Toronto Blue Jays v Detroit Tigers

The Blue Jays will play their final game of the road trip today, and hope to end it with a sweep of the Kansas City Royals. Brandon Morrow takes the mound the Jays against Ervin Santana, who was acquired this off-season from the Angels. In two games against the Jays last year, Santana, once known as “Little Pedro”, allowed ten hits and eight runs in 13 innings.

The news of the day however, came from this tweet from the Duendin Blue Jays account. Brett Lawrie playing second base today in Florida. Better believe it!



It seemed as if R.A. Dickey was upset about being pulled in the seventh inning last night, but Brendan Kennedy tweets that he just didn’t want Gibby to go to the pen that early.

Kennedy also notes that Gibbons is simply giving Colby Rasmus a day off today, no injury to report after crashing into the centre field wall last night. Brendan also adds that the team has no strict timeline on Lawrie’s return.

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And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

CF Emilio Bonifacio (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
3B Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
RF Rajai Davis (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Brandon Morrow RHP

Kansas City Royals

LF Alex Gordon (L)
SS Alcides Escobar (R)
DH Billy Butler (R)
C Salvador Perez (R)
1B Eric Hosmer (L)
RF Lorenzo Cain (R)
3B Elliot Johnson (S)
CF Jarrod Dyson (L)
2B Chris Getz (L)

Ervin Santana RHP

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  1. Not a horrible loss, but the Jays kept Santana in the game with some terribly quick at-bats. It seems if they can’t hit multiple homers they really struggle to do anything on offense.

    • Kawasaki worked him for a hit and a walk and didn’t strike out. His defence is good. I think he deserves to keep playing til he proves he can’t do the job.

  2. Ok, 11 games in and I haven’t sat down to rate these guys yet, but on offense we do have some disconcerting trends as we approach the 10% game mark next Thursday and that is the continued crappy hitting of some guys continued over to this year with some of the same issues, namely Rasmus ( who I have got in almost Fukstik territory) continuing to SO at a ridiculous rate ( the newKJ), and Lind ,again , playing mediocre defence( why is he out there?) and hitting all of .130. One of these 2 has to contribute if they both continue to play as we have a couple of other weak links to overcome.

    ONe is , we don’t have Reyes who was maybe destined to be an allstar and instead we have to figure that the various substitutes for him may border on fukstik territory so that is yet another dildo in the lineup.

    JPA seems to be reverting to form but overall so far is OK, and the jury is really out on Bonifacio. Great speed but really, appears to be bringing not a whole lot else.

    • amen sister, offense needs to produce.

      • Jury out? Nah Bonifacio is who we thought he was, except perhaps even worse defensively than we could have imagined. Dude is a mess, and should not be in the lineup let alone leading off.

      • They are driving me to drink I’ll tell ya. I’ve got my merlot in front of me and it’s just 6pm -supper isn’t til7 where I need another bottle. I’m going to Vegas in 2 weeks and was intending to bet most days ON the Jays hoping for a lot of runs produced to take the daily OVER but man this offence is looking a lot like 2008 at the moment
        Forward Soviet-let’s get our marching orders for fuksakes!

        • Agree on Lind (1 for 4) but Rasmus had 1 AB and struck out against Herrera, who was throwing 99-100 mph.

  3. Buddy in KC notified me of this KC newspaper headline:
    “Royals beat Blue Jays 3-2 on Ervin Santana’s grit”

    Too much grit for the Jays to handle.

  4. Ill tell you where we missed out…I was really hoping we would have given Hafner a shot as our lefty dh for when lind fails miserably. not only did we not get him..but now we have to face him near 20 times vs the yank.

    1 year.. 2 million…not a bad deal.
    even when his batting average sucks..his obp and slugging are fine .better than lind at any rate

    • Lind may soon be playing with his toy trains as I don’t see him playing for us a whole lot longer. Maybe Miami would take him and _____ and give us back Hech?
      Yeah, didn’t think so.

  5. I see on twitter that Stoeten is arguing with Mike Wilner about Lawrie at 2B with Gose in RF.

    Wasn’t Lawrie terrible defensively at 2B in Milwaukee minor league system?

    Isn’t Lawrie more likely to get hurt at 2B ?

    This potential move needs a lot more discussion. It would seem to me that it easier to get a utility INF through trade to help out while Reyes is recovering.

    • for christ’s sake, lawrie was 19 playing DOUBLE A as a second baseman. The kid is obviously a major league talent and positions are fungible amongst true athletes.

      • Have you been watching Bonifacio embarrass himself at multiple positions this year? Reyes seems to be below average at best defensively…being a good athlete has little to do with being a good defensive player. Lawrie’s baseball instincts and quick reaction time allow him to be an elite 3B. We don’t really know how those things translate to 2B.

