little tardy checkin out the game and man when are we going to lay a beat down on someone?
          All these fukin bats and we don’t score much/
          The kid kawasaki has looked decent-I think the best they can hope for from him is good D for the pitchers ) so..equal with Reyes), good speed on the bases …so about 5/8 of Reyes and unfortunately no bat..about 1/8 of Reyes. Let’s hope he can fill for now.
          Foward SOviet! and Out here in the fields..

      • Frankie party on brother red wine or beer

  3. Its snowing so I am not going to the lcbo, fuck my life

  4. Jays win large tonight. Book it.

  5. As long as Kawasaki provides us with some funny GIFs, it’s all good.

  6. Where’s Davis?

  7. Saw Kawasaki several times with the Mariners. He’ll be decent defensively. He’s also a pretty good baserunner, with good speed like a lot of Japanese players have, but he won’t get on base very much.

  8. that jays line up card just doesn’t look as awesome as it did last night… hopefully the boys pull it together.

  9. I’m calling Reyes to back in time for his Figurine day- June 9th.

    • I hope you are right, but 3 months seems to be the minimum. Jays tend to underestimate their injuries. Lawrie Opening Da. Bautista D2D last year, etc…

  10. Oh my sweet fuck those Honda commercials are insufferable.

  11. Dickey’s going to fuck the Royals up tonight.

  12. That Blue Jays video game was right. Reyes was the first to go down.

  13. Reyes look sad

    • Guys a champ. Sitting with his mates, crutches and all. Fuck that’s beautiful.

      • I had a similar injury + was given some nice painkillers. For once in my life I was all smiles for days.

        • …still got any? Wanna party?

        • I’ll take any spares off your hands.

          Probably very useful for the Jays

          • I have chronic migraine + some related neurological issues, so I always have a full medicine cabinet. They be expensive though, so the Jays can supply their own – they’ve got the $$$.

            However, baseball is the best medicine! Winning baseball, that is…

  14. Bautista has struck out 5 of 6 straight times!

    But..if Dickey can pitch less than 20 pitches in the first we win!

  15. Bautista’s taking some fugly swings these last couple games.

  16. Are you allowed to exit the 1st inning throwing only 9 pitches?

  17. 4 pitches 1 out, lets do this!

  18. no matter where he is, boney is making bad D

  19. Bonifacio. Jeez.

  20. Lawrie at short, why is this stupid? Go!

  21. Wow. Boneface.


  22. I love how butler wasnt running at all

  23. Christ, at least he’s consistently bad.

  24. Good thing fat guys don’t like to run!

  25. 16 pitches! we will win!

  26. Well, survived the first inning.

  27. Bautista looked like a clown in RF in the all-star game last year with similar shadows/sunlight, didn’t he?

  28. I appreciate what Bonifacio can do, speed and such, but he’s an absolute butcher so far with the leather.

  29. yucky yucky offense

  30. Calling a shields perfect game now

  31. Lol I was just about to post how bad Dickey look then he makes Mustachikis look like a fucking tool. Knuckleballs are hilarious

  32. Dang dicks francour is the one you don’t want to hit

  33. Dickey better have some of the old form tonight. Jays offering little resistance to Shields in first two chances. Lordy.

  34. “ask the experts” means “stir up some idiocy from uncle Zaun”

  35. Holy shit Henry Blanco is a huge man!

  36. Dickey’s looking like what we expected him to look like here

  37. ps 1st base coach for KC:

    Rusty Kuntz – guess it’s that time of the month

  38. KC guys just named all the teams Blanco played for…swear they named like 42 teams

  39. WHAT are they thinking, no one likes that view!

  40. I’ll take that from Danny Trejo

  41. How much does Kawasaki weigh? He looks like he’s no more than 150 lbs

  42. Buck almost was wrong there.

  43. Kawasaki let’s the good times roll!

  44. Hope he as a ribby dance.

  45. Kawasaki with an RBI in his first Blue jay at bat. Just like everyone predicted

  46. Way to go lightweight Ichiro!

  47. So am I correct in thinking Kawasaki is the greatest player ever to play?

  48. I believe it was jesus who said : DICKEY THE BEST

  49. why are you walking billy butt again, unnecessary

  50. Kawasaki, if he hits a sac fly in every game i would keep him

  51. I like that. Keep that up.

  52. Cletus is Gold.

  53. Cletus god!

  54. CleGod

  55. I don’t normally go for the hillbilly type, but I’m digging so much on Colby lately.

  56. FLOW

  57. very late break on that fly ball by Cletus. he shouldn’t have had to work so hard to get it. pretty average play.

