Cleveland Indians v Toronto Blue Jays

The Blue Jays will try and make it two in a row against the Kansas City Royals a night after Jose Reyes suffered what we now know is a severe ankle sprain. GM Alex Anthopoulos addressed the media and revealed he expects the shortstop to miss three months. Ouch!

Stoeten covered more on the injury here.

Now for the game tonight. Taking the mound for the Jays tonight will be R.A. Dickey, who will try and rebound from a surprisingly rough start against the Boston Red Sox last Sunday. His counter part tonight will be James Shields, formerly of the Tampa Bay Rays of course. Shields has had success against the Jays, compiling more wins against Toronto than any team in the majors with 11.

With Reyes out, Bautista will be at third with the recently recalled Munenori Kawasaki will be at short tonight.


Mike Wilner talked with Reyes, who said doctors said he will be out three months maximum. He also tweets his opinion on fans asking for a reunion with John McDonald.

Brendan Kennedy tweets that AA considered calling up Ryan Goins or Mike McCoy, but went with Kawasaki. He also adds that John Gibbons feels Izturis is best suited at second base.

There was a lot of talk earlier of a tweet from the Dunedin Blue Jays about Brett Lawrie not playing tonight. Speculation led many to believe he may be on his way to Kansas City, but Scott MacArthur tweets the Jays are committed to the plan they have in place. Wilner adds he’s not playing tonight due to the bad weather that’s expected.

John Lott reminds us that Kawasaki couldn’t hit in Seattle, but he could dance.

TV: Sportsnet

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

RF Emilio Bonifacio (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
3B Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
C Henry Blanco (R)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

R.A. Dickey RHP

Kansas City Royals

LF Alex Gordon (L)
SS Alcides Escobar (R)
1B Billy Butler (R)
C Salvador Perez (R)
DH Lorenzo Cain (R)
3B Mike Moustakas (L)
RF Jeff Francoeur (R)
CF Jarrod Dyson (L)
2B Chris Getz (L)

James Shields RHP

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  1. gotta love Darren Oliver’s slllooooow jog to the mound

  2. I don’t like the fact that dickey was taken out but based on everything Gibby has done this year, I’m confident that he made the right move

  3. It’s one thing if there’s a lefty masher up in a 1-run game or something, but it’s Chris fucking Getz. Let the fucking Cy Young award winner pitch to a shitbag like Getz.

  4. Gibbons, you dolt.

  5. Remain calm.

  6. Well, regardless of what happens … REAL nice to see Dickey pitch like that tonight.

  7. C’mon boneface

  8. don’t think they should’ve taken out Dickey so fast. Our bullpen needs a break and RA was pitching great. I think he had a quick hook to ensure RA ended up with a great start to help give ppl confidence in our starters….?

    • …or y’know something that makes sense…like pitch count?

      • Dickey can pitch past 100 pitches. So Gibbons clearly did it for some ridiculously stupid reason. ‘Matchups’ or because he wanted to guarantee Dickey a good start on record or something.

      • 99 pitches? Pitch count doesn’t make sense either dipshit.

  9. I am scurrred

  10. I hate walks they are the devil

  11. Make a pitch.

  12. Get that filthy/nasty shit going Santos.

  13. Cecil is a stud now. Good for him, good for us.

  14. That was some nasty, truck stop stall, graffitti on the door, finger painting on the wall, grenade went off in a pot of chilli shit right there.

    • yeah, looks like a still silly move by Gibbons won’t really have disastrous consequences.

  15. thank god the royals cant hit.

  16. Got a bad feeling about this AB. Watch the first pitch, Cecil.

  17. woot, now Jannsen to close

  18. okay nevermind. Moos was owned.

  19. I fucking love it!

    • If I were a girl I’d flood the basement everytime Jannsen trotted to the mound up a few runs.

  20. Brett Cecil is one bad motherfucker. I really never thought I’d ever use those words to form a sentence.

  21. Cecil is looking good so far. I like it

  22. Janssen has the wrong jersey on!

  23. Janssen is wearing the wrong uniform?

  24. my money is on buck and tabby having a good laugh over the jannssen uniform fuck up… a good laugh indeed

  25. Tampa has faith in Shields but Gibs doesnt have faith in Dickey

  26. Shields pitched a nice game. Too bad the baseball gods owe us for last night.

  27. G’night Frenchy

  28. Aside from the back end/rotating 8th pitcher, I’m loving our bullpen.

  29. Could this be, the highly coveted winning streak I hear so many good things about?

  30. DJF fans standing

  31. Bullpen is beginning to jell.

  32. Drop the hammer on the corner. Game over.

  33. By dinner tomorrow the Jays will be at .500.

  34. would you guys shut the fuck up until the games over

  35. that was unlucky

  36. How in fuck did that get thru?

  37. Getting babiped.

  38. Dickey must be quietly seething right now.

  39. game over…

  40. Yes!

  41. okay

  42. My heart was pounding that whole inning

  43. thank fuck

  44. Bend, don’t break.


  45. Tell me I wasn’t the only guy who thought that Bonerface was gonna drop that somehow…..anyways the winning streak begins