    • Lawrie is a good athlete. Word during his development at 3rd that he had a aways to go, he became really good at the position in a short amount of time.

      Remember, that during his time at 2nd in the Brewers org he was transiting from catcher. I’m willing to cut him the slack that he was perhaps adjusting to an entirely different perspective on the game.

      As far as health goes, I’m more concerned with Lawrie’s dead sprints looking straight up at foul balls that near the wall than turning two. Who knows? Maybe he could turn into a tough guy type second baseman that makes runners think twice about breaking up a dp? That could be kinda awesome actually.

      Lawrie to 2nd and Jbau to 3rd solidifies two positions that are difficult to find decent hitters. That just leave AA with some holes at dh/1st and outfield which traditionally can be acquired at a better price (as opposed to 3rd and 2nd).

      One could argue that Tampa has better athletes, but positional flexibility has to add an extra….I dunno….2%

      So long as the defence can be average to somewhat solid why the fuck not?

      That said, I’m not on twitter, so if Stoeten is on the other side of the issue then I retract all of what I just said ;)

      • Stoeten appears to be opposed to moving Lawrie to 2b, bautista to 3B & calling up Gose for RF.

        Does Stoeten want to keep Bonifacio & keep Gose in Buffalo.

        I could see Lawrie getting hurt at 2B with everyone sliding into him .

        He seems to be better at 3B, so why are the Jays willing to take a big risk like that.??

        Watching the Dickey story now.

        His female babysitter sexually abused him & a male stranger raped him at age 8. that’s horrible.

        They did show the difference with fastball vs knuckleball. JPA on 60 minutes.

  6. So wasn’t it somewhat a given that Reyes would spend some time on the DL this season? So how come it seems like there was absolutely no backup plan in case he went down for an extended period? Seriously, with Reyes’ injury history should we really be scrambling around trying to make a trade for some help at SS or considering moving Lawrie to 2nd. Doesn’t it seem short sighted?

    • Agreed, one reason why it seemed curious to move BOTH in-house options in the deal. But I’m guessing they weren’t expecting Bonifacio to be so so underwhelming.

      It does seem like there’s a lot of scrambling, but I’m not really sure why. There are plenty of in-house options who aren’t especially good, and you’re not going to get someone really good on the cheap. If something comes up or a utility guy is available for cash, then go ahead and make the thrifty move, but don’t go crazy.

      Even though the fan in me is excited for it, I don’t like how this Bautista-Lawrie thing is so out of the blue. They had all of spring training to explore that option and they said it was off the table. I think on balance I prefer top-notch infield defense versus multiple guys out of position just to get an extra mediocre bat in the lineup on a given day.

  7. Just the idea of mooving Lawrie to second shows how desperate the Management of this team is. AA should have gone all in to shore up second base, and now its coming back to bite him. That hole can’t be filled now, and it will kill this team

    • There’s no hole Ron Jeremy can’t fill.

      I vote Ron Jeremy for two-bag.

    • The Jays won a World Series with Manny Lee and Candy Maldonado playing every day. Point is, you don’t need all-stars at every position, and you’re not going to have all-stars at every position. It’s a weak spot, yes, but it’s nothing that will cripple this team and send them to another 90 loss season.

      • Sharkey, you can get away with it in LF. Manny Lee was superiour to anything we have now at second. The middle of the diamond for the Jays is too weak to contend. I want them to win, but wishing won’t make it so.

        • Manuel

        • You make sense Dawg.
          I live and die with these guys, but Bonaficio anywhere in the infield is costing us games and Izturis doesn’t work at 3B. So….I think AA now realizes this so I hope we haven’t fuked up too many games to bite us in the ass later. I really don’t think you’ll see Boni in the INF anymore so we’ll see where it goes

      • That’s only because Cito treated them like men, and was the best manager in the game outside the lines.

        A few less facts, and a little more narrative please.

        • @FAG lolz

          • @birddawg

            AA did a damn good job at filling most of the holes on the team. Having a middle infield depth chart of Reyes->Maicer->Bonifacio->Ichiro Jr->McCoy is not horrible all things considered. The bigger issue with this team is still 1b/DH in my eyes as Lind/Davis is one of the shittiest DH combos in the american league.

  8. Got to roll me….

  9. surprised not to see Santos in the 9th, I prefer Oliver as a match up lefty rather than a go out there and retire the side kind of guy, especially at this stage of his career. Gibbys managed the pen solid this year, and years past, but this was definitely a questionable call by the skip. oh well, right back at it tomorrow night!