  58. and that’s how mediocre fielders look good

    • You’ve just established your bona fides, Yeah.

      • what is your case for Cletus being a good fielder? because it makes you feel good to say so? career -1.5 UZR/150. you can tell he gets late jumps on fly balls on a fairly regular basis if you watch closely.

        • We could politely agree to disagree if you hadn’t called him ‘mediocre.’

          • why do you think he is a good centre fielder…what is it about him? which average centre fielder do you think he is better than?

            • Please either hold fast on your opinion that he’s mediocre, or admit you over-reacted ‘for effect.’

              • I presented two arguments that he is a mediocre centre fielder. I bet if you looked up scouting reports they would say the same thing. You’ve presented absolutely no case for him being a good centre fielder. I absolutely do not admit I over-reacted for effect. I truly believe that, right now, he is a medicore centre-fielder both offensively and defensively. so, because you seem a bit slow tonight [maybe I'm too sober for DJF :) ], I ask for a third time…what is your case for Rasmus being a good centre fielder?

            • Or maybe it was just a ‘TV dive?’

  59. Looks like most of the fans who jumped off the bandwagon last night were run over and crushed in the process.

    Dickey looks great, Reyes will heal. Go Jays!

  60. Time for Bautista and Encarn to get a hit!

  61. Shields frustrates me.

  62. Quick pace.

  63. This game is hustling along @ a brisk pace. I might actually have to make some Saturday evening plans @ this rate.

  64. Dickey needs some quick innings almost at 80

  65. Too bad it’s the fifth and we have to pull Dickey…wait, what? Starters are allowed to pitch further into the game?

  66. Pitch 4: 65 MPH Eephus

    According to Game Day

  67. “He looks just like him”

  68. It’s going to be hard to put Reyes back in when he’s healthy.

  69. Like this Kawasaki.

  70. Buck and Tabler getting a kick out of how people from Japan look Japanese.

  71. Kawasaki is having the best ABs of anyone on the team. Thats not a good thing

  72. What the fuck was that?

  73. classic 2 strike bunt fail, actually that whole ab was a fail

  74. great confidence in Bonifacio’s hitting having him bunt with 2 strikes. wow. why is he even in the lineup if they feel that way about his hitting? for his spectacular D?

  75. I think bautista is 0-10 in his last 3

  76. I take that back

  77. Bautista!!!!! The man, the legend!

  78. loud clap

  79. Bautista. Yes.

  80. Edwin’s jumping at the ball a bit.

  81. Man stop walking billy butler, Its billy, butler.

    • You mean Billy Butler, the same Billy Butler who had the 15th best wOBA in all of baseball last year? He’s a pretty good hitter.

  82. Dickey heat!

  83. but how awesomely comfortable does blanco look catching dickey’s balls?

  84. DickeyTheBest

  85. It’s a tribute to Dickey’s sheer determination to get a W that this team is up 3-0 on 2 hits going into the 7th.

  86. Small comfort that Lind is hitting it on the screws.

  87. Microsoft commercials make very little sense

    • Is the Surface tablet good for anything other than (i) playing Angry Birds, and (ii) as an accessory with which one dances aggressively?

  88. Good job by Bautista.

    The ballboy who nearly collided with Rajai Davis last night is not in RF.

    He was featured on the Today Show NBC today.

    • haha why was he on the Today Show? I mean it was funny at the time but nothing game breaking, stuff like that happens once a week with grounders

      • They said that you aren’t supposed to catch a fly ball if you are a bat boy. he could have collided with davis.

  89. so awesome that we were able to get 3 runs off Shields. Awesome start for RA so far. First Jays SP to get into the 7th. Fuck everyone who doubted RA. :)

  90. Oh crap, oh crap im scared

  91. Quick hook?

  92. Quick hook?

  93. Not a fan of taking Dickey out here.

  94. was it me or did Dickey look pissed there?

  95. Not sure I woulda pulled him

  96. Why did Gibbons pull his Dickey?

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