  46. I can’t handle these nervous ninths.

  47. Ok Casey…I like his cool…. he knew he could do it and did!

  48. Holy fuck, would it kill Bonifacio to take a decent route to a ball. Almost shat my pants there.

  49. Jays win, Leafs kicking ass, is this sporting bliss in Toronto?

  50. Well that was a ride. That last play went like this: shit, another blooper! No, it’s hanging, an easy play! Fuck, BONER FACE! Hey he made a play! Good win.

  51. Pop the champagne.

  52. Well it was a bit nerwracking in the 9th , but Casey got the job done . He gave up 1 run.

    Good bullpen mgmt by Gibby? I think so, but i would have kept Dickey in a bit more.

    Who’s available tomorrow?

    Jays are now 5-6 on the season.

    Kawasaki looked pretty good tonight.

    Who’s Erin Hawksworth on Sportsnet? Where is Ivanka Osmak?

    leafs won as well.

  53. Winning a game on two (2) hits. Won’t see that too much.

  54. 70% chance of thundershowers in KC tomorrow…would suck to have Morrow get cockblocked out of the Dickey effect for the series sweep tomorrow.

  55. Searched Menenori Kawasaki gifs on google. Really enjoyed what i saw. I hope he hits well enough to stick around.

  56. These have been some interesting games to go to the past couple nights. I’ve been in KC for two years now and I haven’t seen the Jays lose at the K yet!

  57. Stoeten,

    Please tell me to “calm the fuck down” and that “everything will be OK” and that “it’s a long season” and “injuries happen”. I’m freaking out here…

  58. Its too late guys, im in love wih kawasaki, can we keep him> maybe hell stop hitting 100 just through being awesome?

    That was my plan for emilio to stop making errors at second as well though…

    • I like him too, but AA is looking for someone else…at least as recently as Stoetens last post. I sure hope he doesnt have to sell the farm for a 3 month replacement. Most of the problem though stems from the fact that Kawasaki cant hit and there arent any acceptable replacements in the Jays system. (I wonder if Hech would’ve been acceptable?)
      I’m going to go out on a limb and say that he’ll wait at least til the 2nd MRI to make a deal. If there’s a chance it’s only a 2 month wait, then maybe he’ll try a series of low to no cost alternatives like Goins or McCoy or Negrych (at 2B and Izturis at SS).

      • I liked Smasher’s suggestion of Dee Gordon.

        • Dont know a thing about him except for whats in Baseball Reference. Granted he’s had MLB experience, but It looks like once the NL pitchers figured him out his BA dropped off a cliff in 2012. It looks like (emphasis on “looks like”) another case of an all-glove-no-hit SS. Here’s what I bet though: I bet AA’s already made the 1st call and asked what the cost is.

  59. I just saw some of the highlights and noticed that Rex Hudler was doing the colour commentary for the KC Royals. I fucking love the Wonder Dog!!!

    Hey Rogers media intern in charge of monitoring this site for product feedback! Tell your dickhead boss to hire Rex Hudler for the TV broadcast!!!

  60. The Jays 3 4 5 hitters are batting about .150 on the year. And it took 11 games for a starter to get an out in the 7th inning.

    Despite that a win today puts them at .500 on the season.

    When they get rolling this will still be a very dangerous team. It’s still very early.

    And Dickey doesn’t suck. Who knew?

    • For starters, they guys who voted the NL Cy Young award last year…and Dickey’s mom , of course.

  61. What’s with bonafacio?

  62. Dunedin Blue Jays just tweeted their line-up today. Lawrie is playing second base.

    • Unless the Jays want to move him back to second and keep Bautista at 3b this doesn’t make much sense to me. I know Bonifacio has been bad with the glove so far but this seems extreme.

      • Cue wild trade speculation — “David Wrights coming to Toronto, Lawrie has to move back to two-bag.”

        ^ and that’s a joke before anyone kicks me in the schnutz.

      • I think it makes perfect sense. They have more than enough depth in the outfield for this to work especially if you throw Gose into the mix. Moving Lawrie to 2nd shores up that spot and you don’t really lose all that much with Jose at 3rd. Lawrie proved to be a much better defender than people were saying after he came up so I think it would be a fine time to experiment again. Yes you lose a little at 3rd but I still think that a Jose/Lawrie combo is better than having Bonifacio in the infield. It also leaves Izturis on the bench or at short to be played where needed. It lets you keep your best bats in the lineup also.

        Might help the pitchers out some knowing that the infield is solid again.