    • Santos pitched two days in a row. Not available. Why? Cause Gibby pulled Dickey too early.

      • Meh….Oliver historically is pretty much not a big platoon split guy…fairly equally effective vs both righties and lefties. santos needs to be handled delicately in the early going here…let him rest. The real problem is the team is having a tough time scoring runs. likely we’d have to have our pen throw ten more shutout innings before we scored the go ahead.

  10. While I recognize the potential added wins of moving Bautista, Lawrie, etc. around, I think it is still best to just leave players that have been highly successful in their comfort area. Further, there is the possibility of additional injury risk being outside of their regular position. FUCK, just move around the expendable players because the team isn’t counting on their offence- let them spend the time getting the ground ball reps and such that need to go into playing a position.
    If the team is thinking of remaining like this long term, then commit to it. I don’t want to cry over Aaron Hill spilled milk, but…

    • Agreed. I know it’s temporary for a few games to have bautista at 3b, but lawrie at 2B long term till the end of July?

      Kawasaki seems OK for now.he takes walks, no screw ups so far on defense.

      Obviously, the Jays went from surplus at SS with Hech & Escobar to deficit.

      No one anticipated 3 month injuries from Jose Reyes.

      • Come on Oak, you cant even begin to claim you have any idea as to the long term effectiveness of Kawasaki after two games. His long term history, dating back to his years in Japan would lead me to believe he doesnt walk that much…cant get on base…and has almost NO Power. his defense should be fine…but what a hole in the lineup he would be..mike aviles would be like willie mays comparatively. two walks in two games means nothing.

  11. .500 on the first road trip of the year. I’ll take that for the season.

  12. Leave Lawrie at 3rd and Bautista in right

    I dont mind small ball Kawasaki at least he can field the ball responsibly and this offense SHOULD be able to produce enuff runs without relying on his bat.

    What about Johnny Mac? Anyone

    • I don’t think the Hipster in Chief wants Johnny Mac back.

      goins? Mccoy ( not on the 40 man roster)

      If they put Reyes on the 60 day DL , which is logical for a 90 day injury , can they activate Mike Mccoy?

      • to be honest I think Kawasaki is probably about as good as johnny mac. maybe kawasaki could hit better with better speed.

  13. Remember when everyone thought Brad Lincoln was good? LOL.. Oh boy, the memories..

  14. How about releasing Lind and making Bonny DH, then bring up Gose to play RF, an infield of Bautista, Lawrie and Kawasaki

  15. My take on the potential Lawrie to second move. Please hear me out….

    -Bit of a panic move. There is a reason why Lawrie was moved off second to begin with.

    We were told by the experts for quite some time that there was no way Lawrie was going to be tried at second. We were told it was for very good reason. In fact we were told that people were basically stupid for even asking. ooops.

    Lawrie was then tried at third..some didnt think his glove would play there either. yet he did very well…not only being sufficient…but actually well above average.

    Now coming off injury of all things, they want to put him back at the position he was moved off for a reason. A position that is not without dangers in terms of turning the double play with your back to the lead runner. You really think with Lawrie’s mentality he is ever going to bail and just take the force and leave the bag for safety? Doubt it. He will likely stay in there to the point where he puts himself at risk..because..well..that is his personality.

    What do you really gain from this? Jose at third..lawrie at second and boni /davis in rf vs
    lawrie at third, jose in right and boni vs izturis at second?

    what’s the point?

  16. Here is a quote from AA that sort of illustrates the fact that perhaps people are not thinking clearly right now.

    “When I called him, I said, ‘What do you think?”’ Anthopoulos said, “and he was very receptive. If I told Brett, ‘I need you to pitch two innings,’ he’d say, “Sure, I can throw two shutout innings.’ He feels very strongly he can do it and be good at it.”

    Ok…AA..basically what you are saying is that Lawrie would say yes , he can do it…to anything….”can you outrun a shetland pony Brett” ..”why yes..I think I can Alex!”

    The quote only leads me to believe that you don’t actually ask Brett if he can. You just ask yourself..your coaches..your talent evaluators if he can..cause Brett will always say he can.

    • @sportsmd.

      Good points on the risks of Lawrie at 2B. I think he could easily get injured there because runners will try to slide right into him to break up double plays.

      If we lose Lawrie for a few months, the team is screwed. lawrie & reyes out… bad move.

      The team could afford to have a decent defender & no bat at 2b. We had kelly johnson KO king last year. It’s not the end of the world.

      At this point it is kawaski,goins & Mccoy as short term solutions.

      • Less chance of him running into a camera bay though.
        I highly doubt AA made the decision based on what Lawrie said. They probably made up their minds and then just checked in with him to make sure he was ok with it.

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