        • Bonifacio’s much more suited for the super-utility role. Get him 130 games over a bunch of positions. But you’re right, it opens up a lot of possibilities. For 3 months if Lawrie can hold it down over there that’s not bad.

          And good on Bautista for volunteering to switch, and Lawrie too (I’m assuming he was agreeable to it).

          • I didn’t know Bautista was cool with 3b for the long term, if that’s the case then I agree completely. I thought I read somewhere that he only wanted to play RF though, and would only play third in a pinch??

        • Lawrie has great range and a strong arm and they would be wasting that at 2b in my opinion. Not crazy about that idea. Im fine with izturis/boni at 2b for the time being. Lawrie is also a great compliment to reyes because if that great range at 3b.

      • Agree, Smasher. Plus, why play him at 2b when he is rehabbing?
        What if the stupid fucker gets taken out tryimh to turn a DP, that he ain’t used to any more??? It’s not in Lawrie to ge the fuk out of the way as it is a meaningless game for him? Just a stupi stupid idea if true

        • I’d be against it. it doesn’t make any sense for Lawrie to play second in the MLB.

          • Why though? If he can do it, even for a few months, it opens the door to a lot more possibilities. You could platoon Bonifacio and Davis in RF with Lind and Casper Wells at DH, or Lind/Davis and Bonifacio/Wells, or Cabrera in right and Bonifacio in LF. Or, call up Gose and platoon Rasmus and Davis or Wells in RF. Just knowing the flexibility is there opens up a lot of scenarios.

            • I totally agree the Jays have a ton of flexibility if Lawrie could make the switch without too much fuss. Lets face it, developing a good 2nd baseman seems to be a lot harder than finding a third baseman.

    • I don’t really get what’s going on. This is more of an indictment of Bonifacio than anything to do with the Reyes injury, right? Would any of this be happening if the club felt that Bonifacio could play 2B regularly?

      Bautista doesn’t need to move to 3rd due to the Reyes injury because Kawasaki is apparently replacing Reyes in SS and the starting lineup. Izturis/DeRosa could’ve played 3B yesterday and until Lawrie comes back. Bautista says that playing 3B was his idea. If so, then this whole Lawrie at 2B thing wouldn’t be happening if Bautista didn’t volunteer to play 3B yesterday? Something isn’t adding up here.

      • While I agree defensively they’re not gaining all that much, at least at this point as Lawrie’s defense at 2nd remains to be seen, but I think it has more to do with putting the best hitting lineup out there. Bonifacio offers you a lot of what Reyes brings with his speed and ability to switch hit. It allows Izturis to be used at short or where is probably best as the super utility guy.

        • Gotta disagree NM.
          I don’t like the idea of Lawrie learning a new position at the MLB level. And yes I know he was used at second in the minors.
          The positioning’s different, turning the double, etc.
          Plus he’s considered one of the best defensively at third.
          He could play second in a pinch but I don’t like the move.

          • Yep, also bats has one of the best rf arms around so they wouldnt be utilizing that. Its ok if lawrie plays the odd game at 2b for flexibility purposes but long term? Bad move.

        • it w/b an accident waiting to happen. Lawrie will stay in on the blind turn of a dp ball at 2B and get taken into Lf one night and blow out a knee or whatevr. He is one of the best 3B around. Leave hime there.

        • Instead of:

          Bautista – RF
          Lawrie – 3B
          Izturis – SS
          Bonifacio – 2B

          We’re getting:

          Davis/Bonifacio/Wells – RF
          Bautista – 3B
          Izturis – SS
          Lawrie – 2B

          So, you’re replacing Bonifacio in the lineup with a Bonifacio/Davis/Wells combination with RF, 3B, 2B manned by players who regularly don’t field that position. Am I missing something? I don’t see the benefit.

          • Even as an experiment or for shits and giggles or for added experience,it makes no sense to take any rehabbing player and play him out of position during the rehab.

            Somebody’s lost their fucking mind.


    Know this is not Jays related but thought this was worth a share for those golfers out there.

  64. Reports have Lawrie playing 2B in his rehab at Dunedin today (Sun.)
    Wonder if they’re thinking of leaving Bautista at 3B
    and moving Lawrie to second;
    or, if its just an “easy him in” kind of thing.
    Shorter throw yada yada.
    Maybe we’ll hear this afternoon.

  65. Hey guys…
    I dont have PVR.
    Do any of you know anywhere that I could download or stream a game to watch after completion?
    Thanks guys!

  66. I’m very excited. Bautista at third base, Izzy at shortstop, Lawrie at second base, Bonny in Right Field. Still an excellent lineup. I want Mourneau and I will be very happy with it

    • You’re nuts.
      Take arguably the top defensive 3rd baseman in baseball and start to play him at 2nd where he hasn’t played since the minors and when he did, he stunk,did very poorly, was less than okay.

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